Discipleship Level III: Full Surrender – Radical Commitment to the Kingdom of God

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“If anyone would follow me,” said Jesus, “let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.” Christian Discipleship is a full time commitment of radical obedience to the claims of the Lord Jesus upon our lives. In this level we consider the all-encompassing nature of this call to follow Christ, surrendering our rights, resources, time, families, employment, and even our own persons, to the full ownership of Christ as our Lord, and not merely our savior.

Through submission of heart and the practice of radical spiritual disciplines such as extended fasting and prayer, we seek to cultivate an awareness of God’s ownership of our lives. We discuss how to live intentionally in light of eternity in the small decisions of daily life, aligning our actions with a clearly defined life mission and purpose. We discuss the stewardship of money and time, submission to authority, and the call to serve others in a radical manner. We consider what it means to honor Christ not just at church, but in the workplace and in the natural conflicts of life. In short, we seek to be full time Christians, radically submitted soldiers for Christ our King.

English Level III Discipleship - Full Surrender


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