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AWANA is a Children's Discipleship program that has become a department of our overall children's ministry on Sunday Mornings. So it "connects to the church" through the dual affiliation of Discipleship and Children's ministries. The AWANA board of directors is part of the overall Sunday School ministry.

AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, and as stated by its founders we also aim to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve him, as Paul encouraged Timothy in 2 Tim.2:15.

Awana Clubs is a program that aims to equip churches and parents to raise Christ-following kids for life; simply, because kids matter to God! This is a vision we have joyfully incorporated here at Lion of Judah. We pray that in the years to come our children will get to know Jesus as their personal savior, and learn to love and serve Him. Awana serves as a children’s discipleship curriculum that seeks to develop the spiritual formation of our kids nourishing and empowering them with the word of truth. Every week we meet and spend two hours, praising and worshiping our father, memorizing Bible verses, and of course having a lot of fun in a healthy and edifying way!

As a whole, Awana Clubs is a curriculum of fully integrated programs for ages 2 to 18, that provides churches with an evangelism tool to reach unsaved children, youth and families. It is a program that builds an enduring biblical faith in the hearts of the children. Most important, the program provides resources to bring churches and parents together to disciple the next generation. Awana seeks to strengthen family relationships and dynamics at home and church. It fosters a healthy, fun and edifying atmosphere, that everyone loves and looks forward to every week.



Hello! My name is Seong Kyu Kim in Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and I become a leader of Awana in Boston Onnuri church from this month. I read articles and watched movie of your church's activity of awana when I searched. I cannot understand what children are saying in youtube, because they spoke in Spanish. But I felt you are doing great job for children.
So I want to visit your awana meeting, if you accept.

Thank you.

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