Dr. Roberto Miranda : Master Plan Presentation Feb. 9, 2006

Over the course of the past twelve months, as we have presented the Master Plan Initiative in various places, and have undertaken initial efforts to implement it, it has become necessary to present the original vision in a more focused fashion, and to express the basic purpose of the Plan in very concrete, specific, concise terms. What follows is an attempt to do this. Read More »

Dr. Miranda : July 1, 2005 Key Note Address to American Baptist Evangelicals

Thank you so much for inviting me to share some thoughts with you this evening. I am deeply honored by this privilege. I also feel a great sense of responsibility as I stand before pastors and denominational leaders who rightfully expect to hear a word from the Lord, and who give so much each day to the cause of the Kingdom. Read More »

Master Plan : Purpose - A Strategic Plan for the Church in Massachusetts

What follows is a broad outline of what could some day become a Master Plan to reclaim the state of Massachusetts for Jesus Christ. Dr. Miranda hopes that the strategic plan will serve to stimulate collective reflection, to stir the imagination and to provide some concrete thoughts that might serve as a point of departure for sustained discussion in the near future. Feel free to leave your comments on this page. Read More »

Dr. Roberto Miranda : A Call to the Church in New England

Presented at the Vision New England 2004 Annual Meeting. Read More »

Interview Dr. Miranda : What do you envision five years from now for Congregation Lion of Judah?

If I were asked what I would like to see in 5 years in terms of progress for our church, if somebody were to leave our church today and come back in 5 years, what would I like to see them encountering, what changes to observe. One of the most basic things, the very physical, very fundamental, is I would like to walk to our present parking lot at the back of this building and instead of an empty space to find a beautiful, modern, sanctuary with one floor on top for additional classrooms and offices, mounted on pillars so that we do not lose our parking spaces in the bottom that we can use for daily activities here at the church, and parking for personnel and parishioners.  Read More »