Sermon July 1, 2012: God still works miracles

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[Olu Lawrence]
  • Presenter: Olu Lawrence
  • Date: July 1, 2012
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

Please turn your bible to the book of Mark, Mark chapter 16 verse number 17. I'm talking to you this afternoon on the subject miracles, miracles, miracles. Miracles is the awesome work of God, without man's effort, without man's labor, God touching your life, God healing you, God saving you, God transforming you, without the effort of anyone, he just did it by Himself, that is miracle, it's a divine encarnation of God in your life, in my life. ¿Remember when you came to Christ?, you simply believed Him, you believed he was dead and was raised from the dead, and because you believed, something happened to you, your life was changed, because it is not possible to meet with Jesus without something happening to you, it's not possible, whenever you come into contact with Christ, even if just a second, something will happen to you, something good will happen to you whenever you come into contact with Jesus.

He is the Lamb of God, He is the Great Shepard, and I'm glad to see Him this morning, and I can tell you, that Jesus, what He did before, He is able to do this morning, in your life, in your home, in your children, in your family, somebody say amen.

The same power that was in Jesus, He has given it to us, as the Father has sent me, so I send you, Jesus sent as the Father has sent me, I send you, Jesus said as the Father sent me, I send you, and the Bible says, that the works I did, you will do also. Some people say there's no miracle, the time of miracle is gone, it ended with the disciples, well I am a miracle this morning, miracle is standing before you this morning, you are a miracle sitting down there, because the enemy could have killed you last night, but the power of God did not allow the enemy to touch you, that is a miracle, whenever you sleep and you wake up, that is a miracle because once you sleep you have no idea what is going on anymore.

No man knows the time he sleeps off, and no one knows what time he woke up at exactly, so every time you open your eyes, from sleep, is a miracle, is a miracle. Mark chapter 16 verse 17, "And these signs will follow those that believe" Jesus is speaking: "In my name you will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take serpents, and if they drink anything deadly it will not harm them, they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover." That's what Jesus said, Jesus says signs follow those people that believe Him, signs follow those people that believe the Word, the Bible says the words that I speak to you, they inspire life, so the Word of God is life, the Word of God is life, when you believe the Word, you trust the Word of God, Jesus says you will cast out devils, you will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover, because you believed, because you believed, you trust, you rest, you have no doubts in you concerning the Word of God.

Because God can't lie, and you cannot accuse God of lying, because He never lied, He is a God of justice and righteousness, He never deceived anyone, He has no reason to deceive you, you are the work of His Hand, so when Jesus says this morning, if you believe you must believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross of calvary about 2.000 years ago, He shed his blood for the remission of your sins, He has finished the work, all you need to do is to walk in into the provision that Jesus Christ already made for you, through His blood, by His blood, all our sins are washed away by His blood, all sins are washed away, nothing can wash away our sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus, nothing can heal me, nothing but the blood of Jesus, nothing.

In 1978 I gave my heart to the Lord and He came into my heart, in July 4 1978, He changed me, and from that time I began to preach, I love to speak about Jesus because it's a thing that I have tasted, touched, experimented, it's real, it is true, there's no lying in it, there's no deception in it, there's no gaining in it, it's for real. If you believe this afternoon, if you believe Christ died for you, He will come and save you, will wash your sins away, everything you are struggling with, you are struggling with this, you are struggling with that, Jesus, just give it to him, Jesus I give you my life, Jesus I give you my struggle, Jesus I give you everything.

Jesus can transcend any area in your life, Jesus can even transcend your clothes, your hairs, He counted the numbers, He is a meticulous savior, He is ready to save you anyhow, anyway, anywhere, He can meet you anywhere, He can touch you in the morning, He can touch you in the midnight, He can touch you even right now, He can touch you in your car, He can touch you in a traffic light, He can touch you in a restaurant, Jesus can touch you, He has the power to do so, aleluya, aleluya, aleluya.

In the book of Isaiah, it says in Isaiah chapter 8, verse 18: "Here am I and the children whom the Lord has given me, we are for signs and wonders in Israel" the prophet said that every child God has given him, I think the prophet is speaking prophetically, that the children God has given him in his spirit, are his spiritual children, he says that for signs and wonders, that means everyone of you today, you are signs and wonders, everywhere you go, when you get to office tomorrow, let everyone know you are a sign and wonder, you are looking at me, you are looking at wonder, you are looking at signs, signs follow me, when you arrive to the office tomorrow and you find that there are some evil spirits around, I want you to cast that evil spirit out, and say to the devil, it is time to go, in the name of Jesus, and so shall it be.

When you feel that the enemy is walking around your house, you tell the enemy to get out in the name of Jesus, that is how easy it is, because you believed, because you trust, notice that your children are sick, well, use your mouth, the words on your lips, Jesus said if you say to this mountain move from here and be cast through that place, and you do not doubt in your heart, ladies and gentlemen, it is a crime to doubt God. It is a crime to disbelieve God, God takes that very seriously. He has never lied, He would never lie, He has no reason to lie, He is almighty, He is God Himself, He lives forever, and is going to touch you this afternoon, ¿how do you know that?, because the Word says so, this is what the word says, where there are more than two reunited, in my name, I am there, and amiss, so He is here this morning, is here this afternoon to touch you, the Word, the Word, there is power in the Word.

The Bible says He sent his Word, and His Word healed him, and His Word liberated from his enemies. Whenever God is ready to bless He sends a Word, and the Word comes to you, and you receive it, you say this Word is for me, this Word is for me, this Word is for somebody this afternoon, He has sent you a Word all the way from Nigeria spreading the Word, this afternoon, the Word that will touch you, and change you, and transform you, and break every bind, in the name of Jesus, the Word that touches you and destroys every bad habit, every bad behavior that is in your life, that you are struggling with, you are struggling to be free and you can not do it by yourself.

Try the Word, the Word of God, it will break the bind of that bad habit to your life, the Word, the Word, the Word, the Word. When the Word gets into you, it helps you to hate evil, you hate sin, you hate unrighteousness, you want to live for God, when the Word gets into you, it transforms you, that is the Word did in my life, ages ago, and I am still enjoying provision, He loved you so much that He gave his son for you. He loved you that much that He left his Throne and came to this world of sin, and said I am going to die for you, and died on the cross. He loved you so much, He does not want you to live in that bondage, He loved you so much that he wants to set you free from everything that is opressing you. There are people that think they are thinking of dying, dying by suicide, ¿why do you want to die when you can live for Jesus and be a blessing everywhere you go?, let Jesus speak through you, let Jesus touch somebody through you, the power is in you, use the power, lay hands on a sick, cast out devils, do not be afraid, maybe you say what if he is not healed, and what if he is healed, if they are not healed what do you have to lose, nothing, but just obey.

You pray, you are not the one that heals, you are not the healer, the Spirit of God is the doing it, He simply wants to do it through you, He wants to touch somebody through you, and then when you touch, believing, that that current of the Holy Ghost will move through you, is here right now, thank you Jesus, and will move through your hands, and then you say be healed, in the name of Jesus, that is the name that carries authority, there is authority in the name, the Bible says behold, I give to you power, to step upon serpents, and nothing will hurt you, that is what the Word of God says, He has given you that authority for you to use, cast out devils.

¿Are there devils here?, some people do not believe that there are not devils, oh yes there are devils, the Word of God says so, you open your eyes, you open your ears, you are going to find some devils through the highway, and you are going to find some devils at the traffic light, you are going to find devils at McDonalds, in the restaurant, you are going to find some devils in the store, in the neighborhood, ¿what about in the school, what about in the office?, there are devils everywhere, so the Bible says you have the power to cast the devil out.

Send the devil away, send him packing, I feel the power of God right now, I feel that something is going to happen this afternoon, bondages are going to be broken, chains are going to be broken, the power of God will touch you, because this is a gospel church, it is called Leon de Judá, ¿do you know the name, León of Juda?. The original name, the Leon of Juda, the Leon of Juda, the original Lion, every other lion they are fake, the real lion is here this afternoon. The lion, when he roars, everyone shakes, when he roars in your house, the little devils start running around, He is the Lion, Leon de Juda. ¿Do you know who I am talking about?. When He comes inside you, the appetite that you have towards things that do not benefit you, the bondage of cigarrete and smoking, of drunkeness, you try to be free, you can not be free, every day you are sleeping on the street because you are drunk, it is the devil that wants to destroy you, reduce you to a drunkyard.

And every night you are drunk, when Jesus comes, when the Lion comes and He roars, that habit will be broken and you will be free, by His power, somebody give him glory in the house.

Every struggle in your life, take it to the Lord, take it to the cross, and the cross, that is where you first saw the light and the stains of your soul were taken away, it was there by faith, you received the light, and now you can shout, aleluya, you can shout aleluya, aleluya. ¿How many times have you been willing to be free?. The Bible says that Jesus sets free, He breaks every bondage, he crushes it and sets you free, ¿are you hearing me?, and what He did before, He will do now, He is the same yesterday, is the same today, and the same forever. So the people that say there is no more miracle, they are deceiving themselves, He is the same today, before and forever, forever and ever.

You know, a man came to Jesus, and he wanted his eyes to be open, and Jesus asked him, ¿do you believe that I can do this?. So you have to believe that is a keyword, you have to believe him that if you come to Jesus He will touch you, and the man said to Jesus yes I believe, help my unbelief, and Jesus touched him and he was healed.

Every demon spirit or withcraft that Jesus met, he casted them out, he casted them out and set people free. Everywhere Jesus went to He was doing great works, wonderful works, set the captive free, liberated the oppressed, ¿what are the things oppressing you in your life?, the hand of the enemy, some people suffer from oppresure, depression, call it demon spirits, so if you are suffering from depression, and depression is in your life, and you are tired of living, you are tired of being here, all you need is Jesus. I love the doctors, thank God for them, but whatever they say you are suffering from, the ultimate doctor, the real one, that can check you out and can set you free, His name is Doctor Jesus, He is the real doctor.

You need to check in into His office and say Doctor Jesus check me out, I am suffering from depression but You can heal me, and He will heal you. Anything the natural doctor tells you you are suffering in your life, Doctor Jesus has the last word on it. He is the great doctor, He is the one that made you, He knows everything about you, in fact He can replace any part that needs to be replaced. It reminds me of several years ago, I came to the United States, and all of a sudden I began to feel pain on my left side, I could not lift this arm, everything I tried to it would crump, it was painful, ¿do you know what I did?. Every night I began to wake up at midnight and say Jesus, my left rib hurts, I need you to heal me, I did not want to tell anybody, because I do not want ambulance to come, I wanted to talk to Jesus, and I kept telling Jesus every night, the very night that miracle took place, I woke up at the same hour and while I was praying I saw nurses and I saw another man, and the man removed something from my left rib, and then it took a brand new one from one of the nurses, and put it back.

I was not sleeping, I was not in a vision, I was well awake, when this took place, and then I knew immediately that I am healed immediately. Jesus, He did that to my life, He can do it in your life, even right now, stand over your feet, He will do it right now, ¿is there anyone in this house that believes in your heart, you believe that Jesus can heal you?, it does not matter what they say is wrong with you, I want you to come this morning with faith, because without faith it is impossible to please God, everyone that comes to God must believe, that He is a rewarder of those that seek Him, so if you believe that is all you need. If you believe I want you to come, come, come, come. The power of God is in this house, you must believe, you must believe, you must believe, you must believe.

Believe in God, and begin to worship Him right now, say touch me, heal me, liberate me, Holy Spirit, do a miracle in my life right now, because I believe that Jesus is a healer.



El Sen'or usa a sus siervos y nos da telentos. de predicar, profetizar y otros. tenemos que creer y tener fe porque nuestro deber es obedecer al Sen'or de Sen'ores y Rey de Reyes, Gracias mi Dios Poderoso porque solo tu eres el que salva su palabra dice que el libera al cautivo, Gracias por liberarme solo tu das esa paz, gozo espiritual que ni el oro, las joyas y el dinero es capaz de dar, Tu eres el unico Camino, la Verdad y la Vida. Gracias por transformarme la vida. Te pertenezco Sen'or, a ti la honra, la Gloria por los siglos de los siglos Amennnn! Bendiciones a todos los pastores por ensen'arnos la palabra del sen'or

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