TBN Praise the Lord Show October 26, 2005 : Dr. Miranda featured on national TV

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[Dr. Miranda entrevistado por TBN]

(17:02 min.) Watch Dr. Miranda as he explains to a national audience his views on gay marriage. He encourages the church to fight for both social justice and moral values. Watch Video: Cable/DSL (300K) Tel. Modem (56K) .

TBN: You know, I’m always amazed no matter what city you’re in, you may take the most non-gospel city in the whole world but you find people that just amaze you, right. I realized that a couple of years we spent at Boston and we were there in our apartment and a young lady in our apartment building who did some work there, kept telling us about this Hispanic church. We go to a Hispanic church? What are we going to do in a Hispanic church, right? We can’t speak in Spanish, right? She kept on “you’ve got to come with us, you got to come with us, you got to come with us”, so one Sunday when Marylyn stayed and I went back out, she went to this church. When I got back at Boston she said: “Honey, you’ve got to go to this church. It’s incredible.”

Well, we went. We found this is the church where if you’re English speaking, you hold it up to your ear so you can hear, right?, but what we felt was, when we got there early, 30 minutes before the servicing began, people were dancing in front of the church, praying, they’re laying on the floor, speaking in tongue. I mean, we said: “This is our kind of church, we like this church”, and we found out it was a glorious, glorious, wonderful church. Unbelievable! The life in the church, the spirit of the church, I came home and people would come and I kept bragging about this wonderful church and they I found out its pastor is not just the average of pastor. This pastor is a graduate of Princeton, then he holds a Phd in Romance Languages from Harvard University, so the kind of guy got a little smart, you understand what I mean? But the great thing about him is he is absolute Jesus loving spirit, loving man who was so empowered by the things of the spirit, he pastors a great church called León de Juda, I believe I’m saying that right, in Boston, Massachusetts. And I want you to give him a great TB welcome to Dr Robert Miranda, …….. Roberto Miranda

Roberto, how are you doing? Did I say that right? Lión de Juda

Miranda: Almost…..

TBN: What is it?

Miranda: León de Judá. León de Judá.

TBN: León de Judá. That’s right. That’s it. The Lion of Juda. I’m so glad to know you, I’ve enjoyed being in your church, goodness gracious!

Miranda: Oh, it’s been a privilege for us to get to know you, Richard. You are special people, I’ve admired the fact that you chose to leave your church, and go all the way from Oklahoma to Cambridge, which is not just physical business away but also mind and world view of miles and miles away and I think it’s wonderful that a pastor like you would choose to do that and take that time to meet yourself with a different kind of world altogether. I’m sure it enriched you in many great ways.

TBN: Tell me about, because I wish I had an hour to talk to you, but we don’t, someone in the case with you as much as I can. In Boston, Massachusetts the state supreme court when we where there, came out with a ruling that said that gay marriages were legal in Boston, Massachussets, now you and I, I mean, we’re not, we don’t bash gays, we love gay men and women, we bless them and we want to ¿? to the Lord and all that, but the churches in Boston really took this and said: “look, marriage cannot be defined this way and you who’d been a scholar and a pastor and all these wonderful things, all of a sudden you found yourself getting really involved in trying to change things. Talk to me about that.

Miranda: Well, as I heard some of the people who came before me, these great men and women of God were so much in the sense of God’s prophetic flaws speaking about storms and invasions of all sorts in the physical realm and that reflects in the spiritual realm, right? and it occurred to me that there in Boston we’ve been facing our own storm, there hasn’t been a storm made of water or wind, but it’s a spiritual storm, it’s an invasion as well, which speaks to what God is seeking to do, I think, in our nation and in the world, it is a different kind of challenge for the church, right? it is a wake up call. I believe that when God wants to train his people, He chooses a worthy opponent and gay marriage and the whole element of homosexuality and what it represents in terms of biblical world view, and the challenge of the church and the nation is a wake up call to the church. It is a way of challenging us and asking us to come back to the word of the Lord and to really ask ourselves what do we believe in, what price are we willing to pay as we seek to stand in this time when there’s so much change in our culture.

TBN: Was this a difficult decision for you to make, because you had it made, your church is wonderful it’s growing, God is blessing you. I mean to step off in to take a leadership role and this

Miranda: It was a difficult step, it really made me so much more militant. I was content to be involved in my church and be a pastor, a local pastor, do all the things that a pastor does, all of a sudden I realized how much, right here in our city, the whole culture has trade from biblical values and how far we had gone, and how much the church needed to do to re-dress that deviation and so I had to simply obey. And one of the key moments for me was when we found ourselves, sort of put together with hundreds of gay militants and hundreds of Christians all in the same space for about eight, ten hours in front of the court house, inside the state capital and having some of them right next to us, screaming at us. I remember one particularly saying: “Keep your religion inside the walls of your church, don’t try to ram it down my throat, and just the feeling the emotion, the opposition, the resentment towards the church and the fact that many people feel that this whole thing is already won, that the church has nothing to say about it. We just simply sneak back to our churches and do whatever we do inside the walls of the church. It raised a holy anger inside of me and I said: “Lord, we cannot allow this to continue”, and so I’ve been engaged with so many other believers in the Massachusetts to try to change that situation.

TBN: Was it difficult to get…..I mean, I know one of the things that you’ve done very successfully. There is a huge article in the Boston Globe about this, was you’ve been able to rally hundreds of other pastors, hundreds of other churches across Massachusetts. Was that difficult to do?

Miranda: Yes, it is difficult because I think the church is…. Each church is in its own little world, we are all doing our local thing and I think that one of the things that God wants in this time, when God is speaking to the church is about unity, it’s about churches coming together, beyond denomination, beyond grace, beyond those petty beliefs that keep us divided and to seek that common ground, because we do have an enemy that is increasingly intensifying his attack on the culture, on the church and so it was difficult, but we are still in the process very much. I’m part of a group of men and women of churches that are committed to deliver the word of God to be prophetic churches and standing over the Lord to pay the price and…..

TBN: How has your own church responded to this? I mean, on the Sunday when I was there, you made an announcement that the service and it seemed that the people were ….

Miranda: One hundred percent support. I think that our people have also been militarized in the sense of a much more prayer, much more intercession, a clearer understanding of the times that we are living. I really believe that we are close to the coming of Christ and these kind of events they serve to rally people, to wake us up, so the church …. I think we’re living through a glorious time as congregation. All these things of prophesy, of prayer, of intercession, of spiritual warfare, of holiness, of consecration, all these things have become so much more clear now in the light of what we’re living there in Massachusetts …I think that’s what happens in those times. When we live those times, those things that we are generically simply accepting and paying live service to, all of a sudden become absolutely clear.

TBN: Has it been fruitful for you, because I know, I mean several groups are playing for keeps when you begin to be involed in this arena.

Miranda: There are times, yes, as a matter of fact, when we decided to get into this fully, and I’m one of ten original signers of the petition that we are bringing before the legislators. Right, to get it constitutional and I mean it is the only recourse left right now after the Supreme Court, gave the dictate that gay marriage be allowed, we have had all kind of letters to our home, everybody who has signed has received all kinds of different things. I received free subscriptions to gay magazines, all kinds of things that you know….., but it’s all a way of saying, you know, “we know where you are and we’re keeping an eye on you” and in our church we pray for the covering of God, but again you know there’s a price to pay, and there’s nothing like suffering for the Lord and being in the center of his will. As somebody was just saying earlier tonight, when Jesus said to his disciples: “Go to the other side”, they knew that there was another side. If Jesus says it “We shall get there”, so if we have the covering of the Lord, if God is for us, who could be against us, we are secure in His protection…….

TBN: I mean we’ve seen this in so many places around the country where not necessarily gay marriage, but whatever, just to try to get the church to get up and address the society , address what’s going on. Somebody asked me the other day, you know do you think we can… do you think we’ll ever save our culture. I said, “my brother, we’ve already lost the culture. That’s not the question, the question is can we get it back, I think is the question, right? what do you say to pastors, I mean you know to say: ok, this is something which spiritually, scripturely we should do, how do you justify that to them?

Miranda: I think there are two realms, so to speak, of action that we should follow, on the spiritual realm, I think there’s a call from the Holy Spirit for the church to prepare itself spiritually for more prayer, more fasting, more sanctification, a deeper understanding of the dynamics of warfare prayer, of walking through the streets and declaring the will of God, of churches becoming militant in the spirit realm and of our becoming more aware of the dynamics that lead to revival. That’s the spiritual realm. I think on the physical, social realm there’s a call for the church of Jesus Christ to be more physically present, more visible in all kinds of different ways. For example in our church one of the things that we have done is called the Higher Education Resource Center. It is a ministry that serves latino and African American youth in the area of education and we serve hundreds of youth every year, helping them to improve their academic performance, because as we know in the African American and the latino youth world there’s a huge deficiency in education. So I think the church needs to be more aware of the call also to social justice, of the call to be not only the church that calls people to spiritual consecration, but also that says you know when the gospel comes in, when the spirit comes in to a community it brings life, it brings prosperity, it brings wisdom, it brings progress and breaks of bondage of ignorance, of disfunctionality as a whole, and the church has been given the keys to our culture, and I think that as we then confront those forces of darkness that manifest themselves through all the disfuncionality that we see in our culture, and we show the world that the church can do that as well with the power of the Holy Spirit and with the science, the understanding that God gives, that is a huge, very powerful witness. And we have seen in our community in the city of Boston, that even those people who don’t agree with our stand on certain moral issues, really respect us and affirm the fact that we are taking part in the social needs of our community.

TBN: It was given a right to speak, don’t you think so…

Miranda: Exactly, because it’s very easy to pin us into a corner and say, you’re gay bashers, you’re fundamentalists, you’re prejudice, you’re full of hatred and so on and so forth, but when they see the church doing what we saw in that video taking action, taking part in the dramas of the community, saying “ we have the power of God, we have the anointing, we have the knowledge” and doing transforming things it really is the greatest apologetic and it shuts people down and it opens them up to hear the other particular, the confrontative part of the church. So I think we need to be very complex, very encompassing, I think God has given as, as the Bible says the spiritual man judges both the natural and the spiritual.

I think God has given us the wisdom to address the problems of our community and we, the church needs to stop putting out fires all the times, I mean the devil is the one who’s dictating the agenda of the church these days. He keeps throwing these things at us and we keep reacting. I think the church needs to be proactive. We need to say what we want the culture to look like, Lord? We want to hear from You, how do we want to see our society be transformed in the areas of government, in the areas of the media, in the areas of the arts, academia, youth, church vitality, and we need to then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us, how does he wants us to undertake certain initiatives to transform the culture. I think God has given the church the authority. We have the authority. We have allowed the enemy to take the authority, but the church has the authority. Jesus Christ is the last word and we must be filled with that vision and become aggressive and militant in conquering the world for Jesus Christ. I don’t think the last word has been given yet…. I believe that. Thank you for this opportunity.

TBN: I’m so glad you’re here, really so, so glad that you’re such a dear friend and it is an honor tonight. Let me say a couple of things before we wrap up. I’m so glad you joined us tonight. Now, tonight it’s been……. you’ve heard so many great things tonight. What a powerful night this has been! I think the most important thing that is to say in the midst of all the various voices is to say that in the midst of whatever storm you’re in, whatever you went through, whatever challenges you face, whatever you fight up against that Jesus Christ loves you with all His heart and He has wonderful powerful things that He wants to bring in to your life.

TBN: Now on TBN across the bottom of the screen, those numbers are always there, they’re there 24 hours a day, the reason they are there is for you so you call, caring, wonderful people who pray with you, love you, talk with you as one long as it takes, so you can either receive Jesus hand anointing personally, come back to the Lord, have some need in your life ¿?, please make that call. Don’t just set tonight and let the word be with you about something and then just go away, you understand? Make sure this is the night when you begin to make a decision that is genuine and real for the Lord and you say: I’m going to walk on through this, I’m going to become involved, I’m going to let my life really be what God wants it to be, will you do that? Most of all, let Jesus be Lord of your life in every single day. What a wonderful, powerful opportunity is given to us to know Him and to love Him and in a real and genuine and powerful way. Will you do that? Make sure He is the Lord of every single area of your life and as you do that, you’ll see the success and the glory of the Lord as it begins to grow into you. Will you do that? Love you much. Thank you for being here. We’ll see you next time, right here. Praise the Lord.



Greetings from the UK. I saw Pastor Miranda on TBN [I am a UK resident] and must say how impressed I was by the quality of his thought and argument.Every blessing.Tom Haddigan


Dear Rev. Miranda, My wife let me know that she saw you on TBN. I got a glimpse. Thanks for your work on the homosexuality issue in the Boston area. You may find some of my work helpful at www.robgagnon.net. I speak often throughout mainline churches on the issue. I just recently spoke at Gordon-Conwell at a pastors meeting. Blessings, Rob (Prof. Robert Gagnon, Ph.D.)

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