Sermon April 20, 2008 : Are you a warrior in God's army?

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  • Presenter: Paul Taylor (translated by Dr. Roberto Miranda)
  • Date: April 20, 2008
  • Location: Congregation Lion of Judah, Boston MA

Paul, come forward. Welcome this morning. God bless you.

What a blessing it is to be here today. I want you to turn to the person next to you and say ‘I’m a part of a great church’. Do you believe that this morning? Now, I want you to say that ‘I am a great church’. And I’m hoping to be able to trace for that thinking, that mindset this morning, because there are way too many Christians that go to a great church and so Sunday is the greatest day of the week.

But I want you to know through Jesus Christ that Monday can be the greatest day of the week. Amen. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for Sunday. He died on the cross for Monday through Saturday also. Amen.

It was several years ago that I came here and spoke and we laid hands on your pastor, we anointed him as an Apostle of the city and of this region. And God has blessed him mightily, amen.

This truly is a great church and it’s not only given you a great leader but great leaders: Pastor Greg, Samuel.

There’s wonderful, wonderful men and women of God. but today I’m here for you. God has placed a call in my life to raise up an army of people, a people that seek his face, but then they go forth into the land as the army of God. I think many people are waiting for that army to arise. Well, they’re here this morning. I said they’re here this morning.

And so I want to arise right now. As I was standing there worshiping the Lord said for me to pray for you and to break off a mindset, a mental thinking that I’m Hispanic and I’m in a different nation and so what can I do for God?

So, we’re going to break that thinking off from you this morning. I’m here to tell you, you can make a difference, but you must think differently. You must think confident in the call of God upon your life. You must understand who are created to be and the purpose for which you have been birthed into this world.

How many of you believe you have a purpose in life? God doesn’t create anything without a purpose. Before you were born God had thoughts about you, and he knew why he created you. the sad part about it is that many believers don’t know what their purpose is.

Let’s pray right now. you’re believing with me? Young people, you’re believing with me? We’re going to break hopelessness this morning. We’re going to break discouragement this morning. I don’t care what the world looks like out there, I know what God’s word says.

But you got to believe it. so change the way you think. Let’s pray in the name of Jesus, we take authority this morning. I come against every thought, all of our thinking. Father, this people that you have brought together, people from many nations that you have brought to America for such a time as this in the name of Jesus, I break off of them every thought of insignificance, every thought that they don’t measure up, every thought that they can’t make a difference, whether it be because of their language, whether it be because of their education, whether it be because of their occupation, whatever may be the hindrance in the name of Jesus this morning we break up these thoughts. And by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ I call them into their destiny, I call them to hear, I call them to see, and I call them to understand this morning that they might become all that you created them to be and will fulfill their destiny from this day forward, in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Alleluia!

You may be seated. I don’t take those words lightly. You may have taken those lightly. I believe that there’s an army of God here, that we can change this world for Jesus but it’s going to take more than prayer. Many of you know for years I’ve been a part of the prayer movement. There is nothing greater that we could do than to pray. But not only my prayers, but my actions and obedience to what he says to me is what makes the difference.

Jesus not only prayed but it says in John 5:19 that he only did those things that he saw his Father do and heard his Father say. Are you with me my friends? It’s time not only to pray but it’s a time to hear and to obey what God is saying. You and God make a majority.

I’m so thankful for your pastor because of what God has shifted me into has a lot to do with what your pastor represents. I’ve realized after years and years in the prayer movement, and I’ve just come back from Colorado Springs some of the national prophets and Apostles and for the last three years I’ve going through a transition that has not been very comfortable. To be hones with you it’s been hell.

Anybody else going through that kind of transition? I know you pastor is. And when I went to this meeting up there in Colorado Springs one of the things that I found out was that I wasn’t alone but that God is shifting his church. How many of know when you gave your life to Christ you said that you would walk with God. amen. That means you got to go where he’s going. Amen.

He doesn’t go where you’re going, you have to go where he’s going. Come now, that’s a shifting of American thinking. Somehow we think that God is going to it what I want to do it, when I want him to do it. but when you truly encounter God sometimes things get unconformable. I see a few heads bumping.

I want you to know that American Christianity is has brought us into a place, many times a place of dysfunction in the body of Christ, because we tell people ‘come to Jesus who will take care of all your problems’. How many of you know that’s a half a truth? We’ve twisted Mathew 6:33. Mathew 6:33 says what? It doesn’t say, I will meet your needs and then you can seek the Kingdom of God. amen. It says what? Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added on to you. amen.

I’m saying these things this morning to set the context, the foundation for I what I want to share with you today. You see, I grew up in a military home. My father never once asked me if I felt like doing something. He just said, you’re going to mow the grass today. He didn’t say, do you feel like mowing the grass today? You see, I don’t come as the good shepherd this morning, I come as the lion of the tribe of Judah. And in this conference that’s what they said, it’s rising up right now, the lion of the tribe of Judah.

You see, the shift that is taking place is that we no longer have to beg God for something, but God’s shifting the church to stand to declare and decree a thing and to shout established. Do you understand the difference? That’s what God word says. Speak to a thing and it shall be established.

Just recently we had this experience. A grandmother in our church, her daughter was pregnant, the daughter’s baby was breach and the doctor told the mother that if this baby doesn’t turn we’re going to have to operate. This mother is not a believer, she got on the phone to the grandmother that’s in our church, said ‘mom, this is what the doctor said but I don’t want an operation’. So the grandmother in our church said we’re going to pray. So she sent out words throughout the congregation and we went to prayer.

As my wife was praying asking God, God said these words, ‘why are you asking me?’ He said, speak to the baby. So we spoke to the baby and said, ‘turn in the name of Jesus’. The very next morning the mother went to see the doctor and you know the rest of the story.

I’m talking to you about you taking your authority in Jesus Christ. we must understand this oneness that we have with God so that it’s not just you speaking but, it’s God speaking. Amen.

Ok, let’s keep that thought. I’m here to speak to you about something. Over the last few years your pastor has challenged me. We realized that when we were fighting same sex marriage that we were fighting a battle we weren’t prepared for. The reason being is because we’re good in going to church but we’re not good at being the church. Amen. That means tomorrow morning you’re still in church. Amen.

Didn’t God’s words say he would never leave to forsake you? that means a wonderful anointing you sense right now is with you tomorrow morning. How many of you like Monday mornings? Most people dread going to work on Monday morning. That has to change. The excitement that you have to come to church on Sunday morning should be the same excitement that you have going to work on Monday morning. And so this morning I want to change the way you think about things. I’m going to challenge you in thinking, I’m going to challenge your theology.

So several years ago, I got together with a group of believers that we believed we could change the region. I believe we can change Boston but it’s not going to just happen from this pulpit, it’s going to happen as you go to your place as the occupation. Throughout scripture God has used people, he has strategically placed them for his purposes, for his divine times. The key is what your pastor’s been speaking about, that’s alignment. That’s becoming the one with God.

You see, if I’m in alignment with God that means wherever I am he is. Not only is he there but he’s about what I’m doing because it’s what’s he’s doing. I want you to believe tomorrow morning when you go to work that you’re about God’s business, that you’re doing God’s work, that pastor Roberto is not the only one that does God’s work.

Do you understand the shift in thinking? For centuries we’ve taught and I’ve taught that the man of God is doing God’s work. That’s true, but when you do what you were created to do you’re doing God’s work. And how many of you know that you were all created to stand behind the pulpit to preach? Wouldn’t it be horrible if we were the only ones doing what God called us to do? That would be terrible. That God created you to do something that he didn’t want you to do. If we can comprehend this this morning I’m going to release an army of God this morning. I’m here to anoint God’s army this morning, that you’re going to go forth under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to do what you’ve doing every Monday, but to think of it totally differently.

God’s word says as a man thinks, so is he. Thinking is very important. You are not just going to work, you are going to minister, you are going to do what God’s called you to do, you are going to do what he is equipped you to do, you are going to do what he is gifted you to do.

How many carpenters we have out there? guess what, pastor Roberto can’t do that, he wasn’t called to do that but you were called to do that. And you were called to do it for the glory of God. am I not speaking the truth?

The first people in scripture that were anointed were carpenters and craftsmen. They were anointed to build the temple of God. so this morning I want to help you to change the way you’re thinking.

Several years ago, you’re going to read it in the slide, by the way I represent a ministry called Fishgate ministry. It was the Fish gate in the book of Neemías for Jerusalem where all the workers gathered and commerce took place. I still pastor church but I’m trying to model for my people, that you can go into the world and you can make a difference. So, I’m going to show you some other areas of this ministry.

I also want you to say this, the world’s problems are my opportunity. Come on, let’s say it again. The world’s problems they’re mi opportunity. You see, if you’re rubbing your hands because the world is getting darker you need to change the way you think because you were created to be the solution to somebody’s problem. I could preach that but I won’t do it this morning.

About 10 years ago, 15years ago a man named Bill Bright, he was the founder of Students crusade, and a man named Lorren Cunningham had lunch together and unknown to one another, the night before each man had a dream. In the dream they saw 7 mountains. Those 7 mountains represented the mind molders or influencers in our culture. And God spoke to them through the dream and told them, at least the church comes to impact these 7 mind molders of society there will never be lasting revival on the earth.

Jesus didn’t say, hold on until I return, he said I called to subdue the earth. I called you to be over comers, I’ve called you to be conquerors. I’ve called you to be victorious. But most of the church is crying, oh Jesus come soon and take us out of the world. I want you to know, I’m not here to help you to go to heaven. I’m here to help you bring heaven to earth.

Isn’t that what Jesus his disciples to pray? My Kingdom come, thy will be done , where? on earth as it is in heaven. How is that going to happen if we all go to heaven? It’s only going to happen when you begin to think differently. When you know you’re full of the Holy Spirit and that you walk in the anointing of God, long after you leave this building, that you have the authority, that everywhere your feet trot. Amen. Everywhere you walk God’s word says you shall possess. Amen.

The next day these two men got together and had lunch they began to share this dream. They both had had the same dream and they were amazed. These 7 mind molders are areas before you, notice that only one is religion. We’ve been doing a pretty good job at the area of religion, even in that area we have our struggles. But for years the church has given arts and entertainment over to the world, for years the church has given business, government, and means of communication over to the world. We’ve taken the words from the New Testament, come out and be separate and touch not the unclean things.

We’ve taken that to mean don’t touch any of these areas. That thinking has to be broken. If that thinking doesn’t change, we will never impact our society and we will never become the church that is the bride of Christ that is returning for. Jesus is returning for church without spot or wrinkle, a victorious church, an overcoming church, not a church that is waving the white flag here.

But I believe that you are the army of God and you’re hearing from your pastor and his leaders. Of what needs to change to become God’s people for this time so some of us believers came together and we said, let’s look at the problems in the world and let’s solve the problems in the world.

We created a company called Generational Solutions because we believed that we can impact all ages to the Kingdom of God. we started off with a company called ROY leadership international, it’s a company that goes into corporate America, teaches leadership and ethics, ethics in particular.

How many of you know that the business world is in great need of ethics? How many of you know that the government is mandating for companies that they have to have ethics’ training? Do you understand what I’m saying? The government is telling them to come to me to teach them about ethics.

I’m telling you the problems of this world are going to work in our favor and some of you are going to make a lot of money doing it. do you understand what I’m saying? The shift of the wealth from the wicked to the house of God is going to come by using creative ideas. How many of you know that you don’t have to go and quote John 3:16? That you don’t have to tell them that you’re reverend, that you don’t have to speak Christianese.

You know what Christianese is? It’s the language we speak within these 4 walls, but for people out there they don’t have a clue of what you’re talking about.

God is saying, be real. Don’t talk to them in scripture talk, talk to them so they can understand you. we formed a company called the ABCs of life. The public schools are calling us to go there and teach their young people life facts because so many of the young people, you know the problems within the school system? They are not prepared for life when they graduate from school.

Listen, we have to be harmless as dove but wise as serpents. So the public school now is mandating that if a young person is suspended from school they can’t go home and they don’t have any way of teaching or taking care of these kids. Hello! We’re saying, oh God please change the world. He’s saying, open your eyes to see the problems that are all around you and begin to arise and do the work of the ministry, but you got to go.

I think that’s the words of Jesus, he said, go into where? the world. Go into the world, that’s where the problems are, that’s where they need Jesus, so we’re going into these places and we are teaching these people the Kingdom principles that are in your Bible, we never use the name of God, we never use the name Jesus, and after the class is over one student named José, a Hispanic young man who was in trouble came to our teacher and he said, what is different about you? now it’s a whole new ball game. So the teacher shared with José about the love of God and José bowed his head and he gave his heart to Jesus Christ.

It’s just the beginning of what God is about to do. I am so excited about what God is about ready to do. Our desire is to start this in every community to train your pastors so that they can go into the schools, they can teach this material, they can build relationships with those children and that’s how we’re going to increase the Kingdom of God. amen.

I’m encouraging you, I haven’t even started preaching yet and I know I’m getting long, if you would just begin to talk to the people around you, to the reason that we don’t meet needs, because we don’t even talk to these people that have problems, but if you would talk to these people you would find out the problem and then you would see whether you can meet that need or not.

I talked to my superintendent of schools all the time, I take the police chief our for lunch all the time, I talk to leaders of my community all the time. They have problems. You see, the biggest problem with the church is we haven’t met problems before. We’re doing are thing here, we’re having our good time in here, as I said I didn’t come here today as the shepherd of God I came as the Lion of Judah, so maybe I’ll make you a little uncomfortable. This is the only way we’re going to see the Kingdom of God as it is in heaven so shall it be on earth. You carry that power inside of you for the Kingdom of God is where? Inside of you.

Oh Jesus. This is our vision, Fishgate is a ministry…, all I want to do is to help shift the way you think. So this morning we’re looking at the theology of this work. How many of you thought that work was the curse? Come on, be honest. Thank you, thank you there’s a few hands honestly pulled. We thought work was the curse. I want you to know work is not the curse. I want you to know that from the very beginning God created you, you were born as the results as it says, it’s been deposited in you. it’s deposited in you. you were created by a word. I said, you were created by a word. You do know God spoke you into existence. According to psalm 139, verse 16 I believe it is, David said he knew my substance before I was borne.

You see, I did insane about that because who I am in God has very little to do with where I was born, has very little to do with whether I’m rich or poor, has very little to do with whether I’m black, white, yellow, it doesn’t matter. Are you with me this morning? It has everything to do with he created me before the foundation of the world. He created me for a purpose.

And when I do what I was created to do that’s true worship. Let me say it again, when the created does what they were created to do, that’s true worship.

You think worship only takes place Sunday morning at 9 o’clock? Let me tell you, I’m doing what I was created to do right now. I worshiping God and when you go to work tomorrow and you know you’re doing what God created you to do, I don’t care if it’s stammering nails, that’s worship on to God. and people begin to look and say, there’s something different about you. when you do what you do it’s amazing, there’s an anointing on your life. They might not know what that word means, but that’s what they say, when they say there’s something different about you.

Are you with me this morning? So you were created by a divine word, you were not created just to die but you were created for a purpose. Amen.

Here’s some scripture for you. Ephesians 2:10, for we are his workmanship. Do you believe that?

I am God’s workmanship. Fearfully and wonderfully made created in Jesus Christ to do good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Go back to Genesis 2, God said, let us make man in our image. You know you look just like him. Come on, turn to your neighbor and say, I look just like God. come on, that will stop you from complaining about your looks.

Now we know that we’re not talking about a physical look, we’re talking about the spirit of the living God. I look just like God. you see, if you begin to think about this you begin to get excited. I think the Creator of the universe spoke me into existence and created for his purposes, you can tell me whatever you want to it doesn’t make any difference. Listen, I’m talking to you that somebody said to you, you can’t do that, but God said, you can do that. It’s time for you to listen to God. he’s the one that created you to do it. stop listening to that person who said, no way, it isn’t going to happen. I’m telling you it is going to happen. But you have to believe it.

It says, make us in his image. Let them rule, say it to your neighbor, let them rule. You were created to rule, you were created to be the head not the tail. Come on, you were created to live, to borrow. This is God’s word. We have to change the way that we think.

This is the history of man, right here in the day that the Lord made the earth and the heavens, before there were any plants on the fields, before there was any herbs in the fields, for the Lord God had not caused to rain on the earth and there was no man to till the ground.

Ok, so there’s no earth, no rain, no plants, no man, guess what, there’s no work, nothing is happening, God’s waiting on you. I said, God is waiting on you. I want you to know God’s still waiting for your. My wife said to the Lord, God will you turn the baby? God said, I’m waiting on you. I’m telling you today, most of the prayers you’re praying, the reason that God’s not answering them is because God’s waiting on you.

That changes everything. I’m giving you the power today to go to fulfill your dreams. Where do you think those dreams came from? They came from God. and you’re created to rule and you’re waiting on God and God is saying, what are you waiting for? Do it.

Oh, somebody thank you. and the Lord God then formed man, formed him from dirt, but that’s not who you are. you were created before the dirt. Are we thankful for that? Come on, this isn’t who I am. Thank God. I have the mind of Christ. I said I have the mind of Christ, if you’re in Jesus Christ today you don’t have the mind that men say you have, you have the mind of Christ. you have the power to think like God.

So many of you say, well, that’s pride to think like God, it’s pride to think like a man. I said it’s pride to think like a man. You were not created to think like a man. I’m talking before the fall. How many of you know that Jesus Christ’s blood, how many of you know that it just, he didn’t do that so I could go to heaven.

Second Corinthians, 5th Chapter, what does it say? It says, I’ve been reconciled, to whom? To God. I’ve been brought back to God. amen.

See, American Christianity to say this prayer so you can go to heaven. Jesus didn’t die in the cross so that you could go to heaven, he died on the cross so you could come back into relationship with your Father, so that you could become one man with God again.

You see, that little word re that prefix, it means to do it again, it means to come back into what once was. See, when I was created in God I wasn’t created as a human being, I was created, look at this, he says, nostril breathe into his nostril the breath of life and so man became what? A human being? He became a living being, thank you. he became a living being.

You see, when you give your life to Christ the human part that’s just the flesh, we know that maintains, but the living part.., God makes you a living being so I can walk naturally, supernatural on the earth, so that things that are thought impossible with man are not impossible with God, so that I could do all things through Christ and his strength.

Oh, this is what Jesus died in the cross for not just you could say a prayer. And so now you can go to heaven but live miserably on the earth. Come on now. you know how many Christians live miserably on the earth? They live miserable on the earth, they go to church out of obligation, some of you are here today out of obligation. It’s a thing you do on Sunday morning, but that’s not why we come to church. We come to church to gather with God, to hear words of life, words of life, because you see, everyone of us, we don’t live by the food that we eat we live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Adam and Eve didn’t live by the things they ate in the garden they lived by hearing God.

This is why it’s important for you to have a relationship with God. you can’t live by your pastor’s words you have to hear God for yourself. But when you hear God, when you hear God I remember I was raised in the church and at the age of ten in a little Baptist church I went to the alter and I prayed the sinners prayer and I knew then that I’d go to heaven but it wasn’t till I was 22 years of age that I had an encounter with God and God spoke to me and those words changed my life and I went from a human being to a living being. And I’ve never been the same since.

People said, what is wrong with you? come on, people at the church said, what is wrong with you? You used to love baseball, you used to love this things in the world, the living tell you, when you hear the word of God, when he begins to speak into your life all these other things don’t matter anything, but it gives you the desires of your heart.

My Wife and I we dated for six years. We had the American dream, you know you’re going to own your home, we put every penny away, just before we got married we bought our first home: 47.000 dollars. My father thought he’ll never be able to pay that, 1979. we got married in June of 1980. It was right then that I had my encounter with God.

We did everything to build that house. I mean, we were so excited as a young married couple. A couple of years later first child coming, second child, but the encounter with God changed me. Everything that seemed so important began to change. After 5 years living in that house I sold it to go and do what God told me to do. Like a good wife my wife followed me, and I never knew this, for her to give up that home, that nesting, that place you own, it was very difficult for her. I don’t know why I’m sharing this this morning, so for 20 years we stayed in homes owned by the church, it was always that place in my wife’s heart that said, we don’t have a place of our own.

There came a time that the church said, you got to leave. Now, I got 4 children and I’m saying, God, I obeyed you, where am I going to go? God gave me a place to go. I’m saying this to say this: Thursday night I passed papers on a new home. God gives you the desires of your heart. Not only did I pass papers on a house, I bought it for zero dollars. Do the math.

I’m telling you, if you do what God’s called you to do all these things will be added on to you. we’ll go quick, I’m sorry. Man’s formed, the garden is planted, work is established, work is to be what? Cooperation with God. notice there’s no sin, there’s no curse, work is creative, work is not a result of the fall, work is the purpose plan of God, for your life.

You know how many in American want to retire? You know how many in America they die young? Listen, it is not God desire for you to retire and do nothing. My work is my worship and if you will find what God created you to do you’ll never work another day in your life. Let me say it again, if you find what God called you to do when he formed you before the foundation of the world you’ll never work another day in your life.

So, I don’t go to work saying, oh God it’s Monday morning. I go to worship God. there are 3 words for work: abad, aboda, I hope I’m saying it right. The 3 words for work: to serve, to cultivate as in develop a culture to change the climate. How many of you know you were created to be a thermostat and not a thermometer? Come on, Christian. A thermometer just tells you what the temperature is. Come on that’s we’ve been doing to our culture for so long.

Oh, how bad it is out there! things are going tuff! I don’t know what we’re going to do with our young people! You’re only telling them what they already know. You were created to be a thermostat. The thermostat has the power, the thermostat has the power to change the temperature, to change the climate.

When you go to work tomorrow by your very presence, because you don’t go alone, you see, when you show up God shows up and you have the power to change the climate in your work place. This is the only way Boston will be changed. So many have been praying about your work place, this is the only way that you will change your work place aboda, to work serving worship, worship comes the closest to the Hebrew meaning of this aboda.

So in other parts of scripture they use the word to worship they use this word right here for work. Our we getting this? Shamar to put a guard to be a watchman and that’s what God’s called you to do. So he says every tree of the garden you may freely eat, there’s provision but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It produced lack. So he said he cursed the ground, he cursed the ground, he didn’t curse you, I said he didn’t curse you, he cursed the ground.

Jesus broke the curse, he took the curse away. How many believe in transformation? Have you seen the videos, you’ve seen the videos? How many believe that can happen in Boston? How do you think that’s going to happen? It’s going to happen through you and me, not just our prayers, we’ve got to infiltrate those seven mountains, but when we do we break the curse of the ground.

I’m going quick. See, your provision is connected to what? To the ground, the ground was cursed when the curse was broken, salvation became available. When you got saved your provision was also rescued. Do you understand that? That means that God can take your five loaves and two fish and feed them all the multitude. One and one doesn’t equal two with God. come on, now. do you believe that? Especially when you’re living in obedience to God’s word, it’s called tithing. Come on now, it’s called tithing. But you hold back from back he doesn’t have to honor his word, you know? But he’s an amazing guy, he even blesses us sometimes when we hold back from him. What a great God we serve.

For the earnest expectation of creation eagerly waits. You know who creation is waiting for? Creation is waiting for you. how many of you know you’re a son of God? I got to quit, because I tell you, I go to stop right there. the son of the living God.

The book of Hebrews even says that Jesus isn’t ashamed to call you his brother. Did you hear that? Jesus isn’t ashamed to call you his brother. It’s time to arise, let’s stand to our feet. So creation was subjected to futility, so why don’t we go through some of the problems that we do. Why is the world in trouble? God subjected his creation to futility. Why to turn your heart to him? Listen, this is why the darkness is our greatest…., in our favor. Do you understand it? if you’re praying for that person who doesn’t know Christ and you’re asking God to take away their problem you could be working against God trying to bring those same people to Christ. Do you understand that? That God allows them to have problems so they might say, I need God, because the creation itself will be delivered. Can we say amen to that from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty also that you can come into understanding who you are in Jesus Christ.

I’m going close right here. I know I’ve been long but I want to pray for you this morning. I came several years ago to anoint your pastor, I’m here to anoint you this morning. I’m here to anoint you as men and women of God. I’m here to decree and declare over this congregation that you are the army of God and that you are anointed to do what God has called you to do, from this day forward you are not going to go to work as if you were another worker, but you’re going to go to work as the anointed of God.

Do you believe that this morning? Come on, put your hands up in the air. Do you believe that this morning? Keep your hands up right now we’re going to pray. I’m praying an anointing over you. I didn’t come by chance I came by God, I came with a message to set God’s people free. I came because you’re so special, you are so especial to him.

And so now Father, right now in the name of Jesus and in the power and the anointing that you’ve given me I decree and declare over your people, Father, that they go forth as workmen created in Jesus Christ for such a time as this and that even now, Lord that they would know that they are in that place for a purpose, it may not be a comfortable place, but you called Joseph to go into the Pharaoh kingdom to be the answer to your word.

Daniel went into Babylon, Esther into the throne of Ajasuras, Father you place these people for such a time as this so now breathe on them, breathe your Holy Spirit, breathe your anointing upon them, let them receive right now a fresh vision, a fresh revelation, a fresh anointing to do the work you’ve called them to, and we ask these things in the name of your Son Jesus and everybody said Amen.

I’m expecting great things from you. to whom much is given much is required, but I say, go in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You can do it. I said, you can do it. confirm that by telling your neighbor, you can do this.

Thank you and God bless you.

Sermon delivered by Paul Taylor (translated by Dr. Roberto Miranda) taped April 20, 2008 at Congregation Lion of Judah Listen | View (100K) | View (400K)

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hola mi nombre es cintia tengo 22 años soy de argentina buenos aires capital a los 15 años conoci la iglesia pero me aparte mi familia no son creyentes estoy casada . dios siempre me abla en mi sueño y tengo mucha nesecida de ablar de orar con alguien o tener un lider dios me muestra como va a ser su venida esto lo veo casi todas las noche siempre lo mismo por eso es q necesito la ayuda de alguien q me guie siento mucha necesidad de congregarme siento q dios tiene algo muy grande para mi y necesito ayuda.q DIOS lo BENDIGA MUCHO


Hola, soy Evangelina de Argentina, tengo 32 años, y desde que descubrí su página me ha sido de bendición, vivo en Chile lejos de mi familia, y escucho, bajo y vuelvo a escuchar sus sermones, sus pastores, Muchas bendiciones para todo su iglesia... DIOS LOS BENDIGA..


Hola , soy jenssy tengo 15 años y soy de la republica de nicaragua .la verdad esta pagina hacido de gran bendicion para mi apesar de ser una jovencita .la verdad es que yo creo que los jovenes son los esenciales para formar el ejercito de Dios ¨Dios derrame ricas y abundantes bendiciones sobre todos los mienbros de leon de juda.

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