Michael Dudash: The Victorious Lion of Judah

Michael Dudash writes: The Inspiration for The Victorious Lion of Judah came from my desire to create an image of Christ that would somehow reveal the majesty of a God who ultimately is in control of the earth and all humanity. Read More »

Dr. Roberto Miranda : Speech given at Massachussetts State House November 19, 2006

Listen to Dr. Miranda's passionate speech as he once more demands from the Massachusetts legislature: "Let the people vote!" Contact Brandt Gillespie at praytv.org or via e-mail at PrayTV@aol.com to obtain a DVD with complete coverage of the State House rally.

Transcription of Dr. Miranda's presentation:  Read More »

Roberto Miranda : Liberty Sunday Presentation October 15, 2006

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome senior pastor of Lion of Judah church in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr Roberto Miranda.  Read More »

Biographical Sketch : Pastor James Jorgensen

Pastor Jim Jorgensen has been in full time ministry since 1993 He and is the President of Sound the Trumpet Ministries International, a missions agency that is affecting local and global communities through youth and children’s, medical, and construction outreaches, as well as, bringing forth the heart of God through the apostolic, prophetic and worship. Pastor Jorgensen has a powerful prophetic and preaching trans-local ministry throughout New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Read More »

Biblical Worldview Conference : Audio Archive

The Worldview conference took place in Boston at Lion of Judah (April 7-8, 2006) and was sponsored by the Covenant for New England Initiative (formerly known as 'Master Plan Initiative'). The presenter list included key Christian leaders from the greater Boston area. Furthermore, Deninis Peacocke came from California and John Rankin from Connecticut. Below you can listen to the main presentations (Windows Media Player format). Read More »

Contributors : Keeping the internet site up-to-date

In maintaining Congregation Lion of Judah's web site we believe that 'Everybody in God's Kingdom is a Reporter', testifying and publishing the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you would like to share your impressions of an event you attended or what is happening in your cell group or ministry please email us (in English or Spanish) at: info@leondejuda.org. Read More »

Update : New Sanctuary Building

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Thanks to the support of many neighbors and the City of Boston, plans for the new sanctuary building are becoming a reality. According to Dr. Miranda, God not only has prepared the hearts of our neighbors and the city officials but also has given the congregation's members the funds necessary to construct the building. As we enter the new year 2005, Dr. Miranda challenges us to prayerfully discern what role God has prepared for each and everyone of us in order to bring the building to fruition and to advance the vision that it stands for: 'Transforming lives, Transforming the city'. Read More »