Sermon February 1, 2015: Nothing shall be impossible

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[Dr. Roberto Miranda]
  • Presenter: Dr. Roberto Miranda
  • Date: February 1, 2015
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

We have been engaged on this lengthy, lengthy series on healing and emotional health, that God heal us emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and how to live an abundant life in the Spirit despite the wounds and despite the distortions, and the deformations of life.

And within the series we have also taken time, spent some time meditating on the power of prayer and the role of prayer in that larger theme of healing and health, and how to live an emotionally healthy life, the role of prayer. I just want to kind of summarize and that will be my sermon because many of you have not heard, you know, the chronology of that aspect of health specifically in the life of prayer.

We have spoken about a lot of different principles contained in the Scripture that enable us to live healthy lives, but not all in the life of the Spirit is about principles and knowledge, that's very important because according to our mentality and outlook God will or will not do certain things. If we have a mentality of expectancy and openness and invitation to the Power of God to work in our lives then it will work. If we don't think that is gonna work or somehow we have neutralized that Power because of negative beliefs and attitudes, and expectations then God will not work.

Sometimes what we need in our life is a breakthrough. Sometimes what we need is a violent expression of God's naked Power. Sometimes we need energy, dunamis you know? The Bible speaks a lot about power and authority, dunamis, exousia, these elements of just mysterious intervention. The Bible says that: "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal" they are not physical, "but they are powerful in God for the breaking down of strongholds", and prayer is that channeler of God's energy and God's Power. Prayer is the conduit of God's Power, if we do not pray we shall not effect changes in the physical reality.

The Bible says that we declare what we loosen on Earth, what we bind on Earth, God will bind and loosen in heaven and that is an allusion already to prayer. The power that we have to declare things, the power that we have to become magnetic to the power of God in heaven and bring it down upon Earth. We believers have so much power and we are not aware of it.

And many times the problem is not that God's Power does not wanna work in us, it's that we are not aware that God's power is in us and how much authority we have to break bonds, to break changes. We have a very poor understanding of prayer, poor understanding of the power of our declarations on Earth and how God can honor that power. Our declarations can breakthrough many, many things and we need to acquire that supernatural outlook that enables us to understand so that God can do the things He wants to do on Earth.

Paul says: "I never stop praying for you guys, that God may give you the spirit of knowledge and wisdom so that you may be able to understand how great is the power that God has enabled to move within you." It is the same Power, Paul says, that raised Jesus from the dead. There is no greater power in the universe than to raise a dead person.

You know you can have great power to cure a cancer or to cure some disease, you can have power to destroy mountains with a bomb of some nature, you can harness the energies of physics in many powerful ways but so far we have not discovered the power to give life to a dead human being, and that is the power that God has given us. It is the Power that lifted Jesus from the dead.

We cannot heal our wounds with wonderful, abstract principles. They are very good because they condition many of the things that we, the outlook that we have but sometimes you need a weapon, you need a sword, you need the sword of the Word of God in your hand, you need just an intervention of God and prayer unleashes that.

There are situations in our life right now, there are people that we know whose situation is so desperate, so resistant to human intervention that only the Power of God can breakthrough and that is what prayer does, prayer unleashes that power.

You know you may be so immersed in your depression, you may be so captive to patterns of anxiety and self condemnation. You may be so in the grips of demonic and strongholds in your mind, dependencies of different sources, financial situations that are not open at all to human intervention that you require, somehow, to come before the Throne of Heaven and you cry out in your absolute despair and ineptitude, cry out to God to do something.

Sometimes the best place to be in in your life is bound by chance and with a wall right in front of you because that is the moment when God then can come in many times and breakthrough in your life, and then all the glory and all the power goes to Him.

Do not despair if you find yourself in a situation where you don't have the answer, where you don't have the possibility of exit because sometimes that is exactly where we need to be for God to do something extraordinary and prayer can bring us into that place of exit onto the other side. Prayer mobilizes the resources of heaven.

Prayer can intervene directly, sovereignly, unilaterally from the Throne of God upon the situation that we cannot change. It really is just that, prayer is that capacity of God to intervene and affect the livers of time and space in circumstances. Prayer also brings wisdom about how to operate in a situation of pain and crisis.

Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you don't know what to do, you don't have the strategy, you do not have the answer and the Bible says that we need to ask the Lord. "If anyone lacks wisdom, says James, "ask it from the Lord" and it says that the Lord will give abundantly and without reproach.

So sometimes if you find yourself in situations where you don't know the strategy look to the Lord, I cannot tell you how many times in my life, in all these things, this complex since we have undertaken over the years of this Church, with limited funding, God has given us an extraordinary strategy. How can we build this building which is about thirteen million dollars in the best of situations for five point something million dollars, how do you do that in the human realm? but I believe we have a God of wisdom, we have a God of knowledge, we have a God of strategies.

How can a Church with such limited funding as we have, cuz we don't have many wealthy people here in this Church but God has enabled us to build three beautiful buildings, a little campus right in the center of the city in a very special, strategic place of the city. How? wisdom and intelligence that God gives, intelligence, I have always believed in the God of wisdom and intelligence, the God of Daniel, the God of Joseph, the God of Paul, the God who gives strategies and understanding. Ask the Lord, pray to the Lord for strategy.

I urge you to visualize, almost as if it was a physical substance, wisdom, and to download it into your mind, and to dedicate your journey in the christian walk to attain and to obtain it from the Lord. Pray for wisdom because it will teach you how to deal with that particular situation that you are facing.

The Bible says that if you value wisdom and knowledge as if it was silver or gold God will give it to you. Read the first few chapters of Proverbs when you get home and you will see that if you ask the Lord for wisdom and you believe that He will give it, if you visualize wisdom as an essence, almost as a person, the logos that created the universe He will give it to you and that wisdom will then manifest itself in the little interventions of life, prayer does that. Prayer showers your mind in oxygenated air, just oxygen rich air, your brain will aspire that atmosphere and you will be able to make loosen, wise decisions in life.

Prayer also changes our perspective, that is so important because if you believe that you are defeated you will be defeated. If you believe there will be no answer there will not be an answer, if you believe there is not an exit there will be no exit. And so sometimes we need a change of perspective and expectation. We need to see our reality in a different way and we need to see the possibility that God can intervene wherever I am and that we do have that powerful God in our behalf.

This is a little story of how God changes our perspective many times in response to processes of prayers with which we infuse the prophecies of life that we lead. You know you have heard about our little grand-daughter Daniela who was born at 25 weeks, pretty premature, she weighed one pound and three ounces and measured 11.3 inches when she was born. She could fit into this page. This paper measures 11 inches.

So we, when we heard that Abigail, our daughter was in crisis physically, she had preclampsia and her kidneys were not working, she was in a extreme physical crisis, the baby had to be born by cesarean section, fifteen weeks, almost four months premature, and we immediately went into prayer and so many of you also prayed to the Lord, and I think this is the reason why God has, you know, intervened in such an amazing way. In this case, I don't know about all the cases, I wish I had more time to be subtle but I can't.

The thing is this: You know, as I descended from the plane I was walking along the terminal in Nashville, and the whole trip had been prayer and you know, asking the Lord to intervene, I put my spirit in a modality of supplication to the Lord. So when I found myself walking along the terminal you know, there was a point where I had to make a turn to continue to go get my luggage, and as I made that turn, right in front of me there was a huge poster that had been put there by a hospital, Saint Thomas hospital which is a christian hospital in Nashville, and they had just gone in a publicity campaign emphasizing their faith-based orientation and their belief that God could do great things in their facilities, through the hospital.

And that poster that faced me inevitably, because I had to go right by there in order to turn to the luggage facility, the luggage area, it had a premature baby which actually turns out to have been 25 weeks old, because I did the research on the internet about the campaign, a baby which is 25 weeks that is about the size of Daniela because it fit in the hands of the man who had that baby, so here is this premature baby which looks just like a rabbit, that small, a tiny thing, a tiny bundle of biological life, in one set of hands, in the other hand holding the baby like this (gestures) like that, and the caption read: "Nothing shall be impossible."

Now, you know, that financial campaign, who knows what people were thinking and how many other benefits but that is the thing about God, God can do a billion interventions and one of them will be for you, and you have to believe it.

You know at that moment, that publicity campaign was made for me and for my family because I took a picture of the publicity and I sent it to the rest of the family. I could have said: oh, what a great coincidence, how encouraging, but no. I said: this is God speaking to me, this is God changing my perspective, this is God telling me: Roberto, nothing shall be impossible. I'm gonna do what you cannot even conceive as of this moment. Your perspective right now is clouded but that's not the way I see this process.

You must see life from the perspective of life, the God who is seated on His Throne and there is a sea of glass under His feet. That sea of glass means that there is no fluctuation, there are no storms, there is no change, everything in Him is: Yes and Amen, He has control over everything. And the Bible says that we are seated at the right hand of God with Jesus Christ, and we must ask the Lord: Father change my perspective, change my way of looking at the world, change the way of analyzing my situation, change the problems that beset me and my future. It may look dark in the human but I know You see it as: Yes and Amen, because everything to God is Yes and Amen.

And prayer is what energizes our mind, prayer is what gives our brain and our perspective those nutrients that can enable to see our situation in very positive terms. Never yield to despair, never yield to impotence because in God all things are possible.

Never believe that the walls will not come down. Walls can come down, that's why God left that beautiful paradigm, that archetype of power to the walls of Jericho. In the physical realm they were impossible to break but for God it was so easy, just a declaration on the part of the people of God, they shout it and the walls came tumbling down. Your situation is not hopeless, prayer can change it. Pray, use the Power of God in your life, use the weapons that you have been given.

Right where you are sitting right now, in that chair of command, that captain's chair where you are sitting you can affect a situation two thousand miles away, you can touch a loved one, we can affect the mountains and the oceans, and the seas of New England right where we are, right here through the power of prayer and we thank the Lord because He has called us to engage with Him in the transformation of the world, the transformation of situations.

If you make of your life a life of prayer, trust in the Lord, using the weapons that you have been given I promise you that nothing shall be impossible. Let us pray.

Father: In Jesus' name, hallelujah, we declare, yes, that all that we ask in the Power of the Spirit, in unity, You shall accomplish, nothing shall be impossible for us. We thank You for all that we have been able to do Lord, it's been a good morning, it's been a good time of prayer and spiritual warfare and we thank You for that.

We declare this morning that nothing shall be impossible in the Power of God, and all God's people say: amen.


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