Sermon April 25, 2010: A call to grasp the mind of the spirit

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[Emile Samuel]
  • Presenter: Emile Samuel
  • Date: April 25, 2010
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

This morning the Holy Spirit prompts my human spirit to share a specific message entitled ‘A call to grasp the mind of the spirit’. Brothers and sisters, the Bible teaches us that the mind of the spirit is transcendent and no one can grasp the mind of the spirit unless he knows how to be very sensitive to the spirit. And there are degrees of spiritual sensitivity and I believe the Holy Spirit is restoring back the glory of the first early apostolic church and how those spiritual giants through such sensitivity of spirit could conquer the whole world. And I believe the Holy Spirit is restoring back those who are obsessed with the work of the Holy Spirit.

If we go to Romans chapter 8 the Apostle Paul mentions, in Romans 8 starting from verse 26: “… likewise the spirit helps us in our weakness so remember things are mixed up and it is hard to know the right directions from that and I know many of the children of God are on cross roads whether in their jobs or in their relationships, whether in the ministry and they can’t pick up what is the Holy Spirit saying. You know what? It’s because we don’t know the ways of the Holy Spirit.

It’s beyond our understanding and it demands to lay down our own wisdom, to lay aside our own thoughts and our sophistication. Then the Holy Spirit starts to shed a light and you start to recognize the mystery of its ….. Give him praise.

The Holy Spirit knows our weaknesses that we want to work out of our own minds and try to search for an answer to our problem but Alleluia! For we don’t know how to pray as we ought. What does it mean? According to the natural mind, according to the natural intellect we get lost many times ……. Starting to do something, according to our perception. After a while we discover that we are a failure. So we have sophistically arranged things in order as it seems in the natural.

If in many cases, many times we don’t know what to pray or how it should be. But the Holy Spirit intercedes sustaining our human spirits helping us to divest ourselves …….. it’s something hard to deny your own thoughts, but I want to say to you Alleluia! Only through the intercession of the spirit you can lay aside your shallow, superficial thoughts.

And while you are giving liberty to the Holy Spirit to pray through you the Holy Spirit will intervene and take you into the right direction and to pray according to the will of God. But tell me how? Maybe something unsearchable like …. How can I know the will of God? How I pray in the right direction of the will of God?

According to First Corinthians, chapter 14, the Bible says “if I speak in tongues I pray in the spirit of God and when I pray in the spirit I build up my human spirit. And in this way the Holy Spirit will reveal to me his word. You may ask me this is something … mind because if I speak tongues I speak unknown languages to me so can I know the will of God. Because when your human spirit is edified, uplifted, built up the Holy Spirit will start to direct your human spirit in an amazing way. It’s something supernatural, it surpasses the human boundaries. Alleluia!

And when you are taken into such a kind of trance you will see a vision, you will pick up something totally different to what your natural mind perceives. And then he says, when the spirit itself intercedes with cries too deep. Another translation it’s unspeakable groans, sighs. And when you are liberally giving the Holy Spirit the full right to intercede on your behalf such groans, such sighs the Holy Spirit will interpret it into something that will convince your human spirit. And whenever I speak in tongues extensively for an hour…

By the way, when I was first baptized with the Holy Ghost I spoke in tongues for 3 hours. Alleluia!

That’s why the Lord gifted me with a prophetic gift in a very speed way. So I came from a very conservative orthodox background but the Holy Spirit revolutionized in my life. How many of you want that the Holy Spirit to revolutionize your life? Amen.

And he who searches the heart knows what is in the mind of the spirit. So don’t worry, the one who knows and searches out the depths of human being has his spirit to intercede, sustain, and strengthen you to be mature enough to grasp the mind of the spirit. Alleluia!

Because the spirit intercedes for the saints not randomly, not haphazardly but according to the wish of God. Brothers and sisters, we are not after just emotionalism, we are after the will of God, the will of God, the will of God.

Give him praise. And if we go to Acts we will see a sentence, how…. Of God through the power of the Holy Spirit the definite will of God. In the book of Acts, chapter 16 the Apostle Paul was on his way to Asia and in verse 6, and they went through the region of Frigia in Asia having forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word to Asia because it wasn’t the will of God go to Asia at that time. And the Apostle Paul and his fellows were forbidden to go to Asia.

How come the Holy Spirit forbids me to preach the word of God to any nationality? How come? Have you ever experienced this? You do have the enthusiasm and the zeal to do a certain ministry and you were forbidden to go. Pay attention, it wasn’t just barriers or a hindrances of any kind. It was the Holy Spirit who forbid them to go to Asia. Why? Because the Holy Spirit had a specific will and a specific people to go to at this time.

But how they experienced such forbidding? I tell you, and then ………. And the one they had come opposite of Misia, they attempted to go….. but the spirit of Jesus didn’t allow them. It seems to me that the Apostles were not quite sure of such a kind of forbidding. So they tried to try again to go to a place in Asia, but the Holy Spirit did not permit them to go for the second try. Alleluia!

The Holy Spirit protects you because if you do something not according to the will of God and according to the timing of God you will get lost. That’s why many sincere ministers face failures in their ministries because they are not very sensitive to the Holy Spirit … and proud. How many of you are willing to be obedient even if the door is closed? It’s closed for wisdom and you don’t have to listen and knock the door using your own innovations. It’s closed because it’s not the will of God for the time being and you have to wait until de … of time comes and then he will open the door widely.

….. maybe. Amen. But the Lord rewarded the obedience and the Lord did something beyond their expectations. But what happened? so passing by Misia they went down to Troas and a vision appeared …. at night. A man of Macedonia was standing preaching and saying, beseeching him and saying come over to Macedonia and help us. So in the appointed time when they were tested to obey unconditionally as a reward all of a sudden a revelation came and a man in Macedonia was crying …… then they were totally convinced that the Lord had called them to Macedonia. Amen.

So, in the process of your obedience even things are not clear enough as long as you obey the …. Of the Holy Spirit the Lord will ….. you with a clear revelation what to do, where to go. Give him praise.

Now, for the church of Lion of Judah are you willing to raise the standard of your maturity? Amen. Are you willing to ask for the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit? You are a leading pioneering church in this state and I was very delighted to hear some of you prophesize and I pray that you will be a prophetic church. Alleluia!

So, don’t lean on your own understanding, don’t lean on your own wisdom, ask for the crucifixion of your natural thoughts of life, that the Lord may reveal to you his word. Amen.

Amen. I’m now exhorting the younger generation, the younger generation, don’t be conformed to this world you will be deceived. Ask the Lord to reveal to you both your calling as your destiny. Don’t lean on the solicitation of man. I believe the Lord will revolutionize your understanding. Alleluia!

Don’t corrupt your spiritual life with bad choices. Seek the Lord. Seek the Lord until he reveals to you. Amen. Bless you.

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Emile Samuel is a prophetic minister currently based in Vancouver, Canada, and associated with “Watchmen for the Nations” ministry. He grew up in Egypt where he pastored two Assemblies of God churches in two cities in Egypt over a period of 20 years. During that time the Lord used him powerfully in prophetic ministry and his call to the office of prophet became widely known and accepted.

In the early nineties the Lord opened the door for International ministry in the US, Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Russia, Kenya, Hong Kong,and Australia. Recipients of his ministry recognized him as a prophet of God. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Emile relocated to Canada and from that base ministers to the wider Body of Christ.
Emile’s heart is to exhort and prepare the Body of Christ for such a time as this, calling His bride to wholeheartedness, holiness, and a return to their first love.


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