Sermon March 8, 2008 : Fighting for the land beyond your own backyard

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  • Presenter: Dr. Roberto Miranda
  • Date: March 8, 2008
  • Location: Congregation Lion of Judah, Boston MA

Let’s go to the word of the Lord and quickly run through a passage which, I believe, you know, after I started thinking about this passage I really think that this sermon my have a prophetic dimension to it and I’ll explain why in a moment, but the more I started thinking about it, and it’s, by the way, Luke Chapter 13, beginning with verse 10.

After I started meditating upon it and in the light of an experience that I want to share with you, it really, I believe that somehow it was not a coincidence, I’m in between series of sermons and so on and so forth and you know, just thought that it might be an interesting passage for us to meditate upon and to extract some meaning and teaching from. But the more I think about it, I really believe that there’s a connection here somewhere in the spiritual realms that I hopefully will be able to develop this evening with you.

So, gospel according to Luke, chapter 13, beginning with verse 10. It says, “….Now he was teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath and behold there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity 18 years and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up. But when Jesus saw her, he called her to him and said to her, ‘Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity’, and he lay his hands on her and immediately she was made straight and glorified God….”

That’s the good news. I mean, what could be wrong with that? It says:

“… but the ruler of the synagogue answered with indignation… -imagine that- … and anger, because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath….”

That’s the key thing here, on the Sabbath.

“…. And he said to the crowd, ‘There are six days on which men ought to work, therefore come on be healed on them and not on the Sabbath day.’ The Lord then answered him and said, ‘Hypocrite. Does not each one of you on the Sabbath loose his ox or donkey from the stall and lead it away to water it? So ought not this woman being a daughter of Abraham whom Satan has bound. Think of it for 18 years be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?’ And when he said these things all his adversaries were put to shame and all the multitude rejoiced for all the glorious things that were done by him….”

So, Father we commit this word to you and commit this moment to you and pray for deep understanding, for you to release all the nutrients Father, in this text that we might not waste one single element of your precious teaching, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Yeah, this woman is a memorable character, even though she’s very briefly profiled in this text. But, again as with all the other miracles of Jesus, this miracle has been registered by the Holy Spirit for a particular purpose, to teach us certain aspects of the person of Christ, to give us certain understandings about his ministry and about his relationship with his surrounding.

It is meant to illuminate us about the heart Christ, the heart of God. It is meant also to help us in our own relationship with him and to understand what are the rights and privileges that we have as we face certain situations in life and we are faced with the only option of coming to Christ and asking him for his intervention. I’m sure, just like Ibucum rolling around in that car.

Did you have a moment, I know that these things happen son quick to at least commit yourself and ask the Lord to help you? Maybe not and we could understand that, because you know, things happen so quickly sometimes. But….

I think that would qualify in my case. That would qualify as committing yourself to the Lord. And we didn’t want much more than that, actually. You needed to have your hands on the wheel, you know, to do some things. We didn’t want some very lengthy, complex prayers at that moment, some theological invocations about the covering of God and promises and so on. No.

But when we face moments of crisis, when we face situations of difficulty in our lives, when burdens become very heavy, when we face situations that really overwhelm us, we need to know what access do we have to the Lord, I mean, what can we expect from him, and how is he going to relate to us.

And so this is a very interesting passage, the more you think about, the more it releases its teaching and its complexity. But notice, number one, that Jesus is teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath. You know, many of the miracles that Jesus performs are done as a sort of a secondary motion. They’re not his first intent necessarily.

Jesus did not go around sort of announcing himself as a performer of miracles. That was not his main thing. He was a teacher. He was the embodiment of the living God and he had come to earth to perform a function, to do a saving work. But normally when you look, many times the miracles that Jesus does, they’re done because someone happens to come into his domain, because he happens to be walking by somewhere and he becomes aware of a need, because somebody imposes, like Bartimeos themselves upon him, or because at the end of a teaching time he becomes aware there’s a need and then he addresses that need.

So, for example, one of the greatest miracles in scripture, the multiplication of the loaves and the fish, is done after Jesus has finished the multitude. He has taught for many hours and it’s already night the people are hungry, there’s a big multitude, there’s no place around for them to go and have dinner. I mean, anybody who has been to one of these far off places in Latin America, for example, deep in the country, in the mountains. You know that there’s no transportation? I mean, many people come from all over these mountains, they gather in a place to hear a message or something like that and then they got to walk for hours literally to get back to the little village.

Is it like that in Africa also as well? I suspect there are places like that. In Latin America, I know, I’ve been in Haiti and it is like that, you know, you call together a meeting for two o´ clock in the afternoon and then people start streaming from all the little villages and hamlets in the mountain. Then they come and you can spend 5, 6, 7 hours and then late at night, with the moon shining these people walk back all the way to their hamlets as well.

Well, this is the situation. When Jesus was preaching and teaching and then he says, you know, these people are hungry; let’s give them something to eat. And one of the greatest miracles of all is performed almost as an after thought. And on and on, and on and here yo have something similar. Jesus is teaching in a synagogue.

Why do I take a moment to elaborate on that? Because I think we should be people mainly of the word, and people mainly of the spiritual nourishment and the spiritual knowledge of the word of God. When we have that, there’re so many other things that then come with it. We are people who are seeking, not the loaves and the fish, Jesus once was somewhat irritated because he became aware that people were only seeking him, for what? Because he gave them to eat.

Once he did that miracle of multiplying the loaves and the fish, everybody was after him. And he got a little mad. He said, you know, you’re not seeking me, you’re not seeking the truth that I embody and elaborate before you, you’re seeking just this temporary thing, this release of a healing, or some food, or something, but that’s not where really it’s at.

And I think many times congregations that are pentecostally oriented and as I hope that we are becoming, I think one of the mistakes that people become very sort of supernaturally, too supernaturally oriented. The sensational is what really matters many times to us, and if something is not happening, either some prophecy is going on or tongues or whatever, or something… ah, the service was kind of boring and bad and so on and so forth. I think it’s so important to look at what is important in the Christian experience. It is Jesus, it is the word of God, it is learning the truth of God and of course all the other things are important as well, don’t get me wrong.

We need to be about the supernatural. We need to expect miracles and really this is the thing that interested me about this text is the miraculous. But notice that Jesus is teaching his word and we should be people of the word, we should be people who are seeking, first, those foundational things, because you know, healing, you can be healed and you’ll still die anyway.

I think many churches and many ministries that are just founded on the spectacular, on the supernatural, are weak. It’s important, praise the Lord, it’s important to have a miracle like the one we just related here, but that’s not necessarily what it….

So, I’m just touched by that, you know, the fact that here he is teaching in one of the synagogues and behold as a kind of an incidental thing, and you know, this is important also, that believers, you know, I like to see ourselves… was is Eisenhower who said walk softly and carry a big stick. Roosevelt, they took a history, American history a major here to… you are an American history… you studied English, but he minored in history. Anyway, good, I gave you an opportunity to show off here. Some people say that it was Eisenhower but it was Theodore Roosevelt.

Anyway, you know, it’s like. I think we need to, believers we should not insist on the miraculous, it should not be our main thing, but if it becomes necessary to pray for someone, to anoint them with oil, to pray for healing, to rebuke a demon, to take care of whatever business of the supernatural, we should also be ready for it.

You see, and this is what I love about Jesus, he didn’t go around with a chip on his shoulder sort of showing off his cards, his supernatural card, but when there was a need, when there was a situation that came within his path, he had within him the power. And I think that’s what we need to be about as believers. We need to be people of the word, and as a matter of fact if you’re not a person of the word and of prayer, and of character, it’s probably very unlikely that true, genuine, lasting power for miracles will happen in your life or in your ministry.

So, I love the fact that Jesus, he’s there, he’s teaching, he’s doing his pastoral thing and then all of sudden lowing behold here comes into his domain something that is not of the Kingdom, something that is inimical to life, to health, to the blessing of the human being. And when that shadow enters the domain of light and of truth, all of a sudden a power encounter takes place and a confrontation is brought forth. And at that moment there has to be authority and there has to be power that can take care of that situation. And in our lives we need to be like that.

When Satan comes into our domain, when adversity into our life, when difficulties come into our life, when the enemy wants to wreck havoc in our life, and do damage, we must be prepared to do whatever is necessary to confront and to defeat the powers of darkness.

And God has given the authority to do that. He has given his people that authority, his church should have that authority. We should never be content with situations where the enemy can peacefully and easily walk around our domain without detection, or without confrontation, or without eviction, or without defeat.

And I think this is one of the things about this passage. It is clear that where Jesus was, his presence brought forth whatever demonic thing was hidden. One of the first miracles that he performs in the gospel of Mark is precisely a miracle of a demonized man in a synagogue. Interestingly enough, all these demons happen to… they manifest themselves in the synagogues. It’s not the only time, there’s about 3 that I can show you.

There’s another one, I’ll show you in a moment. In the synagogues and there was nobody there, there was no power in the synagogues and I think this is why these places were rife with demonic presences. And my brothers and sisters I humbly say this, how many churches and perhaps we must include our own, in order to be fair, but in how many churches in American and all over the world, there’s all kind of services going on, the word is being preached, singing is taking place, and I use that terminology deliberately, all the business of church is being done and there are people burdened, possessed, harassed, sickened with demonic presences in their lives, with demonic oppressions in their lives, undetected. And there is no power in the air, there’s nothing in the air, there is no spiritual knowledge in the air, in that domain that would allow for that demonic being, that demonic element to be confronted and to be extracted. There is not enough power in the air for that demonic presence to feel so uncomfortable that it has to flee and has to leave.

I have heard people many times tell me when they came to one of our services, but I don’t think it was because it was our service, I mean, I think anywhere where the presence of God is evoked through worship and prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit of experiencing extreme discomfort, after they have been exorcised, actually in a deliverance session. And many times I’ve become aware of these demonic presences because these people have told me, I came to the church and I experienced a huge headache. I came to the church and I experienced an anger when you started preaching. I came to the church and I experience a desire to just flee the building when worship was taking place. And I’ve always that when that… that is a clear indication of a demonic infestation in the life of that individual, because when the Holy Spirit is present in a place, when the power of God is manifested in a community the demonic has a very hard time feeling comfortable.

But you may be in a religious gathering and all kinds of religious stuff may be taking place, but if there’s no real presence of the Holy Spirit, there is no real proclamation of the word of God, if there is not enough spiritual intensity in the air, that demonic thing just remains nicely hidden under the surface. And there are people in our churches, people in our communities…

I don’t know about your theology and if you believe differently, then, please do not let me scandalize you, but I do believe that Christian believers are, can be demonically oppressed. Now, let’s not get into terminology of possessed, oppressed, harassed, on and on and on, but many encounters in my life that I have had with people that I have known for years, they have been members of my congregation, some I have baptized and they later on they manifest the demonic presence and we’ve had to exorcise them and deliver them from this presence.

Now, these were people who were genuine believers, I cannot.. they’re as much believers as others that I have known in my church and they love the Lord, they give every evidence of being fully committed to the Kingdom of God and of having had a true, genuine, personal experience, encounter with Christ and yet they are demonically oppressed and they need a deliverance.

And this is not only my experience but the experience of thousands and thousands of pastors. The only people that I know who deny that a believer can be oppressed are generally pastors and ministers who have not had experience with the demonic. Anybody who has had experience with the demonic can tell you with great conviction that believers can be harassed at the very least, and oppressed by the demonic. I don’t know that they can be possessed because the possessed doesn’t even exist in the Bible, but they can certainly be oppressed in very, many powerful ways with all kinds of emotional, sexual, mental, physical infirmities and other kinds of situations that require the power of God to free them from, and then also a deep repentance and a commitment to live a life and to continue seeking cleansing and cleansing.

And by the way, in May I think it’s May 5th, 3 to 5 Dr Neil Anderson, well known writer on deliverance and emotional freedom and so on and so forth will be here, actually at León de Judá, as part of a two-day event on discipleship counseling. This is one of the great writers in the area of freedom of the spirit, from spiritual bondage, a very profound man, a psychologist as well and a Christian and a theologian, and he’s going to be here for a weekend, and I really encourage you to shot that time down and to come because it’s gong to be a very powerful, powerful teaching. I have admired the man and his teachings for many, many years.

And so, you know, this woman, she’s a believer, she’s jewfish, she’s here in a synagogue, but that really embodies the fact that in phariseism, in Judaism in the time of Christ there was no power against the demonic, there was just religion, there was just the apparatus, all the scaffolding of religion, but there was no power.

Now, here you have Jesus and where Jesus is there is power. And this is what we see happens here. Now, behold, it says, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity, 18 years.

Neuma asteneías, a spirit of infirmity, of sickness, of disease.

Now, you see it clearly there, that that word spirit of infirmity is not some sort of metaphore. It’s not like sort of she had an attitude of infirmity, or a condition of infirmity. It says a spirit, neuma, a spirit of infirmity. And to make it even clearer, Jesus later on talks about this woman being bound by Satan for 18 years. So there’s no question here in the text that this was not just any kind of sickness situation. This was a woman who was burdened; she was bondaged to a demonic spirit. I mean, there’s a lot for us to understand, as believers we must understand.

Let me clarify, not every condition, I mean, this woman had something that was very strange. Let me just go forth a little bit more. She was bent over and could in no way raise herself up.

The word as is translated as bent over was sumkuptosa. The prefix sum generally means together with. What is being said is that it was almost like she was together with herself, if you will. She was bent over completely. She was doubled over. She was bent over herself.

I’ve seen one person in my life, or two, very elderly people who I could understand what that means. This woman from her waist down, she could not look up at anybody. She was completely bent. I mean, doubled upon herself like that. She had spent 18 years in that condition and could in no way straighten herself to look up or anything similar to that. It was a very terrible, humiliating, graphic situation. And I think that fact alone; imagine that body, bent over like that for 18 years and there’s something very powerful about that image. There’s something very symbolic about that image.

Now, we could be very quote, unquote, exegetical here and that’s why we need to loosen ourselves many times from that tendency, to be overly exegetical. Because we could just say, well this is just about disease, it was a case of a woman physically infirm by a demonic spirit and let’s limit it to that. But we have to go beyond that here. I think this woman, to me, and this is why I think this sermon is slightly prophetic in a way. This woman symbolizes everything that can be wrong with humanity, with a human being. She is the very embodiment of humanity, humbled, humiliated, rendered inoperative. The human body brought to an extreme expression of prostration and ineptitude. Forgive the words, but they are the ones that come to my mind right now, of just incapacity to function.

Her body was sort of neutralizes, broken. This is a human being that is broken, it’s a human being that is shackled, that a human being that cannot really perform anything but the very essential functions of the human body.

In this woman I see an entire humanity broken and bent over. And I see the embodiment of any human being who has ever been burdened by the demonic in one degree or another. And I think we must include to a certain degree each of ourselves in the image of this woman.

It says that she could not in any way straighten herself up. Let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, that there are situations in our lives many times that we cannot straighten ourselves up. There are stages that we go through and states that we go through in our lives were no matter how much we want to get it right, we can’t. There are depressions in our lives, there are periods of sadness in our life, there are periods of anxiety in our lives, there are financial situations in our lives, there are conditions and problems, there are challenges in our lives that come many times and they become chronic in nature like this woman for 18 years.

By chronic I mean lengthy in nature and no matter how much we try to get out of it, no matter how much we try to reason ourselves out of them, no matter how much therapy we seek to get in order to break the spell of an attitude, or a condition or a situation, we cannot free ourselves from it. We are bent over by spiritual influence that prevents life from flowing freely the way that it is meant to and we need an outside intervention. The intervention of Jesus Christ, of the power of God, of the liberating influence of the Holy Spirit. And that means prayer, and that means fasting, and that means a desperate coming before the Lord and clamoring like Bartimeos did and pestering God until he does something.

We have to learn to cultivate that attitude of despair. When we’re fighting with certain situations, certain attitudes in our lives and we cannot free ourselves from them, we have to define the enemy, we have to name him, we have to know who he is, we have to identify him and then we have clamor before the Lord until that demon, that demonic entity, that satanic influence is broken by the power of the spirit of God. And it’s the only thing that’s going to make the change in our lives. It’s not going to be done through therapy, therapy can help. It’s not going to be done through a process of reasoning ourselves out of a situation or out of an attitude or a condition. It doesn’t happen that way. This woman could not straighten herself out, the doctors could not do anything to straighten those bones, those ligaments, whatever it was, those articulations, those junctures that were already ossified and frozen in a position. It required the power of God.

More than ever in my life I know that we need to have that power, we need to have that attitude of desperation, and we need to cultivate the knowledge and the assurance that that can happen in my life. That if I come before the Lord, and I do it insistently enough and seriously enough, and I cry out to him powerfully and urgently enough, he will hear my cry and he will do what he promises that he will do.

I think the problem is that many times we do not get to that point. And therefore, God sometimes just for whatever mysterious reasons he will not intervene. But I know, I have seen it in my life many times when I have to come sometimes to that point of clamoring before the Lord and just crying out to him and getting angry even and saying, ‘Lord I need release’. That’s when God intervenes, that’s when things are broken. We need to live, we need to learn to parse our spiritual experiences and the experiences of life that way and you need to know that there’s one last card that you can play whenever you find yourself in difficult situations and that card is of crying out to the Lord to break the spirit of infirmity, to crush it and to loose enough power in your life to release you from whatever situation it is that you’re dealing with.

The words of the salmist in salm 40 came to: “I waited patiently for the Lord and he inclined to me and heard my cry, heard my cry….”

He waited patiently but this guy was crying. I see him in a pit, that’s what he says and he’s crying out, ‘Lord get me out of here’, and he does it a thousand times, three thousand times, and then he says, ‘and he heard my pride, he also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock and established my steps, and he put a new song in my mouth. Praise to our God, many will see in fear and will trust in the Lord’.

See? That’s what you got to do. You got to cry out to the Lord when you’re like this woman. The spirit of infirmity, this demonic thing, it would not let this woman go. And I’m telling you, people, we are living in these times… you know why I said to you that this was possibly a prophetic passage? Because as I started looking at it more and more, I had a dream two nights ago that has left me very disturbed, and it is one of those dreams that I know it’s not a common dream.

I’ve had some of those over my life. I remember about 3 or 4 images from the dream, but one of them was the following, a warrior that was a demonic entity, I knew that in the dream, took a bow. I don’t know if you’ve seen those movies where these archers they take a very powerful bow, stretch it and just release an arrow. Well, I saw that archer, he was far away, I could see that is was a very far distance on the other side of a wall. But he released an arrow and I knew the reason, the purpose of the arrow. The purpose of the arrow was that wherever it landed it would demarcate a domain, it would serve to demarcate a territory and from where the arrow landed forward, that belonged to the army and to the Lord that archer was under.

Now, when the arrow that was sent off by this archer landed, it was no longer an arrow, it was a spear, it was a golden spear. I could see it very clearly. It was a golden spear of about six feet plus high. I could see that it was hallow inside and very ornamented. I mean, it was a very beautiful, golden spear and it landed just about 3 feet from the wall of my house, of my backyard. I could tell because in the dream that was a symbolism of it, it was my backyard was walled off and that arrow landed on the other side of the wall of my backyard.

I saw the arrow land on the lawn, there was a lawn and I went over and I knew what was being said. You can do whatever you want in your own backyard, in your own property but do not trespass. From now own this is my property. From that point on it belongs to me.

Now, I took the …. I went over to the spear and I yanked it, I clearly see the hole that was left and I took it inside and I lay it down. It was my way of saying, ‘I do not respect your statement. I do not respect what you’re trying to determine here’. But I could also, a that moment, I could also see as if from a very high mountain, that whole territory, and I saw people being abused and being harmed physically. I saw a man, for example, get entangled in a fight between two demonic beings and I said to myself, ‘he’s death’. I mean, they wounded him seriously. But no, the man left, he emerged from the fight all dazed and bruised but he was able to get back and walk away. And I saw people, that happening to several people in the dream

And I could understand that this was the world in a sense, where people get bruised like this woman in the passage. They get mauled by fighting demonic entities, by daws that do this. They don’t really care about…. They do this because that’s all that they can do. They don’t really set out to do this; they do it because that’s…

You see, this demon of infirmity, I don’t think that he set out to make this woman infirm; it’s just that that’s what he was. That’s what he is. Whoever he touched, whoever he inhabited, whoever he settled upon would acquire those characteristics.

Now, I also remember a little elf character within that’s very interesting as well, but that’s another part of the whole dream. But the important thing is this dream left me very, very intrigued because this is what Satan does, he demarcates territories and he is very possessive about his territory. And he is wrecking havoc in the world out there and he is telling the church ‘you could do whatever you want inside your domain, but do not make any attempts to step out and try to free anybody out there because that is my domain.’ And if you do it, what I clearly understood in the dream, it was a threat, it was a very clear challenge. If you pass that it’s war. This is my territory.

And the world is full of individuals, human beings like that woman who are overwhelmed and burdened with demonic burdens, disease, depression, homosexuality, lots of different sorts, anger, violence, abuse. They are scarred by all kinds of abuse that they receive as children and full of anger and full of pain, lonely and the devil is stepping all over them and harming and destroying and killing these lives.

This woman’s life could have been snuffed out at the end and she could have never seen another sunrise or a sunset or never looked again at a human being erect. She could have spent her whole life, except that she had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and she was able to be freed from that.

You know, this is a call to the church. I mean, of all the many things that we could say about this passage, it’s clear to me now, even as I preach it to you, this was not clear to me when I started analyzing it, even when I stepped up here, that was Jesus is saying to me and to you is ‘what are you going to do to save all of those bent over men and women? What is the church going to do to free them from their infirmity, from their brokenness?

This is the challenge of the church and the problem is that we ourselves, my brothers and sisters, we ourselves are sick with so many different things ourselves, that we need to be freed from, that we need to ask the Lord to break in our own lives. The church is full of pastors, my friends, and ministers of the gospel who ourselves are carrying all kind of horrible burdens and bondage and unless we find ways to free ourselves how can we seek to free others, and unless the church of Jesus Christ acquires de power, the mentality, the outlook, the skills, the knowledge of the word of God and the conditions to confront the enemy, it will not happen. We are in a time, I believe that this dream is a very prophetic dream, because we are in a time, I sense that this dream was like an acceleration of many things and that we are in a time when the power of Satan would be released even more than ever.

We are at the beginning of a huge infestation of demonic power over society. We are at a time when the church of Jesus Christ needs to be more serious than ever about the kind of lives that we lead and our relationship with the word of God, our lives of prayer, of fasting, of holiness, of character, and of the way we walk. It is not the time for games, it was never there, but it is even less so now than ever. And I think the people of Jesus Christ are being called to adopt a very sinister outlook and I use that word again, very deliberately. We are a warrior people, my dear brothers and sisters; we’re not supposed to be a nice bunch of people. I repudiate this attitude of Christians being nice. I know that we’re supposed to be nice, I talked about our winsomeness being known by others and so on, but I often feel this lust for niceness in American evangelicalism is one of the most anti biblical things that I have ever seen in my life.

The spirit of Christ is a warrior spirit. It is a spirit that does not suffer evil easily in any manifestation. Look at the way he reacts against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and of the ruler of the synagogue right there. He doesn’t say, ‘excuse me, sir, did I offend you? or ‘Forgive I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to heal!’. No, he says, ‘you hypocrite, you’re a hypocrite’.

And I’m telling you when the Holy Spirit is in a place the truth of God sounds clearly, it is confronting, it is not nice. There is nothing nice about the Lion of Judah, that’s why I’ve always refused to take out that lion there, that’s in front of the church even though it has big fangs and it doesn’t look very inviting. Most church consultants the first thing they say is, ‘get that lion out of there’.

You know why I have never even contemplated for a millisecond getting that lion out of there? Because I know that lion: 1) was put there by the Lord before we ever came into this building, and secondly because I know that the Lion of Judah has a sinister side to it, that the warrior Christ is not easily digested by the demonic. I will always repudiate the spirit of niceness, I’m telling you right now because I know that when I see Jesus Christ incarnated most times, I see him as a very, he’s very nice, very loving, but as they say in that chronicles of Narnia, he’s not safe, or what is it? He’s not… the idea is he’s a lion, do not tamper with him, do not mess with him.

And I know that this is… we are dealing with demonic entities in the lives of people. They will not be extricated with the spirit of niceness. We are living at a time where the church of Jesus Christ needs to be kind and loving, but not nice. It’s a different thing altogether. When the word of God needs to be preached clearly, when we refuse to give up any weapons that have been given to us by Christ, even though de world will say, ‘give them up because they’re not nice’, and that’s one of the dangers of the church today, it’s handing all its weapons left and right just because the church has this lust for niceness. We want to be approved by the world, we want the world to like us, so we’re taming down everything that sounds alienating to the world because somehow we think that that is going to free them. That’s not what frees the world. What frees the world is the power of God, what breaks the bent-overness, if you will, of the woman is not nice words, it is not accommodation. It is the shear, naked, hot power of the Holy Spirit. And that’s what we need to be cultivating.

I will stop here. There is so much here but you know, I see now, as I put that dream together with this passage that the Lord led me to. I chose this passage, I had no idea, but there’s a world out there, my brothers and sisters, I declare this in the name of Jesus Christ and Father, I acknowledge your message. There’s a world out there of women and men who are bent over and can in no way raise themselves up and they need for the Jesus in the church to see them.

When Jesus saw her, it says here, he saw through her, he saw into her and he knew what was in there. And we need to ask the Holy Spirit, God give us the eyes of Christ and give us the power and the authority of Christ. It is that church that is necessary, my people.

I pray to the Lord, I offer my life to the Lord. I say ‘Father, help me to be one of those elements of deliverance. Help our church to be a church of deliverance. Help us to elaborate an atmosphere that will make it impossible for demonic bondage to remain undetected and untreated and unchallenged. And if there is any evil in me, Father, help me to break it completely, to not cohabit with the enemy and to not relax in any way, or allow him any kind of presence or lodging in my being or in my ministry.

I pray that that will be your prayer for each one of you tonight. But, Father, we acknowledge your call, your call to your people, Father, and we labor, and we agonize at our impotence. And Father, we confess that I am not a happy camper, we are not a happy people. I refuse to be satisfied with the state of my church, Father. And I beg you forgiveness, Lord. I beg your forgiveness for not being more like the church is portrayed here in this passage were Jesus is present and there what has lain hidden for such a long time all of a sudden, can no longer remain hidden. And there is enough power, enough word, enough integrity, enough relationship, enough authority that with a brief word ‘woman, thou art, thou has been loose from your infirmity, you are free’.

Father, this is what we desire in the name of Jesus Christ, Lord. We clamor for that spirit tonight. Father, if you are calling our attention it is because you know that there is a solution, you would not alert us to the problem and the need if there were not a solution, so we claim that solution tonight. Father, in the name of Jesus, begin with me. And we pray that you will distribute your power among your people, you will create for yourself a people that can do the work of the Kingdom.

Help us Jesus Christ to stop living, to stop playing the game of religion and help us to become radical for you. Help us to become a warrior people. Help us to become eagles, help us to become lions, Father. Help us to honor the heart of Christ which is a warrior heart for warrior times, for times of war, like we are in now, Father. I believe that there will be a release of demonic power like never before and Father, your church needs to be endowed with power and holiness and knowledge of the mysteries of the spirit. And so Father, we clamor tonight, release that knowledge; release that wisdom of the spirit, Father. Release that warrior spirit in your people, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ; release the spirit of the warrior, Father. We call for that spirit tonight, Lord. We ask you to endow us with the heart of the warrior, Father, for times of war and to release that warrior spirit in your people all over this region, Father, all over this nation, Lord.

We repudiate false niceness. We divorce ourselves from that attitude, Father, and we embrace the radical nature of our King, our warrior King, our warrior priest, oh Jesus, possess us. Jesus, spirit of Christ, enter, come, come Holy Spirit, come spirit of Christ, come warrior King and enter the domain of your people. We clamor before you, Father, we are tired, tired of the ineptitude, tired of the ignorance, tired of the childishness and we need more from you. Come spirit of God, begin with me, cleanse us, cleanse us. Purify us. Kill us; kill all that is not of you. Kill all that does not please you, Father and let us walk in a way that is becoming to the calling that we have received and the King that we serve, and this advancing kingdom of yours that is forceful and violent and confrontative and radical and demanding, and militant, and irresistible. That is what we want to join, Father.

And so we release that spirit, we embrace your vision tonight, we embrace your call, we embrace what you have revealed, Father. We embrace it in the name of Jesus Christ; I receive it in the name of Jesus. I receive the calling. I receive the calling. We receive the calling in the name of Jesus and I declare that calling upon these people here and all those that are not here, and also upon the Latino congregation in the name of Jesus, and any that you may want to receive this endowment, this commission in the name of Jesus, I release it, I release it tonight, Father. I release it tonight; receive it in the name of Jesus. Receive that warrior spirit. Receive that warrior spirit. Receive that capacity; receive that endowment of power in the name of Jesus Christ. ¡Alleluia!

Father, we declare a church that is powerful, a church that is irresistible, a church that knows how to do the business of the kingdom and we bind you Satan in the name of Jesus. You have no power, listen; you have no power to challenge the people of God. You have no power to claim one inch of territory in this world. You have no authority to claim one single soul. We rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ and we reject your challenge in the name of Jesus Christ and we cover ourselves with the blood of Christ for in us alone there is not power, but in him there is all power.

We take refuge under his wings and under his holiness and under his sacrifice and under his blood and under the power of his name we cover ourselves and we move in that power, for his glory and his glory alone. May the Christ that restored this woman be released and be seen in these times, in these times, in these times, and in this place. May he be seen walking and teaching again because he is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Cover us. Cover us with your blood and cover us with your power. ¡Alleluia!

Sermon delivered by Dr. Roberto Miranda taped March 8, 2008 at Congregation Lion of Judah Listen | View

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