Sermon February 26, 2006 (morning) : Paul Jehle - Interceding for Revival

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I want to share with you about interceding for revival. There’s a rising tide of revival in New England. There are more and more prayer meetings taking place, more and more believers who are hungry for revival. We are in a tide, a flood tide, of the Holy Spirit, but we need guidance in our prayers. Intercession needs to take on a strategic element. We can no longer just randomly pray and ask God to just flood the culture. What we need to do is be harnessed with his plan, and harnessed with his desires, so that we are praying his will and his designs for this culture, at this time because of what He wants to do. That’s why we need guidance to begin to understand prayer.

The Bible tells us that we can pray amiss. We can pray for the wrong things, at the wrong time, in the name of Jesus. And we need to learn to pray not using the name of Jesus, but praying in the name of Jesus, in the nature of Jesus, in the will of Jesus, in the spirit of Jesus and therefore we need guidance from the word of God as to what it really means to intercede for revival.

The Bible tells us that when the Holy Spirit comes to sanctify us in the book of First Thessalonians, you don’t need to turn to it, but First Thessalonians, chapter 5, tells us this: “the true sanctification, true holiness, the true moving of the Holy Spirit involves your spirit, your soul and your body.

Revival is merely bringing the body of Christ to a greater measure of sanctification and it will involve all three areas, not just one. There are many folks and many believers who have caught the winds, heard the sounds of revival and they have focused on the revival of the spirit, and this brings greater zeal, greater enthusiasm, but all by itself they’re just a renewal of the spirit will leave us mystical. We begin to talk about revelation, we spend hours in prayer closet, but God’s design, when he brings the spirit alive, it is to move out. It is not designed to stagnate. It is not designed to merely stay there.

You and I need to realize when God renews your spirit for a purpose, for a strategy, for a design and it is to move out, not just be revived for the sake of coming alive. You were born again for a purpose. You were saved for a destiny. God has a plan: you were born at this time for a reason. You were not born again by accident. You were born again by design.

We need more than the revival of the spirit, we need the revival of the soul, the mind, the will, the emotions, they need to be renewed, they need to be revived from the spirit to the soul. This is why: in our days today we need the revival in the renewing of the mind. We to think like Jesus, we need to think like the word of God. We need to have our patterns of thinking altered so that we view the world the way God views the world. We need to see everything the way He does because the soul is the container for the spirit, it is taking water and pouring it into a cup. It is then useful, it can be handled, it can be understood and it can be poured out. But the spirit without the soul splashes water around and it quickly goes down and is not as useful when we are going to begin using it to focus the river of God to make an impact.

Sanctification is more than the spirit, it is also the soul, but it is more than the soul, it is also the body. You see, God is concerned with the internal and the external and therefore everything about your body is also ordered by God to be sanctified internally, but externally to reveal, to appear, to give forth an uncertain sound that doesn’t appear to be sanctified. Then the external does not witness to or confirm the internal. God’s whole process of sanctification moves from the internal to the external. It involves your spirit, it involves your soul, your mind, your intellect, the way you think and it involves your body and everything that moves out. You see, culture is religion externalized.

All culture is, is the atmosphere that is created in relationships between people; economics is a form of relation between people. Civil governments is an order of relationship between people. Every aspect of society is merely an expression of the body, how it is used, and how it relates to others producing an atmosphere, it is an expression of the internal heart of people.

At any time period, in any area of the world society is a reflection of the hearts of God’s people. Do you realize that God has put us here as stewards? Therefore when we pray and we see what we don’t like in the culture and we begin to intercede, we begin to ask God for a change. But if we aren’t praying according to the word we will have disappointed expectations because we will ask God: change the legislators, change Beacon Hill, drive out the humanists and all the socialists. But God is a God of order and He doesn’t answer the prayer that way. The answers are according to his word.

So where does God go to answer those prayers? Right here. Because the external is a reflection of the internal and if the external is going to change the hearts of God’s people have to change and that’s where the Holy Spirit works.

We ask God: change the culture. What He does is put some pressure for us and we say ‘God, I was asking for the culture not me. I was asking that they changed. Why are you putting so much pressure on me? Because God says ‘if you want the culture sanctified you must be sanctified.’ And that’s why God is doing that.

Now in psalm 85 we have these three areas illustrated for us in a biblical prayer. This is a biblical prayer for revival. This is an intercession for revival. And we need all three areas: the spirit, the soul and the body. We need the Holy Spirit to move on our spirit, we need Jesus Christ, the living and the written word, to renew our minds and we need Father God to bring his kingdom to the culture and this is how we need to pray.

God does not give us the words of our prayers, He gives us the principles of the prayer. In psalm 85 reads this: Lord, thou has been favorable unto thy land: thou has brought back the captivity of Jacob. Thou has forgiven the iniquity of thy people, thou has covered all their sin. Thou has taken away all thy wrath: you have turned yourself from the fierceness of your anger. Turn us, Oh God of our salvation, cause your anger toward us to cease. Will thou be angry with us forever? Will thou draw out your anger to all generations? Will you not revive us again: that your people will live joyfully.

Several things we notice in this intercessory psalm. This is a cry for spiritual renewal. It is the first aspect of revival. We need to intercede for deep repentance from sin, in order for God to renew us. Repentance, cleanses the spirit that we may be under the blood of Jesus, we may be renewed, revived, from deep within.

All revival begins with God. Revival does not begin with us. We cannot call a revival, we cannot commend a revival, we cannot simply ask God to do it tonight. What we need is to hear God. We need to repent and ask God that He causes the revival because we don’t cause it, it comes from Him.

God also tells us that the renewal of our spirit is a renewal of ownership. God owns you and God owns the earth. The Bible tells us in the first verse that God by releasing the captivity of Jacob, his people, the land became blessed. The earth is the Lord’s. The earth does not belong to the devil, every inch of the globe belongs to God, every place the devil has he has taken because God’s people have given it. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there. The place where you live, your apartment, your house, your room, belong to God. You do not live there by accident, you live there by his design. The very street you live on is not an accident.

In your mind you live there, it’s the right price, the right place for where you need to work and what you need to do. That’s not God’s perspective. God says ‘I put you there because I have a plan for every inch of the globe and because I love the earth I put you there to manifest my grace and to inhabit the earth.

This church does not dwell here by accident. You are here by design. God brought you here to this very street, to this very area of Roxbury, for the call of God upon aspects of the globe is going to be worked out in his providence because God has a purpose for the earth.

You see, Roxbury was one of 7 villages founded in 1630, all 7 villages had the same vision, to be a city set on the hill to be a beacon for the gospel that the light of Christianity would defeat the kingdom of darkness. Now, that vision has not changed for God, it is still here.

You see, this town was founded by a church and when the people got together they began the first school inside a church for the training of the next generation in all the colony, right here. Your vision for education to equip young people is of God’s. God has that equipping in his heart before you got here.

You see, God has a unique call on every aspect of the globe. This is also his first church in 1630, was one of 6 churches who had a vision to come together in unity and founded the first college, Harvard College, came out of Roxbury. Gloria a Dios. Praise God.

Not only was there a vision to train the young but you were going to train those that were in college level, and I may remind you in the preamble to Harvard College it’s purpose, in its own words ‘was to lay Jesus Christ and his word as the foundation for all learning’. That was its original covenant.

The first church in Roxbury was also the very first church to send its own pastor as a missionary to the native Americans. The pastor came in 1631, his name was John Elliot and when he came in 1631, he trained his congregation for 14 years and after those 14 years, he had a great hunger in his heart to turn the church into a missionary movement and he was willing to go. It became the first church that was bilingual. Do you know why? The pastor of that church studied for 25 years the language of the native Americans and he published the first Bible in all of New England in the language of the native Americans; all the New Testaments by 1663.

I tell you this, we are not a having a history lesson, we’re having a prophesy lesson. God has not changed his purposes. You are not a bilingual church by accident. From all the eternity God is restoring his covenant, renewing your spirits, renewing your purpose, right here, where God did it before.

Because you see, this church began to understand the Indian tongue and John Elliot preached to the Indians in their own language and wherever he preached he would get upon a platform, he said the platforms were made by God, they were rocks, and they became known as pulpit rocks because that’s the way he preached. And of course Roxbury was initially spelled Rocksbury, because it was founded on the rocks. Then it shortened to Roxbury, you’re even founded on rocks.

John Elliot loved the language and he also helped to publish the first song book. The psalm book in 1640 and it was actually here also that William Dose began the midnight ride to warn everybody that the enemy was coming. Paul Revere was over in Charleston. William Dose started the first church in Roxbury because every church had a deacon board, that guarded the ammunition and kept the guns in the basement.

Now, I want to share with you, that you need to realize that when we repent of our sins and we also repent, the Bible tells, for iniquity. There is a difference between sin and iniquity. When I repent for my sins, I repent for the things that I have done wrong. When I repent from sin I want to die to self, embrace the cross and walk with God.

Iniquity is the result of unrepentance sin that resides in the culture. The iniquity of Boston, the sins of Boston, the corporate sins of Boston is the result of unrepentance sin in the church. If we don’t repent for our sins, then the unrepentance sin God says he takes it to the third and fourth generation, it becomes in the culture, what the Bible calls iniquity.

Because therefore when we repent, the repentance is deep and we’re asking God ‘help us to get it right in our spirits right now so that unrepentance sin that we refuse to deal with will not become iniquity and take others into bondage.

Slavery in America was the iniquity of unrepentance sin in the church. The church did not solve the problem and society suffered and many people suffered. It was a spiritual issue because the church does not repent.

We abortion in society and people suffer. It’s not the fault of all the unsaved. Yes, they will stand before God but we must see the first step of revival, the first place for intercessory prayer is for God to deal with us. We ask God ‘restore our vision for why you put us here. Restore our vision for the land. Restore us Lord’. But it doesn’t end there, we move from the spirit and repentance to the soul.

In verse 7 ‘show thy mercy thy Lord and show us your salvation. I will hear what God the Lord will speak for he will speak peace unto his people and his saints. Let them not turn again to folly. Surely his salvation is nigh them that fear him, that glory may dwell in our land. Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

See, it’s God design to bring the zeal, the power of the spirit into a marriage with the soul. Your soul is sinful. Your were conceived in sin, your mind naturally works against God. Your will is stubborn before God. Your emotions are out of control. We laugh when God cries. We cry when God is angry. We are conceived in sin, we don’t naturally reflect our own image, made in the image of God, because of sin. But when we repent and we ask God ‘give us a new vision’, God takes the river of his spirit and that river begins to flow and it’s the flow with the soul.

The word for soul and the word for mind is for canal, thought patterns like a canal for the river of the spirit, but all our canals are going the wrong way. So God needs to adjust the mind, the body of Christ cannot take its natural mind and intercede and ask God to anoint it. God does not anoint flesh. God anoints that which operates with him. So our intercessory prayer ‘God show us why we are here. We repent, Lord, for all of the things that our stubborn hearts has produced by default, even if we didn’t intend it. God we repent for the iniquity of society. Now God change our minds. Let righteousness and truth kiss mercy and peace.

When Jesus died he was God and man. The law of God, the truth of God, the righteousness of God had to be met. God will not compromise his righteousness, but we needed mercy, we needed peace, we needed the spiritual power, so there was a problem. The law of God and the mercy of God.

You have to pay for your sin with death. The mercy of God, go free. What is the solution? The eternal bridge between spirit and soul, between the law of God and the mercy of God. But God man, the truth, Jesus Christ on the cross. He is the mercy of God fulfilling the law of God. It is finished. It is fulfilled. Go free because righteousness has kissed peace on the cross. That is why we can now think how God thinks. We can reason like God reasons. We can proclaim what he proclaims. We can change our thoughts because of his power.

And the Bible tells us, you will know revival comes when you see God bringing together the righteousness of his words the way he designs society to operate, the plans he had for his earth and the power of God, the mercy of God. When those streams come together you know revival is here because they come together.

Now, the marriage of the spirit and the soul is expressed by the body. The results are very clear, you see a biblical world view unites the head and the heart. When you have a humanist world view, it rebels against God, therefore we need to intercede that every member of the body of Christ becomes a learner of what God says about every area of life, for every area of life must come under the view of God’s word.

We need to ask God for more and more believers who want their minds renewed so they can be prepared to express the river of God. This is interceding for revival.

Because the psalm says ‘let righteousness and let peace kiss each other’, and look at what the result is.

Verse 10 and 11: ‘truth shall spring out of the earth, righteousness shall look down from heaven. Yea, the Lord shall give that which is good and our land shall yield her increase. Righteousness shall go before him and shall set us in the way of his steps.

Christians need a new vision, they need a new mind and we need a kingdom emphasis. The Kingdom of God is bigger than the church, the church berths the Kingdom of God, but the reign of Christ over all the earth covers it like the waters of the sea.

This last part of the psalm cries out let heaven that looks down on the earth rain down righteousness, that it may come up from the earth, so that righteousness that looks down can reign upon God’s people whose steps are ordered by the righteousness of God.

When you get renewed in your spirit, when you become born again you are excited that you will go from earth to heaven. But when you get a kingdom vision your heart is for some of heaven to come to earth.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That’s what this psalm is crying out to God: ‘oh God we intercede, renew our vision, give us that new vision. Oh, God help us sit at your feet, learn your word, study what it says about every area. Change us, Lord. May your river touch your word in me. Straighten me up that I may become a vehicle for the Kingdom of God to come from heaven to earth and that I may see the culture, the atmosphere, my relationships change, the people would be blessed because the kingdom has come. Aleluya! Aleluya! Gloria a Dios. Amen. Praise the Lord. Praise God.

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