Sermon April 9, 2006 (morning) : Dennis Peacocke - Only disciples change the world (part 1)

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God has used Dennis Peacocke in many, many nations of the world, developing leaders and developing this basic understanding of how a Christian vision can impact society and we can, as Christians, possess the gates of the world.

Dennis has been used through the writing of books, through giving lectures, through raising ministries in different parts of the world, and teaching people how the marketplace can be a place also for evangelism, and a place that can be penetrated by the teachings of Christianity, by Christian values.

Dennis we welcome you. thank you for being with us. I’m going to have the honor for translating for you, so come on up, my brother. I welcome you brother. Thanks for being here.

So I will not try to preach. I told Roberto I feel like I just woke up in a dream, because I just came back from Central America, a little over a week ago, but it’s a real joy for me to be here today. I have a great esteem for you your pastor, I believe he is more than a pastor and you’re privileged to have him as a leader. I hope he translates all my compliments.

I want to share this morning using some sports illustrations. When I was younger one of my goals was to play professional football, but I got injured and the Lord had other ideas for my life. How many of you know that God has a plan for your life? And sometimes his plan is different that your plan.

I’m excited about the vision of changing of Boston that I have the privilege of reading Roberto’s Manifesto of transformation. In fact, I don’t know if he knows it, but I sent a copy of it to our Senior leaders all over the world, because it is filled with faith and the vision of transformation.

In a fallen world there is only one question. How many of you know that we live in a fallen world? In a fallen world there’s only one question: how do I experience lasting transformation? Everything else is detail.

You see the world competing with the world’s system. There are many nations, there maybe 212 nations, but there’s only two kingdoms: Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world. And we are in a major confrontation with the world’s system.

You see, when Jesus taught us to pray he didn’t tell us to pray to go to heaven, he told us to pray that heaven and the kingdom would come here. Now, I know this is a well taught church and I’ve been around Roberto enough to know that you were taught about the Kingdom of God. I’m excited to be because a message of the kingdom is becoming more and more understood around the world.

You see, the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom of God are in competition for the allegiance and the management of the resources on this world. The world’s education system believes that man can be transformed through public education, but the Kingdom of God says ‘no, that’s not possible’.

You see, man can only be transformed if he is born again. It doesn’t matter what my iq is or what level, it doesn’t matter how intelligent I am because neither intelligence nor education can bring me spiritual transformation. Amen.

We must be born again. We must be spiritually reborn. My intelligence and my education is actually a hindrance and an enemy till I’m born again, because it can fill me with pride, false hope, arrogance. Now, all of us, I would say virtually all of us, have been educated in pharaoh’s schools.

I had a very good education. I went to the Universe of California in Berkley, and I got a very good education. But I eventually became disillusioned. I was a revolutionary in the sixties. I was a Marxist and seeking social justice. I was not interested in Russia but it was part of the new left I was interested in Cuba. The revolution in the New World and the western hemisphere. But I came to the conclusion that you could not change human nature through social engineering. I am a man that loves justice and was looking for transformation and got very much involved in the civil rights movement against the war in Vietnam and all those things. But I became disillusioned with the west so I turned to the east and dropped out of the university graduate studies and worked as research economist and smoked a lot of marihuana and would go home and I got involved in the martial arts and became a Zen Buddhist. I could be a poster child for the sixties.

But by the grace of God, I had an encounter with Jesus Christ and that made all the difference. But when I became a Christian I had been shaped by all those experiences and when I read the Bible I read it with a different set of glasses. I was looking for justice, I was looking for transformation. I was reading the Bible as an economist. I was reading the Bible as somebody very familiar with social transformations and as I began to read the Bible and fellowship with other believers, I discovered once again that maybe I was a little different.

You see, I wasn’t interested in going to heaven, I was much more interested seeing heaven come the earth. Because transformation is in my heart. I was a man looking for the Kingdom of God but did not find it until I found Christ. So I’m excited today because all over the world more and more people are talking about the Kingdom of God.

When I got out of the university I was disillusioned with the academic community and I said if I ever had children I’ll educate them myself. How many of you know that you have to become deprogrammed from the world system?

I went into a crisis because I realized that pharaoh had taught me history. Pharaoh had taught me economics. Pharaoh had taught me psychology. I was well educated in the social thinking of pharaoh.

How many of you can hear me when I say this? Every man and every woman who has ever brought transformation to the world in the name of God, needs a time in the desert. He that has an ear to hear, let him hear.

Before Moses could deliver Israel he needed 40 years of deprogramming from pharaoh. The Bible tells us that Moses was an expert in the wisdom of Egypt. But you cannot deliver from the world system with the wisdom of the world system. God made a brain transformation to his life. He had to change him from the inside out.

See, hear me now. The world tells us that change comes from the top down and the outside in. But the Kingdom of God is very, very different. The Kingdom of God tells us change comes from the inside out and from the bottom up. You see, we can’t preach the Kingdom of God and still think like the world system.

So my wife and I are home schooling our children and then in our churches we started new school systems and 35 years later I am still in the hunt for transformation. My heart yearns to see something different on the earth.

You see, when we pray thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth. How many of you know there is no problem in heaven? Where is the problem? The problem is on the earth. Heaven does not need transformation but the need for transformation is here on the earth.

You got to ask yourself this question: if God loves me so much why doesn’t he take me to heaven right now? Because he loves the earth and he needs his children on the earth, because the earth is where the problem is. The earth is where God wants to magnify his name, but he’s got to find people who are willing to pay the price.

Now, let me tell you a secret, using the analogy of athletics. God plays everybody who is in shape and he plays you at the level of your preparation. I know this man already, he’s a man who lives doing his spiritual push up.

So all over the world I ran into people who say: ‘I want God to use me’ ‘God use me’. You see, God can’t use them because they’re not in shape, they are not training. How many of you are training before the Lord?

Now, I’ll tell you something else: Christians have never changed the world and never will. That’ll make you suck air. You say, what a thing to say! Let me say it again in case you think Roberto made a mistake translating. Christians have never changed the world and never will, which is why Jesus told us ‘don’t go make Christians’. Only disciples change the world.

I wonder if you heard what I’ve just said. Jesus didn’t tell us to go and make Christians. Christians go to heaven, but Christians don’t change the earth. The disciples of Freud changed the earth. The disciples of Marx changed the earth.

You see, ultimately this is a battle of bad disciples, and the problem is that disciples of the world system have understood that better than the church. But glory be to God, things are changing.

I wonder if you know things are changing. It’s only the disciples of Christ that throughout history have changed the earth. I want to ask you this morning, are you just a Christian or are you a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?

What’s a disciple? A disciple is a whole hearted follower. A disciple is a disciplined learner. I don’t want you to feel bad. Feeling bad never changed anybody. Religion wants us to feel bad. My friends, religion is more dangerous than all the heroine you could put in the dub truck.

Satan loves religion. The soul of man loves religion. Jesus said religious tradition nullifies the word of God. Mathew 15:6. I’ve actually read the Bible a couple of times. Are you a disciple?

Now let me give you one more characteristic of a disciple. For a disciple every day is a training day. Let’s look for a couple of Bible verses. Jesus said in John 8:31 “if you live in my word, then you are my disciples”.

I want to ask how many of you today are living in his word? I don’t mean you read the Bible, I mean you’re trying to live in the Bible. I wonder who knows what I’m talking about.

You see, when I was in the world I got hungry. I studied all the philosophers of the world, I studied Plato, I studied the Greeks, I studied the Romans, I studied the early fathers, I studied Acquinus, I went through all the western philosophers and all I did was get hungry. So it was until I found the word of God and began to eat the word. So if you’ve ever been as hungry like I got hungry I ……………. And finally I began to get fed, found something that was solid, wouldn’t move.

I wonder if you know what I’m talking about. Is anybody in this house who knows what I’m talking about? Every day is training day for a disciple. Now, we all know this verse. John 8:32 “You’ll know the truth and the truth will make you free”.

But you can’t know the truth unless you’re a disciple, because disciples practice the word. They work with the holy ghost to learn how to make the word work in their lives. You see, I didn’t want to transfer from being a worldly philosopher to a Christian philosopher.

So I want to know, how do I make it work? You see, being a disciple is not just believing the Bible, being a disciple is having a holy spirit showing you how to make the Bible work in life.

Let’s look at another Bible verse. Hebrews, chapter 5. The writer of Hebrews is marveling at Christians and he’s talking to a bunch of Christians. And in verse 11 says “… concerning Christ we have much to say and it’s hard to explain since you have become dull of hearing.” He says, ‘you’re believers but you can’t hear any more’.

You know how you lose your hearing? You read the word but you don’t train with the word. He said “by this time”.

Say with me “by this time”. By this time you should be teachers of the word. I wonder how many of you’ve been in the Bible, in the word of God, long enough that by this time you ought to be teaching the word.

You see, I’m not here to make you feel bad, I’m here to provoke you, to exhort you, to encourage, to get into the word so that you can become a teacher. See, we talk about revival in Boston. We couldn’t handle a revival in Boston right now. We don’t have enough Christians who can teach the word. And I’ll tell you why: ‘cause we do not have enough disciples yet.

New England needs disciples, doesn’t need any more Christians. Christians go to heaven, disciples change the world. He says ‘everyone who takes milk is not accustomed to the word of righteousness, he’s a babe’. And then we come to this critical verse: verse 14. “Solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have been trained to discern good and evil”.

I wonder how many of you this morning are in training. I know one person for sure, this guy right here. Now its wonderful that he is in training but it’s not enough, all of you must go into training as well.

How many of you believe that this man has a vision from God? But there’s one problem. His vision cannot be fulfilled by Christians. It’s not possible. His vision can only be fulfilled by disciples.

Now let me make this very, very practical. The Holy Spirit is given to us as our coach. Now he also gives us human coaches, but the Holy Spirit is the senior coach. Now, here’s my question: how many of you know what the word ‘neurosis’ means?

Let me define neurosis. Maybe a little different from your professors or your teachers. Neurosis is doing the same dumb thing over and over again expecting a different result.

How many of you are still doing the same dumb thing, again and again, expecting a different result? See, when I go into training with the Lord every day is training day. How does that change my prayer life? By the way, I’m not giving you theory, by the grace of God I’m giving you what I live and what other disciples live. He grounds your prayer life, he makes it real. And here’s the way you begin to pray.

“Lord, what are we going to work on today? Holy Spirit help us right now. Jesus have mercy.”

I’m not just saying that to sound spiritual. See, if you can hear what I’m saying right now it can change your life. I know if I talk to you I can discover very quickly how many of you are living a life of a disciple. And please don’t feel bad. I don’t want you to feel bad. I want you to hear.

Here’s the question that identifies a disciple. What is God working on in your life? When two of my kids sat down in the dinner table conversation went like this: what did God work on in your life today? Is he working on anger? Working on lust? Working on frustration? God help me. God, as a master teacher, will virtually never work on more than two or three things in your life at one time?

So once you get ears to hear and eyes to see, your days change radically. See, if the Lord is, let’s say is working on anger in me and the Bible comes to life to me in the areas of anger, see, the Holy Spirit works with the scripture. When he is working in something in your life, the scripture comes to life regarding those issues. You see, I go through my day. And at 10 o’clock something happens, I get angry, something frustrates me, I get into the anger, and it’s not until 12 o’clock that I look back and I say ‘I missed it’.

See, my prayer life is set at 7 in the morning: “Oh God I want to walk with you today. Holy Spirit train me. I know you’re working on anger in my life, so Lord let me see it when it happens. Let me hear your voice when you’re talking to me Lord.”

See, I hit it at ten but I didn’t that it was game on. So I got to here…. it was at lunch time and look back and I say “Forgive me Lord because I missed you at ten. Instead of getting angry I fell into it again’. The Holy Spirit says ‘that’s ok, just keep your eyes open.’

I go through my day now, guess what?. At 4 o’clock on my way home, somebody drives in front of me, horned the horn and give me sign language. Guaaa.a………gua……. game on. Thank you holy spirit, game on. Now instead of getting angry what do I do? A mo, shi, ba chi, ba cama…… So why do I speak in tongues? Because when the game is on, …… so I’m awake.

Christians go through their day grrrrr…… grrr…. Grrr.. Thank you, Jesus. Grrrrrr…….. Thank you Jesus. Grrrrrr…….. grrrr….. Disciples, they go through their day like this….. Jesus was the perfect disciple of the Father.

You know what you and I are called to be? Disciples of the father just like Jesus.

Do you go to sleep when you go to work? I saw you when you came into church this morning, most of you came in awake. You were looking for God but I wonder what you’ll look like tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock. Grrr…… gr…… grrrrr….. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for Roberto’s sermon yesterday. I don’t intend to practice it today, but it was a great sermon. Oh, I liked the worship yesterday. The service was wonderful yesterday. Grrrrrr…… grrr….. Oh, yesterday was wonderful. Grrrr…… your eyes are shut, your ears are plugged ‘cause you’re trapped in religion.

Religion pays attention on Sunday morning but it sleep walks on Monday morning. Wake up! Uaaaaaa……. God is giving you a leader who’s going to lead you in the revival but you can only have as much revival as you have disciples to care for the fruit.

So, I close. How many of you want to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ? How many of you want to start your day with prayer for the day, rather than a nice religious quiet time? You see, I don’t want a quiet time. To say amen and then I hang up the phone on Jesus.

Amen does not mean goodbye. It means let it be. Game on.

Let’s pray. Lord Jesus we know that you commanded us to go and make disciples, to disciple nations, but we know that we cannot make something that we are not ourselves. We know that to make disciples we must be disciples, we must be living as disciples. Lord we thank you for the vision that you’ve given this apostolic ministry. We thank you for your vision. Now, Lord grant that we can have an army of disciples who will make your vision possible because for them every day is training day and they’ll see you, Holy Spirit moving, repeatedly in their day to deliver us and transform us so that we can be instruments of deliverance of transformation for others.

Now, Holy Spirit make these things clear, that these men and women that love you, come into a life style of discipleship. And we give you the glory. We want to serve you Lord. We want to see the nations change. We want to see thy kingdom come and your will be done on earth, in Boston, as it is in heaven. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Alleluia! Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. Amen.

I just want to let you know that I will, on Sunday, even though it’s Easter Sunday, I will continue with that theme of disciples. What it is to be a disciples. You have challenged us and have inspired us. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

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