The new face of faith

On a December morning, the polished sounds of bongos and electric keyboards emanate from Congregación León de Judá, a 1,500 member church in an ethnically diverse Boston neighborhood. It's a mainline American Baptist Churches congregation, though maybe not one prior generations would recognize. Read More »

Pastor Miranda recommends 'The Bright and Shining Revival' by Kathie Walters

Pastor Miranda informs: "I have been reading a lot on the Hebrides revival, which took place
in Scotland between 1949 and 1952. I really believe that as many of our
people as possible should read this report and ask God if it might have
anything to do with us and what He wants us to do as a congregation during
these times we are living". Read More »

Award Presented in the Battle for Marriage : Massachusetts Family Institute honored Juan Carlos Huerta with a Citizenship Award.

MFI honored Juan Carlos Huerta with a Citizenship Award, presented by Kris Mineau and Board Chairman Wally Weld (r), at its 2007 annual banquet. Born, raised and educated in Colombia as a physician, Huerta came to this country 10 years ago. He settled in Boston and, as an active member of the Lion of Judah Congregation, he has taken a very active part in today’s culture war. Read More »

Univision : Series on Christian Faith (Part 2)

Watch the testimony of Margarita Brito, a member of congregation Lion of Judah. The interview is part of Univision's series 'El sendero de la Fe', produced by Ana Carolina Pereira. First time aired: November 22, 2006.

Transcript:  Read More »