Sermon December 23, 2009: The impossible becomes reality

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[Omar Soto (right) with Gregory Bishop (left)]
  • Presenter: Omar Soto
  • Date: December 23, 2009
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

Whenever we think about Christmas, we think ‘What kind of message am I going to bring? I don’t want to bring something just routine or the like’. We don’t want just another Christmas message. But the fact is the certain issues that make Christmas what it is are the same to all of us. They are those details that God causes to at intently because even though they’re things that happened many centuries ago, these are points that still speak today.

And I feel in my heart to share six things in particular with us today, the distinctives of Christmas. Number One: Christmas happened in a moment of tremendous anguish. It was a time when death was capable in the air. It was a moment of mother’s and father’s mourning the lost of their children.

Part of the relation of Christmas in the book of Mathew speaks about how the King Herod in Mathew, Chapter 2, when he heard that a King was going to be born among the people of Israel, he felt threatened about losing his own power and the ordered that all the children under two years of age, boys, were eliminated so he eliminated the threat to his own power. And, of course, he was aiming that to eliminate Jesus.

So we can notice that that Christmas happens in a time of anguish according to description. But in spite of that anguish amazing things happened. Those very moments of difficulty and pain became opportunities for God’s glory to be revealed.

And we can mention also that Christmas was a time of supernatural revelation. It was a time where you see more than in any other part of the New Testament the manifestation of angelic beings. Sometimes in full color for you to see. Of course, there was the angel that appeared to Mary and told her that she was going to conceive the son of God.

And of course, there was the angel that appeared to Joseph and told him not to leave Mary in spite of the fact that she was pregnant. And again, that same angel that came to Joseph and told him to flee to Egypt with the child and his mother to protect them. Not to mention the angelic host that appeared to the shepherds on the fields on the night Jesus was born. And the angels told those shepherds that a King had been born and it was time to go and worship him. It was a time of supernatural revelation.

We can also say that Christmas was a time of the fulfillment of prophetic promises. Words that the prophets like Isaiah and others had spoken centuries before were now fulfilled in the time of the birth of Jesus. Words that in the mind of many may have been forgotten but Christmas was a time for those to be remembered. There was a word that was being fulfilled in that time and people were witnessing it. Also we can say that Christmas was the time of Emmanuel, which means that it was the time of God in us, among us. When God manifested himself in flesh and blood among His chosen, the time when God decided to intervene in human events in a way that would just turn everything upside down. It wasn’t the time of God for them; it was the time of God with them.

So we see that Christmas was the time when the impossible was made possible. It was the time when the angel spoke to Mary saying ‘For you this is impossible but nothing is impossible for God’.

It’s Christmas a time when that gift that came that seemed ‘it would never going to happen in life’, God said ‘Now it’s time for it to happen. It’s time for my plans to fulfill among my people’.

Finally, number six. The most important of all. Christmas was the beginning, the initiation of a new life. New hope, new light shining in the midst of human darkness. It was the time when every person: young or men, women, child could have a new beginning in life.

So just going back over -somebody is taking notes- number one: it was a time of anguish but it was a time in the midst of anguish of the supernatural revelation, a time when prophecies were being fulfilled, a time when God was coming with us, among us, a time when the impossible was made possible and a time when new life was beginning.

When you go out of those doors, I’d like you to remember these six things because they’re principles that apply to us right here and right now. There’s nobody, nobody here and nobody watching us who is exempt from these things. Every one of us to one degree or another is suffering some type of anguish or pain. Life is hard. Jesus himself said: ‘in this world you’ll have trouble’ but he said ‘take care I’ve overcome the world’. Jesus took those negative things and promised to do it and turned them around for our own benefit.

God takes situations of pain and anguish and transforms them into gifts for us. He uses those experiences to fulfill His promises in our lives. There are prophecies that have been declared in the air and are beginning to be fulfilled in the lives of his people.

Word spoken from the mouth of God even when we are not aware of it but they’re about us. And if they come out from God’s heart with God’s intention you can count on that they’re going to be fulfilled. They are words that promise that God is making a new era when He’s becoming present among us. We begin to live a new time of Emmanuel.

Every day we go out of our house, we wake up and begin a new day, becomes a new Emmanuel because God is with us. God is with us.

He walks with you, He eats with you, sleeps with you, laughs with you, He cries with you, He thinks with you, walks with you and also pushes you to keep up with Him. Emmanuel, God with us. And because is with us, it becomes a time when the impossible becomes possible for us.

Say it to yourself: the impossible is possible. The impossible becomes possible for you tonight. That is Christmas. God wants to take what is impossible for us and make it possible in us. You can see your mess, your problem and wonder ‘how am I going to get out of this?’ and God is saying ‘Don’t worry; I’m going to make it possible. I am Emmanuel. I am with you. I would make it possible. It’s not about you, it’s about me’.

Because God wants to make the impossible, possible in us, that’s where hope comes for a new life and for a new beginning. Desire of God’s heart for us. God came to this world to give us an abundant life to everyone of us. He wants to give us an abundant life. Maybe you’re looking around and you only see ashes. God wants to take those ashes and turn them around into a new dance of joy. He wants to give a joy that overcomes any circumstance.

God wants to give a wisdom that enables you to figure it out every of your steps. God doesn’t want you just to have an emotion inside, God wants your emotion to be converted into the conviction that can change your life, that changes the paradigms of your life, your way of speaking, your way of thinking, your way to interact with others, the way you manage your money and your material life, how you take care of your health and your body. God wants to transform all that, He wants to give you a new life, He wants to make an Emmanuel in you.

Transforming the impossible into possible things so that His glory manifests in your life.

What are we going to do this Christmas? Are we just going to sit by the tree and sing Christmas carols? Do, that’s nice. Giving gifts to one another? Absolutely, why not? But the best gift that I want you to take away tonight is that you think of the connection of these points in your life.

Christmas is beautiful. It’s nice, there’s joy but doesn’t take the reality that we’re looking at, though. Trials are there, there are sicknesses even though we reprimand them in the name of Jesus. But just for that that I say, to see that as where God is going to bring blessing in your life.

It will be a time in which God words spoken will become true, some of them have already been fulfilled today but there’s more. There are words that will still be fulfilled in the future. The time of Emmanuel in your life. The time of God in you. It’s not necessarily the time of God for you, it’s the time of God in you, with you, palpable manifest present.

You’ll see how the impossible becomes possible. What before was seen as an overwhelming giant because of Emmanuel in you, becomes a little cat that you can stomp at. And that’s why we believe that new doors are open to a new life. That’s Christmas.

New life in you in Jesus.

My dear bothers and sisters, those that are listening, I encourage you: make this Christmas a different one. Don’t let the routines of life overwhelm you down. Maybe, like Mary and Joseph that had to escape from the situation for a time, maybe you need a break, pull back, pull away; God is able to bring you back. When God brings you back, prepare yourself for that supernatural revelation. Those angels that appear even in...

Maybe they do not necessarily have wings; maybe they have a Red Socks cap. If you see one with the Yankee’s symbols, don’t listen to those, come from the other side. All I’m saying is that they come in different ways in your life. Supernatural, supernatural things will happen. That will -those supernatural things- confirm the word of God in your life. Show that God is Emmanuel. A living, tangible presence in your life.

The impossible made possible. The opportunity for a new life will be born in you, coming in you and through you to others.

Let’s stand up and pray.

Lord Jesus, we give you all the glory and honor. Thank you for your word, Lord. Your word that blesses us. We’ve declared it in faith; we declared this word with authority because we know that it comes from you and from you to our hearts, Lord.

Your desire is for us to experience your life, to be able to see those new things you want to do in us, you want to change our impossible into possible, you want to be God who is Emmanuel, you want to be with us, you want to do supernatural things among us even in the midst of suffering and persecution, you even use it to bring your blessing to us.

So, Lord, we throw out this word to all that are here, all that are far away we send this word to them. To you is the glory and honor. For all times and all ages, Lord. Amen and Amen Jesus.

[Song in Spanish]

Pastor R. Miranda: Father you’re so rightful of the cost of Christmas. When we think of that fragile baby been wrapped by his mother perhaps cold and surely uncertain what awaited him at that stage of his consciousness. We realize what a mystery the Incarnation is, what a mystery the coming of Christ of the God, man was and is.

Father we can only peer through the veil into what it meant for you to descend and to become a man, to become a child to enter into the fragility and the uncertainty of humanity, Lord. And to navigate that dilemma for our salvation, Lord. What cost it was involved! So that we might today celebrate, we, Father, we just get dizzy. It’s just too deep divinity so all we can do is to thank you Lord.

Father, give us the wisdom that during these days of Christmas we must truly peer and enter into the true meaning of Christmas. It might keep Scriptures so near to our hearts. We might be able to keep that sense of wondering and mystery and marvel that is the Reincarnation. Thank you, Lord for making us part of this drama, of this beautiful, beautiful narrative which is a reality in our life.

Lead us to our homes, Lord with your blessing and the surety of your presence. Thank you, Lord. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen and Amen.

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