Developing a leadership culture

Reflection : God's calling on His leaders

REFLECTION: Amos chapter 7
I want to conclude our time today by taking you to the scriptures, so if you have a Bible turn in the Old Testament the Book of Amos, it’s a short, small book, if you can’t find it go to the table of contents. In my Bible it’s on page 389, maybe you can help your neighbor find it. Book of Amos chapter 7, if I was in a black church I would say when you find it say Amen. In the Book of Amos, chapter 7, Amos is a prophet and he’s having a fight with the priest. There’s a fight inside the church. Read More »

Lesson 5 : Fourteen qualities of a successful leader

1. Leaders recognize timing is everything. Timing is critical.
How many of you know that there are certain Sunday morning demons in hell? More stuff happens Sunday morning on the way to church, more arguments on the way to church, more fights on the way to church, in fact the demons in hell right now are getting ready for tomorrow, they’rebrushing their teeth and their hair, coming to your house. You know that’s true. Read More »

Lesson 4 : Seven reasons why leaders fail

Are you all ready to start again? All right. Let’s go to why leaders fail. Why leaders fail? How many of you know people who are leaders, they go to a certain level and then keep coming back down? They go up and come down. Go up, come down. There’s a pattern of failure in leadership. Read More »

Reflection : Leaders - The Peters and the Johns (John 21)

Sunday before last was Easter Sunday when we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I believe that he rose bodily from the dead, he’s sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding for us and that He’s the King of Kings and He’s the Lord of Lords. Read More »

Lesson 3 : Ten observations on contemporary leadership

As you will notice my first shift has gone home, the second shift is here but I’m still having to work. They are taking turns, I should be able to take turns too. Let’s talk about the ten observations on contemporary leadership: Read More »

Lesson 2: Four vision levels of people

So that takes us to the vision level of people on the next page. Now, different people have different vision levels, all of these people are saved but they’re not necessarily leaders. There are some people who have a real heart for Jesus, but they can’t get along with people. They’re always in trouble with people, they cannot talk to people, they cannot build a team, they always want to be number one. So there are different levels of leadership and different levels of visions. Read More »

Lesson 1: Change is necessary

I want to begin talking to you about an issue that every leader faces and that has to do with the issue of change. Now, I want to do an exercise that probably would work best with those who will work back in English. Now, I’ve never done this exercise with bilingual groups before so you all will have to help me. Read More »

Bio : Dr. Samuel Chand

Samuel Chand: “I was born and raised in a pastor’s home in India, a Pentecostal pastor’s home, so people want to know how did you get saved. My dad just beat me into salvation. The Lord allowed me come to the United States in 1973. I heard about Beulah Bible Heights College in Atlanta, Georgia, I wrote them a letter telling them that I was interested in coming. They sent me a catalogue and an application form which I completed and they accepted me. Once they accepted me then the more important thing began. Read More »

Course : Samuel Chand - Developing a leadership culture

Samuel Chand ( is a well-known expert on Christian leadership development. COPAHNI invited him to a special leadership seminar in New England that was attended by 2000 participants. Read More »