Dr. Neil T. Anderson Boston Conference May 2-3, 2008 : Discipleship Counseling (9 Videos)

From Dr. Neil Anderson's invitation to the conference: "Many pastors are overwhelmed by the problems besetting their people, and some feel they are not adequately equipped to deal with them. In addition, most pastors don't want or can't handle one more activity on their plate. Freedom in Christ Ministries is fully aware of the problems that pastors are facing. In addition, there aren’t enough pastors and counselors in this country to help more than five percent of the population if that is all they did. We have to equip the lay person to do the work of ministry or it is not going to get done. Discipleship Counseling is a ministry that can be accomplished by well trained lay people. Several exploratory studies and research dissertations are clearly showing the positive results of Discipleship Counseling and the encouragers in the studies were all lay people. Read More »

Discipleship : Christian Education

A program of systematic education for adults, teenagers and children, covering the fundamental principles of the Christian faith. The classes are offered in four levels during two cycles a year. Read More »

Course : Samuel Chand - Developing a leadership culture

Samuel Chand ( is a well-known expert on Christian leadership development. COPAHNI invited him to a special leadership seminar in New England that was attended by 2000 participants. Read More »