Mission, vision, and core values of Congregación León de Judá

Mission: To promote the development of disciples radically committed with the Kingdom of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, prepared to evangelize, disciple and serve others, through a church of excellence, founded on the principles of the Word of God. Vision: To be a church that models the best values of the Word of God, founded on the gifts and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, demonstrating excellence in evangelism, community service, administration and the training of its members to become effective servants of Jesus Christ. Read More »

Crossing the Jordan, conquering Jericho: Where is God taking León de Judá - and what will it take to get there?

Only a people willing to pay the price to become a Generation of Radical Obedience will ever plumb the world-transforming depths of God’s Amazing Mercy and Love. This is the most “Amazing Thing” about our God. And it is enough to destroy Satan’s grip over the Land beyond the Jordan. It is a Land that God has destined for freedom, and as the footstool for His Glory. And it is where God, in His Mercy, is taking us. Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5 AMAZING THINGS AHEAD - BUT ARE WE READY? Read More »

Institution and Charisma - Pastoral Practice in the Power of the Holy Spirit

PARADIGMS OF POWER AND CONFLICT: In Acts 1:8 the risen Jesus promises his disciples: “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” These words are never very far from the mind of a Pentecostal pastor. Read More »

CLJ : A brief history

Congregación Leon de Judá (originally Iglesia Bautista Central) is a vibrant congregation ministering and serving the Latino community in Boston, and seeking to expand and reach other ethnic groups throughout the city. Our congregation, also known as Congregation Lion of Judah, began meeting at Boston’s Emmanuel Gospel Center in 1982, under the leadership of the Rev. Juan Vergara; and six months later relocated to an inherited church building in the city of Cambridge. In 1985, through a series of events orchestrated by God, the Rev. Read More »

An open letter from Dr. Miranda: A brief summary of the doctrinal beliefs held by congregation Lion Of Judah

Thank you for your inquiry regarding CLJ's doctrinal stance. Since CLJ is mainly a Latino church, we have not paid as much attention to putting our doctrinal statement into English. As we become more involved directly with the English speaking community, though, we realize that we need to put more of our material into English, and will do so. Read More »

Solemn Assembly October 4, 2008: When the salt is gone - what?

Is it good to gather together? The Bible does tell us in Psalm 33:12 that blessed is the nation whose God has the Lord. And the people he has chosen for his own inheritance.  Read More »

Interview Dr. Miranda : What are the 3 top prayer concerns for Congregation Lion of Judah?

One of the most important things for our church in terms of, if we are asked what should we pray for our church, is our level of spiritual closeness to the Lord and to the word of God. My deep desire before the Lord is that we be kept in close affinity with the values of the Kingdom of God, with the teachings of the word of God. That this church always from its pulpit has been teaching a doctrine, that is biblical, that is wholesome as the word defines wholesome teaching and wholesome doctrine, that our church be kept with its priorities correct.  Read More »

Dr. Roberto Miranda : A vision for revival in New England

Presentation given at 'Biblical Worldview Conference' in Boston April 7,2006:
I have been assigned the task of presenting a vision for revival in New England. I will begin with a disclaimer. What I have to present is admittedly a very personal view, one that reflects my own theological, cultural and perhaps temperamental inclinations. My presentation is therefore very partial and relative in its content. I do not pretend to be giving a “Thus saith the Lord,” or to be declaring absolute, incontestable truth.  Read More »

Paul Jehle : Revival of what? Mind, soul, or spirit? Pick all three!

For the culture to change, Christians need to change first - in all 3 areas: mind, soul and spirit. This is the opinion of Paul Jehle who recently gave a presentation at Lion of Judah. Says Jehle: Through our church history we have seen movements that have emphasized one of these 3 areas. There are some that have emphasized the external and they believe if we change the culture, then we’ll change the heart. And so we clean up areas socially hoping that the heart will change. But if we only focus on the external we miss most of revival. Because the Bible tells us your are changed from the internal to the external. Read More »

Radio WEZE 590AM : Alex Canavan interviews Dr. Miranda

WEZE 590 general manager Alex Canavan recently interviewed Dr. Miranda. Listen as Dr. Miranda explains his dream of the Lion of Judah hovering over Boston, a vision that prompted pastor Miranda to move his church from Cambridge to Boston and to rename it 'Congregation Lion of Judah'. Dr. Miranda points out the authoritative, regal dimension of Jesus as the 'Lion of Judah' in addition to being the 'Lamb of God'. Being made in HIS image, Dr. Miranda feels that God calls us to reflect that the 'Lion of Judah' lives within all of us. However, we can only be effective when we fight in unity. Both Mr. Canavan and Dr. Miranda highlight the importance of the upcoming unity meeting in Tremont Temple.  Read More »