Sermon September 3, 2006 (afternoon) : Isaiah 45:1-12

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I’d like you to turn to your Bibles today to Isaiah chapter 45, verse 1 to 12. Father we thank you. We thank you for your presence today. We pray that you will move by your Holy Spirit and pray in the name of Jesus that you will anoint this message and every person that hears will be changed and transformed and blessed by your spirit. We thank you Lord. We give you all glory and all honor, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I’d like to talk to you today about four voices of building God’s kingdom. I really believe when I was praying that the Lord showed me that this is a church that God is using to build his kingdom in Boston. And the Lord has called this church and commissioned this church to build a great city church in Boston to bring forth a building of God’s kingdom. God has strategically planted you in this time, in this place to do a powerful word of his spirit to bring forth restoration, reformation and change in this city, and the Lord has planted you in this time and this season.

And as we look at these scriptures we can see four voices that the prophet Isaiah is speaking about, and the first voice he’s speaking about is a voice of comfort and restoration. I really believe that there are many people, when they hear the gospel they have an idea that God’s a God who wants to punish people and he wants to send people to hell and wants them to burn forever.

But God is a God of mercy and righteousness and he does not want people to perish, he wants them to be saved, and he’s a God of restoration and he’s a God of hope. And the Lord wants to speak to people right now, he has a message of restoration, of comfort and hope for the people in Boston, for the people in Boston God has this message that he wants to bring to his people. He wants to restore family, he wants to infiltrate all levels of society with the gospel of the kingdom and bring forth his message of comfort and hope. Glory to God.

And God’s idea when he’s speaking about restoration and we look at the Lord’s, and we look at our sins, a lot of us see our sins and we’re ashamed of where we’ve been and what we’ve done. And we’re ashamed of the past. But what we have to realize that the voice of comfort, the voice of restoration is to give us a double portion of his spirit for the sins that we forfeit.

God wants to give us a double portion of his spirit, a double portion of restoration in our lives. There’s a restoring presence. I feel in my spirit that God wants to restore families. He wants to bring a work of his spirit. There’s a move of the Holy Spirit in this city and the Lord will speak to people right here. He hasn’t called you to Boston by accident, he’s planed before the foundation of the earth to put you in this city to be an instrument of restoration and comfort for God’s kingdom. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

There are people here that the Lord is speaking to you and perhaps in your life there’s a lot of despair, there’s depression, there are things in your life that God will want you to look and he will want you to be ministered to today, his voice of restoration, his voice of comfort. And he will want to give you a double portion of his spirit for your sins, and he will want to use you greater and better than you’ve ever imagined in your life. Amen. Amen. Glory to God. Amen.

The Lord is speaking to people and he is speaking to people that he wants to use each person as of the first remnant in your family that served the Lord. And he wants to use you to bring all the others in, to bring all the others in to the Kingdom of God and he wants to use you as a light. God has not called us to be superstars, but he’s called us to be shining stars with his bright glory, with the shine of Jesus on our faces, and the ability to transmit the presence of God wherever we go. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Alleluia!

The second voice of building God’s kingdom is a voice of preparation. God wants the way of the Lord to be prepared. When I see this church I see two things in this church. I see this church as a great church of love, but I see this church as a powerful church in intercession and in spiritual warfare and God is speaking to this church and he is given you the mantle to tear down strongholds of the devil.

There are many strongholds of Satan in this city and you don’t have to walk through streets more than 5 minutes to sense the strongholds, to sense the spirits. You can sense the spirits, we are here to tear down the strongholds of the devil. And God has called you with the name Lion of Judah because God calls the Lion of Judah as a first tribe that ….. the battle. And he sends Judah first so he can bring the victory. He can bring the victory so that he can make the rough way smooth so that the Kingdom of God can come to the city. Amen. Amen. Glory to God.

There are people in this church, God wants to talk to you and tell you, ‘I put you in places that now is hard, now they are hard places, people are not open to the gospel, people are not open to the things of God, but God has called you to prepare the way of the Lord to make the rough ways smooth and to see the crooked become straight. Amen. Amen. Amen. That’s what God is doing in this church.

There are other people that walk into this church and they’re crooked spiritually and God has turned them into the righteousness of God, into the holy people of God. And when the voice of restoration it is able to break through the hard grounds and bring light in the dark place so the gospel can be preached.

My testimony and my call to the Dominican Republic about 18 years ago, me and wife were praying and we were asking God ‘what do you want me to do with my life? At that time I was an associate pastor of the church in Brooklyn and I knew that God had more for me to do and when I began to pray, we prayed for about 6 months and God spoke to us. And the first thing he said to me, that he wanted me to be a missionary and that wasn’t something that I wanted, I wanted to be a pastor of a church. But the Lord spoke to me, I want you to be a pastor and then when me and my wife were praying two days later, we asked God what country do you want us to go to? And he spoke to us and he said to us, I want you to go to Dominican Republic and I am going to use you as an instrument to bring my dominion in the Dominican Republic. I’m going to use you as an example to bring unity in the churches in the Dominican Republic.

And I said to the Lord, Lord, how could you use me? I don’t speak Spanish, I’m Norwegian Swedish background, and I don’t like rice and beans. How could you use a gringo … in the Dominican Republic? And the Lord told me to obey him and me and my wife we’ve been obedient to him for 5 years we prayed that the Lord would send us to the Dominican Republic.

In 1993 we were sent out by our church to the Dominican Republic. And God fulfilled all the prophesies and the call that he had planted in our lives and he is using us in the Dominican Republic and in many nations to help many people to preach the Kingdom of God. Amen. Glory to God. Amen.

And sometimes when you have a call from God we think that’s going to be easy, just because God is in something doesn’t mean it’s easy. It doesn’t mean that everything is going to go the way you think. There’s going to be difficult times, there’s going to be hard times but when you have a spirit of a warrior and you have a spirit no matter what you’re going to continue to march, you’re going to continue to go forth and you’re going to see the rough ways smoothed, you’re going to see the crooked made straight. God will lead you in triumph in Christ. He will always lead you in triumph in Christ. Amen. Amen.

This year it’s been a year of many trials. In April 8th of this year my oldest daughter got in an accident. Her car flipped over three times on the way home from Rochester and she ended up in a pit of mud, and she was in the hospital for more than a week and we were told by the doctors that she had three fractures in her spine and that she might not walk. But when you walk with the Lord, God always leads you in triumph. A week later from the accident my daughter was walking and now she’s back in the university and she’s healed. Amen. Glory to God. Alleluia!

We have tribulations, we have trials but we have an attitude nobody, no one is going to stop us from building the kingdom that we’re going to prepare the way, that we’re going to make the rough ways smooth. God will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against his church. Amen. Amen. Glory to God. Glory to God.

There are people in this church that you’re in a season of preparation and it’s very hard because you can’t see the end in mind. All you can see is the rough way. All you can see is darkness. But the Lord wants you to know that he is with you, that you need to continue the work and that he is with you and that you will see the rough ways smooth and he has lead you to be more than a conqueror and he will use you to bring his kingdom in your job, in your school, and in this city. You’ll see God’s kingdom come. Amen. Amen.

The third voice of restoration is a voice to reform. It says in this passage ‘the grass withers and the flowers faint, but the word of God lives forever.’ And there is power in the word of God to reform cities, to reform places that have been taken over by the devil. And the Lord wants in these last days to reform society, to reform the government, to reform the arts, to reform sports, to reform every area of society and bring it on to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Amen. Glory to God.

And we could see in the fifteenth century a man by the name of Martin Luther got the revelation while he was reading the word of God in Habakkuk, where it says the just shall live by faith. He received that in his spirit and it exploded in him and this man was used to reform all of Europe and bring forth a move of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Glory to God.

When God’s words come into a place where there is darkness and God’s work plus God’s spirit is able to bring light to a place, to an area that is infiltrated with darkness. God is able to bring forth his light. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The Lord is preparing people to do a great work here. There are many teachers here, there are lawyers, there are doctors, there are construction workers, there are businessmen, God is building a team, he’s building a team to do a great work to bring forth a reformation in this city. And the Lord is saying to you that you need to be discipled, you need to be under the word of God and under the teaching of God to receive the power to bring forth the reformation that God wants to bring in this city. Amen. Amen. Amen.

There are people, there are Christians that just like to come into church and they like to hear a good message, they like to hear a good song and they like to leave and come back and do the same thing all over again. But God has not called you here just for that. He’s called you here to receive a discipleship that will bring forth reformation in this city. Amen.

And this is the time and this is the season that God is bringing everything the church is been doing for the last 5 years it’s about to be accelerated. It’s being accelerated to bring forth double growth, to bring forth a move of reformation in the society in this city. Amen. Amen.

I’m speaking this to you prophetically from the Holy Spirit. I’m speaking this to you because the Holy Spirit has showed me this and I’m speaking this to you to say to you that this is the time to get ready, to get ready and to receive the discipleship that God wants to bring. Alleluia! Glory to God.

I feel in my spirit that the Lord is moving in a powerful way. I feel in my spirit that God is preparing people to do great works. And he is putting people into strategic places and you think that you are nobody, but when the Holy Spirit touches you and prepares you, he’s going to launch you forth into a service that you’ve never done before. And he’s going to use you as a vehicle of restoration, a vehicle of reformation in this city. Alleluia! Alleluia!

The fourth voice of building God’s kingdom is a voice to gather the lambs. In these days God wants to gather the true sheep and he wants to bring them to him. I believe in my spirit that there is a gift of evangelism in this church and in the gift of evangelism that’s going to explode from this church there’s going to be a gathering of the lambs like never before. There’s going to be multiplication in the east part of Boston, in the west part of Boston, in the south part of Boston. Alleluia! in the suburbs, there’s going to be a multiplication.

And there are many churches in the womb of this church that will be planted in God’s time, according to God’s plan. Amen. Amen. Amen.

And I feel in my spirit right now that there’s an anointing to bring salvation to people. Like never before God’s going to open your families to Christ. He’s going to open up sons, he’s going to open up your daughters, he’s going to open up your fathers, he’s going to open up your mothers, he’s going to open up doors to bring the gospel, to bring forth the lambs into the Kingdom of God and he’s going to bring them forth. Alleluia! glory to God.

There are people right now you’re receiving in your spirit a burden for members of your family, you’re receiving in your spirit and becoming impregnated with their souls in your spirit. God is doing a work in putting them in your hearts, in your spirits and right now the Lord wants to bring that forth in you. And right now we’re going to pray that these four voices of restoration, and reformation in building God’s kingdom will be manifested in you and this church.

I feel in my spirit a flow of the presence of God. The Lord wants to touch people and to give them a spirit of prayer, very strong for your family in the name of Jesus.

There is a burden right now that God wants to put on people in this church to bring forth these four voices.

Now just let’s stand up and just raise your hands to the Lord and say to the Lord, ‘Lord, I thank you that you have given me my family and you have given me a desire to see them safe and right now we pray for the salvation of our families in the building of your kingdom. And we pray right now for a move of the spirit of God of comfort, of restoration, of hope that will come forth in the families in this church. And we thank you God , for what you’re doing, for what you’re doing, for what you’re doing.

There are people right now that the Lord is touching, he’s touching, he’s moving on your heart, he’s moving on your spirit and he’s speaking to you and he’s saying to you it’s time to be restored. This is the time to receive comfort. This is the time to move into your call. And I have seen the desires of your heart, and I have seen the things that you have put before me. And I say to you, now put me first. I am bringing forth a move of my spirit. I am cutting down strongholds of God over your life.

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