Sermón November 10, 2013: There is a great hunger for Christ nowadays

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[Susan Combs con Gregory Bishop]
  • Presenter: Susan Combs
  • Date: November 10, 2013
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

I would like you to join me looking up a verse that I hope you have memorized, John 3:16 so we are going to read it all together English and Spanish doesn't matter, we are all going to read it at the same time, ready?: "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son so however believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

And when we see this verse we can capture the heart of our God, this is the heart of the Gospel. The Lord longs for an intimate and saving relationship with every human being on the face of the Earth, He gave His life for us. We have been born again, we have the great privilege of knowing Jesus Christ but we can sometimes have a mistaken concept and we can sometimes think that everyone in the world has the same access to the Gospel that you and I enjoy.

Here in this country you can just turn on the TV and hear the Gospel, turn on the radio and there it is, the Gospel, you can go to any town in the United States and find a Church, it's a country where up to now at least there is freedom to preach the Word of God and we can think that everyone has that same access to the Gospel but it's not true. At this moment up to fifty percent of the people in this world have still not heard of the Gospel presented tonight, they don't know that Jesus is the Lord, they don't know He loves them, they don't know that He died on a cross for them, they don't know that that veil, that curtain that separated men from God has been torn; they don't know that there is salvation.

And the question for us today is to ask ourselves: what would have become of me without Jesus? where would you be this morning if at one point Jesus hadn't gotten a hold of your life. You and I have the Lord and many times we don't understand the hunger that exists for God in other parts of the world, we are used to living with christians and being around christians and enjoying our christian life but we are not aware of those around us. There is a hunger for Christ nowadays.

Time ago Edna and I were able to visit Morocco where there was a missionary from our Church in Bogota that was there undercover for the Gospel, we wanted to visit her and encourage her because if you don't realize they can kill you for talking about Jesus. We arrived by plane to go to the city and our missionary came from a five hours trip in train from another city to meet with us.

And when we got into that train we wanted to be alone with her because these trains are divided into compartments with six passengers per compartment and we wanted that time alone with her but God had another plan. Three muslims got into that compartment with us, an older man and two young women they were all traveling individually, they weren't together as a group.

Now our missionary already speaks Arabic very well and one of the children, the young women was learning Spanish so that helped us. In the airport we had bought food and drink for the trip, we were ready, we have good provisions, good colombian provisions. So as the trip began we started sharing with them, we shared about our families, they shared about their families we shared about ours, we asked questions about one another countries, it was a beautiful time.

And about at half throughout of the trip we were all hungry and they didn't have anything with them, we were able to share what we brought, we ate together and near the end of this time our missionary switched languages, they had been speaking Arabic but they switched to French so that we could pick up what was going on and she said the following, she said: I wanna speak to you about the Lord Jesus Christ and I could just feel, the gentleman that was there reacted in a way that it seemed like he was gonna get up and go call the authorities so I prayed quietly for him and he sat up again.

And so the three stayed and listened and we started to share about the Lord, everyone contributing to the dialog but the victory came when Edna said the following, she said: I want you to see that the life with God is like the trip in a train. We could have easily made the trip knowing that the other one existed but without even commencing a relationship, just traveling together anonymously.

But we didn't do that we have began a relationship between us as fellow travelers, we have shared about our lives, we shared food with you; we feel that we now have you as friends and we feel something else: we feel the Love of God for you because our God Jesus Christ is a God who loves you. And when she said: our God Jesus Christ loves you all three muslims began to cry, they never heard of a God of Love, they had no idea and in that country where all too often the women serve as beasts of burdens more than anything else we gotta say: Thank God I wasn't born in that country.

In that country where is only the woman who carries everything this man was so touched by the power of God that he grabbed our bags at the end to help carry them, and he carried everything and everyone was watching thinking: this guy has gone crazy but he didn't care what people thought because God touched him.

One of the girls who had to get off before the others came all the way around the train, a big trip all the way around the train to knock our window to tell us that she loved us and thanking for sharing the Lord with her. And with the other girl a miracle happened that God did. God made an arrangement so that we were able to have lunch privately in her house with her, we were able to give her the Jesus film in Arabic, New Testament in Arabic and to win her for Christ.

The hunger that they had touched us, impacted us. We were surprised to see how hungry they really were, we got to know the underground Moroccan Church. The Church had five members because when they hit ten it gets dangerous they have to split so they have five members in the Church. We met a man who had so much thirst for God and in the market someone, a foreigner had put a book about Jesus in his hands.

The book was in English and he didn't speak English, so he bought a dictionary and translated that book and received the Lord, and after receiving the Lord thirteen years went by before he met another believer. There's hunger, there's hunger say that to another: there's hunger for God and you and I have it, we have answers, what are we doing with what we have? we can't be selfish with what we have we need to think about others.

I invite you to go with me to the Book of Romans chapter 10 verse 14 and 15, Romans 10:14-15 so again to save time we will read in Spanish and English at the same time, Romans 10:14 to 15 everyone together: "How then can they call on the One they have not believed in and how can they believe in the One if they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? and how can they preach unless they are sent?"

"As it is written: how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news."So lift up your feet and take a look there and say: these feet are beautiful doesn't matter how many defects I might have, doesn't matter all the calluses or twisted toes these feet are beautiful because they bring good news. Feet you've gotta walk well, you are not gonna take even one step outside of the path because they bring good news, good news.

We have the privilege of sending missionaries, we have the privilege of sending messengers of the Gospel but we don't just have the privilege of sending, we are also sent; you are a sent one and missionary. All too often we are in the street and we are completely oblivious to the need that surrounds us. Maybe they are people who seem to have everything they can possibly need, people who could have fame and money, all kinds of material things, they can seem to have the perfect family but without Christ they don't have anything; He is everything, they need Christ, they need Christ.

Last year in Bogota a young woman, a famous model in Colombia twenty two years old extremely wealthy already because of her successful career jumped off a building. Without Christ there is nothing. A person can have everything else and is not worth anything and we can see people around us and not know how much time there is left in this Earth.

I remember in the most difficult times in Colombia in Itagüí in Antioquia, Colombia and I was preaching in a Church that had three services: morning, afternoon and night and I was the only speaker and at lunch time they took me to a home for a meal, for lunch and there we were finishing lunch, it was time to come back for the afternoon service and right then a young person came in. He was friends with the household and he said: Pastor can I speak with you?

And I told him: I'm so sorry in just a few minutes I need to be in Church and we are far away and but maybe tomorrow we can have lunch, put time aside and eat lunch tomorrow, and he said he was ok but he was very sad. And I got in the car, we went two blocks away and I just felt you know, I have to go back. I don't know what's gonna happen in the Church it may be getting late but I just can't leave this young man there like that and I sat with him and he opened his heart to me, he had been involved in an extremely violent group; he had killed, he had done everything and he cried and cried and says: I gotta get my life right with God I can't keep living like this, God must fix my life for the Lord.

And I could give him the good news that there is a place of forgiveness, there is a place of hope and it was so beautiful when I saw him receive Christ in his heart. Many here know the face of a killer, right (people laugh) I got ya. And to see in that moment how that hardened face was transformed and his eyes became clear and he started crying saying: thank you God, thank you God. He gave me a big hug and he said: thank you I know something has happened in my heart today, I feel different and you could tell he looked different.

I went to the Church and that night they killed him. That night. And everytime I remember that I say: God thank You for insisting with me, thank You for making me go back, thank You for making me let go of my schedule or plans, when we get to heaven I'm gonna introduce him to you because I know he is waiting for us there.

How many people are on the streets all around us that maybe tomorrow won't be in this Earth? and we have the Truth to share with them, and how can they believe in the One they haven't heard about, and how will they hear without anyone who preaches to them, how? through you and through me.

Now as we turn to the next one I wanna ask you to think about: how many people you've shared the Word with and the Word was rejected? has anyone had that experience? and how many of you when people rejected the Word you were discouraged?

Ok we are anointing in honesty you got discouraged, how many of us might have gotten discouraged when the Word was rejected? and how many people thought: well maybe it's better to bring them to the Pastors to evangelize them? look at someone next to you and say: that's a lie you and I, we can do it amen.

And we are not the only ones that have this problem if you look at the next verse, verse 16, Romans 10:16 says: "But not all the israelites accepted the good news, for Isaiah says: Lord, who is to believe our message?" maybe the enemy comes and says: the Word was rejected because you didn't share it very well but even Jesus experienced people rejecting the Word of the message He preached.

The perfect preacher, the One who wrote the Word, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the One who knows each heart and knows how to get to each heart and His Word was rejected, rejected. So look at someone and say: we are in good company right now, good company.

Now there are two elements into sharing the Word and I believe if you can understand this it will give you great liberty and freedom in sharing the Word. The first element of sharing the message is the Word itself that I give. Now I'm responsible for that Word and if you share the Word with love, not imposing, not obligating but offering I can almost promise you, guarantee you that you are doing it well. The problem comes with the other element.

Mathew 13 verse 3 says: "A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among the thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop--a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. He who has ears, let him hear."

The other element is the heart of the person who is hearing, is the land of that heart. I'm responsible for my words but I'm not responsible for that heart. We bring the good seed and we sow it but that heart needs to decide whether to accept it or receive it. There are some hearts where we need to keep sowing and with time that heart is going to finally soften up and the seed will get in.

But what is our fear? sometimes we are afraid to share an anointing of honesty here, right? Now: how many times many of us you might feel that God wants you to speak at a certain situation but you feel some fear inside you about it, how many might feel that way? there's a risk in sharing the Word. Now here we are not risking our lives as in some parts of the world so, what is our risk? what are we risking? what are we afraid of?

They can reject us, they can make fun of us, they could criticize us, they could make fun of us so these are our fears right? but someone took the risk for you. There's somebody who loved you enough to overcome there own fears to share the Word with you.

I ask you: how many here resisted the Word at first? an anointing of honesty they shared with you and you resisted it at first. If you can think for a moment today about those people who hung in there and persevered for you, if you can remember the people who shared the Gospel with you and thanks to God for those people.

But now the question is: are we willing to risk ourselves for others? are we willing to overcome our fears to love them sharing the Gospel with them? the Word says perfect love casts out all fear. This morning we are going to pray for a supernatural love in our hearts for lost souls because with that love there's a change of focus. With that love in my heart I'm not going to think about: how am I come across to people? thinking of the person who is before me.

The day before yesterday Edna and I in the mall almost won the soul of a jewish person for Christ, the heart was greatly open to the Lord and I know the Lord is gonna end someone else to finish the job there, we got as far as we could get and now the Pastor is gonna go and buy some more cream in that store and we will win that sales person for Christ, gotta go back to that store.

It was a precious beautiful moment, his eyes were watering. He said: any God will do? and I said: no, hear oh Israel, the Lord your God is one God, thou shall love your God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your spirit and his eyes became watered and he said: it's true, it's true and I said: if you ask Him He will reveal Himself to you and show you who the Messiah is.

I know that process is going to continue. You put the seed, you sow the seed, you break the fear because there's a soul before you and, how much is a soul worth? it's worth everything, worth everything. It's worth taking the chance.

How much is a soul worth? "Because God loved the world so much He gave His one and only Son so that everyone who believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life." If you long to be one who wins souls I invite you to stand with me today.

Thank you Father. Raise up your hands before the Lord, say: Father forgive me for the many times when I have passed by and there was someone there that needed You, forgive me Lord all those times that I didn't speak out of fear. Say: Father help me Lord, spill your love in my heart, that love that overcomes everything, that love that casts out fear. Please Lord, let me have that focus, I wanna see the people that You put before me and worry about their hearts, their souls because the soul is worth everything.

Let me do it with love Lord, never Lord with anything else, bringing hope Lord not condemnation. Help me Lord, help me God, help me God in the Name of Jesus.


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