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We welcome you Lou and we are very mindful of the fact that God has called you in a very special way for prophetic mission and we’re thrilled and honored to have you here this morning. So welcome, we’re glad to have you here.

Thank you, Pastor Roberto. I just want to say I’ve been on the road and when Brian and I came in this morning I didn’t have a clue, anyone was saying but my spirit just sensed the presence of the Lord. I was just crying the whole time and I said ‘Lord, I’m going to get up there and tell him I am so refreshed. And then my sister comes up and whispers to me in my ear ‘you haven’t come here just to refresh but to be refreshed’.

Alleluia! And that worship was off the charts. Who wants preaching?

I want us to pray for our president. We have been…. We have launched a House of prayer in Washington DC, one block from the Supreme Court. We pray there day after day for 16 months, praying that God would shift the Supreme Court. In those 16 months two judges have been removed and a third one is on the way. The report is on the Hill, another is stepping down in this summer.

I believe that prayer is the most powerful force in the universe. It’s more powerful, it’s more powerful than the politicians. It’s more powerful than those who are the educated elite. Prayer is the ruling force of the universe, and I believe the church is getting hold of that.

I had a dream recently that Senator Kennedy wouldn’t leave my house of prayer because he was influenced by the prayers and in the dream he wanted to talk to me. I believe that prayer is stronger than the atheistic babble. It seems overwhelming, we feel so small in the light of the powers, but God says ‘out of the mouth of babies He’s ordained strength to silence the soul of avengers. The weak things confound the wise. The things that are nothing nullify the things that are. And prayer is the weakest thing we can do, but it turns loose the most powerful being in the universe and when God takes the scene it’s over with. Alleluia!

I’m going to talk about dreams today because that’s how God has lead us in our journey. The Bible says ‘in the last days I’ll pour out my spirit. Young and old will dream dreams and see visions. They’re not just prophetic toys that we play around with, they are to give destructive weapons to the powers against the powers of darkness.

In 1999 a major prophetic voice in America, Bob Jones, gave this word before George Bush had ever ran for power, was never running for president, and he spoke this: ‘a burning bush is coming out of Texas and in the second half of his second term if the church would pray he would do more than any other president to end abortion, to restrain homosexual marriage and bring back prayer into the schools.’ If the church would pray!

The church has been praying because we’ve been backed up against the wall. God has created a crisis so He can create a prayer, because once He gets a prayer He is loose to do His divine activity on the earth. He’s looking for the occasion to enter the war. 9/11 God is using as an occasion to go to war.

God hates the dominion of the powers of darkness over the church and I believe He’s seeking to raise a prayer that will change the history of America. We’ve been praying for George Bush, five years to be a burning bush, that God would grip that man to raise up righteous judges who would begin to break this stronghold of our judges in America.

I had a dream in 1996 that I was leading thousands of kids up the stairs to a building with all these big pillars and I was leading them to war over that building. 1996. I am in the middle of my dream right now because we’ve been blared from the Supreme Court pounding away and declaring ‘thy Kingdom come, thy will be done over the judges of America’. Alleluia!

Would you stand with me? I want to pray to George Bush in his second term will not be a lame doctor but the fire of God will be upon him to move this nation to a righteous justice. Lift you hands and let’s pray. God in the name of Jesus, You who are the ruler of history, Lord we pray for our president. Lord make him a burning bush to liberate the unborn, to raise up the Moseses who will say ‘let my people go’. Make him a burning bush. God cause him to stand and restrain homosexual marriage. Raise up the Senate right now to take a stand for righteousness, God. And even right now, God, we pray for the 2008 election. Raise up the righteous and bring down the unrighteous. God turn this nation back, turn it back, God. Come to Boston, God, the root of the nation. God give us an awakening like we’ve never known before. Raise up the voice of your church. Come out of the caves and begin to contend with Jezebel’s domination over the land. Loose the spirit of right, God. Raise up the voice of the Latinos, …..of intercessors, God, that will shake the powers. We believe, Lord. We believe in Your power in Jesus’ name. Amen. Give the Lord a shout. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. You may be seated.

The hot blood of the Latinos. It’s going to save America. I’ve been preaching that for years. The cold blood of New England needs the hot blood of Latinos. Amen.

Wherever I go I spit, but it’s holy water.

There’s a man named Derrick Prince who wrote a book called ‘Shaping history through prayer and fasting’. That book became my text book 20 years ago. The premise of that book is ‘the praying fasting church leads the parade of history’. This book possessed me, so I began to fast. I hate fasting. I love Mexican food. But I have this love-hate relationship with fasting. I hate it because I love to eat, but I love it because in fasting I find the food of revelation. God becomes real and things begin to shift when I fast and pray.

This one time I was fasting and I told people that I was fasting, but I got tired of the fast so I cheated on myself. You’ve never done that, I know. By the way, I rock, I’ve been doing since age one, there’s hope for all of you. Someone’s got to rock. So I cheated on this fast and I snapped some yogurt and chips. Nice mix! And the next day I was in our 24 hour of prayer and this prophetic intercessor lady walks up. Those are scary people. And she said to me ‘I had a dream last night and in the dream you were sitting right where you’re sitting right now’. And I figured, yes, God knows where I live. But she said ‘in the dream I was very disappointed with you because you were supposed to be fasting, but you were eating yogurt and chips’. Ah, suddenly I had such motivation to fast.

Don’t you love God? I’m watching you. Anyway, there are no great heroes, but I’ve done a lot of fasting. It’s more like slowing.

So I went on this fasting journey and we saw a move of God in Pasadena, hundreds of thousands of people. It was years of fasting and prayer and in this journey I came to a point when the Lord began to stir me, that fasting and prayer could change the destiny of this nation.

And in Promise Keepers a million men went to Mall in DC to pray for this nation. A week later I held up the USA Today in front of six hundred young people and the spirit of prophesy came upon me and I began to declare the hearts of the fathers are turning to their children, but the hearts of the children are going to turn to the fathers; and there’s coming a corresponding youth movement to the Mall in DC, and it will be a John the Baptist, Nazarite extreme, fasting and praying …… . and when they go to the Mall it will be a sign that America is turning back to God.

Now I had no way of pulling up such a thing, but we began to gather young people to fast and pray for a massive youth group revival in America. A year and a half goes by and in January 1999, as I was fasting and praying, the fire of God began to burn inside of me and I began to pray this prayer:

How can I turn America back to God? It seemed like an outrageous prayer. But we need to pray prayers way beyond our own abilities. I was growing this prayer and a woman came to me that I’d never met and she said: ‘I read your book on revival. You don’t know who I am but the Lord told me that I’m to pay your salary this year, because you’re going to start something with the youth and American prayer that will change the nation.’ And I’m looking at this lady thinking: ‘Who are you lady?’, but I took her money.

She’s been paying my salary ever since for 6 years. For 3 months I didn’t know what to do until a week before the Columbine shootings, she came to me and she said: ‘have you ever thought of putting kids on the Mall like Promise Keepers put the men on the Mall? And said ‘Madam, I prophesized two years ago’. And she said ‘I’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars to start which started a supernatural move of God that lead to four hundred thousand young people gathering on the Mall in DC, not to listen to a music band, not to hear a speaker, we had enough of human personalities, we got to get God back into the land. And they came from all over America to fast and to pray. We’ve taught our children to feast and play, but the times demand they fast and pray. And the young people of America are beginning to do this.

Right after that gathering, a group of kids went to Yuma, Arizona, they fasted 40 days, on the 39th night, the spirit of God fell and when kids went home their parents would break down weeping … their eyes to Christ.

The next day a shy girl in that outpouring, stood up on a cafeteria table of the public school and began to preach the gospel. The principle puller her into his office and said ‘you can’t do this here.’ And she said ‘I must obey God rather than men’, not knowing that when she was dragged into the office, another kid took her place on that bench and began to preach. And in 11 days 50 kids gave their lives to Christ. Today there’s a huge church in Yuma, Arizona, spawned out of the fasting and prayers.

I tell you, it’s what our forefathers did, they fasted and prayed. It’s how the Latin revivals of South America have taken place. And I believe this is how it’s going to take place in America, in Boston right here. Alleluia!

I could tell you stories after stories, but I don’t have time. Right after that God gave me a dream and showed that there are more gatherings to be held across America. And in this dream He spoke to me, ‘there’s no one targeting false ideologies with massive fasting and prayer’, and I could see the ideologies of Boston be shaken with fasting and prayer. I could see humanism at Harvard being shaken and we called for The Call Boston.

I was mobilizing young people to go to Boston in 2001. The gathering ….. came 11 days after 9/11. Many people from New England called and they said ‘we can’t come. It’s not safe’. It ticked me off . Why could Muslims die better for their faith than we can? We’re able to die better than Muslims. We’re living for self preservation rather than bringing the kingdom. We can not live for self preservation.

Esther was brought into a moment of time when she had to choose between living for self preservation or say ‘if I die, I die’. And right now I’ve got young people right there in DC, who will say ‘we’re not going to leave this house of prayer until that heinous decree of abortion has ended and if I die, I die.’ Alleluia!

As I was mobilizing for Boston I said to kids in California ‘we need to dig the dwells of revival in Harvard and close the door of false ideologies that have come through Boston’. Amazingly a week later, I received a phone call from the US Senator from Kansas, Senator Sam Brownback, he’s a godly man. He calls me up, he says ‘Lou, I’m in England, you need to dig the dwells of revival in Harvard and close the door of false ideologies that have come through Boston’. Almost word for word. A Senator was prophesizing me, glory to God.

In fact, it was prophesized to me that I would be connected with a man named Senator Sam Brownback from Kansas. But I forgot about the prophecy, so when I rented a condo in DC to mobilize for The Call, a week later I received a phone call from the owner of the condo and he said ‘there’s a man named Senator Sam Brownbag. His condo just burnt down, he wants to know if he could stay in your condo’. I became the room mate of Senator Brownbag for 7 months. We began to get dreams that he would be the president of the United States and right now, who knows? We are praying.

I believe when you pray supernatural things begin to take place, divine promotion begins to take place. You become the head and not the tail. Your boss named Nebuchadneezzar is haunted by dreams and you interpret the dreams and become the leader of your business.

I believe that the deans of Harvard could be haunted with the dreams of heaven, if the church lays a seed to intercession and gets…….. to shake their ideologies.

In 2001 I was traveling con Dutch Sheets. Do you know Dutch Sheets? He’s a powerful leader of the nation, and we were here in Harvard and we were praying and that night he says to me ‘Lou, we’re not done praying for Harvard. We need to make a night strike to intercede for Harvard’. So I said ‘let’s go’. So we went to Harvard but we got lost, because Harvard everywhere. Harvard’s here, Harvard’s there. So we didn’t know where to go, we didn’t know if we were on Harvard’s campus. Finally we just said ‘well, let’s just pull into this dark street, we’re close enough and let’s just pray right here’. So we got out of the car and we see this gateway that leads to a darker courtyard and we could barely make out in the dim light these buildings there around the courtyard. So we went into this courtyard, totally dark and we don’t know what to do, so Dutch goes over to this one building and suddenly he says ‘Lou, this is the place we need to pray. This is the building I wrote about in my books, called The River of God. It’s the philosophy building of Harvard and written on the front of that philosophy building, engraved there are the words from psalm 8 “What is man that Thou art mindful of him?”

He tells me the story that he wrote about in his book, how the president of Harvard at that time had asked the head of Philosophy what he wanted to be engraved on his new philosophy building, and the philosophy director said ‘I’d like to be engraved ‘man is the measure of all things’. It’s the ultimate statement of humanism. But instead the president put some scaffolding and a tarp and in secret has engraved ‘What is man that Thou art mindful of him?’

What are the chances in the middle of the night when we’re lost to step into the very building that he wrote about in his book. I’ll tell you what is not a nice little way event ‘it is right here’, God says, and I’m going to take my stand and I’m going to hurl my David stone, of psalm 8 at the Goliaths of humanist ideologies. I’m going to make this my battle ground and He spoke to me. ‘No one’s targeting false ideologies with massive fasting and prayer’.

I’ve had a dream today that humanistic philosophies of our universities be shaken by the house of prayer. Those kids in DC have a house of prayer, shaped like an arrow head pointing right at that Supreme Court and at times 24 hours a day they throw the stone of God’s word at Rowe v. Wade. I will annul your covenant with death and your agreement with death will not stand. We’re just throwing that stone.

What would happen if a house of prayer was raised up on the doorstep of Harvard with young patriots from all around New England? Young men and women from 18 to 30 would dedicate 6 months to a year of their lives to fuel a house of prayer and like David’s sling aimed at that ideology until the powers have to fall back.

When God begins to remove professors or begins to convert them, when young Daniels begin to raise up ten times, rather than submitting to their mentors who are demonized, why not Daniels to have a revelation realm to disciple their professors? Come on! Why do we have to be dominated by the philistine culture? God wants to go to war, not with anger but with words of wisdom from heaven to penetrate the darkness.

When we launched our house of prayer in DC, this young man right here, Brian Kim had been fasting for two years, meat and sweets. It was a Daniel fast, for 2 years praying for the ending of abortion in America. When George Bush was elected, a pro life president, but I’m not saying he’s a great president, but I am saying that we could not have another 8 years of bloodshed in America. Do you understand what I’m saying?

He said to the Lord right after the elections ‘God, I’m going to end this Daniel fast tonight at midnight, unless you confirm to me today that I’m to continue my Daniel fast.’ At 10 o’clock he goes to study and Brian sees a young man he doesn’t know. He greets the young man and he says ‘hello, my name is Brian Kim’, and the young man answered back ‘hello, my name is Daniel Fast’. Do you understand?

God was saying to this young man ‘you keep on this fast because you’re shaking things in the heavens with fasting and prayers’. He had a dream, the reward of fasting, and he saw a group of people, thousands in DC with a piece of tape on their mouths with the word ‘life’ on it.

How many have seen the news today people with a tape? Raise your hands. That’s our group. We’ve done what the dream told us to do. And we stood in front of the Supreme Court with that tape on our mouth, not in protest but appealing to a higher Court, pleading the blood of Jesus and saying ‘abortion is ending at this wall right here, in Jesus’ name. The news have prophesized life all over the world, taking pictures of these kids. And they’re prophesizing what they disagree with is the wisdom of God to contend in the heavens and shout to the nation ‘life, life, life. Amen’.

And so we’ve launched this house of prayer in DC and now the Lord has lead us to come to Boston. The Lord gave me a dream of a 40-days fast and it said ‘wherever The Call goes, I will establish my house of prayer. In other words, it’s not enough to have an event you must sustain what you gain with 24-hour house of prayer, with Moses lifting up his hands in the heavens, and the Joshua-Daniels in the grounds fighting in the ground.

We’re launching a house of prayer right on the doorsteps of Harvard. And we’re going to see if God is bigger than the domination of humanism in this university. We’re calling 40 days of fasting. March 1 through April 9, Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday. April 9 is the 100 year anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. Major leaders are calling this fast. We’re seeking a million people to fast and pray for 40 days. Bring this outpouring of the spirit on America.

We believe and as the prophets are saying, it’s not just a hundred year anniversary of the Azusa Street. He is coming. The Lord is coming. When you here see a cloud the size of a man’s hand, and you put your head between your knees and you begin to pray for the rain, there are already signs of that pouring of the spirit.

Last night I was in Maine, people are getting converted in Maine, drug addicts we kept hearing these reports, in North Western University, at Asbury University, kids are breaking down in repentance. There’re are signs that God is coming and we need the latin armies to rise to fight the wars of the Lord.

I don’t think it’s an accident that Roberto and I are connected this morning. I don’t think it’s an accident the prophesy that came forward today, that the hand of the Lord is on this man to bring leadership to the city and unify prayer. Maybe that could be the bow to shoot the arrow of our little house of prayer to contend day and night.

God gave me a dream in ’96 and in the dream the Buddhist house of prayer was dominating the Christian house of prayer, but the Christian house of prayer began to do a reversal and began to dominate the Buddhist house of prayer. And the Lord spoke to me my life job description ‘raise up a house of prayer that will contend with every other house’.

How are the youth of America going to contend with the youth of Hamas, who are longing to be martyrs, holding up their signs right there and saying ‘Mohamed, a billion people are ready to die for you? Come on. We need to find something in the reserves and the heart of the church, of fasting and prayer, passion for Christ, that can contend with the Muslims’ houses of prayer.

I tell you, our battle with the Muslim house of prayer is far greater than our battle over Harvard, because they’ll be fueled by demons to do fasting and prayers, spiritual demons. But humanism is just a bunch of secularists. They’re ecclesial God needs to stretch up the rod and shatter the humanist building. So we are calling young people and old folks for 40 days of fasting and prayer.

Alleluia! And you bring that worship team one of those nights. And let’s just intensify the laser beam of intercession of our life. Let’s believe for break through where Daniel set his face, no distractions, no side issues, penetrating not knowing the demons and angels are raging over his intercession . And through his prayers he wins the influence over the little kings of Persia. The powers of Persia are rising again in Iran. Who’s going to contend with those things? God

So calling these 40 days of fasting, we’re looking for a core of 40 young people from 17 to 30 who could give themselves completely to 40 days of day and night prayer. Maybe there’s some Latin fire right here. Alleluia! And then after those 40 days we are seeking to launch a house to prayer that by the grace of God it will not end until the wells of revival have been done, until the ideology of humanism is brought down by the sword of psalm 8.

I believe that God wants to use the weak things to confound the wise. When the scripture says ‘out of the mouth of babes, you’ve ordained strength because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. When I consider the heavens the work of thy fingers, the sun and moon that you have made, what is man that you are mindful of?’ Alleluia, God!

Little children who believe in a God who’s bigger than the atheist babble of gobble, your prayers could change those. Do you believe that?

Today it’s all I’ve got. I’ve come here and thrown everything I’ve got at you. Would you come and fight the fight with us?

The website you could go to is

And then when we launch our house of prayer, God help us. There will be, Justice House of Prayer. That will be probably be the best one to go to JHOP

Stay with me. Stand up for a moment, we’re going to pray. Now, I just don’t want you to believe that fasting and prayer is only for the big things. The real big things are my children, that I’m fasting and praying for, for break-throughs. How many of you need break-throughs? Raise your hands. Would you lift up your hands that we’re going to pray right now.

God I pray for the grace of fasting and prayer to come upon this people in Jesus’ name. I pray that they will take leadership for this city as the spirit point of intercession to break through the powers of darkness. Use the humility of the Latinos to shake the pride of the arrogant gods. Loose dreams and visions upon this company of God. Let a whirlwind of faith take place, God. Give them the keys to shake the history of Boston and New England, in Jesus’ name.

Now will you take the grace of fasting? It’s what God’s given me to release to America: fasting and prayer. Release revelation on the saints , God. Open it up in Jesus’ name. God I pray you stir the young people to not waste their teenage years but tie their teenage years to God, like Daniel was a teenager shook the university of Babylon. Let this young people fast and pray and shake their high schools in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s call the youth. All the young people who are here this morning, right now. Real fast. All the young people in the room, just come forward. Please, pray for them. Just all the young people that are here this morning, just come forward and receive the prayer. And God wants to do something powerful this morning. Come forward. Come forward. Come further up, further close to me. I urge you to really believe that God is going to do something mighty in your spirit. God wants to open up those wells that are in you. He wants to activate his power in your life this morning.

And even some of the younger kids, come forward as well. They’re coming, so let’s have them here. The young kids, come on up. There’s a lot of space here. Just come on, all. Just come over this way. Young people, there’s space over here. Right. Sam, bring them over here, on this side so that we have enough space for them

Just young people be ready to receive that anointing of God. It’s not a time to be absent minded here. It’s a time to be really in the spirit, ok? And just believe that God is going to do something in your life. God is going to touch this morning, so just receive that anointing of the Lord. Receive that anointing.

I’ll tell a testimony. My son Jessie at age 12 had a dream and in the dream he saw to gangs fighting: God’s gang and the devil’s gang. They went to leader of the God gang and he said ‘how old do you have to be to be a part of God’s gang? And in the dream the leader of God’s gang said to him ‘the rules have changed, it used to be 21, but now it’s 12’.

The kid was shaken by the dream and he knew what the Lord was saying. I want you to be at your father’s business at age 12. Don’t waste your teenage life, and he began to fast and pray at age 12. At age 13 he went on a 40 days juice fast, this was the year before The Call and he said ‘Dad, I don’t want to cut my hair till The Call. I want to be a Nazarite, and Nazarites wore those long hairs in the Bible. They dedicated themselves radically to God who became the hinge of history. He said ‘Dad, I don’t want to cut my hair till The Call’. He said ‘Dad, I don’t want to play baseball this year’. He’s the best pitcher on his team. He said ‘Dad, I don’t want to eat meat or sweats for seven months till The Call.’ He says ‘All I want to do, Dad, is pray with you for revival and for 7 months that young man prayed. And when he prayed on The Call. He’s been under video, his prayer has gone all over the world and it shook in the world wherever that. You can begin to change history right now at an early age. In fact, you cannot afford to not to do it because the war on your generation is so intense. God has a fire in His heart for this young generation.

When he said ‘I don’t want to cut my hair’, that night I was waken up at 4 o’clock in the morning with the audible voice of God and He said this ‘America is receiving her apostles, prophets and evangelist, but it has not yet seen her Nazarites. I woke up by the dream and I knew the Lord would say ‘there is a new breed of young men and women coming to America and it is a burning, burning generation who will love God and are not willing to compromise with the world.

If that’s you today, say ‘I want that Nazarite heart’. You may not know what it means, you’re not entering into some kind of vow, but you say ‘God, whatever it takes, put that fire in me. I want to be a burning man and a burning woman’. And if that’s you, would you raise your hands right here and say ‘God’. Now don’t look at me. I want you to close your eyes and engage with God.

Say ‘my God put a fire of love in me, put a Nazarite consecration tapped to my heart with a fire like a John the Baptist. God I am praying right now, in the name of Jesus, that you will come with fire on these kids right here and this moment seal them with something they have never known.

I am asking God that they’ll begin to fast and pray in their schools. That you’ll explode in their lives with dreams from heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now, you say ‘God, I’m taking. Go ahead, put your hand in your heart and say ‘God seal my heart’.

Ask Him. Ask Him ‘put a fire in me and stronger than the fires of pornography, stronger than the fires of lust, stronger than the fires of the power of our culture to defuse spiritual life, break that.

Get a hold on God, in Jesus’ name. Come Holy Spirit right here. Come on kids, you’ll begin to receive. Close your eyes and begin to drink of the spirit of God. Let the fire of His presence come.

The rules have changed, it used to be 21 but now it’s 12. The Lord is waiting young men, young women. You can play the poli-game or you can say ‘I’m going to make my life turn. I’ll give my life to Jesus Christ today. I take Him as the total Lord of my life, go ahead. Make that transaction with God this very moment.

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Hoy es 4 de julio de 2007. Ayer vino a mi corazón que tenía que hacer ayuno y oración por la conversión de los varones de mi familia,especialmente de mi pareja y de mi padre,pero yo nunca he hecho ayuno y no sabía como hacerlo. Entonces estaba orando por instrucción, cuando de algún modo llegué a este sitio web y leí esta predicación. Entonces una vez más me convenzo de que Dios escucha la oración, es pronto auxilio en nuestras tribulaciones, nos habla de muy diferentes maneras, tiene escrito un plan para nuestras vidas y está aderezando la mesa para que comamos ese banquete de victoria que nos tiene preparado. GRACIAS A DIOS POR SU PLAN DIVINO, gracias por la instrucción...Aleluya!


Hoy es 4 de julio de 2007. Ayer vino a mi corazón que tenía que hacer ayuno y oración por la conversión de los varones de mi familia,especialmente de mi pareja y de mi padre,pero yo nunca he hecho ayuno y no sabía como hacerlo. Entonces estaba orando por instrucción, cuando de algún modo llegué a este sitio web y leí esta predicación. Entonces una vez más me convenzo de que Dios escucha la oración, es pronto auxilio en nuestras tribulaciones, nos habla de muy diferentes maneras, tiene escrito un plan para nuestras vidas y está aderezando la mesa para que comamos ese banquete de victoria que nos tiene preparado. GRACIAS A DIOS POR SU PLAN DIVINO, gracias por la instrucción...Aleluya!


Hoy es 4 de julio de 2007. Ayer vino a mi corazón que tenía que hacer ayuno y oración por la conversión de los varones de mi familia,especialmente de mi pareja y de mi padre,pero yo nunca he hecho ayuno y no sabía como hacerlo. Entonces estaba orando por instrucción, cuando de algún modo llegué a este sitio web y leí esta predicación. Entonces una vez más me convenzo de que Dios escucha la oración, es pronto auxilio en nuestras tribulaciones, nos habla de muy diferentes maneras, tiene escrito un plan para nuestras vidas y está aderezando la mesa para que comamos ese banquete de victoria que nos tiene preparado. GRACIAS A DIOS POR SU PLAN DIVINO, gracias por la instrucción...Aleluya!


This is riveting. I distributed this message throughout Massachusetts and beyond. Praise God for those who raised up "a house of prayer that contends with every other house" and those who join in praying and fasting in this spiritual battle. Praise God for the Justice House of Prayer, Boston.

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