Sermón 23 de octubre 2013: Judgement or revival?

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[Tom Demaree (right) with Dr. Roberto Miranda]
  • Presenter: Tom Demaree
  • Date: October 23, 2013
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

Judgement or revival. Listen to Hosea, chapter 4 verse 6: “…My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge I also will reject you from being priest for me. Because you have forgotten to law your God I also will forget your children…”

This generation has seen more atrocities with children than any western country in the history of the world. Perhaps any country in the history of the world, but I’m not qualified and haven’t done the research to vet that statement.

Beloved, we can’t live like it doesn’t matter how we honor God’s word and how we walk in his spirit and still expect his blessing over our nation. As the church goes, so goes the nation.

Now, I just finished a long fast which I usually wouldn’t talk about but is what lead to my being here. In the 87th day of 100 day time of prayer and fasting, and this was a prayer fast specifically for how God would have us present this mission to the White House and tomorrow you will hear all about the favor he’s given us. And in our understanding all of our plans start in January, but on day 87 God said “I want you to walk from Boston to New York.” And this was the word he gave me.

I was walking along and I live in the South, I live in Tennessee, and I was out prayer walking which I do all the time, and it was mucho calor that day and then a cool breeze suddenly came over me and God spoke to me and said, “Just as this cool breeze brings refreshing over you, so I will bring refreshing to my body throughout the United States this fall.”

“The trials and tribulations will surround them, those who live in the secret place with me, will abide under the shadow of my peace.”

God will bring refreshing to our country and through his people. How many believe we’re called to be his instruments of refreshing? How many know that the Bible says that genuine repentance brings seasons of refreshing?

Fear the Lord and depart from evil. It will be healing to your bodies and refreshment to your bones. And that word for refreshment to your bones literally is a picture of God taking his shekina glory like a tall glass of lemonade on a summer day and just pouring it into our bones.

Proverb 1:23 says, “turn at my reproof.” It says, “when I bring correction to you, turn.” It doesn’t say when I bring reproof for rebuke, think about it for days and days, it says, turn at my reproof.

When our benevolent Father tells us don’t touch that that you’ll burn yourself, he tells us to turn right now, right now, right now. And this is promise with that obedience, the rest of verse 23, “surely I will pour out my spirit on you. I will make my words known to you.”

Now, that word for make my words known to you in Proverbs 1:23 is a different word for knowledge than the word in Hosea 4:6. The word of Hosea means ability, discernment, knowledge. The word in Proverbs 1:23 is the Hebrew word that many of know, yara, which means intimate knowledge. To know that you know that you know that you know, that you know. Amen.

So, if we want in midst of judgment if we are willing to turn at God’s correction, not only will he pour out his spirit without reservation, but he will make his words known to us.

Why is the truth that God would make his words known to us, why is that encouraging? Here’s why. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. How many believe with their whole heart that God has called you to be his instrument of refreshing? How many believe that we are called to minister in a nation that is parched, that is in drought? Has there ever been a time in history where this nation needs the refreshment of the body of Christ more than now? Amen.

And, beloved, if God will allow us to be his instrument of refreshing and simultaneously be sheltered from the storm. Amen. I want to give you a picture of that and I’ll with this picture, but I also want to hear what the word somebody had, you’ve read it so I’ll let you decide if we’re doing it now or what.

You know, when I was a baby in Christ I would have complimented this brother on his music like the old Saturday night live show. I’m not worthy, anybody know what I mean? As I’ve got older in Christ, trust me, beloved, I’m not going to bow to anybody except the Lord, but it’s still excellent. Amen.

On our first prayer walk across the country we were walking one day through the Pan Handle of Texas, we had started at the Pacific Ocean and we were walking to the Atlantic Ocean, and this was late July when we’re walking through the Texas Pan Handle. It was, I don’t remember exactly, but a conservative guess was it was probably 102 degrees. It was hot and we had to go about 40 miles that day.

How many have been to Texas? The Pan Handle of Texas is flat as a board. You can see the entire horizon and on flat ground the horizon is about 32 miles. So you can see 64 miles radius. So, we’re walking along praying, believing that every place through the sole of our foot treads is land God’s given us, thanking him that that promise has been ratified on the cross. Alleluia!

We forget the authority we have. Amen. We don’t want to be reminded of our authority to be arrogant; we want to be reminded to be responsible as the church goes. So, this rancher drives up in an old pickup truck, I’m getting tired, so I forgot to tell you something, it was a clear day, the skies were completely blue, there was not one cloud in 64 miles around us. There were 3 colors anywhere we looked, brown dirt, black road, blue sky.

This rancher drives up, he says, “Are you those guys prayer walking across the country?” because there had been a lot of television coverage of what we were doing, and we said, “Yes, we are.” He said, “Would you pray for us? We’re in the worst drought in generations. Farmers are losing their crops, ranchers are losing their cattle, it’s horrible. ” and I said, “Sure, we’ll pray.” This guy looked like a Texan, looked like the Marlboro man.

I wondered if maybe he was the Marlboro man. So being the good pastor that I am, when he asked for prayer I put my hand on his arm and said, “Why don’t we pray right now?” He was sitting in his pickup and we’re walking along the broken down route 66 that’s no longer active. So, he had seen us from the highway and pulled off the road to come to where we were.

So, I said, “Let’s pray right now.” He said, “No, no, no you’re the pastor, you pray, I’m a rancher, I’m gone.” I said, “Okay, we’ll pray right now.” So we prayed. God has called us to be his instruments of refreshing, even as he sheltered us [inaudible]. It was in 45 seconds that the skies were absolutely black. I mean black. Almost like the sun had gone down and it began to rain, and it began to pour. And it was raining about a foot and a half behind where we were all standing, but we were only half way through our walk so far that day, we still had 20 miles to go to get to the next little town.

18 inches. We walked the rest of the afternoon, it rained all afternoon and the rain was always about a foot or two behind us. We didn’t get not one drop upon us all day. When we stopped to take a break, the rain stopped, the rain stayed right there. When we started again, the rain followed us.

God’s called us, beloved, to be a people that follow the move of his cloud. The reason the rain stayed behind us was because the God of the universe was before us. If we will follow the glory cloud in obedience, it’s not about how you feel, it’s not about how famous you are, it’s about obedience. And obedience is difficult but disobedience is tragic.

Let’s follow his cloud, shall we? And let’s be his instruments of refreshing. Lord, we pray in this suddenly that you called between Boston and New York that somehow by your hand of sovereign favor and grace and mercy that you would call your people to come together and be your instrument of refreshing to a nation in drought.

Lord, I thank you for our captain’s house in Boston. I thank you for admiral of humility in Boston. And Lord, we ask that everything you put in together will be orchestrated for your glory. Amen.

Stick a fork in me. By the way, just a word, it says I want you to tell him later that I saw the hand of the Lord giving a tunic and a long stick and put sandals on his feet, this was a real vision. Amen.

Tonight I will tell your pastor the significance of that. That’s actually a huge affirmation but it’s not something I’m allowed to share publicly. But I will tell your pastor so that you can be encouraged, that God is using that [inaudible].

Praise the Lord. Lord, we don’t want… I thank you God for your encouraging words but we never want to end about a word that has to do about Roberto or Tomas or Greg or Fanny. We want to begin and end with the beginning and end of all things, only you, Jesus, only you. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Be glorified in Boston. Be glorified en New England. Be glorified in the United States. Alleluia! Now, tomorrow night I’m going to invite you to join me on Friday to take just a short little walk to Weymouth. It’s one of our shortest days. Listen, I just want to plant the seed right now. Here’s what often happens, there is a few of us walking and there’s ten cars full of ladies speaking in tongues, and some get out to walk and some drive and some guys will car pool together and some will walk and some will drive.

How many believe that as God’s house we could use a field trip, so we could embrace what it is to be the hand maintenance and the stewards of refreshing. Are you feeling it? Come on.

10 o’ clock. But tomorrow night, if you can’t make it Friday. What’s your name? Miguel, if you can’t come Friday, because a lot of us have to work during the day. So come tomorrow night with a dozen of your friends who can come Friday and bring them. Alleluia! We’ll let you march around the sanctuary tomorrow night while we all worship and pray. Miguel can walk tomorrow because he has to work, so we’re going to let him march tonight.

Thank you so much. Amen.

We’ll do more commissioning tomorrow night. Father, we thank you because we can sense, Lord Jesus, we can sense, Father, the anointing, the genuine anointing over this man of God. God we thank you for his simple hearted embracing life in your calling, Lord Jesus. God, we believe that this man of God, that when he is walking under an open heaven, Lord God, that you are smiling upon your child, God, in a special way.

God we know that offering, Lord Jesus, that joining ourselves to him in this strategic moment, Father God, that is inviting a blessing over us, Lord God, we’re praying for your blessing over this tree. God we believe there is a purpose, God, that is not by accident that you’ve ordained him to walk on these geographical places at this particular moment, Father.

God, even though the enemy has come to steal and kill and destroy as recently as last night, God, we declare that you have come that we might have life and have it abundantly. God, we recognize that it is no accident that just as the eyes of the nation are on this spot, this nation because of a sporting event tonight, God, we recognize that your eyes are on this spot for spiritual purposes, Lord God and we join ourselves to that.


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