Sermon October 7, 2012: The blood of the everlasting covenant

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[Richard Booker]
  • Presenter: Richard Booker
  • Date: October 7, 2012
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

Open your bibles please to the Book of Hebrews in the New Testament. We are going to look at some pictures in a moment but first I wanna read some verses in the Bible. Hebrews chapter 13 is the last chapter in the Book of Hebrews. Hebrews chapter 13 and we are going to read verses 20 and 21. Hebrews 13 verse 20 says: "Now". ¿Can you say the word with me "now"?. Now, now. Turn to your neighbor and say now. God can help us now, God loves us now, God has power for us now, God can heal us now, God can save us now, God can comfort us now, God can fill us with His Spirit now.

Yesterday is too late, we don't know about tomorrow but we are living now, now is when we need God to help us. Aleluyah. I could get excited, I'll try to behave. Now, now, God can come now. Help us now, aleluyah.

We could have a sermon about the word 'now' but we have to keep reading. "Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, the great sheperd of the sheep through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you complete in every good work to do His Will. Working in you what is well pleasing in His side through Jesus Christ to whom be the glory forever and ever, amen." Give the Lord a handclap, amen, amen.

I want you to look at the phrase we just read, the blood of the everlasting covenant. This is the most important phrase in the Bible. It means in the eternity past before God had created us, He made a secret covenant with Himself to do for us what we can not do for ourselves, aleluya. But that pact is in heaven, we can't see it in heaven, He has to bring it down to earth so we can see it and He did this through the person of Jesus Christ who established a covenant with His Father to do everything for us.

We want to spend a few moments this morning getting a brief summary of this covenant. Now I've got to find this little clicker in my pocket, somewhere here, here it is. This is it, this works. Here it goes, years ago I studied this subject. People all over the world make a blood covenant but there are certain common elements to all the rituals and I organized it to make it easier for us to understand and in nine steps. This morning we will briefly see the nine steps. How it points to Jesus and how it relates to our life today.

¿Is this working?. We have to go to the next one (browsing the pictures). God is great when devices don't work, amen. While they are doing that we will keep going with the story. The mechanics will catch up with the preacher later.

First of all I want us to understand that this blod covenant is the main theme in the Bible. All the stories in the Bible relate to this one story. It's the story from Genesis to Revelations and everything in between. All peoples made blood covenants among themselves. When the Europeans came to America before they got off the Mayflower ship they signed a document between themselves, it was called the Mayflower covenant. They said we covenant among ourselves, they made a blood covenant because they knew life would be hard when they get off.

And so also when the pilgrims found the native americans, the native americans made a blood covenant between themselves and the way they did that was by smoking the peace pipe. They would stain the tobaco with their blood and even though they had been enemies for decades when they would smoke the tobaco they were making a blood covenant among themselves. So the blood covenant is a binding agreement between two parties. The good news that we will learn today is that God has made a binding agreement with Himself to meet every need in our life and He can do that now, aleluyah, amen, give the Lord a hand clap. Praise the Lord.

Now a covenant in the Bible actually means the cutting of flesh and the shedding of blood. So we have two divisions in the Bible, one is called the Old Testament but the better word is Covenant. Since covenant in the Bible means blood we have an old blood covenant part of the Bible and a new blood covenant part of the Bible. They both tell the same story. In the first part of the Bible God paints a picture through the blood covenant rituals. In the second part of the Bible He comes in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, aleluyah, our Lord and Savior.

And so the blood covenant is the most solemn, is the most secret of all covenants. It simply can not be broken. God has made a covenant with Himself for us that absolutely can not be broken, aleluyah, God is faithful. Covenant keeping God. Say it: God is faithful. Covenant keeping God. Again say: God is faithful, covenant keeping God. Turn to your neighbor and say to each other: God is faithful, covenant keeping God, aleluyah.

He is faithful even when you don't feel He is faithful. He is faithful when your circumstances are bad because He is true to Himself. He is a faithful covenant keeping God. Aleluyah. And with His help we are going to look at the next picture. Aleluyah, look at that. ¿Isn't the Lord good?. He helps our technicians.

Now the first step in this covenant is to exchange coats, our robes. Now ¿why do we do this?. In a blood covenant ritual the person's coat or robe represents the person. When we exchange our coats or robes we are saying: blood covenant partner, this coat or robe represents my life. As I give you my coat simbolically I'm giving you my life and you do the same back to me. Aleluyah.

Now in a marriage we don't exchange our coats or robes, we exchange rings and that ring says: I belong to you and you belong to me, and the two of us have become one, a one flesh covenant. And we will see today that God has made one flesh covenant with us and for us, to the death and through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Alright now we have to hurry this morning so here's how Jesus came to His fulfillment. On the cross our Lord took our coat of liabilities, our human failings, our human failures, our sins into His Spirit, our sorrows into Himself, our sicknesses into His flesh. All the things about us in the human condition that make us fail, Jesus took all of that in Himself on the cross. Aleluyah.

But He also got all of our assets which are zero, nada, we have no assets to give Him, only liabilities, our human failings. And then on the cross gives us His liability. He has no liabilities, He only has assets. He gives us His life, He forgives our sins to be remembered no more, He casted them into the sea of forgetfulness. He separates us from our sins as far as the east is from the west and He gives us His very own life, birth in us so that we can live forever with Him. Aleluyah. Exchange His nature for ours.

We have to go real fast. The next step is to exchange belts. The belt held the person's armor at his waist, so that belt represented the person's ability to fight. When you give the person your belt you are promising them all your strength, all your ability to fight and make war. If anyone comes to attack you they are also attacking him. If you hear the enemy approaching you, you call upon your blood covenant partner and he will come to help you, and fight your battles for you, and give you the victory. Aleluyah.

And we see Jesus here who is giving us His Holy Spirit. The Word says: bigger is the one who is in us than he who is in the world. Amen, Aleluyah. When the enemy comes to attack us we don't have to fight him in our own ability, but the Spirit of God in us will defeat our enemies for us. Aleluyah, aleluyah. Because the armor of God is God's spirit inside of us. And when we let God's Spirit in us live the life of Jesus through us we have victory over all the things that can harm us. And we have it now. Aleluyah, give the Lord a handclap, amen.

Now the next step is to cutting the covenant. The people would kill an animal and split it on the middle. The animal is going to represent the people making the covenant so each piece of the animal represents the person, each side. And as you can see from the picture they make an eight figure out of the animal. In the Bible the number eight stands for new beginnings. By walking around the animal they are saying to each other: I'm giving up my own life, no longer am I going to live for myself. I am going to live for the benefit of my blood covenant partner. Aleluyah.

Like a marriage. When the husband says to the wife: from now on you are more important than me. And the wife says to the husband: ¡thank you honey!. Hopefully she will say: now you are more important than me. Actually the Bible says marriage is a blood covenant. We see the story in Genesis chapter 15 when God told Abraham to kill some animals, that God was going to come and appear to Abraham. But God put Abraham to sleep and a darkness came upon Abraham, and Abraham saw something walking between the pieces of flesh where he would be walking around if it was a covenant between two humans. And he described it in such a way that what he saw was the Glory of God walking between the pieces of flesh.

And by doing this God was saying: Abraham, there will be a time in history when I will lay aside this blazing glory and this dazzling beauty. I will prepare for Myself a body and like this animal I will die to Myself, I will give My own life as the innocent substitutionary sacrifice, cutting a blood covenant with My Father on your behalf. Amen.

In John 8:56 Jesus says: Abraham saw My day and rejoiced it. Aleluyah. Abraham looked into the future when God would come to Earth and give His life for us.

And the next step is striking hands. We make a little cut in the palm of our hands and we bring the palms of our hands together, and as we do this our blood begins to interminger. We are making a sacred blood covenant and since the life of the flesh is in the blood we are saying to each other: my life is coming into you, your life is coming into me, the two of us are becoming one, aleluyah.

And Jesus did this for us. We see the writing here in red. It says that God has swore by His right hand that He will come to Earth and give His own blood and make an exchange for us. And when they made that cut in their hand they rubbed some material on their hand and made a scar, and that scar would always be there in the palm of their hand. It was to witness that they were in covenant forever.

God has said to us His people: I have carved you on the palm of My Hand. Aleluyah, aleluyah. I would never leave you nor forsake you. No matter what is happening in your life whether you feel like it or not, you have a covenant partner who is able to meet every need in your life. Aleluyah.

Now we have to hurry. That's what teachers always say. Exchanging names, number five. Now here's what we do. I take your last name as part of my name, you take my last name as part of your name. And now we are called the name bearers.

In the Bible a persons name told about the person's character so any time they hear my name with your name they are going to expect me to act like you, to think like you, to talk like you and you to act like me, to think like me, to talk like me. Anyone that has seen me has seen you because the two of us have become one, aleluyah. And what we see is that God exchanges name with us. He became a man, the Son of God, He became the son of man. He exchanged names, He became a human being like us and He could identify with all our hurts, all the things we act and say and do that do not please our Father, Jesus took all of that into Himself.

And He put inside of us His own righteous nature. We become right with God through the blood of Jesus. So the way we act should be acting like Him because we bear His Name, we are called christians, little annointed christs of God, aleluyah. Acting like Him, talking like Him, thinking like Him. When people see us they should see Him. Aleluyah because the two have become one and we are in the blood of the everlasting covenant with our Father through Jesus.

Now we talked about making a scar. That scar would always be in your hand. You may not feel like anybody likes you or anybody loves you. You may feel all alone, you may feel stupid and you might be. But it doesn't matter, God loves you, aleluyah.

You do not have a scar in your hand. It's written on your hand. The Holy Spirit is the scar on your heart. Your heart has been circumcised, you have been born again by the Spirit of God. And so when the enemy comes to attack you, you don't have to be nervous, you don't have to give up. Instead of holding up the scar in your heart you show him the scar in your heart. Aleluyah.

Show that you have a blood covenant partner who says He will never leave you nor forsake you no matter what the circumstances, God is bigger than all your circumstances and He can help you now. Let's give the Lord a handclap.

Normally it takes me one hour to teach each step but with God's help all things are possible. Aleluyah, alright. Step number seven is to give the covenant terms and you stand among witnesses, and you read up all the terms on the covenant. And you read all of these assets, all of these things I've earned, I've bought. These goats, these sheep. Whatever all I have that you may need they list in on this paper. So if you are hungry you don't have to beg for food, come over to my house and get the food out of our pantry. It's a covenant pact.

Now wives instinctively know this because as soon as they say I do she looks at her husband who has no idea what he just did, and she says: ok honey, from now what's mine is mine and what is yours is mine. Aleluyah, come on wives help me out. And the new husband is smiling and has no idea what she means. But he will soon find out. Aleluyah.

You also exchange liabilities. So you also get all of my debts, all of my bills. You are gonna have the big house honey and the $10.000 credit card bill. Now here are some good news: God doesn't have any liabilities, He only has assets, aleluyah. We are signing a one side covenant, God has did everything for us and all that He has in the heaven is available for you on the Earth to meet every need in your life. Aleluyah.

So we have to keep going here, that's what this says, the words in red. They say what I just told you. God has only assets and no liabilities, aleluyah. So we only have liabilities and no assets, we give Him our liabilities, your sins, your sicknesses, your heartaches, your discouragements, and He gives you His assets that meet every need in your life. Aleluyah.

Step number eight. We eat a memorial meal. We always want to remember our covenant. So at the end of the ceremony we have a meal together of bread and wine, we give each other the bread, we give each other the wine and we say: blood covenant partner, this bread and wine it represents my life, I'm coming into you, you are coming into Me and we have become one. Now in just a few moments we are going to have a covenant meal. But before we do I have one more step to share with you.

Remember this when you take this covenant meal. This is a picture of the blood covenant. When you take the covenant meal this is your best opportunity to get a miracle from God. Aleluyah, because when you take this meal whatever need you have in your life this morning it's your liability. You give it to the Lord, you say it to Him aloud, quietly to yourself. You say: Lord I give you my blah blah blah bla blah. Some of you might have a lot of blah blah blah blah blahs. But you say: but Lord I receive your assets of Your forgiveness, of Your cleansing, of Your healing, of Your Salvation, of Your redepmtion, of Your hope, of Your faith, of Your joy, of Your peace, of Your courage. Whatever you need from Him you make a covenant exchange when you take this covenant meal. And that is what it says in these red letters.

So finally our last step we planted a tree, it's a covenant tree. We stain it with the blood of the sacrifice and we have two witnesses to our covenant. The scar of the palm in our hand and that stained tree that would always be there as a witness to our covenant. After Jesus took the bread in the cup He told them the terms of the covenant. I will take away all of your sins, put My Spirit inside you and I will call you to walk in My ways and keep My commandments. I will be with you always even to the ends of the Earth, and then He went out and planted a blood stained tree.

His cross, stained with His own blood as an everlasting reminder that God is a faithful covenant keeping God. He has brought us into an everlasting reunion with Himself. He is in you, you are in Him. The two have become one and all that Jesus is in heaven is all that He is inside you. Heaven has come to Earth inside you and the best chance for you to experience that is when you take the covenant meal this morning. Aleluyah.

And this is what I invite you to do now. Whatever need you have, if you have never received Jesus as your Lord before, acknowledge your need before Him and invite Him to come into your life, forgive all your sins and make you a new person with a new hope and destiny for your life. Aleluyah, amen.

Whatever your need is this morning God is bigger than it. Aleluyah, I want you to have faith in the Lord and trust Him. When you take the cup and the bread to give Him your need and receive the life that He has for you. So when you go away from the room today you'll be healed in every way in your life, body, soul and spirit. God bless you and receive from the Lord.

Well there's really not a whole that we can add. It would take us Doctor Booker says, many hours to really establish all the connections and all the nuances of these equivalences between this pact and what Christ has done in our life. It is clear that there is that precision of God that what He did in the past is pointing to what we will enjoy in the present. It's not like you know, God somehow has cut between the Old and New Testament, there is a bis between the two that somehow comfortably cross over back and forth, He established a very clear union between the two and that is Jesus Christ. And we need to know how this union affects us.

There are so many symbolisms. I do encourage you to seek more of that, to read more about it. Pray more, in these latter days makes possible to undertand how these symbolisms of the Old Testament are really projections and prophecies that are fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. He came to us as you were saying Doctor Booker, He came to fulfill the covenants and the symbols. He came to fulfill them, to complete them and to bring them to full manifestation.



This is a great post, and speaks to me so clraely today. I have so many decisions to make, along with ideas and things I want to accomplish. I think so much about if I'm doing the right things, making the right decisions and is it the right timing. Because I want to always live in alignment with God's Word and move in order, this question is almost always with me. So I pray that He continues to order my steps and direct my path. So whatever I plan to do, I commit my work to God, and I believe He will direct my way. Proverbs 16: 1-9


Jesus says to the Father in Psalm 40:7 and Hebrews 10:9 " Behold I have come to do thy will". He TAKES AWAY the first in order to establish the second. Hebrews 8:13 informs "when He said A New Covenant, He has made the first obsolete. But whatever is becoming OBSOLETE and growing old is ready to disappear." Hebrews 7:17 informs For on the one hand there is a SETTING ASIDE of the old covenant because of its WEAKNESS and USELESSNESS" The Bible is explicit that the Blood of Christ New and Everlasting Covenant %100 fulfills the old covenant of the blood of goats and calfs. (Hebrews 9 :12. By fulfilling the old Covenant Jesus has established our union with Him as He Himself has fulfilled the laws and principles of the old testament. God has cut a very clear DIVIDE between the covenants with the shed Blood of our Savior who presented His perfect blood in the heavenly sanctuary. The Blood of Christ, Biblically, IS plainly a clear DIVIDING LINE between the old and new testament. Hebrews 9:29 informs "How much more severer PUNISHMENT he will deserve who has regarded as unclean the blood of the Covenant by which he is sanctified and HAS INSULTED THE SPIRIT OF GRACE. Vs 31 informs "It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.' Revelation 2:5 is getting very very close. my tack record is %100. Dismissiveness is very unbecoming to the Blood of Christ and His watchmen. Jesus Christ 'cuts very CLEARLY between the Testaments and covenants. In fact that is the main message of the Bible so for a person to suggest Jesus came to give us a "union" between the two is antiChrist as Jesus has come to provide a union with Him. Not between the blood of bulls, goats and calfs and Christ's shed blood at calvary.

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