Sermón 7 de julio 2013: We have to live the life we want our children to live

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[Debbie Tunney]
  • Presenter: Debbie Tunney
  • Date: July 7, 2013
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

Salms 78 verse 5 to 8 is powerful, isn't it? He commanded our ancestors to teach these things to their children so the next generation might know, those children not yet born it is a command from God for us to anticipate to be able to bring the Gospel to our children, our children's children.

God planted that in our hearts so we create cultures, we bring the babies to Church, we provide sunday's school for them, we talk to them about the Lord. People often ask me: how do we keep our young people on fire for God? You already know the secret, you have to bring them to the family, you have to share your passion.

In Deuteronomy it says this: 'You must love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength, you must commit wholeheartedly to these commands' then here is the secret, repeat it again and again to your children; talk about it when you are home, when you are in your way to a journey, when you are laying down and when you get up tie them on your hands as a reminder on your forehead.

How do we keep our children? We have to live the life we want them to live. If there is a big gap, you live in a way and talk in another way it's a problem, so if you want your children to be on fire with God be on fire for God. If you want your children to have intimacy with God when you pray let them hear it in your voice. If you want your children to live a holy life stop cheating on your taxes, stop critizicing your neighbour, stop fighting with your wife, stop being selfish.

If you want to pass onto the next generation passion from God the Gospel has to transform you first in every way. If you are worried about your children you need to repent first, be the person you want them to be. And it's so hard because we want something for our children that sometimes we don't have.

My father told me that many times, he told me: I want you to be better than me and I thought: if it's not good for you then why is it better for me? so when I had my own children I said: I wanna be the example, I wanna spend my life and spend it for the Gospel, I wanna live a holy life, I wanna be a servant; I wanna take risks for God, I wanna embrace my destiny, I don't wanna hold anything back.

So last year at the end of Joshua generation it was three weeks instead of two last year I was so tired, I'm sixty one and I thought: it's a good excuse I can take it easy now. I have 13 grandchildren and I thought: they are looking at me and if I take it easy they might lose the truth. If I start making up excuses and hold back maybe they'll miss it too. So I got back up again, said: I'm gonna do this again, I'm gonna be the type of person I want my grandchildren to be.

My grand-daughter Emily there, this way yeah, yeah and so the first night of Joshua generation I looked at her and she said: Jesus I love you and I said: that's the way we have on-fire young people, we don't tell them what to do, we get them to stand by us. Amen.


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