Mercedes Lopez-Miranda: Associate Pastor

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[Mercedes Lopez-Miranda]

Mercedes Lopez-Miranda (Meche) was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She moved to Boston to pursue a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy. Professionally, she specializes in serving children with developmental delays. She has been pastoring at Lion of Judah along with her husband, pastor Roberto Miranda since 1984. She has led our congregation’s women’s ministry for the past 23 years, organizing a yearly regional retreat for women. One of her goals is to actively contribute to the formation of an army of women that passionately embrace a calling to become spiritual mothers within their respectives circles of influence. Meche also leads our congregation’s counseling ministry. She also founded our pre-marital counseling ministry 13 years ago.

Her primary motivation is to glorify God in everything she does and her greatest passion is to be used by Him as an edifying and restoring instrument.

She is deeply thankful for three decades of marriage, and to be the mother to Sonia & Abi, and her son-in-law Miguel. She is proud to be the grandmother of Caleb.


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