Sermon January 11, 2012: God keeps creating your life

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[Omar Soto]
  • Presenter: Omar Soto
  • Date: January 11, 2012
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

I'd like to share the second part of the series I started as a series of reflexions for last year, those that weren't here last week a little resume, last week we were here talking about failure as the womb for success, recognize that many times when we begin new projects in life or a new year, we can encounter aspects that are very difficult, many different aspects of our life, and many times we think that failing in those areas is the worst possible thing that can possibly happen.


But in the economy of God these failures become the seed bed, the garden where beaufitul things grow in our life, we looked at bible characters who failed at some point in a significant way, and how then God raised them up to new and better things later, and the message we left is that through our journey in life we also are going to encounter our failures, and we can't be afraid of those things. and we need to confront them with courage and in the power of God, so we can discover the new dimensions in which God wants to call us.

That's why I've wanted to continue into the second part of this passage, talking about the purposes of God and how they influence in our lives, and the title I put into this message is God keeps creating your life. Let's think about that, God is in the business of creating your life, God is forming every detail and fashioning every detail that makes who you are, and God is using all the different elements around you, the parts of your life, He's putting it all together to forge the person and the character He wants you to be. And today I felt inspired by a message I received from somebody in the church from the book of Genesis, that talked about the first stages of the creation of the universe by God.

¿How many of us know Genesis chapter 1 verse 1?, ¿What does it say, let's?, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth", that is the first sentence in the whole bible. I took the time to look into that verse, because many scholars that study this concept that God created the heavens and the earth, many people read that God did not just form the earth but God creating the entire cosmos, the entire universe, just putting different planets, in galaxies, in the places that he had arranged for them, and in the middle of all of this he focused on this sphere, this ball in space that if I look at verse 2 look at what it says: "The earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep".

Now let's look at the contrast between these two images, and we see God beginning to form, into fashioning, into creating something that wasn't, out of nothing, but that initial creation was beginning to form but still didnt't have form, it was still formless, it was disorganized, it was dark, it still didn't have it's essence, it was empty, I'm gonna get a little funky with my interpretation here but we are cool, we are cool, but I think it is going to make sense at the end.

And many have read and thought how beautiful, God creating the earth, but we don't know that this first touch in creating was incomplete in the process, something was missing, how interesting if I bring that same thought into our lives now, many times I think we can all say that we have felt or experienced the touch of God in our lives, He has began something in us, but things stay still a little crazy, the situation still seems kind of dark, things are still out of balance, things still have to fall into their place, it's a natural thought, a person thinks if God has touched me, if this is real, ¿then why is my life disorganized, why is my life still so crazy?, ¿if I have given my heart to the Lord genuinely, why do I keep having problems with my spouse?, ¿why do I still have problems with my children?, ¿why does my neighbor keep making my life impossible with his stuff?, people think that if give my heart to the Lord, if I'm for real, if I receive Jesus then I just expect my life to get better, I thought my addiction would just go away, God would clean up my language right away, and every now and then things slip out and I wonder ¿what's up with that?.

Let's look at verse 2, and where it goes, but look at this: "Even though the earth was formless, it was empty, there was darkness over the surface of the deep, the Spirit of God was moving over the formless", I think this tells us that even though for us our lives can seem empty, caotic, but God is there, I can look at my life like there is no hope but God has a plan that I do not know, you know that in the bible there's many images that speak the same as this, of how the presence of God dwelled among it's people even though they weren't aware of this, when these people were going through the desert there was God, there was a cloud during the day and a column of fire at night, God was there in the dessert, Moses when he was in the dessert and he met that bush, God was in the bush, the prophet Elijah, after all the great things he had done for God, in fear he had to run away from the evil queen, and there he was desperate for the presence of God to manifestate.

There was an earthquake, fire, a consuming fire, or a quiet gentle whisper or breeze. Jesus and his disciples in the middle of a mountain at night, everybody else had already gone to sleep, and there was a revelation, three people there top the mountain with Jesus, and Jesus transfigured before them, the presence of God was there that night, and in the same way my brothers and sisters, however dark your night may be, however caotic your life may seem, however dark and hopeless and without purpose you may feel, God is there, the Spirit of God is there, He is hovering over your life, He is over all that you are, seeing everything you have, examining the people around you, seeing how He can best move all the pieces together for the good of my child, and the most beautiful thing about this story, it gets even better, I don't wanna paint too dark a scene here, in the middle of this disorder, of this emptiness, we need to wait for the next word in the creation.

Verse 3: "And God said, let there be light", we need to wait for the light, that God will shine into your life. Maybe you are living a great season in your life, and praise God for that, that is great, but in this time of the creation here, when God realized that things were gloomy, He said let me do something that brings some contrast, it is interesting because when God spoke that word let there be light, and here is where some interpreters might not agree, if we know that Jesus is the word itself, when God said let there be light He himself stood in the middle of the darkness and brought light there, that is the light that I understand that God will bring in the middle of your life, in the middle of your circumstances.

It is not that someone is going to lit a candle, not that someone is going to turn on a flashlight, not even a light house from Boston to shine in your house, but God itself will make himself present in your life, the incarnated word, the word of life will shine in you, and where God is, there is freedom, where there is light, there everything starts to fall into it's place. So I encourage my brother, this moment in your life is key, is pivotal, when I stand here I see your faces, and I can imagine all the circumstances and drama that may be happening in all of your lives, and many of you say amen, yes to the words that I'm saying, but many of you might be saying what about, what about, it's hard to say amen to it, but you know what, the time of light is coming, I'm not going to bring the light, God will be the light, He will bring the light to you, He will shine in your circumnstances, God himself will shine in your mind, if this head, this mind is dark and empty, that is where God will shine, right here, maybe your feel dark and empty, right there God will shine, if it is your body that in some way, physical, if you feel dark and shame, if you say I'm not worthy, my body is disordered and dark, God will shine in your body too.

¿So what are you going to believe?, ¿are you going to believe that God is creating your life?, or are you going to believe I can't do anything about it, I'm stuck this way. Déjeme pensar un momento, ¿you know why I say this?, because one of the things I mentioned last wednesday, because in our lives there will be some things that won't work the way we wanted them to, and there will be losses, and I don't wanna predict bad things, that is not what it is about, I'm simply speaking the truth of our reality, but even in the midst of losses, I believe that the light of God can enter there, and can bring new form and new order to that emptiness, that space there, God can refashion areas of your life that are broken, God can give a new sense of purpose and direction to your life, I as a pastor can't do that, a psychologist can't do that, a psychiatrist can't do that, your best friend can't do it, God can do it.

Let's stand together, vamos a seguir con esto siempre, I would like you to go with this message, this part in your heart, ¿doesn't the bible itself say God is light?, I believe it, God is light, I believe God is bringing a new time where his light will shine in the middle of all of us, I see some of you, and I know your life maybe in these days spiritually maybe it didn't start as you wanted it to be as a christian, but God is bringing a new light, I wanna believe that way, God is bringing a new light over your life, over your family, over the ones you care for, your work, your inner struggles, God is bringing a new light, ¿how are things going to work out?.

And I believe that according to creation everything falls in it's place, ¿you know the most beautiful thing of all?, is that God in the creation ends up saying it is good, He created the light and said it is good, He divided the waters, separated them by land and said it is good, created the animals and said it is good, He created humanity and said it is very good, but when He saw the man alone He said no es bueno que esté solo, and improved the situation by bringing the woman. What God will do in your life will be good, believe it, Father we look to you tonight, we believe with all our strenght, all our heart, all our mind, that what You will do will be good, will be delightful, will be your very glory shinning in our lives, we trust that this word will hit us deeply, will enter deeply into the hearts of each person in this place, You know our darkness, you know the disorder that we can experience, but we say, let the light shine, bring Your light Lord, bring Your presence to our lives, You are light, shine in our darkness Lord God, appear in our lives Lord God, and take away everything that takes away that meaning that You have for us, and bring Your purpose, Your reason for being, Your direction, Your encouragement, bring happiness, bring peace, love, bring vision, bring creativity, Lord bring all Your qualities that may become real in our lives, even if it hurts, but we believe that what You bring will be good, will be good, will be good, will be good Lord, because You are good, and Your love is forever, we give You all the glory and the honor tonight, thank You for your word, amen and amen.

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