Sermón 7 de julio 2013: It all starts with Jesus and having intimacy with Him

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[Doug Tunney]
  • Presenter: Doug Tunney
  • Date: July 7, 2013
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

I wanna talk about Jesus for a moment and I want to talk about shoes, what does Jesus have to do with 'shoes'? I remember once I was in missionary training and this woman was teaching us to hear the voice of God, she was also talking about the character of Christ, all the different names of Christ and all the wonderful things of our Christ.

And then she said: I want you guys to go out for as long as you need to until you receive Word from God and experience His Presence. I said: ok I was in Concord, New Hampshire and I went out to the field and I said: Lord I love the state, you have the pine trees and the granite, forever beautiful trees and I was just praising Him but then He was standing right there in front of me.

Now I didn't see Him physically but I guess Oral Roberts said this phrase: you know that you know that you know and I knew Jesus was right there in front of me. And He was also a little bit jealous. He said: you think this is great? Let me give you a glimpse of heaven.

You know sometimes it's a really dark day and suddenly a lightning comes down and for that split second you can see everything, that's how long my glimpse of heaven was but it was magnificent. The trees were fluid and translucent something I have never seen. The colors were colors I had never seen but the best part was the joy that overwhelmed my heart.

The Bible talks about joy inexpressible in full glory. You know what that means? it means you have so much joy you don't know what to do with your body. I mean this is like, it is good to do this but when you have so much joy I was like: I don't know what to do with my heart this is so awesome! and that's how I was, it was overwhelming joy.

Now I used to be a football college player, I played semi-professional football as a quarterback, I was always a kinda tough guy but in the middle of this experience out in the field totally alone Jesus said: let's dance together, so I danced with Jesus. And I went crazy, just danced all over this field. And I remember me saying in my mind: I hope nobody sees me but the joy I had was so much that I had to do it and then He spoke to me, He said: what do you want? I'll give you anything.

So I looked down on my shoes, I was in Youth with a Mission, the letters in english are: YWAM, that's: Youth Without Any Money so I saw my shoes were no good, with holes in them and so I said: I'd like a new pair of shows and all of a sudden the thought hit me: Salomon asked for wisdom to lead a nation I asked for shoes, are you an idiot? what have you done! So I went back to the building and I was walking down the hall and I was like: was that God or not? Did I just made that up or is Jesus really that real?

And one of my friends comes out of one room, now I see this guy everyday but he says: hey Dog Tony, I'm like: yeah? He says: you don't understand I was just in my room and Jesus just gave me a direct command, I said: what did He tell you? He said: I just bought a new pair of shoes, the most expensive shoes for running. He says: what size are your feet? we were the same size and I have wide feet so he gave me his shoes and I went to my room, I said: the shoes are nice but it's nicer sure enough that I can have that kind of relationship with Jesus Christ, to get intimate and crazy for Him.

Now today in America people spend 3 minutes per day in prayer because they don't know the joy of knowing Him, we don't know the Majesty of Jesus and the average christian man spends one hour a year reading the Bible. So we don't even know what He says anymore and we don't even know Him anymore.

So when I had that experience of the shoes I began to experience Christ for the rest of my life in a wonderful, very personal way. I began to travel the world and preach the Gospel all over the world, I prayed and led 200.000 people to Christ in my life. I've been in 45 countries, many countries ten or twelve or twenty times and I've experienced the majesty of Jesus wherever I go.

I remember once I went to Mongolia everyone there is Buddhist, christianity had just arrived there in 1995. Crusade for Christ was the first to be there, Assembly of God's Pastor comes in, something like one hundred of one percent of christians now and God tells me: go to Mongolia. You gotta fly to Chicago, fly over the North Pole, land in Beijing and then you get another plane to Mongolia and then you take the slowest train that ever existed in the whole world; a hundred degrees and there is no air conditioner in the train and we arrive there four days later just about to die, and I come up to this Pastor and I tell him: brother what's your vision, what's your plan?

He said: I wanna start a Church here, I say: when? and he says: I'm gonna pray for seven years and then we are gonna start it, this was on a friday. I said: brother let's start it this sunday, he says: but we don't have any people! this is in Mongolia. Now most people have never heard of Jesus or the Bible or God one time in their life but then I went into the Presence of God within my heart, I said: Jesus give me a strategy, what should we do?

That particular town doesn't have any water so you have to go to a well to get water, well I had a drama team with me and a dance team, I said: let's hang out around the well we will find hundreds of women at the well. So we performed all day saturday and then in the evening we went to another place. And in that day a hundred and twelve Buddhists came to Christ, a hundred and twelve. It took about an hour and a half per person so I was glad it was a big team and the oldest Buddhist monk in the area was one of the people that gave his life to Christ, he had served Buddha all his life.

So then we went to another part of the city and all this people were in a building and we began to perform, it was like a vacuum cleaner they all left the school and came to us. And I remember clearly we were preaching the Gospel and the principal of the school she said: these people come from the devil, if you follow them you will surely go to hell don't listen to them, and all the students said this: we have never heard these words before, this message has never come to us please let us hear this message, we want to hear it and decide ourselves and so she walked away.

And at the end of that presentation three hundred came to Christ all Buddhists. But you gotta understand it starts with the shoes, it starts with Jesus and having that intimacy with Him, to know the voice of God in your life spending time with Him. You know you don't pray just because it's viable, you don't think you will make a difference but you have no idea how powerful praying is, prayer changes everything.

You know pray for your children and your grandchildren, seek the Lord especially you men. Men: you need to pray. Brothers: take time of your day, I know you are busy making money but you have to do, this is what I do with my own person because the flesh doesn't want to pray so I say to my flesh, I put my hand up and I say: you are going to pray and I slap myself and say: stop that and start praying because it's not by my power but by the spirit everything else.

And you know God does these things through us. And I remember that next day we had that new Church start that a hundred and thirty people came to the Church and the mayor came, and I remember the questions they asked. When you start this type of church there gotta be a lot of people that ask questions, a woman raised her hand and she said: we worship the mountains, we worships the rocks and the trees, we have worshipped them all our lives for fifteen hundred years, who do we worship now? And I said: you can worship now the One who made all those things and who made you and they all went: ok we understand.

Brothers and sisters I want you to have that experience, I want you to ask questions like that. You know we were at downtown crossing at Rogal's station and we ran up to a chinese student that had never heard of the Gospel of Christ one time and these guys had to lead him to Christ, they said: there's one Bible. You know the chinese believe that creation was made by birds, if you go to Mongolia or China those countries and ask: who made us? they will answer: the birds, that's what they believe and to be able to tell them: no, there's a Creator, one true living real God.

You know there's over two and a half billion people that never heard the name of Jesus in their lives, how will they hear unless we tell them? how will they know unless we go? Downtown crossing is a great place to go let me tell you. I swear I think half the world goes through there everyday, you gotta know like forty languages to go through there.

I was once able to sit there with the turks, they have never heard of Jesus or anything and they were so curious, they asked a million questions, most of them won't accept Christ in the first meeting but they have never heard this message. Brothers and sisters do you know who is in your city? the world has come to you and we spend our days in our houses and in the stores and work, why don't you give sometime to Jesus and have a personal experience with Him?

You know when you do that amazing things happen. By the way the other Church we added three hundred people to that Church but if anybody want to check me out you can check it out, it's in Erdenet Mongolia, in those two days one Church and we had three hundred in the other Church we started with a hundred and thirty, if they wanna check me out, I don't want them to check me out but they can. It's called Erdenet, amazing stories.

But when you hear these stories you pass them on to young people like this and then yesterday Joe Campbell, hey Joe who had been playing soccer with you yesterday? They were player soccer yesterday with all vietnamese, these guys had never heard the Gospel before and at the end of the game Joe tell them what happened.

Joe: Yeah so I asked them if I could pray with them and I shared the Word with them, they were very open and listening and they had never heard of Jesus Christ before so I prayed with about then of them and every one of them accepted Christ.

Pastor: Yeah I mean you get to pass this kind of stories to young people. I remember my son Jeremy was in Dorchester and he was in a project down there and he described like the crowd was there in front of me but there was one guy way back down the stairs and God told me: Jeremy get him, Jeremy is 6'3'' so he took after this guy, the guy took off running, he chased him down. The guy said: what do you want, what do you want? You know we have to give everything to Christ.

My wife and I have given everything all the time. I can't even tell you how many times I had the privilege of emptying my wallet, it's not a big job but you know you pass on to people. This guy said to Jeremy: you know what I'm not interested in what you have to say, Jeremy had just bought a very expensive watch and he said to the guy: if you let me tell you the story I'll give you this watch. He checked out the watch, he said: you got me man I'm staying, I love this watch I'm staying.

It's good to pass this on your side what really counts, what really matters in this life is all about the Kingdom of God. So this guy listens to Jeremy for over thirteen minutes, he says: you don't know who I am, I'm the drug lord of this area, I'm the one who sells all the drugs here and Jeremy looked at him and says: I wanna tell you this, this is a very significant moment in your life, your life is in a balance today. This is a decision you can't put off for tomorrow.

And he says: do you know me? Jeremy says no. He says: I'm gonna go go court tomorrow, it's my thirth strike they are gonna put me away for probably thirty years and you just chased me down, Jeremy said: your life is in the balance what are you gonna do? He says: what can Jesus do for me? He says: He will transform your life, will He get out of jail? Jeremy says: no, you probably will go to jail for a long time but He will be with you in jail. He says: I wanna give my life to Jesus.

And so he prayed with Jeremy, he said: what will I do tomorrow? Jeremy said: do something you've never done tell the judge the whole truth. He said: he will put me away for fifty years! Jeremy said: if you tell the truth God will be with you, if you lie like you always have God will leave you, tell the truth. Do you know what happened? this man went to court the next day he let it all out, the judge was shocked beyond measure, if you ever wants to know this man's name I can give you his name, the judge said: I have known you since you were a young boy this is the first time you have told me the truth, your life is different you are not going to jail I am going to keep you out of jail. It's a true story.

Never sold another drug, separated from the gangs, would text Jeremy almost every day you know what he was asking about? Bible questions, he couldn't leave the Bible fell in love with the Bible, he was reading the Bible something like four or five hours a day; his life was transformed, he goes to Church at Blue Hill avenue and now he is one of the leaders there. Look at what God can you do when you pass it on so these are the things that we can do.

And I was very interested I've been on the mission field for twenty years I lived in Europe, I met my wife while I traveled all over the world and one day I ended up in that same building in Concorde in Miami and as I walking around in this building I said: Lord this is where it all started, this is where I met you in a real personal way, this is where the adventure begin and I said: Jesus the greatest adventure though is You, you know for me that's it, it's Him.

And so I just got on my knees and worshipped the Lord in Concorde and I thank Him for that relationship with Him. And then I went to Church and I was in worship and there was a lady like in front and I just saw her turn around and stare at me; I checked my clothes to make sure they were ok, I was ok but then she left. I said: ok I continued to worship, service ended, I'm out in the lobby of the Church and this woman, she comes in and she says: Doug during Church God spoke to me, He told me to leave Church, go to Maysey's and get you the best pair of italian leather shoes money can buy and she said He even told me your size, Debbie: am I telling the truth?

And you know what Jesus was telling to me? And I want you to get this: as much as we enjoy of Him He enjoys us, He loves it when we are with Him, He loves it when you go crazy and worship Him and spend that time with Him so brothers and sisters spend time, get to know Jesus. He is not deaf, He still speaks today, He knew you before you were born; He knows what you need but He wants to take it beyond that because you will find something out.

I remember one time I was running a school and this guy came to my school and he was crazy, he offended everybody and I said: why are you in m school? he said: I don't like you, I don't want nothing to do with you but God ordered me to be here. I said: ok great. We always broke into small groups, everybody in my small group quit, so I said: sir tell me your story. He said: I'm a Vietnam vet. When I was once in Vietnam I got drunk one night because my best friend had just got killed right next to me and I began to take drugs. I went into a village, got my machine gun and I killed everybody I could.

I went to jail for twenty years, I have psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers everybody trying to help me. I said: part of my school goes to New York City and do evangelism, he said: I'm coming, I said: great. We met in a park in Brooklyn, I started talking to a guy who was homeless and this man tells us: I got a story to tell you. He said: I'm a Vietnam vet. When I was in Vietnam there was a boy with a bomb struck on his back he was running towards twenty soldiers and he said: I shot him and killed him, he said I can't get over it and so I'm homeless and without a purpose. I'm gonna torment myself for having killed that boy.

I said: I have a guy over here who did a lot worse than you and he's a christian, he needs to talk to you so we have the Pastor there and the three of them start to talk, the Pastor said: I was an helicopter pilot and they talked, they ran his helicopter one time both of them, so then the guy came with me who have killed all these people in Vietnam who felt so guilty he was living in depression everyday of his life, even though he was a christian and being at my class he listens to the testimony of this other guy and he says: hey I wanna tell you this. There's no sin that you can commit that God cannot forgive.

And when he said that for the first time he realized that and he was instantly delivered, he began to praise God and forgot about the other guy, he went home with us this was in New Hampshire, he led the psychologists and social workers to Christ because they said: if you can be changed God is real.

See? when you do something for Jesus He delivers you, He does miracles in your life. We all say: I gotta go out and tell someone about Jesus? I don't wanna do that but as we obey God He will put you in situations that will bring deliverance to your life and great ministry in your life and you will experience the Grace of our God, amen? Amen.


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