Sermon December 31, 2009: It's all about time

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[Omar Soto]
  • Presenter: Omar Soto
  • Date: December 31, 2009
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

One of the things I felt the Lord put on my heart today, was that we would rejoice in the Lord tonight. My wife always says that life is short and we need to make the most of it. And with much wisdom I have finally learned to listen to my wife a little bit. It is my prayer and see it happening, that every minute of this night-

We have been enjoying this from the very beginning.

Every one of the songs we lifted up before the Lord tonight…

Hearing Orlando and Vanessa minister tonight… Jessie and the joy that just comes out of his pores… And all this represents something about God… And how God rejoices in each one of his children. How he rejoices in you. And as I mediated on a particular Word for tonight, One of the things the Lord put in my heart was the following. It's all about time.

Once again: It's all about time. The seasons of the year mark time. The clock is ticking away time. The fact that you are here tonight, again, marks a time. But the beautiful thing about this is knowing that we are in the time of God tonight. We are living a moment that is called ‘Kairos’ which means that God is in the midst o an intentional action.

Where we cannot ignore what He is doing among us. It would be something as simple as taking someone's hand. It could be a divine appointment that God has set up for you today. The fact that we get a phone call, maybe that we weren't expecting. Could be the moment of God for your life… Or the life of the person on the other end of the telephone.

Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, you can follow through.

Say to the person next to you: ‘There is a time for everything. And your time is coming’. Look at what the Bible says, It says there is a time to be born and a time to die. A time to tear. And a time to mend. A time to be silent. And a time to speak. A time to love. And a time to hate. Everything under the sun has its moment. And we are in the moment of God, right now. This is something we would be repeating.

Living in the times of God is not something we can avoid. It doesn’t mean we simply live from day to day. But it means that everyday is lived with intentionality. Even when I’m going to bed there is an intention in there. Because even in my sleep I can have an encounter with God, in my dreams. And God wants to reveal something new to each one of us. Something we have been hearing a lot in the past few months in this Church. That God wants to do something with us.

Many of us have still not experienced that. But the time is coming. We will see God among us as we never have before. Many of us are going to begin to experience God in new ways that we’ve never experienced before. Let me illustrate something for you. Okay. Alright. Illustrate. There are times… when God is before you. And He is there taking all the hits for you.

Any of you got a tomato or an egg here? You do the thing- you go ahead and throw it. And you'll see that the translator takes it on the chin. There are other times where God is behind you. He is pushing you, He is motivating you and He is saying, go for it. Do it now, I'm behind you, I'm directing you. I’m guiding you. I am opening doors for you; you've got to trust me. But there is other times, when God is beside you. Sure.

And He puts His arm around you. And He says, ‘no hurry, don't worry about it. No hurry. We’ll get there, just cry on my shoulder, my Son, it’s okay, we’ll get there’. Maybe we’ve experienced God in different ways. Some of us have been in times when God is right before you. There are others where you've got God behind you and He is pushing you forward.

And there are many who have God right next to you, right now. But there’s also a time where God is not there .Can you go to that corner, Greg? Where? To that corner. Alright. You can continue translating.

There’s times when God is not there. You look all over for Him and He’s not there. We usually have a word for that; it’s called ‘the desert’. It’s a time when we don’t feel His presence. We feel abandoned. We think God has forgotten us. But, you know what? God has not forgotten us. This desert has a purpose. It’s something God has put in my heart for us. We often see the desert as a negative thing. But the desert is where all comes together, where we can internalize what God was doing when He was before, behind and beside us.

You need the times alone to digest those things. If God is right there obviously, feeding you with the spoon in the mouth you are not going to learn how to feed yourself. Those are the times that we grow. Four times: God before you, God behind you, God beside you and when God is not there.

Where are we right now? As we wrap up this year, where are you? What is the time, the season, you identify with right now? I don’t want to be redundant here but I want to repeat this. We are in the time of ‘Emanuel’. Wednesday when we had our Christmas service was part of the fact that we shared: that we are in a time of Emanuel. God with us. The last Sunday, Pastor Samuel, shared the same message. What it means to live under that awareness that God is our Emanuel. That He is with us, God is among us and that God is on our side, He is in favor.

And I cannot let pass to say to you tonight that God is Emanuel. God is with us. We are in a time as never before that the presence of God is walking beside each one of us. It’s as if we had that column of fire at night and that pillow of cloud by day that covers the sun and provides shade. We are living these seasons when God will be opening up a path before you. He’ll be taking the hits for us. He’ll be the shield for your life but in the same way He’s being a shield He’s opening new doors. And in the same way He’ll be behind you, moving you, pushing you, encouraging you so you can achieve the things that God had already achieved for you. God will be beside you to encourage you.

When you feel like you just want to cry, you can cry on His shoulder. You can feel the comfort that He gives and God will bring those times when you’re going to feel alone. I don’t want you to come to the point when you come to Pastor saying: ‘Pastor, God abandoned me’. When you feel like that we want you to think the following things: God wants you to internalize what He’s already shown you. Sown in your heart.

As this Scripture says: There’s a time for everything’. And God has his times for you. There will be moments in 2010 when something new will happen but also things will die. There will come time when you need to sough and then there’ll be other moments when you can harvest what you’ve already sought. Some moments when you will be struggling to gather up the stones you scattered. But other moments when you have to scatter those stones again.

It’s interesting when Pastor Gilberto was saying a few minutes ago. Because just this morning I heard the same thing, I heard on the radio a preacher saying that in this year we will need to forget some of the blessings from the past, forgetting what’s behind so we can enter the New Year with new expectations of those things, new blessings, those blessings that God will bring to our lives. Blessings we can share with others. Times will come when you are going to meet God in a new way.

In my prayer, the desire of my heart and also I believe that the heart of God for you is that you can know Him in that way. I’d like to do something now. Ten minutes left. Cut the clock right here. He’d like to invite us to stand together. We are going to do a very special prayer together right now. If you are with someone from your family who’s near you or bothers or sisters. Just reach out to the people around you. Let’s pull together with families, whoever you are around. Just join together in the Lord right now. If you don’t know anyone around you, then your family in Christ. That’s Okay! Just join in.

And we are going to do this without music because I want the worshippers also to be praying in this moment with the Congregation. If you’re watching on the Internet, you too, don’t just be a spectator right now. If you’re along just pull around, if you have someone there in the house, pull together with that one too. Think about these words now:’ It’s the time of God for my life. It’s the time of God for my family. It’s the time of God for this Church. It’s the time of new things. There will be times of loss but behind that which is lost will come new things’. And it all comes from the Lord.

If you’re a head of your house, specially fathers, husbands. Bless your house, bless your wife, your kids and that those wives receive your blessing. If you’re with your brothers or sisters, friends in Christ, just take turns and pray for one another. We’re family here in Christ.

And you pray that the times of God will be fulfilled in the life of those people that you’re around. Lord Jesus, as a Church, we come before you. We come before you as family, we come before you as brothers and sisters in Christ. Friends. We’re part of your family God, part of your body Lord. Father, in this moment, in a special way, prophetically, I declare your blessing over each one of these people that is here in this night. May this year 2009 brought many different things, we lost certain things, we experienced different new things but now we set our faith for overlooking the New Year 2010.

Looking that you have for us, things that eyes have not seen, things that ears have not heard, things that have not risen in the heart of men and women but they’re in your heart, Lord God. That you’ve heard that come from your mouth that you are seeing in Spirit right now. These are the things we focus on right now.

We lift our faces to you Lord God and we declare your blessing over our lives, over our families, over this church, over our works, over our neighborhoods, our communities, the state of Massachusetts, the nation of the United States, the countries we come from. We say it’s your time, your time, Lord God. You be Emanuel. God with us, God among us and God behind and for us.

Father, we declare your blessing over your people right now. New things happening in this New Year. We give you the Glory Lord; we give you the Honor Lord God. Always and forever, Lord. Amen, amen.

Jessie, bring your guitar. Jessie Jr, bring your beloved box. Please stay standing. If you brought your what? Any New York hats? You have your flashing glasses saying 2010 now it’s the time.

We’re going to sing again. We’re going to be among those...This song says we are those who believe that with the power of God we can! Let’s declare this before the Lord, one more time.

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