It was a blessing for my wife and me to attend the Solemn Assembly. We flew out of Pittsburgh on Saturday morning and arrived at the church about an hour before the meeting began. We met several people for the first time that we know are divine connections for the days ahead.

When I read Pastor Miranda's comment about the assembly, I was reminded of something the Lord has shown us - the reason for visitation is that God is looking for a place of habitation. I believe God's "attendance" at the gathering is also a sign of His favor (see Exodus 33:16).

We came to express our support and to say that you are not alone in what you are doing. As I mentioned, since New England is called "the womb of the nation" and Pennsylvania is "the seed of a nation", it sounds like we need each other. I also shared that God was showing me that momentum is building. The Lord gave me a picture of making a snowball and then rolling it to make it bigger with the intention of making a snowman. We must remember to not despise small beginnings.

It was during the worship, that I heard the Lord say to me that there is a "contending for the apostolic and prophetic foundation of the church in New England". I was also reminded that God is faithful to His covenants. Since returning home I read Chuck Pierce's prophecy for Massachusetts in July 2004 that the Red Sox would be a sign that God was breaking a curse off Boston. I guess most in the region knows they won the World Series in 2004 for the first time in 86 years. We need to be reminded that the Lord does what He says.

May the Lord continue to water and grow what has begun.

Blessings from Pittsburgh,
Pastors Ray & Renaid Almgren
Victory Christian Tabernacle
House of His Presence Pittsburgh


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