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Sermons presented at Congregation Lion of Judah during 2007. You will find the sermons of the current year here.

Date Speaker Word Language
December 30 Miranda En Dios hay solución siempre Sp.
December 23 Miranda Dios escoge a los que estan disponibles Sp.
December 16 Soto Trabajar con las manos de Jesús Sp.
December 9 Dupuy Haz un pacto con la verdad Sp.
December 2 Miranda El don de fe Sp.
November 25 Miranda Reflejamos la creatividad de Dios Sp.
November 25 Miranda Adoptar una mentalidad sobrenatural Sp.
November 18 Miranda El don de la sabiduría Sp.
November 11 Miranda Entrar en la diversidad de dones Sp.
November 11 Miranda Un espíritu - multiples dones Sp.
November 4 Suarez Avivamiento es quebrantamiento y transformación completa Sp.
November 4 Combs 5 obstáculos comunes para nuestra fe Sp.
October 28 Tejera Fluir en el rio del Espíritu Santo Sp.
October 21 Miranda No ignoren los dones espirituales Sp.
October 14 Miranda La llenura del Espíritu Santo Sp.
October 7 Miranda Profetizar sobre los huesos secos Sp.
October 7 Miranda Poder para evangelizar Sp.
September 30 Miranda Pasar de la esterilidad a la abundancia Sp.
September 30 Miranda Todo creyente tiene acceso al poder del Espíritu Sp.
September 23 Santamaria Dios paga en el cielo - pero en la tierra también Sp.
September 23 Miranda Ya tienes la unción - ahora cuidala! Sp.
September 16 Miranda La unción del Espíritu Santo Sp.
September 9 Miranda Que hace el Espíritu Santo (parte 2)? Sp.
September 8 Miranda How do you perceive life? Eng.
September 2 Miranda Que hace el Espíritu Santo (parte 1)? Sp.
August 26 Miranda La actitud del publicano Sp.
August 25 Miranda Learn to love God with all your heart Eng.
August 19 Miranda Una comunidad de gente seria Sp.
August 18 Miranda Is Jesus shining through you? Eng.
August 12 Cisterna Adorar a Dios no es cantar Sp.
August 11 Bishop Come to the party and enjoy God’s love Eng.
August 5 Miranda Un Dios justo da castigo y recompensa Sp.
August 4 Miranda Yoked to Jesus Eng.
July 29 Miranda Se puede ver la luz en ti? Sp.
July 28 Miranda God is faithful Eng.
July 22 Bishop Cuando tratan de engañarte Sp.
July 21 Johnson Do you have access to God? Eng.
July 15 Soto Hacerse apto para recibir bendición Sp.
July 14 Bishop The importance of listening well Eng.
July 8 Miranda Que fuerte es tu compromiso con Dios? Sp.
July 8 Bishop Qué haces cuando te estas hundiendo? Sp.
July 7 Miranda Grace - Give it and receive it Eng.
July 1 Horning Dios te dice algo, hazlo! Sp.
June 30 Miranda Why did you doubt? Eng.
June 24 Miranda Pasando por las tormentas Sp.
June 16 Miranda Ephesians 6 Eng.
June 10 Acevedo Puedes cantar aún en la carcel? Sp.
June 10 Soto Cuando Dios te da una piedra Sp.
June 9 Bishop Called to be an armor bearer Eng.
June 3 Bishop Cuando Dios no hace lo que queremos Sp.
June 2 Miranda Luke 5 - My boat belongs to Jesus Eng.
May 27 Valentin Hold on tight to your faith Sp.+Eng.
May 26 Miranda Ephesians 5 - Slaves and Masters Eng.
May 20 Miranda Todo me es lícito? Sp.
May 19 Miranda Respect your parents (and all authority) Eng.
May 13 Miranda Vidas originales Sp.
May 12 Acevedo Love one another! Eng.
May 6 Soto Está Jesus contigo todavía? Sp.
May 5 Miranda Ephesians 5 - Submit to one another Eng.
April 29 Miranda Romanos 14 - Preferirse unos a otros Sp.
April 28 Gillespie Building big lives not big churches Eng.
April 22 Bakke Laying it ALL at HIS feet Sp.+Eng.
April 21 Miranda Ephesians 5 - A call to purity Eng.
April 15 Miranda Romanos 13 - Segunda parte Sp.
April 14 Bishop John 11 - Tears of Hope Eng.
April 8 Miranda Tienes poder - usalo! Sp.
April 7 Miranda Mark 16:1-8 Eng.
April 1 Miranda Romanos 13 - Someterse a las autoridades Sp.
March 31 Miranda Ephesians 4:17 Called to live holy (Part 8) Eng.
March 25 Miranda Romanos 12:14-21 Sp.
March 24 Miranda Ephesians 4,5 (Part 7) Eng.
March 18 Bishop Que crees de ti mismo? Sp.
March 17 Johnson A call to obedience Eng.
March 11 Miranda Romanos 12 Sp.
March 10 Johnson Why do I have to suffer? Eng.
March 4 Santiago A victorious life - Teen Challenge Sp.+Eng.
March 3 Miranda Ephesians 4 (Part 6) Eng.
February 25 Miranda Romanos 9-11 Sp.
February 24 Miranda Ephesians 4 (Part 5) Eng.
February 18 Lopez La limpieza del corazón Sp.
February 17 Acevedo Unleashing the Joy of the Lord Eng.
February 11 Miranda Romanos 8 Sp.
February 10 Miranda Ephesians 4 (Part 4) Eng.
February 10 Lopez Una mujer de gran influencia Sp.
February 4 Miranda La balance entre santidad y gracia Sp.
January 28 Miranda Fruto para muerte Sp.
January 21 Bishop Cristianos de tiempo completo Sp.
January 21 Miranda Santidad con gozo Sp.
January 20 Johnson A potluck dinner Eng.
January 14 Comiskey Homosexuality Sp.+Eng.
January 13 Miranda Ephesians 4 (Part 3) Eng.
January 10 Miranda De la crisis a la bendición Sp.
January 7 Miranda Morir para vivir Sp.
January 6 Gillespie Becoming honest Eng.

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