Sermon February 19, 2006 (afternoon) : Lou Engle

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  • Presenter: Lou Engle (translated by Dr. Roberto Miranda)
  • Date: February 19, 2006
  • Location: Congregation Lion of Judah, Boston MA

We’re just thrilled again to have Lou Engle, a man of God, of national stature and greatly used by the Lord to bring a vision of fasting and prayer and spiritual warfare and to raise a generation of young people that will usher in the revival de God wants to bring to this nation, and to prepare de way for the coming of the Lord. So we are honored to have Lou Engle, let’s just give him a great applause. Welcome, brother. We’re so thrilled to have you here.

Yo quiero hablar español. That’s all I know. You won our heart with that.

I shared the first service, I stepped into this place and I just felt the presence of the Lord and I just whispered to my friend Brian, I said to him ‘I would come here even if I don’t know anything they’re saying, just to be in the presence of the Lord.’

Thank you for receiving us. These are my friends, they’ve been fueling a house of prayer in Washington DC.

We’ve been doing 16 months with young people from all America in a house of prayer that is one block from the Supreme Court of the United States. The Lord gave us a dream that we would lead an army of young people up the stairs of the Supreme Court for a battle over the judges of America. And God challenged us, is prayer stronger than the Supreme Court? I say: Yes.

And in 16 months, 2 judges have been removed and 2 have replaced them. People would say, ‘well, how do you know that’s because you pray? Well, for one thing, I would not do what I’m doing if I didn’t think I’d see the answers in the front page of the Washington Post.

I believe that prayer is the most powerful force of the universe. Alleluia! I believe we are standing on the shoulders of people that have been praying for 33 years for the ending of abortion. And I believe God sent us now for such a time as this to see it break through. Can you believe with me that abortion is going to end in America?

I’m going to tell stories today. Brian told me to preach the Bible, but I’m a lousy Bible teacher. But I tell stories, but just you don’t freak out. The Bible will be all through it. Is that ok? Gracias.

I want to give a book to you, my brother. It’s a book that I wrote ‘Digging the wells of Revival’. It’s not the greatest book in the world, but it’s my offering. In fact, it comes out of deep within me. I lived in Pasadena, California, where the Azusa Street Revival broke out .

Are you familiar with the Azusa Street? In 1906 a man named Frank Barleman, a white man, was fasting and praying for a whole year. He would clamor 24 hours a day, he only ate as much as to survive. Across town an African American man named William Seymour, was fasting and praying and on April 9, one hundred years ago this year, God visited the fasting prayers of Frank Barleman and the great revival broke out.

I read the book called ‘Azusa Street’, written by Frank Barleman. The spirit of God stirred my heart and I began to fast and pray, and I prayed one night ‘God give me the mantle of Frank Barleman. I want to pray like that man. I want to see revival. I don’t want just to read about it, I want my kids to live it. And for 2 hours I shouted to God ‘give me the mantle of Frank Barleman’. That night I went to sleep and then a man came to me the next morning and he knew nothing what I was praying and he said to me ‘I had a dream last night and in this dream I saw a big black book, at the front it said revival. I turned the inside of the cover and I saw a guy’s face and his name was Frank Barleman, and his face turned to your face, and I knew it was a Joseph type dream, and I believe that mantle is falling right now. The hundred year anniversary, if the church will rise at this moment I believe we’re going to see a great awakening in America.

Would you stand with me? Would you pray? We are calling 40 days of fasting on the doorsteps of Harvard, starting Ash Wednesday on 1 March, 40 days of fasting and prayer, ending on April 9 which is Palm Sunday, and a hundred year anniversary of Azusa Street. We are calling this fast for major leaders in the body of Christ. We are calling for a million people right now to fast and pray for outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And I am moving here to Boston during those 40 days, because we’re seeking to mobilize massive prayer for the universities of America, with Harvard being the flash point.

Why not here where the great awakening took place? Would you lift your hands and lets pray. God, in Jesus’ name, Lord … God we pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit all across New England, God. We pray, remember our forefathers, God and erupt again in a fasting and praying generation, God. Save the sons and daughters of America, we pray God. Stir the Latinos, God. Stir the fires of intercession. Shake them of their apathy, God, to seize this moment of time, God.

God give dreams and visions to university professors, in Jesus’ name, God. God, come to stir all across the ….. schools , God. God pour out your spirit. God remember a Frank Bartleman, do it again God, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Give the Lord a shout. Thank you, brother.

You may be seated. I tell you the story, not to brag, I tell you this story because I believe that dreams bring faith to our hearts. And God is the dreamer of your dreams. He’s got a dream for your life. Before you were born He knew you, He formed you in your mother’s womb. The scripture says that He wrote a book about your life, before there was even one day. God wrote a novel about your life before you were born, He said ‘Lou, you will rock, and Lou will be the dreamer of my dreams’ and He writes a novel about my life. God has written a novel about your life. Today you may be saying ‘well, it’s a pretty boring novel’. Well, wait till you get to the fourth chapter. It will start to heat up. Alleluia!

God has a dream for America. He brought you here from the nations because the nation of America went to you. I believe God has given us the Latinos as a gift in America. I have been prophesying for years that the hot blood of the Latinos would be the fires of revival from the South that may save America. I’ve got a little hot Latin blood in me as well.

I’m going to tell you this story today, because I want to put faith in your hearts, that God is not done with America. I don’t believe that the humanists and the atheists and the ACLU and plan parenthood and liberal politicians, will have the last say in America. They’ve had their day, but God is raising up a generation who believes that God is bigger than the ideologies of abortion, the strong man of homosexuality, stronger than pornography.

God wants to pour out something that can move the heart of the nations. I’ve got to believe that because God gave me a dream. In 1997 Promised Keepers put a million men in the Mall to pray for this nation.

Joel II ‘when there’s no hope for a nation, when there is no remedy, God still has an ace in the sleeve. Joel, blow the trumpet in Zion. Call fast. Gather the elders, gather the children and let them repent and fast and pray. And afterwards, He says I will pour out my spirit.

A week after that gathering I held up a picture, I held up this picture and it showed the picture of the Promised Keepers gathering. I was speaking to 600 young people and I told them, and the spirit of prophesy came upon me, and I began to declare that the hearts of the fathers are turning to the children, but the hearts of the children are going to turn to their fathers.

The Bible promises it in the last days, He’s going to pour out the spirit of Elijah and is going to be so strong it could break and curse over a the nation.

I had a dream one time, it is a dream I was overwhelmed with the impossibility of seeing America turn back to God, but in the dream, Luke 1:17 downloaded into my spirit. Speaking of John the Baptist, says ‘the spirit of Elijah will be upon John the Baptist that he would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the rebellious back to the wisdom of the righteous.’ And I woke up of the dream and the Lord spoke to me ´what I’m pouring in America is stronger than the rebellion. Come on! What I’m pouring out over America is stronger than the rebellion.’

When Jezebel dominated Israel’s culture, when only 7000 out of ten million had not bowed the bent knee to Baal. When Jezebel dominated the culture, with the killing of babies, with sexual confusion, the silencing of the church and the killing of the prophets, -welcomed to Boston- in the midst of that God absence, a burning man named Elijah, and Elijah sets up a confrontation in the spirit and at the end of the revolution, Jezebel’s altar becomes a letrine. It’s true, it says it in the Bible. And they overthrew Baal’s worship.

Now, New England is dominated by Jezebel’s culture. The witchcraft capital of the world. The place where churches can’t even raise their voices and take a stand against homosexuality without being scandalized and so there is all this pressure to live with the age in peaceful coexistence.

God wants to come and disturb the peace. He wants a voice that can penetrate the religious system and open the heavens and begin to shake the status quo. And He is going to do it with Elijah’s fasting and prayers. Alleluia!

I’m speaking to those 600 kids and the spirit of prophesy came upon me and I begin to declare ‘the hearts of the fathers are turning to their children but the children will turn to their fathers’. And then I prophesized ‘there’s coming another gathering of young people to the Mall and it will be a John the Baptist Nazarite extreme fasting praying generation.’ And when they go to the Mall, I said, it will be a sign that America is turning back to God.

There was no way I could never pull off anything like that. But a year and a half later, I was praying this prayer ‘God, how can I turn America back to God? It seemed like an outrageous prayer, but I know what you’re praying. You’re praying, how can I turn New England back to God? How can I turn Boston back to God? That prayer is being grown in this man and in this company right now.

You must dream the outrageous dreams of God and bring that dream into the earth as it is heaven. Do I have the right company? It will be a costly place, for you and this man, to take leadership in this city. Jezebel will send her prophets against you, but don’t worry, if the Lord’s before us, who can be against us?

I believe there’s a stirring that we will make to overcome and not live under the dominion of the Philistines any longer. Some David is going to get to sling his stone at him and challenge the spiritual atmosphere with the weapons of righteousness of fasting and prayer.

I find myself praying this prayer and a woman comes to me, and she comes to me and she says ‘you don’t know who I am, but I read your book on revival and the Lord spoke to me that I was to pay your salary this year, because you’re going to start something with the youth of America that will change the destiny of the nation’. And I’m kind of freaking out, because I don’t know this lady and I say ‘lady, you’ve got to be kidding me’ because she told me she’d pay my salary. So I took her money and she’s been paying my salary for 6 years with dream that the youth of America will arise and change the nation with prayer and fasting.

And on September 2, people told us we can’t do this. Promise Keepers, we know, but who are you. We said, all we have is a dream but God mobilized that dream. And on September 2, four hundred thousand young people gathered up the Mall in DC, not for a festival, but for a fast. It came for 12 hours, they laid in the mud and wept.

I believe that George Bush was elected, not by the votes of the people but by the prayers of the saints, because God wants to end abortion in America, because the shedding of innocent blood is mounting up for heaven, unless there’s a bleeding of a better blood. God’s going to judge this nation so severely.

The blood cries out from the ground, but there is another blood that cries out, mercy, mercy, mercy. Out of this whole journey we launched seven calls with the name ‘The Call’, that’s the name of these gatherings. 85.000 in New York, 50.000 young people in Boston, 40.000 in San Francisco. Something is rumbling in America and it’s not pizza party youth group. Come on, it’s not pizza party youth groups. It’s kids who believe they can change history now, like Daniel in the Book of Daniel.

As a teenager, in fasting and prayer has revelation ten times better than psychics. Come on. Giving some kids ten times better than the psychics, who can interpret the dreams of their teachers.

When God begins to haunt the Nebuchadneezzars of Harvard, God wants to promote his people to the highest levels of leadership. Come on, we’ve got to believe for this time.

God sent me on this journey through a dream of a Buddhist house of prayer on top of a Christian house of prayer, and the Buddhist house of prayer was dominating the Christian house of prayer. But in the dream the Christian house of prayer began to do a reversal and began to dominate the Buddhist house of prayer and the Lord spoke to me ‘Your job description in life is to raise up a house of prayer that contends with every other house, not with weapons of anger but touching something in a higher realm where demons and angels rage, and contend for the prevailing influence over culture’.

I had a dream that Ted Kennedy would not leave my house of prayer. He was being influenced by my house of prayer. I believe the prayers of the saints in this city are stronger than the politics. Come on. It’s the scriptures.

Whenever you ask in my name, ask me and it shall be given to you. Pray thy kingdom will come, thy will be done. On earth as in the heavens keep asking, keep seeking, keep asking.

The church has yet to rediscover the infinite power of prayer, because prayer gets God on the scene and when God chooses a fight with the politics of Boston, He wins. And you’ll say ‘that sounds like boasting’. No, I feel that God wants up to raise the Davids who can contend with the Goliaths. He’s tired of the church being dominated by a culture that silences its voice, and when God wants to recover the voice He finds a people that are unbalanced. Sometimes balance is a dirty word. When God wanted to ….. the nation back, He raised up John the Baptist. John the Baptist was anything but balanced, his main meal was locust and honey. And then he broke his fast often, I mean, so he ate his main meal and then he faster after. How’s this for balance? He broke his main meal of locust and honey and said he fasted often. But he recovered the voice. The church has lost its voice in New England.

But I believe there is army of men and women, young and old, who are saying ‘I want to have a voice again’. Are there any young people that sat ‘I want to have a voice in the culture’. I want to write the music that will change my culture, I want to write the books that will change my culture.

I want to be a voice. I don’t want to play for a losing team, when Christ is far above all rule, authority, power and dominion. And I’m not waiting for the millennium to have all the good stuff happening. Now, through the church the manifold wisdom of God is made know to the principalities and powers.

When God launched us to 50 days and 50 nights of intercession and He showed us that we were to take on in prayer the ideology of abortion, and we’ve launched house of prayer, one block from the Supreme Court with young people standing in front of the Court, with a piece of tape on their mouths with the word ‘life’ written on it. Ir came from this young man’s dream, in which he saw my son with this tape on his mouth with the word ‘life’.

We believe it was divine intelligence. Our kids are taking a stand in front of the Supreme Court and have been there almost every day for 16 months, not protesting but prophesying life over the Supreme Court, identifying with the silent screams of the unborn.

Ezequiel 22:30 “I looked for a man to stand in the gap to build up a wall before me so I would not have to judge the nation” and through this dream I said to the Lord ‘I will build a You a wall and while those kids stand in front of that Supreme Court, they’re saying ‘hold back your wrath over this nation and end abortion’.

In 16 months, two judges have been removed …….., right I want to do something: Night line ABC saw our arrowhead house of prayer, it’s shaped like an arrow head and that’s where those kids stand day and night .., declaring that the death march of abortion should end in America. It’s a house of prayer that’s contending with the court of death.

I believe, I want to show you a video, is that ok?

(Nightline presentation from Time Square starts)

High stakes at the Supreme Court tomorrow, as the justice’s hear their first abortion leading case in 5 years. But tomorrow’s case does not jeopardize of right to abortion set out in Rowe v. Wade, it does give the Court a chance to review a new Hampshire law that required doctors to notify the parents of pregnant teenagers before performing an abortion. While there is no shortage of those seeking to influence the Court on this matter, one group that caught the eyes of Night Line’s, John Dunvar is a determined band of interns doing things differently. John is live in Washington tonight for the first of a recurring series faith matters.

Washington interns, Cynthia, this street here in Capital Hill and Capital Hill area filled with coffee houses and bars at a very Washington kind of place and it’s where lots of interns want to come afterhours, even this late, but whether they’re inside now talking about tomorrow’s Supreme Court hearing, maybe not, but just down the block, two blocks from here there is a group of interns who cares very much about that hearing and they’re actually still at work right now. They are the interns who pray.

The justice house of prayer, a Washington internship program, actually a marathon conversation with Jesus Christ for the young, with the expressed purpose of persuading the Supreme Court through prayer alone to outlaw abortion.

The praying never stops, by night or by day, except for a brief …….. on Sundays, 70 people pray non-stop in shifts.

Rebecca Richardson. 18, a typical teenager, she says, in many ways and smart.

I went to high school and got a 4.0 and all 8 of the highest classes. I was a cheer leader, I was home coming princess. You know, I did all that. It’s like …. but something about this, grabbed …… in me is like this is what’s going to matter in the end.

And when it grabs her, it looks like this?

It’s like this for every kid who takes the microphones. There are a lot of groups in this nation, on both sides of the abortion debate, but these kids are throwing their souls into it, literally shaking this little office, that rents for 7000 dollars a month in the certainty that they are changing the world outside that window.

Well, actually, outside that window and just beneath it down the sidewalk, you can’t hear a thing from upstairs. It’s still just people walking their dogs and picking up the dry cleaning and, oblivious to the spirit one story up.

But Lou Engle, the pastor and father of 7 kids who came from California last year to start the house of prayer is certain that prayer is changing America.

We like to believe that we are part of shaping history through prayer and fasting and we’re praying as these court cases come up on Wednesday, ... over those nine judges and the dream gives us encouragement, that this is God’s heart.

You’ve probably seen these taped over mouths recently, that’s Engle’s group, one of it’s members saw this image in a dream so they adopted it. Engle believes that God communicates with him through dreams and helped him find a building which, when seen from above, is slightly squed into an arrow hedge shape and…. Look where the Supreme Court is! And it kind of points….

And a woman came to me, and I didn’t know who she was and she said to me ‘have you ever thought about …..’, she said to me ‘I was reading your book and I felt the Lord speak to me that I was to pay your salary this year because you’re going to start something with the youth of America in prayer.’ And so I’m kind of freaking out thinking, who are you lady? But I took her money….

That woman, whose identity Engle says he’s promised to protect, is still supporting him several years later. About the internship, it normally lasts for 3 months, you pray, you fast regularly and if you have a talent, you bring him along.

What do your parents think? I think I saw your smile as soon as I said parents. What do your parents think of you doing this?

Initially my parents didn’t fully understand what I was doing, so they were a little confused by what I was doing there. ‘So all you’re doing for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all you guys do is pray.’ And finally I explained it to them, I said ‘yes, that is kind of what we do’.

Then there’s Rebecca Richardson, that 18 year old who finished high school in California and headed out here.

When we saw you today, we were seeing you in what you call ….. very intense. One of the reasons why I talked to you is that you were so intense, strangely for somebody who’s 18.

I know that I’m not a very passionate person to begin with, but I know that I’ve never experienced passion or zeal like when I’m here, like I feel the heart of God near me.

To me it’s like a piece of heaven and to these kids is like a piece of heaven.


They get in touch with God and that’s what they’re created for and they’re going to change history, because that’s what they’re created for.

And as he said those words, bells began to ring. And if you’re Lou Engle that was no accident because there are no accidents, only God’s plan, which now comes with an internship in the nation’s capital.

(Nightline presentation ends)

Lord, may we just give thanks. Lord you’re good.

I believe God want to give divine endorsement to prayer. Ted Copple, who did Night Line, resigned from Night Line, and the next show was this one. I believe God is shifting things in the media in Hollywood. He’s shifting if the church will pray and move the heavens.

I’ll tell you one more story and then we’ll bring this to an end. Before we went on these 50 days and 50 nights, a girl gave me a dream from Las Vegas. She saw a basketball court. God gives me basketball court dreams, because I’m a basketball player, or I used to be. Thirty years after I played, this past year when I started to go to the Supreme Court, they inducted me into the hall of fame for their school, 30 years later, because it’s all about the courts.

In this dream this sister sees a demonic barrier on the court and all these kids are weeping and in the dream she said I appeared on the court with a referee shirt on. I looked at the definition of referee, it means a judge. A judge over the court. In the dream a young lady began to shout ‘Lou Engle, it’s your turn now’, and I took the hands of those kids and we swept a demonic barrier off the court.

When we came to DC we stood 5 hours a day, 31 days before the elections with this life tape on our mouths and with these life bands on our hands. When we were standing out on the Court, one of our guys said ‘hey, we ought to turn this life tape and make it in the life bands like the ‘live strong’ bands. We could start a Martin Luther King movement, Lord like they did in Birmingham to end abortion. I said, ‘God, it sounds like a good idea, but we don’t need another band in America. You’ve got to confirm to me that this is from You. The next day, a kid walks up to us, we don’t know who he is and he says ‘you should take this life tape and turn it into a life band like the ‘live strong’ band. And he said ‘if you do, I will go back to my hometown, Birmingham, and start a Martin Luther King movement to end abortion. Today over 180.000 are wearing this band with every time they look at that band they are praying for the end of abortion.

If I can get a million that would 5 times a day, there’ll be 5 million prayers a day praying for the end of abortion. We’ve got to think to take over, we’ve got to think massive mobilization, and so today my friends and I, we stand, come on, and we pray our prayer. Go ahead.

Kids all over America are standing in front of abortion clinics, in front of Courts, in States, and we’re laying siege to the altars of Babel.

Well, I’m going to end this story. When we came to DC, on the 30th day I got a phone call from a girl who works in the Supreme Court building. She called me and said ‘Would you like to get into the Supreme Court? I’ll take you on a tour.’ So when I met her, she told me her story. It was prophesized to her years before in Florida, that one day she would be working in the Supreme Court building and when she was working there Rowe v. Wade would be overturned. Then she says to me ‘I had a dream recently, that justice Guinsburg came to me in the dream and asked me if I would be her assistant. A week later, justice Guinsburg, comes up to her and says ‘Will you be my assistant?’.

I tell you, these stories are to create faith, not just faith but we must pray the visions of God into real. You’ve got a dream for your child. Pray your dream over, and over, and over, and over again, because it’s your word to heaven.

I asked that young lady ‘Is there a basketball court in the Supreme Court building?’. And she says to me ‘Yes, as a matter of fact, there is and it is exactly on top of where the judges hold their hearings’. And I said ‘Take me to that court’.

Esther got to a higher court and ended Haman’s court decree of death. And I walked across that court and declared ‘Today there’s been a shift over the Supreme Court. We declare that abortion is ending in America’.

The battle is still on, we’re praying for a third judge right now. And we’re praying day and night. Shift this thing, Jesus.

God gave me a vision to launch a house of prayer, right next to Harvard, to contend with the ideologies that are creating a death culture in universities. With the spirit of anti-Christ coming out from our professors, and we are calling this 40 days of fasting and from there we are seeking to launch a house of prayer, like we did next to the Supreme Court with the dream that God can shift things over Harvard and the universities of America. Come on!

Can we believe that prayer is bigger than the powers. I believe 24/7 prayer is rising over the earth because God wants to contend with the powers. Listen, the Muslims have a culture of prayer, but the church in America only has a prayer meeting. How is a prayer meeting going to contend with a prayer culture, where millions every day, 5 times a day acknowledge Mohamed as the prophet of Ala? How are we going to contend with this spiritual power that is being released by millions of people fasting and praying in the Muslim world? Come on.

The West has got to recover its of house of prayer in the earth and we’re going win the battle over our culture enemies.

I am here today because I joined my heart with this man and we’re dreaming a dream that Boston can see its awakening, that Harvard can see a shifting, that our children won’t have to be mentored by witchcraft, instead witchcraft will be mentored by the Daniels of our days.

Come on, that’s enough to live for. It’s enough to give your life for, young people. Half hearted offerings are not going to do it today. It’s an abandonment to the Lord Jesus Christ. His name is King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. It’s not just a nice name that we’re singing our songs.

He wants to manifest His authority over deans of universities. He wants to manifest His authority over Ted Kennedy, over George Bush, over Hillary Clinton. He wants to haunt them with dreams and direct their course by the mightiest force in the universe, united massive fasting and prayer. Day and night intercession. And I believe the Latinos can lead the way. He wants to use the humble to bring down the prouds. You’ve got the fire of prayer in your ancestors, in your bones, it’s there. Recover that and seize the day. Stand with me.

We have a website that you can go to. It’s called, for the 40 days fast, starting March 1 and ending April 9. April 9 is the 100 year anniversary of the Azusa Street. What if millions will arise in prayer in America for God to move on our sons. And then we have a website called and we’re looking for young men and women who can give 3 moths a 6 months of their lives to fuel a 24/7 house of prayer with the intention we will never leave Harvard by the grace of God until that thing begins to shake.

Can you dream a dream with me? Can you dream a dream for your own families? Can you take up these weapons of fasting and prayer? My brother, you can raise up an army of Latino young people who can lead the parade of history. I’m convinced of that.

Young people you were created to make history. You raise your hands we’re going to pray. For the grace of fasting and prayer to come upon this people, in Jesus’ name. Father, I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, that God’s faith for leadership would come upon this company. Why not the Latinos to lead the wisdom of professors? Why not the prayers of the humble shake the ideologies who are destroying our culture?

Father, I pray for a leadership anointing to come, even right here, raise prayer leaders in schools and universities, in Jesus’ name, God. I pray the prayers of this church would be infused with fire. There’ll be no room in the building because the move of prayer is so big here. God, we ask for it in Jesus’ name.

Now I’m going to call young people 25 and under. I want them to come here and we’re going to pray over you. We’re going to pray a history making anointing on your life. Leer version en español

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