Dear brother in Christ ROBERTO
Greatings to you in the name of our lord savior jesus Christ.we really praise god for what god is doing through&your family in order to win souls for Christ.i honour&appreciate you the way that god annointed &gifted you with his spirt to touch&transform people.i been excited&blessed by your site.ihis is from name is jashpin doing ministry with our team.We are doing the lords work very sincerely and faithful in our areas with power of God. The lord is using our team by His great might power. By the grace of god We are abel to lead 10churchs; they are some poor widow’s dethroned children and Leper people with us. We have very small churchs. All we are able do by faith only..but in our near places there are many people never heard Christ name&gospel since most of the places is dominiated by hindhu idol worshipers when I see them I feel hurt. lord put burden&vision in us to carry gospel to those.We have 7 young pastors with us. We all are poor in the world but rich in the faith. We are all living for JESUS, only JESUS CHRIST. OUR GREATEST RESPONSIBLE TO PREACH GOSPEL IN EVERY CORNER PLACE . We need your love upon this church. We need your prayers and prayers and prayers. You are continuously in our hearts and prayers. We are sending our Holy love& Big hug to you. Please remember in your prayers for our familyies and church families. . We will be praying for your loving family and Christ work and your country. Our mainly aim is preach the word to unreached caste out devils, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, heal the sick. MUCH LOVE AND PRAYERS UNTEL HE COMES. I hope you are sharing this letter with your friends and family members and saints you have any ministry in india otherwise it will be great honur&plesure for us to be part of your minstry to build&extend the kingdom of god in India on be half of your ministry. Amen

Thanking you Beloved, We look forward to being your partner in the gospel
Pstor k.jashupin


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