Discipleship Level II: Vessels of Honor – Personal Transformation by the Power of the Holy Spirit

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While salvation is experienced in the moment of faith, our process of personal transformation endures for a life-time! The Holy Spirit sanctifies us by transforming our thoughts, attitudes, words and actions to reflect the character of Christ Himself! While we believe that growth in holiness is birthed and unfolded by the Holy Spirit and not our human efforts, we know that we are not to be passive, but rather active participants in this process. Thus in Level II we discuss how the Spirit renews our minds to help us to think, speak, and behave more like Christ.

We discuss the importance of transparency with God and others, the dynamics of overcoming temptation, and the call to holiness in our speech and lifestyle. We take time to consider the power of forgiving those who have hurt us, breaking negative patterns inherited from our forebears or acquired through spiritually sinful activity. We discuss God’s vision for human sexuality and relationships, as well as practical strategies for overcoming sinful habits and cultivating a life of ongoing change and holiness in the Spirit.

English Level II Discipleship - Vessels of Honor


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