Sermon Septembre 30, 2012: The strange things that God does

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[Fabiana Manzewitsch (right)]
  • Presenter: Fabiana Manzewitsch
  • Date: September 30, 2012
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

I would like this morning to share a word with you that has been burning in my heart at these times, like Pastora Meche was saying. Many years I lived in Mexico. And all of a sudden, it wasn't something we planned for a long time like you'd like it to be, all of a sudden the Lord removed the floor beneath me just all of a sudden, and there in Mexico there were tremendous opportunity doors opening. And all of a sudden the Lord says: you are going to Argentina.

¿What?. I have been praying for Argentina but send somebody else. The Lord has us in Argentina and sometimes I travel when I'm traveling with my husband to Mexico for less than 24 hours. We arrive, we take the two services on the sunday morning, we travel three hours to Mexico City and we get on the plane to get back to Buenos Aires and we arrive in the morning at Buenos Aires and in the afternoon we are working in the Bible. You might say: that's crazy. You are right. But my husband always says something: you have to do the things while you still have strength. While God still permits it we are working for God with joy.

So I want you to understand that in this message there's a time that has been born that's very special in my life. Maybe I am preaching to someone that you might feel like something is moving underneath you, shaking. That things have always been in a certain way and all of a sudden, everything begins to shake and change. It could be some news, it could be a diagnosis, it could be a crisis, it could be something you feel within you, maybe a change of city, something that God is allowing and you feel like everything is moving around you. But I wanna tell you something this morning: don't blame the devil.

I would like to tell you: God has everything under control and He knows what He is doing. But maybe you are like me and the first thing you say: ¡but I don't understand!. ¿How many have said ¿I don't understand?. I'd like to tell you something this morning: the day we actually understand God our God will be very, very small. But He is so great, so great, so great, that's why we can't understand Him. But we do know one thing: He has a perfect plan and what He begins He will finish it, He will finish it.

I would like you to go with me please into the Book of Isaiah chapter 28 verse 20 and 21. It's a Scripture that I have known for many years but the Lord in these times began opening it to me and gave me a different understanding of this Scripture, He began speaking into my heart about this Scripture. And this morning I would like to speak to you about the strange works of the Lord. The strange work.

And it says in Isaiah 28:20-21: "The bed is too short to stretch on, the blanket too narrow to wrap around you, the Lord will rise up as He did at mount Perazim, He will rise Himself as in the valley of Gabaon to do His work, His strange work, and perform His task, His alien task."

I don't think there is anything more uncomfortable than a short bed. ¿How many know that sleeping in a short bed is very uncomfortable?. These days we were talking with Pamela; she has been married for one year and his husband allowed her to come. And I tell her: you submit to him ¿right?, at last you learned something. You know her husband, he is definitely not mexican, he is six five. And she was sharing with me how difficult it is to find a comfortable bed for him.

It's true. And here in the Scripture says: the bed is too short. It's like the Lord says: I'm gonna make your bed short, I'm gonna produce some bit of uncomfortableness on you. I'm gonna take some of that uncomfortable away from you because I'm going to do my strange work.

What we least want, we want to be uncomfortable. ¿Or does that only happen there in Argentina?. But many times the Lord provoques certain things that make us uncomfortable and puts us in circumstances that make us uncomfortable because He wants to work in us. It says: the bed will be too short, and not just that: "and it says that the blanket will not be able to wrap around you." There is nothing worse in your marriage that when your husband drags all the blanket to his side. And the next day you ask your husband ¿why did you take the blanket off?. And he says: ¿me?. Yeah, you.

Making you uncomfortable. ¿You know that God likes to do strange works?. ¿Have you ever really stopped to think about it, that God loves to break our paradigms?. We can look in the Scripture and see a lot of God's strange works. He puts a table in the desert. ¿Who would ever think of that?. He doesn't only put it in the desert, it says He prepares the table to be in front of your enemies. ¿Who wants to eat with their enemies?.

I think I enjoy much better to eat with friends, but the strange work of God says that He loves to put table in the desert. He said to the people of Israel: you will eat as the nobles eat. The people of Israel had the best buffets, ¿where?, in the desert. Sometimes that doesn't fit in my brain.

Look at the strange things that God does, that the Lord spoke to them in the camp of the enemy. He told David to go to the camp of the enemy and listen to what their plan was. Lord ¿can't you tell it to me now here?. No, you are going to go to the enemy camp.

He does such strange work that our Lord sleeps in the storm. The disciples were trying that the boat wouldn't sink, they thought they knew the winds. ¿Why didn't they do what the Lord was doing?. Because it's very strange what the Lord was doing, because the Lord was sleeping in the storm. But not only that, look how special our Lord is, He invites many to eat when He has very little food. He seems like my husband (laughs).

And the disciples did not understand. ¿But how are we going to give this multitude to eat?. He said I have compassion for them and invited them all. So strange the Lord, He speaks to the dead and they obey Him. He speaks to the dead. ¿You know what the dead people do?, they come towards Him. You might ask ¿but how did that happen?, when I go to heaven I'm gonna ask Lazarus, ¿how did Lazarus come out?. I think he flew like superman, if he was all bound. And after he came out the Lord said unbind him.

The strange work. And to fight against thousands he gave one the jawbone of a donkey. I would say: Lord give me a sword, at least a dry jawbone. But the Lord gave him a fresh jawbone, ¿you know what a fresh jawbone of a donkey would be, bloody and fight with it?. God gave him the victory. The strange work of the Lord.

¿What about the mathematics of the Lord?. He says He multiplies when there is nothing. Go talk to a mathematician. To be able to multiply you need to have something. The Lord does such a strange work that He multiplies when there is nothing. That is our God, ¡that is our God!.

I could continue and sharing more, more those strange works of the Lord. One day the Lord began to speak to me, I began to write it down, one, two, three. And He began to come to my heart and He began to show me. One and another strange work of the Lord. I could continue to just preach about this.

I love it when He sees a paralyzed man and asks him ¿what is it that you want Me to do?. Oh please, heal my mother in law. ¡I'm paralyzed!. Or a blind man, ¿what is it that you want, do you wanna see?. No, I like being like this.

It seemed like strange questions. He does such strange work that He chooses those jars of clay to put the most precious. He calls that which is not as if it were. And that strange work that the Lord does and that is why you and I are here today. The strange work of the Lord.

I could possibly think ¿why in this passage in the Scripture it says that the Lord will rise as He did in mount Perazim, He will rise Himself as in the valley of Gabaon, and that way He is going to do His strange work?. And I asked myself, ¿what actually happened there in that valley?. ¿What is the strange work that actually happened in that valley, that the Glory of God was shown?.

I would like you to go with me please to Second Samuel, it's in chapter five of Second Samuel what we will see. It says on verse 17: "When the philistines heard that David had been annointed King of Israel they went up in full force to search for him, but David heard about it and went down" and she says underline this in your Bible, "to the stronghold." And the enemy heard about it, and the enemy had planned to come down and attack him. So then David is going to look for strategy there at the stronghold.

When you know the enemy is planning, when you know that there is a storm of opposition that is starting, church don't try to do things in your own way. We need to return to the stronghold, the place of prayer and seeking of the Lord where He will speak to our heart and He will tell us how to deal with the philistine.

You won't read that in a book, don't say my grand father did it this way, no. You have to go to the stronghold. ¿Difficult times?, go to the stronghold, consult with your God. It says David went down to the stronghold, says: "The philistines had come and spread out in the valley of Refaim." It is the same valley they were talking about in the Book of Isaiah. So David inquired of the Lord: "Shall I go and attack the philistines, will you deliver them into my hands?. And the Lord answered him: "Go for I surely will deliver the philistines into your hands. So David went into Baal Perazim and there he defeated them, and he said: as water breaks out the water has broken out against my enemy, so that place was called Baal Perazim."

Baal Perazim the God who breaks. God broke victory. It was such a great victory that the philistines abandoned their idols and David and his men carried them off and they burned them. ¡What a celebration, they burned up all the idols, the philistines ran away, we did it! (laughs). God brought victory but, here I didn't see anything too strange. I couldn't really coordinate Isaiah and this passage until I read the next verses. In verse 22, this is generally what we don't like to hear. Says: "Once more the philistines came up and spread out in the valley of Refaim." ¿What do we do when the situation comes back again?.

Oh, I know how to do that. That time I went to the stronghold and the Lord told me how to do it. Oh this old enemy, I know him. I know how to treat him. But I wanna tell you Church, the strange work of the Lord in these days, that He is changing the strategies. Be prepared to receive new strategies in the strongholds of God. God is going to prepare you to get victory in the middle of the battles but He is going to better take you to the battle so you maintain that victory.

Again the philistines in the same valley, and here is where the strange work of the Lord begins. Verse 23 says: "So David inquired of the Lord and He answered: do not go straight out, but circle around behind them and attack them in front of the poppler trees. As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the palm trees" she says no excuse me, excuse me, "the poppler trees move quickly because that will mean the Lord is going in front of you to strike the philistine army."

The Lord was giving David a new strategy. And the strange work of the Lord in this time He is releasing on His Church a new strategy. God began to beat on my heart that He is releasing a new strategy. What you did years ago now will not work. Be prepared because God is going to release upon your life new strategies.

What God was saying with David was: it is not going to be with swords. You are going to have to have sensitivity to the winds. You are gonna have to learn to hear when the winds come and the tops of the trees begin to move, when the wind of the Spirit begins to shake up the planting of the Lord, and the planting of the Lord, He begins to go into the spiritual world then the enemy is confused. Very similar to Josafad.

And when the trees began to move it was like the sound of a marching army. I wanna tell you that when we begin to praise and worship for God in the Spirit the enemy interprets it as a marching army. Our worship intimidates the enemy. Not the complaints. When he hears complaining he says: mashed potato for me. But when he finds a people that allows the blowing of the Holy Spirit and begins to worship God and praise Him, the enemy is coming but he comes back. ¿What do I do, take my sword?, just pray, worship Him, begin to make noise in the spiritual world and a marching army will confuse the enemy.

I wanna tell you my beloved Church that in this time worshipping, the Presence of God will be a weapon for you. You have to take right care of it. Don't take it lightly.

You know I was thinking in two passages of Scripture. You don't have to look for it you know this very well, it's on John chapter six when the Lord is with the disciples and the great multitude is there. It was such a tiring day for the disciples. There wasn't any place to hide where the multitude didn't see them. But the compassion of the Lord generated so much work for the disciples, He had compassion and the disciples did all the work. And when the disciples came one day they said they were tired, of all the praise and all the preaching to the Lord of the multitude. Just try to paint this image in your mind.

When the disciples thought the day was about to finish, I can imagine Peter's face. All of a sudden the Lord says: I have compassion for the people, let's feed them all. ¿What, all of them?. Everything is closed. ¿Why don't you say goodbye?, let them go. They can go home and eat in their little house. No, you give them. John ¿you have anything?, I don't have even anything for me. ¿Did you bring anything?, nobody brought anything. The only thing we have is a few bread and fish. Lord there is no way we can feed them all, it is not enough.

He said: ok let's do something. Sit down the multitude in groups. She says: there's nothing worse that happens in a church, this happens in my church in Mexico, to be an usher. No brother sit right here. No, I wanna sit here. ¡Oh!, ¡it happens here too!. I pray that God gives flexibility to the ushers. My grandmother sat there and I'm gonna sit there. ¡But there is no place there!. And little brother has to say: ¿who can get out of here to sit in this place?.

He said: sit them all in groups. The Lord took the bread and the fish, He blessed them. Something was happening in the hands of the Lord, the miracle began to happen. The miracle began to happen. Here: take it, deliver it. And the disciples came. ¿You know what?. They all ate. But wait, not only that, in verse 12 the Lord said to the disciples: go and pick up what was left over. He said: go and pick up everything that is left over, He said: today, I'm gonna save. I'm imagining it too.

And so it says that the disciples went and picked it all up. So I wask myself: ¿why didn't He do the miracle exactly?. He could have done it exactly, ¿what do you think?. But the Lord said: no, you are going to gather it up, we aren't going to throw it away. And he sent them out even when it was a day of a lot of work to gather it up.

But in another occassion in a passage you know, in the Book of Mathew in chapter 26 verse 9, I'm just gonna mention it. The Lord was in a home and then all of a sudden a woman comes in an interrupts, and she comes in with an alabaster jar and she falls at His feet, and she breaks the alabaster jar and it began to flow all over. I can imagine the saving mentality of the disciples, now I see He is going to ask us to save the perfume. And some of them said: ¿why such a waste?. ¿Why in one occassion the Lord didn't waste with the bread and the fish?. ¿What was the difference now that it could be wasted?. ¿Why did the Lord had them go gather up twelve baskets of bread, why didn't He stop the woman when the perfume was being wasted and thrown away?.

In this occassion He said: of this it will be spoken of, of this woman that gave the perfume, He didn't speak about the bread. ¿What was the difference?. The difference was, and the Lord spoke to my heart, it's a new strategy that He is bringing. The bread was for the people but the perfume was for Him. And I would like to tell you something, Marta and Maria, Marta didn't know the difference. She saved with the breads but she didn't waste the perfume. She wasted everything with the bread. ¿But is it bad to give to the people?. No, but a moment come when there is a limit, it marks importance and marks the priority in our life.

If there is a place in our life that we have to surrender, release and say that all my life be wasted. So when my coup enter into the Spirit now and begin to worship Him, and begin to proclaim His Name, that is when we should not have limits, that's when you must give it all. When you discover that the worship is a weapon that the Lord is releasing, because it intimidates.

When this woman came the Lord said: leave her. The Lord was giving an order in two different directions. He was saying to the woman: continue doing what you are doing, but also that order to leave her, He was saying to her enemies, He was saying to the disciples: go back, and that's what worship does. When you begin to worship the enemy goes back and the promise of God advances. The strange work.

¿What happened in the valley of Perazim?. The Lord released a new strategy in that occassion and in the valley of Gabaon which I'm not going to speak now, He became very angry at the enemy. The strange work of the Lord.

¿Are you going through a problem right now?. ¿You feel that the floor is moving underneath you?. Maybe the fear wants to move the floor underneath you. ¿Do you feel insecurities?. ¿Do you feel that the insecurities the Lord freed you time ago are returning?. ¿Are you afraid that your marriage is going to break up?. Come back to the stronghold, go into the spiritual world and let the tree top of your life begin to move in the wind of the Spirit, and the Holy Spirity always will bring you to all the truth. And the truth is Christ, and He can, and is going to burn within you. And when you worship there is someone that goes back and it is declared in the spiritual world: leave her, leaver her.

I tell you today Church: you have to appreciate worship. Worship Him. Give Him glory like this morning we were doing. Don't say: ooh, I don't really feel like it. There is someone that is waiting you to do it, and there is someone else waiting that you don't do it.

You know, I love David because he gave himself little slaps to his face. He would say: oh my soul, praise the Lord. ¡Oh my soul, ¿what are you thinking?, ¡praise the Lord!. Slap yourself this morning, all my soul: praise the Lord. Give a little slap to the one next to you: praise the Lord because He is worthy to be praised.

I wanna tell you that strategy this morning, in the car say: all my soul praise the Lord. Don't think about your impossibility, learn to praise Him and your impossibility will raise and He will say: leave her alone. There is someone going back. ¿Can we do it this morning before we leave?. Please come to your feet.

¿How many trees of righteousness do we have in this place?. Like we are the top of our tree. ¿What happens when there's wind in the top of the tree?. ¿Can you move your hands like the top of the tree?. The wind is moving it. Oh my soul, praise the Lord. Speak to yourself: all my soul, praise the Lord. Say to your soul: all my soul praise the Lord. And don't forget any of His benefits, move your hands. The wind of the Spirit is in this place.


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