Dr. Roberto Miranda : An open letter to our young leaders

A propósito de Youth

This lettter was written by pastor Miranda to a young aspiring minister. We've felt that it might benefit others as well. May it be a blessing to you, and inspire you to seek excellence and integrity in your own ministry.

"Just wanted to send you a quick response on the written meditation that you shared with me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading your work. It reflects passion for God and the kind of sentiments that I'd like to see more of our young people express and feel. I encourage you to continue putting your thoughts on writing, and especially to take your studies in school seriously, so that you'll be able to gain the skills that are so necessary to be an effective communicator who can express God's Word in a way that your listeners will take seriously.

It's absolutely important that you continue seeking God's anointing. You've heard me speak about this many times in church. As a matter of fact, that was the theme of my sermon on New Year's Eve. But at the same time, I always tell my congregation that the anointing is not enough. Ministers also need to live in integrity, cultivate honest relationships with their family and colleagues, develop a character that will command the respect of others, and live in such a way that the Enemy will not have much to accuse them of and bring attacks on their lives because of their inappropriate behavior.

It is important that you excel in school, that you take your studies seriously, that you spend lots of time each day perfecting your academic skills, so that when you write you'll be able to do it in a grammatically correct way, for example. This will give more credibility to your writing and speaking, and allow you to express yourself more clearly and convincingly. Never underestimate the importance of paying attention to these details. They are not unspiritual. God uses our intellectual skills, our discipline and our character as well as our anointing. I write this way because you already seem to have a lot of passion and dedication to the Kingdom of God. Now I just want you to pay attentiion to those other elements that are going to round out your future ministry and make it more powerful and effective.

Continue praying. Continue fasting and seeking more of God's power. This is certainly important. But at the same time, continue developing those other aspects of your character that are going to make you a balanced human being. Don't neglect your studies or your relationship with your parents. Earn their respect and admiration. Honor them and submit to their authority even when it is unpleasant, and God will honor you. At the same time, they will be blessed to see the character of Jesus reflected in you and they will be able to draw closer to God as well. My goal has always been to make sure that my wife and daughters see me as a man of God. If they can respect me and my ministry despite the fact that they live with me and see me in my weaker moments, then I will have been successful as a minister. In that same way, if your relatives, your friends and those who know you closely still respect you and believe in you, then truly you will have been successful in your quest for holiness. So, don't neglect the little details of ministry and the Christian life. I have found that it is in those seemingly unimportant aspects of the Christian walk that most ministers fail and their ministries are reduced in their effectiveness.

Don't rely just on the anointing, in other words. Pay attention to the other aspects of the Christian walk and you will be successful. Stay humble. Learn from others who have more experience in the Christian life. Seek older, more mature and experienced mentors and stick with them until they have shown you all they are capable of teaching you. Submit to authority. Read good books. Acknowledge your mistakes and weaknesses. Always be honest and seek forgiveness when you mess up. You don't need to be perfect, or pretend before others that you are. People respect someone who admits their flaws, even when they are a minister. Be humble and don't be in a rush to come into the limelight. God takes His time in preparing His servants, so be patient and don't try to get into public ministry prematurely, or to try to push yourself into positions. Let Him build you up and in His proper time He will give you the desires of your heart and use you. Always be known for showing the character of Christ--His humility, meekness, integrity, love, tolerance and patience, and this will give your ministry the depth and credibility that will allow you to speak into the lives of all kinds of people.

May God bless you. I certainly declare His power and anointing on your life. May He carry you into another level of understanding of His Word and His purpose in Your life. I remove all obstacles from your spiritual journey, and declare God's shadow and wisdom on your life. Be blessed.

In Christ's love"

Roberto Miranda



Roberto's words are sound as a beating heart. One of the best testimony as a young Christian is academic excellency with self discipline. A consistent kind gesture to others leaves great positive impact on others as well in oneself. Among all of my friends over the years, Roberto is always the truest in his whole being with great acceptance of others.


This letter really touched me... I felt like if you was talking directly to me.!
Also, I haven't been to chuch in a while, I can't say I haven't had the time because I've had plenty of it, I just gotta stop being lazy on Sundays... C you soon!


Hello, I don't speak english very well, but i just want to say i have been blessed with this letter... I live in Chile and I need so much of God and I need a lot of instructions about the God's knowledge...God bless you and maybe some day I could go to London y to know your church... it would be an honor... Be blessed... hug and kiss Tamara


Thank you for this letter, it has caused a great impact in my life, cause we´ve still many things to change, and many things to do, not in our way, but in God´s way; God Bless you and your Minister and I receive this words in the name of Jesus... I´ve faith in God he will contiinue helping me in his minister andI just want to be an instrumentod God´s will, but we must continue and never give up, cause God is with us and will be forever...Thanks Pastor


Hola pastor Miranda, se que es mmuy probable que no se acuerde de mi pero nos hemos saludados par de veces. Le escribo para darle las gracias por ese lindo mensaje, me movio mucho, yo soy una estudiante de la U-MASS Boston, tengo muchos anos viviendo en los Estados Unidos, pero la mentablemente se me a hecho muy dificil la situacion del idioma ingles y mas ahora que estoy en la universaidad, es bastante fustrante y a veces me he sentido salirme pero ya solo me quedan 1 1/2 para terminar solo le pido a Dios fuerza para seguir adelante en mi carrera, gracias por esos consejos. Que Dios lo bendiga. Yuderkis Melo.

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