Sermón 12 de octubre 2014: The King of the nations

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[Celia Santos]
  • Presenter: Celia Santos
  • Date: October 12, 2014
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

This flag is of South Africa, they use these colors to evangelize. The national anthem of South Africa is a prayer and the anthem is sang in five languages. So they use the black to show the sin, and the red they use to show the blood of Jesus, and the green and blue to show the heaven, the white is the peace that Jesus gives to us, and so it is like a book without any words.

Why does the flag have these colors? When the europeans went to South Africa they went to speak about Jesus to those people, but when they arrived there they saw how rich their continent was. I'm living today in Johannesburg and Johannesburg is known as 'the city of gold'. So when they saw all that richness they started to oppress the people, the black people, and they made a separation, the area for black people and the area for white people, and they started the Apartheid.

For a black one to go to a white area he needed a passport. You are just allowed to work in the house or in the gardens. So one day, they stopped to think about what they are doing and the church, the white church went to a mountain to pray and ask God for forgiveness because instead of setting people free they became their slavers. And while they were praying a lightning came down from heaven, and so in that day they decided to make everything good and bright before God, and they built a monument in that place.

And until today that monument is there in Pretoria, and every year at the same time, a light comes from heaven upon the ground, because God will never forget His Covenant, He never forgets. When He makes a covenant with us He works for this to be fulfilled, and God made that covenant with us through the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. Nobody can break this covenant, nothing.

And we are here because God has a purpose for us as His Church. Before I show you the pictures I felt in my heart to share some words with you, the Church. I promise it won't take long but please, wait for me huh? please don't leave, I'm here for the first time, I know our time is almost finished, so be with me, amen? God bless you.

I'd like to ask Pastor Roberto to read Mathew chapter 25 from verse 31 to 40: (Roberto reads in Spanish).

Hallelujah. Mission is an issue of eternity, mission is an issue that has to do with eternity. Today while I was seeing all these flags here, and I know that many nations who are here are not represented here, but while I was thinking about all these nations, the Holy Spirit started to speak to my heart and Jesus said to me: I am the Lord, the King of the nations and I want to be worshipped by the totality of nations worldwide.

When Jesus was going to go heaven He called His disciples, and He said to them: "The whole power is given to me on heaven" and He said: "Therefore, go through all the nations, baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." He didn't say: Just go to one nation on Earth, or ten, or twenty of them but He said: Go to all nations, everywhere and preach to them and teach to them what I have taught you.

And when I read this text here, remember we are speaking about nations, and the Bible says that Jesus is speaking to His people and said something very serious. He said: One day all nations will be in front of Me, the good and evil, all nations, and He defines Himself as the King of kings. You know when someone comes to present himself in front of the king? he never comes with empty hands, no one comes to see a king with empty hands, they must bring something. And my question for all of us is: what do we have in our hands to present to our king? what do we have? what are you preparing to give to our King?

I'm preaching the Gospel in Africa for twenty years because I'm afraid if I don't do it I'll go to hell, I believe I'm safe because I believe in the Name of Jesus to be safe, I'm preaching the Gospel in Africa because I love Jesus so much that no other thing can take His place in my life, and I live, I live for the day that I hear His Voice saying to me: "Come, blessed one."

Imagine in that day when Jesus says that to me, I'll say to Him: thank you Jesus, but wait there, I have something that I want to give to You, I have something prepared for You since the time I came to You and I found Your love, and in that time I will bring all those people that have come into Jesus, and in that day I will forget the whole problem that I faced, all the tears that I cried in Africa, the times that I saw my children with malaria the whole night with fever and I was there praying for them, everything will finish, just for the joy of looking at the face of my King and seeing His smile.

At that time He'll look at me and His Word at the cross will be fulfilled, we can never forget what the Lord has done for us and we can never forget that one day, we will be in front of Him and He will call us to His Kingdom, and He will call us: blessed ones.

I'm almost finished, what is so amazing: why is He connecting that time that He is calling us to enter His Kingdom with the work that we have done while on Earth? That means that everything you do today is counting on heaven, God is thinking not on everything that we are doing here. You are not working here, living here just for naught, there is a reason why we are here and the reason is that we need to show through our deeds our love for Jesus.

Our responsibility as His Church, as the Body of Christ, we have responsibilities. We have to give food for those who have no food. Maybe there aren't food problems in the United States, but I'm very sure that there are spiritual problems. There are many people rich with money, a nice house, a nice car, but they are hungry, hungry for the Word of God, the bread of life, who is you and me, the Church.

They are thirsty, they need spiritual water. The Holy Spirit is their water, it is only us who have the Holy Spirit within us so we have to go and speak, we have to go and speak about Jesus!

People lack that clothes of justice and we can give this to them. People are holded by demons, by depressions, stress. Who can set them free? it's the Church of Jesus Christ. He gives us this authority and He is saying this: "I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty, you gave me water. I was unclothed and you gave me clothes. I was sick and you came to visit me." It is work.

We cannot say: faith saves me because the Bible says: "Our faith is manifested through our work." We need to speak about Jesus' Church. Do not keep your mouth shut, no, open them. Speak about Jesus, bring others to Jesus so one day, when you go in front of your King your hands will be full of blessing and you will bring joy to the Lord, amen?

So I'll stop here and I'll show you the pictures of what we are doing in Africa. I love Africa, I have been living in Africa for 23 years, my children were born in Africa. Tais is 21, he turned 22 in December, Lucas is 19 years old and Tais is 22.

You know, when I had my children I didn't go to the hospital, I had them in my house with a midwife, yeah. I believed more in Christ with me than in the hospital at that time, I was safer with Jesus with me. My husband Roberto, not you Roberto, all Robertos are a blessing, amen? (laughs). Maybe you will be able to come visit us and see our blessing, he's a man of God.

(Next picture) This is a place in Kaia, Mozambique, it is called Kaia. When we arrived there the children were all playing, were in the dirt. When they saw our car arriving they ran and ran, and ran around, and they went to their houses, and they came with plates asking for food. Two hundred, three hundred children in less than 20, 30 minutes were surrounding us waiting for food.

But now when I'm close to go to that place I take big pots with me, 25 rice kgs., potatos, chicken, oil, everything and I go, and there I put stones on the floor, wood, and I cook food for them, and it's so good.

(Next picture) Here's our school, we have three schools in Africa. We have about 700 children, we provide food, school and medical support for all of them, and at Italy this is a crazy lifestyle because we don't have money but we have to provide for all these children, but we know that our God is so faithful and so good that He is working through His Church to help us to do what we are doing in Africa, and this is my mission.

(Next picture) This is the classroom (next picture) here they are praying, they like to pray, they like to sing. When they start to sing the voice, it's so perfect, so wonderful, we just say: no, God is really good because no one was there to train them, and they sing really nice and they are so obedient, yeah it's a blessing.

(Next picture) These kids are always suffering by these wounds, and there is a small insect that comes under the skin and he starts to eat, and multiply, and suddenly their whole feet is like a ulcer because they are infected, and we have to clean them, it's very painful. I cry all the time because I know how painful it is. And when we finish cleaning them the next month or two months later they have the same problem again.

(Next picture) Here they are praying for food and they are so good at praying for food, they say: "Thank you Jesus for aunt Celia and uncle Roberto, and for those who send the money for us to buy this food." So everyday, the Church of Christ is receiving prayer from these children, amen.

(Next picture) This is the third school that we have open and it's not finished still but we are working to build it.

(Next picture) Malawi, another country, and we have a big school there with three hundred and fifty students, and we have now about two hundred students in high school, it is really big. And now we are introducing a professional course to the school. We want them to prepare to do something to make money. This is a time of closing during the school year and while I was there looking at those children I was so grateful to God.

I started this school in 2005. We had no money, nothing at all, we started with 45 children and we just gave them the first lessons, A-B-C-D and just gave them food in a small room, we started there and God started to send money, finances to build the school, and today we have a big school there.

And one of our gals last year, she was among the top five students in the country, and this year, one of our boys, an orphan, he was at the first place, praise God. See how amazing God is? we did it just by faith and today the school is known in the whole country because God is blessing our students! I thank God for these opportunities to show His love. And I believe in ten years or five years ahead we will have strong pastors and missionaries for Africa that will come from these students, because they are knowing God's love in a practical way.

(Next picture) We are also worrying about the situation of communities without water, and some women work for 3, 4 kilometers to get water. When you are driving through the read you see many women walking with cans over their heads. We have done three water ponds but we need to do more and we pray that someone will lend us that machinery that can dig those, yeah, but we are doing what God allows us to do.

(Next picture) A Christmas party. If you go to Mozambique or Malawi you will see the children there, they live in a poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor situation and at Christmas we provide something different. We give them nice food, we take them to nice places, they play, drink coca-cola, it's a dream day for them but it's a blessing, and last Christmas we celebrated with a thousand children, imagine it, it's a blessing.

(Next picture) Also working planting churches. We have 61 churches we have planted. We prepare our pastors and they are really good men, they are serving the Lord with all of their heart. We believe that a sheep has to give birth to another sheep, it cannot give birth to a goat. If I am a missionary I will train people to be a missionary, amen?

(Next picture) This is a Church. If you come to visit our country you will see many churches like these. Me and Roberto are working hard to change this situation because we believe that they need at least a nice place to worship God and we are working for that.

(Next picture) Now here is the Church that replaced that. We need to paint it but it's a nice place now and they are so happy.

(Next picture) Another one. We go to help some churches and pastors, and we went to visit this church. Sometimes they ask us: do you know how much I need to build a church like this in the US? and I say: about $10,000. And sometimes churches start working to make the money and they send it to us, and we build it and send pictures of the built church.

(Next picture) This is another church that we are building now (next picture) you see the temple is completed, they are plastering now, making the floor, I think in two months it will be finished.

(Next picture) There is another church here also (next picture) this is my group of evangelism, they are called: Rescue team 2, I prepare them to do evangelism and discipleship, and since the last year when we finished the training up to now they brought one hundred and twenty souls to Christ and they are in the church, they are baptized; they are really working for the Lord.

During the year Roberto has baptized over two hundred and fifty people in different cities. (Next picture) This place, that woman in blue, she was a witch doctor and she came to Jesus. The day she was to be baptized she was possessed by demons, all pastors were there baptizing different people and only me was there praying for this woman. And I started praying and she was freed from six demons, but she wasn't baptized that day.

In the next baptism when she went down the water the Holy Spirit came and she started speaking in tongues, she was baptized by the Holy Spirit, and she started that church. When people around the town are coming to ask for a witch doctor she was there saying: "I want something better. I was dying, I was sick, but since that day when I went to pray for deliverance I said that the demon was in her stomach, that woman was dying. When I started praying they seemed to come out and she puked rocks and hair, she was vomiting and that's why she was so sick, and the Lord healed her.

So when people are coming for help she was speaking about Jesus and she started that church, it's what the Lord does. He delivers us, He saves us, and He starts to use us to bring others.


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