Pastor, Greetings from Miguel, Angela and Angie here in Ocala. We saw your 1-7-2007 sermon. It is always a pleasure to hear the doctrine of Justification in Christ Jesus! Every sermon ought to be purse-stringed with it! We miss you my friend. We view your live feed almost every Sunday. We can always count on the fact that we will be fed living waters upon hearing your exegesis of the Holy Scriptures. We thank our Lord for His blessing upon your life for oratory. It is refreshing to hear the powerful Truth in the Book of Romans become so vivid. We will continue to draw from this well. The Lord continue to bless you and Hma. Meche, Sonia and Abigail. See you soon. 'Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the Cross of Jesus, marching on before,....'


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