Sermon February 7, 2016: Portals for prayer

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[Michael Varnet]
  • Presenter: Michael Varnet
  • Date: February 7, 2016
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

My brother Michael Varnet we welcome you, it’s a dream to have you here and it’s a blessing to have you and Ellaine with us, thank you for making the trek. Just telling them that you came from this water color society that opted you into their membership in the day, so it’s a privilege to have you, and I hope you receive the welcome and the warmth from our Congregation for you, for your wife for all you contributed to our Church, welcome, great to have you.

Michael: What great worship you have here. My wife and I are worshippers and we love Jesus, amen. Today it is all about the anointing of the Lord and the creative anointing. The Lord is going to make you aware of His creative anointing and since it was a part of the original mission of this Church to be creative the Lord wants to release that within you today.

I don’t understand a word of what you are saying but the Holy Spirit is an universal language and when I walked into the room I felt the Holy Spirit, but it wasn’t always like this. When I was 18 I gave my life to Jesus and now I’ve lived with Him without regret for over 40 years. I operate in the ministry of arts as the Lord’s artist.

So after I received the Holy Spirit when I was 18 only then was I able to understand the Scriptures, since the Scriptures were inspired and written in the Holy Spirit we have to have the Holy Spirit to fully understand them.

Before I received the Holy Spirit I was dyslexic, I had dyslexia, I fell behind in education, the highest grade I could get was a D or a C and I was the last person anyone thought would become a teacher.

But after the Holy Spirit came into my life He said: I want you to go to school and become my artist. So I went to college and by the way He paid for all 4 years of college, and you know what else? I had no less than an A average all 4 years, thank you Jesus.

So when you are on fire about the Lord you share about Him all the time to people who don’t understand but you can’t help yourself as you are just in love with Jesus. So after college I went into further college to become an art educator and an artist, and always got a 4.0 on average, nothing is impossible with the Lord!

So we are going to talk about healing tonight, we are going to talk about revelation, we are going to talk about what this means, their history and their idea come from the Lord. The pastor would come to me at ALC and if I’m standing here it’s because I’m not used to standing by the pulpit, but anyway the pastor would say: would you make banners? Something a little more than just a banner but something that would be a portal, an actual opening between heaven and earth.

How many know that prayer, when you actually pray you are connecting by aligning yourself with God? But God is always changing, He is always moving and yet He is always the same, so we have to align ourselves and we need to move. It’s after I went back to my old friends one day, they were still there doing the same things, they hadn’t changed but I had changed because I had been with the Lord.

So the Lord said: I want much more than a banner, I want more and He led me into Genesys where it actually talks about the twelve tribes of Israel and it says in that actually, the ephod breastplate that the high priest wore had twelve stones, those stones are called stones of fire. So I went to paint those stones of fire, the blue is the royalty of God and the redish purple is His blood, they look like they are worth thousands of dollars but you know? God can take so little and make so much out of it, they are made out of foam that was hardened and they were embedded in gold, and then the cloth is actually over plywood and metal 2x4. We enjoyed them while they were in our Church and my wife and I are humble that they are here.

We are going to present this book to you and your Church that has all the meanings that each one of the portals hide, what I would like to do is to read a couple of these to you today, and ask that we might enter into prayer with us.

Pastor Roberto: Just telling them about using these portals for prayer in the future as they walk by and using them in cults of intercession.

Michael: Because a lot of times when you pray it’s only five minutes long and you run out of things to pray, this will give you a little more information and lead you deeper into the personality and the thought of God, let’s start with one that is in my heart which is revelation.

The name of Simeon means to hear or to discern. Also the ephod breastplate was brought into the Presence of God and you are surrounded by the breastplate, so the name of Simeon means to hear or discern, it also implies obedience, content, understanding and witness. This name was inscribed on the sapphire stone which means to discern.

Additional meanings of the name are to declare, to write, to inscribe, to enumerate, to celebrate, proclaim, show forth and also to divide or to cut. We chose revelation for this prayer portal because of the need to pray for revelation in the Church both the office and the gift of the prophets can be activated and offered an environment of discernment of prayer. We pray for discernment, obedience, content, and understanding of the Word of God. We also pray for our witness as believers of Jesus Christ to have the boldness to inscribe, enumerate, celebrate, proclaim and show forth our personal testimonies.

We also pray for revelation to know the right time to divide and cut, influence those ungodly in our lives, amen.

(Delmie leads us in prayer for revelation)

(after the prayer)

Michael: It’s God’s desire that everyone be healed, everyone. Ruben was Jacob’s first born and his name means to seek, behold, perceive, discern or to know as a son, his name was inscribed in the emerald stone which is like a turkish stone with gold in it, which represented healing life, birthing, rolling sea, water turmoil, pain, it’s color speaks of resurrected life, restoration, healing and reinstatement, forgiveness.

We chose healing to be the focus of this prayer portal because of how the Grace of Jesus Christ is seen, beheld, perceived and received as the mercy of the Son of God. Nothing is impossible for God in this life. We pray for the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to heal every sickness and disease, that God may grant a healthy birth for those that can’t give birth to a child, that God’s healing restoration and forgiveness will reinstate those that have hardened their hearts if others have offended or hurt them, may the Lord regenerate us, hallelujah.

Pastor Roberto: we are going to pray for that release of the power of God.

Michael: Just thank you Lord God. We don’t have to be a healer, You do, we just have to be available and obedient to You Lord, we command the healing Lord God onto this child right now, he is having an operation and we ask You to guide the hands of the doctors. Lord You are the ultimate doctor, we pray right now and call down the Power of the Holy Spirit into this little body, that he be completely regenerated, that miracles will happen right here even as we pray Lord God, You will use us to heal this child and we are completely open Lord God in the faith that You can do anything, anything Lord God, all things are possible, and Lord I transfer a creative blessing and a creative miracle upon this child right now, thank You for it and we love You for it Lord, because as it is in heaven this child is complete, let it be here on earth in the Name of Jesus, hallelujah, amen. Thank you for Justin, thank you for Justin.

(Angel prays for healing)

(after the prayer)

Pastor Roberto: we are going to pray for Michael as well, he asked for prayer due to a health condition he has, Michael we are just going to pray for you as well, you want an impartation for healing as well, declare healing for his life.

Father: in Jesus’ Name in this sacred moment when Your anointing for healing is flowing in this place we pray for Your servant Lord, we release power from heaven from Your scepter of power directly to his body Father in Jesus’ Name, for an energy specific and clear for his body Lord, whatever need there is in his physical body we declare in faith Father a healing touch of Your life on him, renew his muscles, renew his heart, renew his circulatory system Father, every vein, every artery Father, every aspect of his being that right now needs regeneration as You have established on Your Word by the healing of Jesus Christ Lord we declare healing on Your servant Father, renew strength to him right now, reconstitution of his organs Father as a young man, may You flow vitality and strength for the glory of Your Name and for many creative acts that will bring credit to the beautiful artistic Name of Jesus Christ, we bless him in Jesus’ Name, amen and amen, receive blessing from God, healing from God, amen, yes Lord, thank you Father, thank you Lord.

Michael: one of the dearest ones that we have is the heart of the Lord, and the Lord has a heart for every soul, this prayer portal is souls (points to it), the name underneath is Issachar. Isshacar means reward or a higher fore payment, it was engraved on the yellow topaz stone, which was gold and yellow and represents to seek.

You know just as aside I would say that God has put an instinct in all of us to find Him so that’s the seeking power, anyone who doesn’t know Jesus does seek Him. So this tribe was willing to accept that before them and what they had, the children of Issachar were mighty men in David’s army because of their ability to understand the times, the whole tribe was guided by them, so for this prayer portal we chose souls as a focus on the souls of the Church and of the world, that salvation through the redemption of Jesus Christ will cause individuals to seek God and to have a relationship with Him.

It also is to be inspired and to willingly accept what was placed before them to do what God inspired, to be willing to be used by God for His service, souls who were once weak may gain strength, souls once unwise like myself can gain wisdom and become trusted leaders of their times filled with integrity.

(Ana prays for evangelism)

(after the prayer)

Michael: The last one is pastors. I made a mistake on this one, it describes the wrong jewish hebrew name so a hebrew scholar would know the difference, and it was a jewish scholar that came and told me it was wrong. The actual name is levi which is inscribed in the barrel ring stone, it’s a very hard stone for making whole rings. This stone represents impresses wisdom made in learning, impressing wisdom upon someone in learning, it also means no property in priesthood.

We chose pastors for this prayer portal because pastors have a heart for people and we are reminded to pray for our pastors, we pray that they will have a fresh revelation and to clarify, and make plain the Word of God in the Holy Scriptures, and to shed light of the Truth of Jesus Christ, and to do that in their personal lives and for the lives of those in the Church; we pray so that our pastors will be in good health and that they will in turn inspire and guide our walk as disciples of Jesus Christ. We also pray for their spiritual strength to speak an uncompromising Word of God that is in this season, hallelujah.


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