Sermon June 27, 2010: The church and the people of Israel

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[Fumio Taku]
  • Presenter: Fumio Taku
  • Date: June 27, 2010
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

To introduce our speaker: Fumio Taku is from Japan. He was born in Japan and came to the United States when he was 13 years old, lived in Brooklyn. He’s a man after my own heart because I lived in Brooklyn also, when I was a little boy. He is a lover of Israel. He heads an organization called Christians and Jews united for Israel, as are so many of us, by the way, this church loves Israel, so you arrived in a very organic land, we love Jews, we love Israel as a whole and we’re very happy to have you here. So Fumio lived in Israel for 3 years and headed a company there, because he is a manager, administrator of companies, high tech companies, I believe it is mainly. He is a graduate of Yale University; he has a Master Degree in Administration from Yale University. A man of God who had a profound encounter with Christ many years ago and his life was transformed. We have been partners in some ways in the past few months. I know some of you went to the march on behalf of Israel just recently in Brooklyn, and I was enjoyed to be a part of that. And I’ve also been involved in a couple of other activities with Christians and Jews united for Israel. So it’s a joy to have pastor Fumio with us this morning.

We’re happy to have you, my brother. Welcome. It’s great to have you here.

Thank you pastor Roberto. Good morning, everybody. My friends and brethren, welcome. Nice to be here today. As pastor Roberto has mentioned, I was born in Japan and raised in a typical Japanese family. I never heard the word God spoken in my family. We are a very secular family. I had nothing to do with Christianity. I had nothing to do with Jewish people. I had nothing to with Latino people. But here I am, all by the miracle of God. Truly God reigns in our lives, right? Amen. And he directs our ways.

I’m sorry to say my wife is not here today. She was not able to join us, but many, many years ago it was through our prayers and testimonies that I received Jesus Christ in my life. So, if there are any ladies or husbands whose spouses haven’t received Jesus yet, don’t give up. Amen.

I have had an opportunity to lead this organization called Christians and Jews united for Israel. This is an organization composed of Jews and Christians who love Israel. We stand arm in arm in support of Israel: Israel as the biblical and national land for people of Israel, Jewish people, and Jerusalem as the united city, God’s capital for the people of Israel.

We were so blessed to have pastor Roberto, Delmi, and many of you from this church participating in the march of Boston for Jerusalem. All the Jewish friends, the rabbi, the Jewish neighbors who were there at the march were just so touched in their hearts, knowing that you and other Christians were there standing with them.

As Christians we are a student of the Bible. The Bible though, was written thousands of years ago, yet today in our days, if you turn on the TV, or open up the newspaper, you frequently read news about Jerusalem and Israel. It seems that the whole world revolves around the conflicts around Israel.

Three weeks ago it was reported the Rabbinical council of Judea and Samaria, that’s a group of orthodox Jewish rabbis in Israel, issued a statement, that the recent Gaza Flotilla incident, it was the time they had tried to get in from Turkey into Gaza. Those rabbis stated that this incident closely resembles the beginning of the war of Gog and Magog. That is part of the end time war as written in the Book of Ezekiel, chapter 8:38 and 39, and Zachariah chapter 12, and which these rabbis said all the nations of the worlds will come against Israel. But in the end of that conflict there will be the final redemption of the people of Israel.

Now, as a Christian I couldn’t agree more with them. Indeed the time of the end is near. In our days the time of coming of the Messiah Jesus is near and the time of the final redemption of the people of Israel is near.

I want to share with you this morning from God’s word, God’s heart for the people of Israel, and the relationship between church, us, and the people of Israel. I’m glad to be here among people who understand that we, Christians, are to love Israel.

I’m going to begin my teaching today by going to 3 verses first. First Exodus, chapter 24, verse 12. Then I turn to John 14:15 through 17, and Second Corinthians chapter 3, verse 1 through 3.

First Exodus, chapter 24, verse 12: “…Now the Lord said to Moses, come up to me on the mountain and remain there, I will give you the stone tablets with the law and the commandments that I have written for their instructions. So Moses arose with Joshua, his servant, and Moses went up to the mountain of God…”

Now, let’s turn to John chapter 14, verse 15 through 17: “… If you love me you will keep my commandments, I will ask the Father and he will give you another help up, that he may be with you forever. That is the spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it does not see him or know, but you know him because he binds with you and will be in you…”

Now, let’s turn to Second Corinthians chapter 3, verse 2: “…You are our letter written in our hearts, known and read by all men, being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, care for us, written not with ink but with the spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of human hearts…”

Now, let us speak amongst ourselves as Christians first. Here in Second Corinthians chapter 3:2 God describes to us what it means to walk as a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ, as one who has received salvation through Jesus Christ, not because of our own works but through the grace of God done of the cross of Jesus which you have received by faith. As a Christian God instructs us that we have received the letter of Christ or the living words of Jesus in our hearts, that God had written into your heart of flesh the words of Jesus: Who God is, what he’s done for you, all the promises that he has for you, his power, his strength, his joy, his love, his mercy, his greatness, all had been written in your heart. And that these words of Jesus are to be manifested through the Holy Spirit.

Then, as a Christian we are not only to know who God is, who you are in Jesus Christ, but you are to truly walk in love, in power, in mercy of God, not by your strength but by the anointing and the move and the strength of the Holy Spirit. Whether we are talking or meeting our Jewish friends, or friends from Africa or from Asia, from South America, it doesn’t matter who they are, Jesus died for you and me even when we were committing sin against him. It was an unconditional love that he has given us.

We are to love others with unconditional love of Jesus. We are to extend our hands onto others and pray for the miraculous feeling of the sick bodies by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are to come against the evil spirit that may be bounding others in the name of Jesus. As a Christian we have become a people of God, as a Christian we have become an ambassador of Jesus Christ. It is no longer we who live but it is Christ who lives in us.

So, here in Second Corinthians, God instructs us, reveals to us who were are to be as a Christian, but we must not end there. Let’s go back to a time of Corinthians. This letter was written by Paul around 50 or 55 AD, that’s only 20 or 25 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Just think about this for a minute what were you doing 20 or 25 years ago, it’s not that many years ago.

Let’s say this is the congregation of the Corinthians, the time is 53 AD, only 20 years ago that Jesus died and rose from the death. Many of you may even know people that were there, perhaps some of you were even there on the day of Pentecost when you saw 120 receive the power from all high.

Now, Paul was Jewish believer, Jesus was a Jewish messiah, now, this congregation of Corinthians begun when Paul, the Jewish minister, came to this city, met a Jewish couple called Aquila and Priscilla. Now those two became the first converts onto Jesus and Paul went to the local synagogue, where local Jewish people in the Bible says the local gentiles, non Jewish people were there worshipping the God of Israel, and Paul began to teach them about Jesus Christ and his salvation.

From the Bible, the Hebrew Bible what we call the Old Testament, in the Book of Acts, chapter 18 that records what has happened in the city of Corinth, tells us that while most of the Jewish people in the synagogue rejected Jesus, Crispas, who was the leader of the synagogue accepted Jesus, along with his household and several other Jewish people, and other gentiles that were there.

So here we are in the city of Corinth two thousand years ago many of you are in fact Jewish people, and many of you are gentiles who have been attending synagogues, and some of you are like a heathen like myself, with absolutely no understanding of God. But here we are, and when Paul spoke these words or wrote these words, you, the Corinthians had understanding of these words much deeper than most of us do, because you’ve been raised in Judaism, you’ve been raised in synagogues. Jewish teachings in the Old Testament were all very familiar to you.

The problem is that for us today in the XXI century we have been separated from our Jewish roots and we don’t really understand the connection between us and Israel. We don’t understand how much God loves the people of Israel, how God has established covenant with the people of Israel and through the people of Israel God has brought the word of the Lord onto us. And it was through the Messiah of Israel, Jesus, that we have received salvation. And it is to the people of Israel that Jesus is coming back again, and what those rabbis said in the final redemption of the people of Israel.

Now, look again, Second Corinthians 3:2, he says in the last section of it: “… not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts or on hearts of flesh…”

Paul says that God had written not on the tablets of stones but on the tablets of human heart. When he wrote these words he wasn’t just talking about how God’s words are not to be understood just with a physical senses, but God’s word is to be understood in our spirit, for it is our spirit that is witnessed by the Holy Spirit.

But not only that, but Paul was specifically referring to some promises given to the people of Israel by prophets of old. Now, we call this receiving of the salvation of Jesus, walking by the spirit of God receiving what Jesus said, this is my new covenant in my blood, as if it something that God had invented just for us gentile believers. Not at all.

This promise that we are speaking of was and is given to the people of Israel. Come with me to Jeremiah, chapter 31:

“… Behold, days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant…”

Now, that word new covenant, in Hebrew brit hadasha, this word is exactly the same word Jesus used when he said, this is brit hadasha or new covenant in my blood.

So, let’s read this again “… when I will make a new covenant with who? With the house of Israel and the with the house of Judah, not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt…”

So, God spoke through Jeremiah to the people of Israel, “I will make a new covenant”, not like what they had received when they came out of Egypt, that is on Mount Sinai, when Moses received on the stone, the tablets of stone, the word of God, but this new covenant, declares the Lord, I will make with the house of Israel after those days, and listen to this, I will put my law within them on their hearts I will write it.

Did you hear that? Their hearts I will write it. Then he says, I will be their God, they shall be my people. Then they said they will all know me. Now, you probably don’t remember but when we read John 14:17, few minutes ago, we read that the when the Holy Spirit comes you will know me for the Holy Spirit will be with you and in you. Then further God spoke through jeremiah, for I will forgive their iniquity and their sin I will remember no more.

So here what God had promised to the people of Israel 25 hundred years ago, over 500 years before Jesus came and died and rose from the dead, God had given through Jeremiah, this promise to the people of Israel that they will receive a new covenant brit hadasha, through which you will know me God, that his words will be written not on the tablets like Moses’ tablets, but in their hearts, that their sins will be forgiven and remembered no more.

This is the final restoration of the people of Israel. Now, not only Jeremiah but there was another prophet called Ezekiel. He was a contemporary of Jeremiah, lived at the same time, God had also given Ezekiel the same message. Now, I’m going to be coming into Ezekiel chapter 36, verse 24 through 28. This is what God said to the people of Israel:

“… For I will take you from the nations, gather you from all the lands and bring you into your own land. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean. I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols, more over, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh, and give you a heart of flesh…”

Remember the heart of flesh that we have. Then God said through Ezekiel, verse 27:

“… I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes…. Then he says, in 28: … you will be my people and I will be your God…”

So, again through Ezekiel, God promised to the people of Israel that they will, one day, receive God’s spirit to be inside you. The same thing that we are talking about as Christians. Paul says in First Corinthians, chapter 6 verse 19:

“…. That your body, my body, our bodies have become a temple of the Holy Spirit, that the very Holy Spirit of God is upon us and in us, and that this promise of the spirit of God coming to live inside was given to the people of Israel over 25 hundred years ago.

Now, if we listen carefully to what we read in Ezekiel, God added another information, that this new covenant upon the people of Israel, will take place when God brings them back to their land from all nations, which we know happened in 1948, after 2000 years of absence.

Now, keeping in mind I’m speaking about God’s promises to the people of Israel, have you had an experience when God gives you word of vision? And you say to yourself, I wonder what that means, Lord? And a time later, God would give you another vision that gives you further understanding of the same event.

Now, we just read from Ezekiel, chapter 36, and Ezekiel 37, the next chapter Ezekiel describes another vision that he has received, which is a further understanding of the same event. This vision is often described as a vision of the valley of dry bones. It’s a long chapter so I’m not going to read it, I’d like you to read it at home tonight. But let me tell you about it: God gave Ezekiel a vision of this valley. All he saw was dry bones all over the place, and God spoke to Ezekiel, could these bones live? And Ezekiel says, only you know, Lord. Good answer!

Then God said, prophesy over the dry bones and tell them to come alive, and he saw the bones coming together into forms of men, and he saw this large number of men now standing up. But they were all stiff, not moving because there was breath of God in them.

Now the word breathe in Hebrew, ruac, which also means spirit. Ruac is spirit and breathe of God. So, Ezekiel said to God, there is no spirit, there is no breath in them, and God told Ezekiel, prophesize on to the ruac, come into them that they may live. And the spirit of God, the breath of God came into them. They all came alive and they became a mighty army.

Now, this describes more in detail what we have just been talking about, that when the people of Israel come back to the land and they begin to form a nation, yet final restoration has yet to come. Like a breathe of God had not come upon them yet and we have to pray that the spirit of God will come upon them, that they may come alive and live, that God’s promise for the people of Israel will be fulfilled.

Now, so this is the promise to the people of Israel. So, where do we, gentile Christians fit in? I thought that the new covenant of brit adasha was just for us. I thought it was something new that God had. No, it was always in God’s plan from the days of old. So, how do us, the church, fit in?

Now, I want you to turn with me to another prophet, Isaiah, chapter 49, verse 6. Isaiah was yet another prophet of God onto the nation of Israel. This is what God spoke to Isaiah for the people of Israel.

God says, “…it is too small a thing that you should be my servant…”

Now, his servant is God’s Messiah for people of Israel, the one we worship as our Lord Jesus Christ, who is coming back again, whom Jewish people today is waiting to come. So he said:

“… you are my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved ones of Israel. I will also make you a light over the nations so that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth…”

Almost 3000 years ago God spoke these words, these promises to the people of Israel as well as to us, gentiles, that when the Messiah of Israel comes he will do two things: he will work to raise up the tribe of Jacob and to restore them, that’s the promise that we’ve been talking about, and that one day soon this promise will be fulfilled. That as the Messiah, Jesus, returns and that the spirit of God will come upon them, that they will receive brit adasha and that they will be restored. But then, at the same time, God gave the Messiah Jesus another mission, that he is to be the light of the nation that God’s salvation may reach to the end of the earth.

Now, remember what Jesus said: he said to his 120 disciples, you stay there in the upper room and wait because soon the Holy Spirit will come upon you that you shall receive power from up high, that you shall be my witnesses to Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. Jesus also said, in Matthew 24 that when this message of good news reaches to the ends of the earth, then the end shall come.

Now, how many of you believe that this message of Jesus Christ has now reached almost to the end of the earth? Amen. We are near. So what Jesus has said to the gentile nations, gentile believers, that you are to go to the uttermost parts of the earth with the salvation message of Jesus Christ, is almost complete.

At the same time, the promise God gave to the people of Israel that they will return to the land, that they will be raised up as a nation, and as those rabbis themselves said soon the time of the restoration of the people of Israel is near.

Do you see, this is the plan of God? From the days of old God had given through the people of Israel God’s words, God’s plan and the Messiah of the Lord. Salvation of God brit hadasha, the new covenant, and that we, gentiles, have received the blessing of the Lord through the Messiah Jesus of Israel. And we are almost at the end and now the time has come for not only us to reach up to the ends of earth, but to return to the people of Israel and to pray for them, to love them, to stand with them, to rejoice with them as we see the Messiah Jesus returns, to see them receive restoration.

Now, turn with me to Zachariah, chapter 12, this is the final verse that I’m going to be turning today, verse 3:

“….God says all nations of the world will be gathered against Israel and all the nations of the world will be gathered against it…”

Verse 9 “… and in that day I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem…”

These are the same verses that those rabbis are reading and saying, yes, time is near when Israel is being isolated. In fact, I don’t have time to go in today, but if you study other verses in Ezekiel it tells you that these nations coming against Israel will be led by the people of the north in the region of Russia, in alliance with the armies of Persia, which is around Syria, along with all the other Islamic Arab nations, and they will come to attack Israel.

This is why we see it and this is why the rabbis also see, that this time of Gog y Magog is near. But then, listen to what it says in verse 10:

“… And I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the spirit of grace and of supplication so that they will look upon me whom they have pierced…”

So, here we are, time is near. God’s word is being fulfilled before our eyes. Across the thousands of years God spoke these promises to the people of Israel and God spoke these promises to you and I and they are coming true today.

Listen to me, God never lies, God’s words and God’s promises never fail. God’s love will never fail you. God will never leave you no matter what you are, who you are, where you are, Jesus will never abandon you. He will be there with you till the end.

If you turn on the news and listen to the economic news, you listen to all the news about wars and rumors of wars, and all the other issues along with all the things that may be happening to you neighbors and your families, you say to yourself what is going to happen to me and my loved ones tomorrow?

Remember God who spoke words and fulfilled them over thousands of years in our lives, it is a simple thing that he can come and help you in your events of life as we all are. As I said to you, I am just no one, I was born in Japan, I had no idea who God is, through my loved ones I come to receive Jesus. God almighty who created this entire heaven and earth and along the way I made so many mistakes, I failed him and myself and my family so many times, and went that way when God told me to go this way. I despaired and I said to God, God where are you? But you know something, even when we turn away from him he never turned away from me. Alleluia! Alleluia!

God will not abandon you. And God will not abandon de nation of Israel. And will not abandon the Jewish people. God’s word will come to test. Alleluia! Praise the Lord. Alleluia! Praise the Lord, Alleluia! Praise the Lord. Thank you Fumio.

Thank you so much Fumio, we so appreciate your words. They strengthen us.

Brothers, just to add a short footnote to this message today, if you would ask a question, we does Lion of Judah stand about the situation of Israel nowadays? I hope everyone understand that as pastor Fumio was talking today, we as a church love Israel. We know that it’s a people that it’s rebellious and disobedient, we understand that Israel at this time is a secular nation, however, as Fumio was preaching, we affirm that the promises of God are irrevocable, they are fulfilled. We may fail the Lord, but the Lord does not fail his word towards us.

We believe that a church or a Christian that knows the scriptures, a Christian who understands the prophetic words as pastor Fumio has interwoven for us in this message cannot abandon Israel at this time. We need to express support for Israel at times when the whole world may be criticizing Israel for this reason, where we can observe and anti-Semitic spirit being revived in the nations of the world, and where we see even evangelicals in this nation beginning to give criticism towards Israel.

But we should see that in our church as believers who represent our church, we support Israel. I understand that the situation respective to the Palestinians in Israel is very complex and we also have to recognize that Israel has committed its errors. We would ask, what nation facing such complex challenges might not commit worse errors. But what we do believe is that God has given that land to the Jewish people, and even the Jews themselves do not have the right to give away even a square land to others. God gave his people, Israel, that land. And when Jesus returns again in the flesh it will be to occupy specifically that parcel of land.

Study the scriptures and you’ll understand why we are just so attached to our commitment to defend this posture towards Israel. May God bless you. And let us continue studying the scriptures.

Father, we thank you for this time you’ve give us, Lord. You’ve taught us many things today, Lord and our mind has been an open door, but we pray that you would seal your teaching, that you would give us understanding and illumination according to your word so that we can walk in it and be prepared for the times that are coming.

We pray for your people, Israel, that the time of their redemption will draw near, that your Holy Spirit would move, would fall over them and their spiritual eyes would be opened and they could see the true messiah and they could bless the one that they have pierced and give their lives and their nation to the Lord.

We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Amen.

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That was one of a kind message its sink in my heart.
I pray God will give you more inspiration in Jesus name. AMEN

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