Prophecy October 23, 2013 given by Tom Demaree

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[Tom Demaree (right) with Dr. Roberto Miranda]
  • Presenter: Tom Demaree
  • Date: October 23, 2013
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

Five minutes ago the Lord gave me a Word. Earlier this afternoon your Pastor and I were talking and I was telling him about another Pastor who lives in one of those captain houses, how many know what I'm talking about? there is old homes where the navy captains live in those homes and on the roof, they are three stories tall and then on the roof there is a deck for the captain to be able to go up and look out to see. Active duty.

In the days when these houses were built they were in the tallest point of the city so the captains could see enemy approaching, are you with me so far? ¿sí? ok. So five minutes ago God showed me I don't even know the word in English I think it's the epaulette on boards, the shoulderboards that an able officer would wear, I think they are called epaulette with a T.

And I wasn't thinking about this I was worshipping the Lord and as I looked up your brother suddenly I saw those shoulderboards on both sides and they were the boards of an admiral. Now beloved you don't know me so you would not know that it is very unusual for me to give a Word like this because God has given me an assignment to come alongside leaders all over the country and a lot of leaders around the country are too big for their bridges so it would be my tendency to lift up because the only person that we want to lift up is the Lord.

Still this is what God showed me and before the service they took me over to the building next door and we walked in and we looked around hallelujah, amen. I can't even read my own scribbling when God said this Word to me but I remember so I won't even try to read it. I was listening to you and listening to Greg translate and scribbling at the same time but God showed me that that building you are building is a spiritual captain's house and it's tall for a purpose, the fact that it has many stories has a purpose and the fact that you did an unusual thing by deciding to build another floor about the Sanctuary whether you knew or not that was a prophetic act.

And though you did that in response to God's call in your life as the Pastor of this Congregation I believe God is using your obedience to affirm you in your calling as an admiral, that He has called you in a place to watch over not just for this family but for the entire city, all the environments and it's giving you a king's vision to see from afar. So Father God we bless You and Lord we ask that You who have spoken will now bring it to pass.

Lord when You spoke to King David through the prophet Nathan that he would build You a house Nathan's response wasn't just to say yes but to say: because Lord You have spoken I will pray, so Lord we pray in Your sweet Name that everything you are speaking over this man and over this family and over this captain's house will be established by the Power of Your Hand and the Glory of Your Son and the strategy of Your war plans.

Now I beg you to forgive me because this is still about you. Nowadays when youngbies buy those captain's houses they think that that deck upon the top roof line is just a luxury feature but God would say to this house: that spiritual watch tower is not a luxury feature, it's not a feature to esteem yourselves more highly in your own sides it is a strategic weapon of war.

So just as we are praying for your Pastor to walk in the fullness of this admiral's watch I extend my hands to you right now to pray that this family will rise up as good soldiers, as capable warriors fearless in the face of the enemy and fearful in the Face of God, amen? amen.

Just in confirmation Tom by the way about what you are saying you didn't see it but the view of the city of Boston is extraordinary when you know you go to the last floor, I'll show it to you tomorrow so you get a sense of you know and we always told that we got that place so we can intercede on behalf of the city. And I received the prophetic word just recently from a gentleman by the way regarding that position of watching over in a high place and it's interesting, I'll tell you about that later on but ah it's a confirmation about it.

You know I promised myself that I will never build another building but this guy put fear into my heart because he said that this is just not the last one that I will build but there's another one upon a hill you know from which you will be able to see the entire city that is waiting for us to build so I don't know.

I know you said the word hill and I heard loma that's all I got. Beloved I want to tell you about, more about why we are here to do this walk but I don't wanna take the time tonight to do that so I will share just a tiny bit but I believe that it can only be the Lord that will drive you so I will join in with your Pastor to ask simply this: if God calls you to come then no matter how difficult it might seem do what He says, amen?

Obedience is difficult but disobedience is tragic amen? ok. I'm gonna sing a song in spanish: I'm a man who writes song in English, only in English but some of my songs are translated but I don't remember much of the words from my songs, I'm a middle-age guy.


To know You is to love You and Lord I want to know You
To be here and think within You that is where I want to be
So Lord please take me with You
Wherever it may lead to

That my life abide within You as you abide in me
You abide in me
Lord abide in me
Lord abide in me as I abide in You

'Cause I'm the branch
and You are the vine
I'm the cup
You are the wine

Lord abide in me
as I abide in You

So permanece en mí
permanece en mí
Permanece en mí como permanezco en Ti
Yo el pámpano
y Tú la vid
derrama el vino en mi ser
Permanece en mí como permanezco en Ti

To know You is to love You (Pastor translate the verses) (conocerte es amarte)
And Lord I want to know (Señor quiero conocerte)
You to be here and think within You (Tener intimidad Contigo)
That is where I want to be (Es allí donde quiero estar)

So Lord please take me with You (Por favor Señor tómame Contigo)
Wherever it may lead to (Donde quiera que pueda llevarme)
Let my life abide within You (Que mi vida more dentro de la Tuya)
as You abide in me (como Tú moras dentro de mí)

Oh abide in me (Permanece en mí)
Permanece en mí
Permanece en mí como permanezco en Ti

Yo el pámpano
y Tú la vid
derrama el vino en mi ser (en nuestro ser)
Permanece en nosotros como permanezco en Ti

Familia de pacto, casa de oración
en tu Nombre unidos oh Señor y allí Tú estás
Pueblo apasionado rendido ante Ti
Tus misericordias Dios siempre nuevas son
Santifica esta ciudad
levantaremos hoy Señor banderas de valor

Please understand beloved two weeks ago we didn't know that we were going to do a peer walk from Boston to New York so I have slept about four or five hours each night for two weeks and my phone keeps ringing and your Pastor was the first leader in New England to say: welcome please come and start here.

And we only spoke a week ago and now in fifteen days our itineraries are almost full and I'm a little tired. Imma try to sing a song again:

Familia de pacto (¿sí? a family of prayer ¿sí?) Casa de oración ( Oh a family of agreement, a house of prayer; you probably don't need me to translate the spanish part hallelujah)
En Tu Nombre unidos oh Señor (hallelujah) y ahí Tú estás
pueblo apasionado rendido ante Ti
Tus misericordias Dios siempre nuevas son
santifica este país (is that country) con gloria llénala
levantaremos hoy Señor banderas de valor

Santifica esta nación, con gloria llénala
levantaremos hoy Señor banderas de valor
derrama avivamiento, avivamiento dulce
Gracia envía a este país
derrama avivamiento, avivamiento dulce
a Tu Rostro buscar y no olvidar

Derrama avivamiento, avivamiento dulce
Gracia envía a este país (y esta ciudad)
derrama avivamiento, avivamiento dulce
a Tu Rostro buscar y no olvidar

House of agreement, fortress of prayer
Family that gathers in Your Name and You are there
People of passion surrenders to You
Place of repentance where Your mercy is always new

Sanctify this nation, fill it with Your Grace
Sanctify this nation, con gloria llénala
levantaremos hoy Señor banderas de valor

Derrama avivamiento (¿cantar conmigo?) avivamiento dulce
Gracia envía a esta casa (a esta ciudad) a esta casa de fe
derrama avivamiento, avivamiento dulce
a Tu Rostro buscar y no olvidar (aleluya, aleluya, aleluya, aleluya)

Let me share one thing about this mission and then I want to bring a Word for this house. The National Prayer of Repentance in spanish did they already get handed out? ok, you wanna read from one of the copies?

"Almighty God we thank You and praise You for your unending mercy and grace poured upon our nation. You have delivered us in times of war, You reunited us in times of conflict among ourselves and filled our lives with such abundance, Your blessings overflow our borders tet still we take You for granted.

"We come before You now in desperate need of Your forgiveness. We confess that the liberty You so graciously gave us has become a license to do as we please. Our culture mocks You, our Highest Courts are esteemed above Your Word. We traded genuine spirituality for temporary pleasure, true virtue for hollow celebrity. We teach our children self-indulgence yet stand mystified at the blood on their hands."

"We lust after material things yet wonder why our souls are empty. Revive us oh Lord, revive us oh Lord, revive us oh Lord. Your Presence is our only hope. Impart to us sheer passion for good instead of evil as we humble ourselves and seek Your Face forgive us oh God and heal us. Make us one, that America will be the land of Your vision from the beginning, a peaking of hope lifted to the world, hallelujah people free to serve You and no other in genuine love. In the Name of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's God and Jesus' Name, amen."

Are we in agreement? if you agree with that prayer and you'd like to say amen then go ahead and sign it and we can just put them on the front there. Tomorrow night I believe I usually don't know what I'm doing at these city white meetings until that moment but in the same way that the Lord spoke a Word to me tonight over your Pastor I think that I have a strategy for tomorrow and I think God will be pleased, hallelujah. Hallelujah.


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