Sermon November 13, 2009: The end of all things is at hand. Are you ready?

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[Dr. Richard Booker (left) with Dr. Roberto Miranda]
  • Presenter: Dr. Richard Booker
  • Date: November 13, 2009
  • Location: Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA

Doctor Richard Booker is the founder of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian studies and he also has another Ministry called “The Sounds of the Trumpet”. This man of God has been taking the message of the Hebrew roots of Christianity for over 30 years to the Nations. He left a very successful secular profession and through a very mighty visitation of the Lord, met Jesus Christ as a savior and immediately left all his secular work behind and entered Ministry and since then has been serving the Lord. Preaching –as I’ve said- of the Hebrew roots of Christianity

Gail Thomas is a member of our English speaking ministry here in Lion of Juda, is a student of doctor Booker and worked as a graduate of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian studies and represents that Institute here in the New England area, which is a blessing to have her here and doctor Booker presence here tonight is a direct result of that relationship that I believe that doctor Booker will be talking a bit more about it.

It’s a real privilege to have doctor Booker here and I guess he’s going o bless and enlighten us tonight so let’s receive him with a warm applause. Let him know that he’s welcome here.

Forgive me a second doctor Booker. The children, there’s a movie that it’s being presented for them and that’ll be on till 930 so, you know, if you have a child here with you and you want them to be instructed also, it’s a wonderful presentation taking place there on the third floor. Doctor Booker, please

Alleluia. Jesus is in yours. Yes, come on Aleluya. Gloria a Dios. Aleluya. We praise you’re your Holy name God. We bless your name, Lord. We magnify your name, Lord. You’re the one true God. The Holy one of Israel. Alleluia. We magnify your name. We give you praise, glory and honor, Lord. We invite your Ruajacodesh to come and be in our presence and invade our lives, Lord. Let us not go home the same. Change us tonight. Make us more like you, for the city of Boston will see your light on us and the city bow to the name that is above every name. Alleluia. Give the Lord a hand. Praise his name. Alleluia. Thank you for all that beautiful praise that you have presented. I didn’t know I was in Boston in that moment. I thought I was in Jerusalem. Alleluia. Well, that is our home destiny. Amen. Alleluia. I want to talk with you this evening. How many of you believe we’re living in the end of times? Alleluia.

And that means the Lord’s coming is at our hands. And I want to talk with you about serving God in the end of times. The Bible tells us many things we can do to serve the Lord in the end times.

And I want to share one inscription with you tonight. It’s at the back of the new Testament, written by this Jewish man.

In English we call him Peter. Ken in Hebrew means ‘yes’. So if you like something you hear at the moment you can say “Ken”, “Yes”. Alleluia.

When I first went to Israel -25 years ago- everybody’s name was Ken. Then I found out it means “Yes”. If you have a Bible, open your Bibles please to First Peter, chapter 4 and I want to read an inscription passage and then comment it. First Peter, chapter 4, Verses 7 to 11.

Gail, and your sister, come closer. Are you fine over there? Okay

Gail went to Israel with my wife and I a couple of years ago and she realized she was home.

We’re grateful to have Gail and her sister here tonight She came back to New Hampshire and sold everything she had, which was not very much, and came to Houston, Texas where I live and spent a year with us in our Ministry and took all her courses and worked in the Ministry with us to absorb the Ministry. Then she came here to share what Lord put in her with New England. So when you can praise for Gail. Thank you.

Now we have Peter 4: 7-11and reads this way:

‘But the end of all things is at hand. Therefore be serious and watch in your prayers and above all things have further love for one another. For love will cover a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one another without grumbling as each has received the gift. Ministry to one another as good studs of the Grace of God. If one ministries, let him do so with the ability which God supplies. That in all things God may be glorify through Jesus Christ or through the Messiahs to whom belong the Glory and dominium for ever and ever’. Amen. Amen

Now, I would like to talk to you about this inscription. Part by part. First of all, Peter says: “The end of all things is at hand”. But what did he mean with this? Did he mean that the world is coming to an end? No. He meant that the present world order as we know it is coming to an end. If we believe we’re living in the end times as we get closer to the second coming of the Lord, everything is going to change. Amen. Ken? Good

Bueno. Tov, in Hebrew tov means good. Turn to someone and speak Hebrew. Say ‘tov’. So already you are learning Hebrew tonight.

‘Genaima tov, umanaim. Shevet ajim, gamiaja’. Look how good and blessing is. Bread and dwell together in harmony. Alleluia.

Now, Peter wrote this letter in the early sixties. Not the 1960s but the 60s in the first century. He also wrote another letter near the end of this life. Now when Peter wrote this letter the Romans hated the Christians because the Christians were not worshipping many gods, the Romans considered them pagans. Tota ravat. Ken. Thank you very much. Tov! Good

Pastor Miranda: We’ll be speaking Hebrew till the night is over.

D. Booker: The Roman mind which was carnal, did not understand that the early believers, lovefies –loved celebrations- with spiritual love. Love of the heart for each other. They thought they were incest. They thought the Communion service was a strange form of cannibalism.

Now when Nero was the Emperor of Rome in 64 AD, he burnt much of the city of Rome. He was a crazy demon completely possessed by the evil. A very evil man. But he blamed the Christians for burning down the city and he persecuted the Christians severely.

A few years later in 70 AD, the Roman Emperor General Titus burnt down the city of Jerusalem. Destroyed the temple and scattered the people among the nations.

And some time after Peter wrote this letter, he was killed by the Romans. So all these changes took place at the time he wrote this letter.

So to Peter and the early believers, the end of all things was clearly at hand.

The world as they understood it was coming to an end. Everything that he knew and was comfortable with was coming to an end. And it certainly happened during his last few years.

And I believe Peter’s words are for us today also. Now, I’m going to speak to you as a teacher but I’m going to prophesizes to you. Now, when somebody says “I’m going to prophesize” everybody wakes up and pays attention.

So I’m going to speak the prophetic word of God to you.

In the next few years we will see dramatic changes in our world. The end of the present world system as we know it is coming to an end. Everything that can be shaken would be shaken.

The Lord is greatly going to disturb the world. Ken? Alleluia. Tov.

Are you ready for the Lord to disturb the world? Everything that the world is familiar with and comfortable with is going to be disturbed by the Lord.

Now, since we live in this world, but we are not of this world; many of the things we are comfortable with are going to be disturbed. Ken?

So the Lord wants us to know how to serve him as a victorious believer. When we see things coming to an end, things we are familiar with, things we are comfortable with and He tells us five things we can do to serve God in the end time.

And I want to share with you these 5 things.

Number 1: He says we have to endure to the end. To endure to the end. It means to be sober and watchful. The phrase, the end, means to finish or to bring to a close. And Jesus says: ‘He, who will endure to the end, shall be saved!’

And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be praised in the entire world as a witness to all the nations. And ‘then the end will come’. Ken? Alleluia. Amen.

The apostle Paul said: ‘I’ll endure all things for the sake of the Lord’.

The Glory of God is soon to fill the whole Earth. We’re soon going to see the greatest outpouring of the rua jakodesh. The Holy Spirit that the world has never known in all of our history.

The best for God’s peoples is now and in the future but there’s an enduring through the changes that are coming to our world. And he says that God is going to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Jesus spoke about the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom is different from the Gospel of Salvation.

The Gospel of Salvation is to receive Jesus as your savior and we thank God for that Gospel. But the Gospel of the Kingdom is different, it’s much greater. It says: “Receive Jesus as Lord, as King, as master, as saner, as redeemer, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords into your life, today”. Alleluia. Amen. Amen.

And so the Gospel of the Kingdom has the power of God that we don’t normally see. While the Gospel of Salvation.

The New Testament says that Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and when he preached the Gospel of the Kingdom His words were followed with signs and wonders and miracles. Alleluia.

He healed the sick, he delivered people from demon, and He made the people heal. And when He says “Greater things that I have done, you will do if you proclaim this Gospel of the Kingdom”. Alleluia.

And so, very soon, we’re going to see the Gospel of Salvation change and become the Gospel of the Kingdom and when we proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, the signs and wonders of God are going to come out of you.

Everybody in this field out of you, to the people you will walk out the streets of Boston, stretch your hands out, fire will come out of your fingers and people will be healed. Sinners will be saved. Boston will be changed, the Kingdom of God will come and people will acknowledge that Jesus is Lord. Alleluia

Isaiah tells that the government will be on our shoulders and with the increase of this government there will be no end. The Glory of God will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea. Alleluia. And we will help Him administer his Kingdom on the Earth.

The best for God’s peoples is at hands. Alleluia. Ken?

Pastor Miranda: We don’t have any corrupted politicians here in Boston.

Richard Booker: No, they’re all in New Hampshire

Pastor Miranda: or in Texas. [laughter]

All the evil government decrees will come to an end. Ken?

All the wars are coming to an end; all pornography is coming to an end. All abortions are coming to an end, all child molesters are coming to an end. All murders are coming to an end. All rapes are coming to an end.

Greedy corporations coming to an end. False gods are coming to an end, poverty and disease coming to an end; divorces coming to an end, heart pains are coming to an end, sorrow and despair coming to an end.

Lukewarm Christianities coming to an end. Secular Israel will come to an end. The only thing that will be left standing is the Kingdom of God. Alleluia.

Peter says the end of all things is at hand. What does it mean this of “at hand”?

The phrase “at hand” means near, close, approaching, ready to be revealed, bursting forth, breaking out.

Whoever will respond to the Kingdom of God, the life of the King himself will burst forth out of you; will break forth out of you. You can’t contain within you.

The Kingdom of God, it has to come out of you owned to everyone around you and in this way you’ll extend the Kingdom of God into the lives of others.

Jesus said: “The Kingdom of God is at hand”.

Every time he did a miracle it was a revelation, a manifestation of the Kingdom of God bursting out of him, breaking out of him, and we will soon see this fullness of the Kingdom of God coming from Heaven to the Earth inside you. So as we see things change is not the time to be fearful.

It’s a time to be faithful. Alleluia. It’s a time to rejoice. The Kingdom of God is at hand. We celebrate the soon coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Alleluia. Ken

Peter says four things we need to do while we are enduring.

First he says: ‘Pray as a serious watchman.’ As you know this part of the New Testament was originally written in Greek language.

The Gospels were actually written in Hebrew but these letters were written in Greek and the Greek word that is translated in English as serious, a watchman means to be right-minded.

Has anyone have a friend or a family member who has done something really dumb? Right. Dumb. And you said to him: “Are you in your right mind?”

You don’t know anybody that’s ever done that. Jesus found somebody like that.

The demon possessed him and you remember the story. This demon gadaresh had to live in the caves. They had to change him up. He was demonic insane. “Loco en la cabeza”.

Thank you very much.

He was crazy but Jesus came. BUT Jesus came, BUT JESUS came. BUT JESUS CAME. Alleluia.

And he delivered the man. This man was delivered from all these things and the people came out to see him and they said ‘he’s in his right mind’.

The Lord delivered him from all of those things that made him confused and he was in his right mind.

So the full meaning of ‘serious’ is to be of sane mind, right-minded, sober-minded, self-controlled, disciplined, able to reason with a sanctified mind, renewed by the word of God and the Holy Spirit, making us think the way God thinks.

And Peter says: “We are to have watchful prayers. To be a watchman.”

Do you know what the watchman does? He stands up.

The wall and when everybody is asleep and had drunk too much and partied too much, he has to stay awake.

He’s up on the wall, he’s watching for the enemy, he has to be sober, alert, awake, watching for the enemy.

And if he sees the enemy coming, he blows the shofal, blows the trumpet in attention and awakes the people that the enemy is coming.

So Peter says: “We are to pray, as a watchman to be alert to what is happening around us to know what the enemy is doing.

To be aware and see how God wants to take care of them in pray.

Second thing Peter says: ‘The second thing above all others we are to love feverly’

First Peter 1:22: “Love one another feverly with sincere love with a pure heart”.

Now, “Be sincere and pure”, he says. Means with

Pure motives to live what we say we believe. To have a true love that is unconditional, without wanting anything in return.”

In the Bible this word “serious” and “sincere”, the word sincere means to be sun-tested like the sun, to be without wax.


What did he mean by this? What does it mean sun tested without wax?

What does this mean? In the times of the Bible many small shops they made pottery. Sometimes the pottery they made cracked and when it cracked they called it a cracked pot.

However, if the merchant was not honest, instead of throwing away the cracked pot, which he should not sell, he would seal the crack with wax.

Then he would put the pottery back in the back of the store where there was not much sunlight. Ah! Ah!

And if the shopper was not wise he couldn’t see that it was seal with wax. He was buying a cracked pot.

But if he was a smart shopper, he would take the piece of pottery out in the sun, he would hold it up to the sun and as he left the pottery in the sun, he could tell if there was wax he’d put over so he would not buy it, or he wanted a big discount

Now Peter says that “our love should be sincere” his readers knew what he meant, that love should be sun-tested without wax. Their love should be real without hypocrisy and without an agenda, without a selfish motive, without wanting to get something from the person we’re pretending to love.

So we can tell if that our love is without love by the kind of relationship we have with people.

If our love is conditioned on using the person for our own purposes, we would break off the relationship.

When we can no longer use that person for selfish reasons, so we should let our lives be son tested.

Tested by the son of God. Ken?

We should let the Holy Spirit shine the light of God in our hearts to see if we are covering up any cracks in our relationships.

If we are pretending to be something we are not so we should have genuine love for people.

We should examine ourselves to see if spiritually speaking we’re cracked pots.

You got quiet. Ken?

Now you should get excited about the things you want hear and the things you don’t want to hear but you need to hear. Ken? Alleluia.

The next Peter said is to practice hospitality or serve God and serve people without grumbling. [Sounds]

No translation needed.

Now Peter understood this because the Lord spoke to him and said “Go to the house of a gentile”.

The Hebrew phrase is ‘o vey’. Oh, no! Not this. Gentils not. They’re unclean. This was so traumatic for Peter that God let down a talit and had unclean food in it.

Creepy crawling things we’re not supposed to eat and God didn’t want Peter to eat those things.

But remember that God let that talit go down three times? Because at that moment knocking on his door were three unclean gentiles.

Peter had never been into the house of a gentile so the Lord had to do something dramatic to cause him understand.

So at the same time, Cornelius, a seeker of God had sent three of his servants to Peter’s house and they were saying: ‘Come to the house of our master Cornelius” and again Peter had never been into the home of a gentile.

Even worse it was late at night, Peter invited the three gentiles to come into his house.

He must have held his nose. This was a major change for Peter’s thinking.

So when he went to Cornelius’s house and said “ God has shown me that I should not call any men common or unclean”.

Then he said: “Therefore I came without objecting or grumbling”.

James chapters 5:9: ‘Do not grumble against one another’.

That’s what they do in New Hampshire. Ken?

Here it’s what I want to say: In these end times, many many people are going to come into the kingdom of God. There won’t be like you, there won’t be like me. There would be people that surely, you think “God surely must not love people like these”. But God does love them and He’s going to send them to you. So you can show them just how much he loves them. Alleluia. Amen.

People from all backgrounds, people that you would never have to do with are going to come to you because they see the blessing Glory and the dazzling beauty of the Kingdom of God coming out of you. Amen.

You may have to let a complete stranger to sit on your favorite chair in the home or your second helping of your favorite food or pick up someone at the airport when it’s not convenient.

Give sacrificially to those in need.

Share your home with strangers or family members as permanent house guests in your bed and you’re in the couch. Ken?

Peter says without grumbling. You’re grumbling!

Finally, Peter says: ‘Use our spiritual gifts as good starts of the multiform Grace of God’

What does this mean? This means that God has a beautiful plan for you.

It means that all will be in the Ministry. You’re all ministers of God.

He has a place of Ministry for you and he wants to manifest his life through you. In very unique ways that only you and God can do.

Now, Peter uses this phrase: “the multiform grace of God.” What did he mean by this?

The word means multicolor. It refers to a big chunk of glass like a prism. A prism catches the rays of the sun.

You can sometimes see them coming through your window, your door pane.

When it catches the rays of the sun it beams them so you can see the incredible colors.

The sun rays that you cannot see otherwise.

So what Peter means is that we are all big chunks of glass.

We are God’s prisms.

We are the people God put on the Earth that when the people look at us they will see the rays of God’s glory and love in us.

And they would want what we have. We often tell people just keep your eyes on Jesus.

Where is He? I can’t see him. I’m looking for him. Where is He? Oh! There he is, I see him in you, oh! That’s what love is like.

That’s what peace in the midst of the storm is. That’s what’s God’s holiness is like, that’s what pure is like.

That’s what is having joy. We can’t see Lord in the Heaven unless God pulls us to Heaven.

The only way we can see him is if they see him in us.

Amen. Ken.

And so over and over in the New Testament it says: “Imitate the Lord”.

People would rather see a sermon than hear one any day.

They would rather people walk with them than merely show the way.

So we must live our lives in a way that people can see God’s life in us.

We are God’s prisms, we are God’ big chunk of glass.

Turn to the person sitting next to you and say “You’re God’s chunk of glass”. Ken?

Now, I know that you’ve been called worse things than that.

Peter finishes his word and he says: “Amen”. The word Amen comes from three Hebrew letters.

The alef, the men and the nun.Ken. Alef, men and nun.

In Hebrew it is pronounced elmelej ne aman, which means God the faithful King.

Amen means God is a faithful promise keeping God. Alleluia.

He who has called us is faithful to his words, faithful to Israel; He is faithful to those of us that have been inserted in. He is faithful to complete the good work in you. He’s faithful to redeem us to himself. He’s faithful to help us endure to the end. He’s faithful to raise us from the dead. He is faithful to give us a glorified body.

So we can live forever with him.

He’s faithful to establish the full Reign of his kingdom on the Earth.

For the Kingdom of God is at hand, ready to be revealed, working out, spilling out in us. Alleluia.

Stand and give big applause to the Lord.

Praise the Glory of the Lord. Blessings and Glory. Alleluia.

We magnify your name. Glory to your name. We celebrate you Lord. We celebrate you Lord.


You’re a faithful God, faithful God, faithful to your people.

Alleluia. Amen and amen. God bless you.

Shavat Shalom.

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