Basil Yarde : Testimony and Prophecy for Congregation Lion of Judah

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  • Presenter: Basil Yarde
  • Length: 27:14
  • Date: November 27, 2005
  • Location: Congregation Lion of Judah

We just welcome you guys, this morning and we thank you for being here. Just know that you’re being recorded so you have to be on your best behavior this morning. This worship service, an edited form of it is going to be transmitted and I’ll let pastor Yarde give us a little more details, who he is and what he’s doing with us here today. We welcome you brother. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being here.

Thank you pastor Roberto. I am so delighted to be here. For a while I thought I was in heaven, because the presence of the Lord is so real and rich and tangible here, and the way that you worship is worship designed for a king. ¡Alleluia!

You call yourself the Congregation Lion of Judah, that name is very important. That name is who you are. The Lion de Judah is within you. You need to allow the Lion de Judah within you to roar even louder. I have the picture of a great safari. Boston is a great safari, a spiritual safari. There are a lot of things in Boston that should not be in Boston. The Lion of Judah does not necessarily have to go out to do anything to get them out. When the lion roars fear comes in to those who are intruding. And the Lord said to me “As the Lion of Judah roars through his people in Boston, the chains are going to be broken, that the powers of hell will flee, the demons are going to tremble and there are going to be begin to get out of Boston.”

It is important that you understand that’s why God has raised you up and has given you this name. It is a very important name. There are people who are watching you, other churches are watching you and they are seeing what God is doing through you. As you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit and you allow God to continue to roar through you, courage is going to come into the hearts of other saints in Boston. There are other churches that are going to become courageous and they’re going to let the Lion de Judah roar through them also.

There are many churches in Boston that are afraid, they don’t understand what God is doing and they don’t understand what God requires. They don’t understand what God wants to do in Boston. They’re looking at all the things that the devil is doing and they’re saying “we are lost. Boston has gone to the devil”. But I’m here today to declare to you: Boston does not belong to the devil. Boston belongs to Jesus. Jesus is the Lord of Boston so let the Lion of Judah roar. And let the demons flee. And let the power of heaven be broken. ¡Alleluia!

This bilingual service is a strategy that God has given you. It is not only to make other people comfortable and it is not only that some of you might learn English and that others might learn Spanish. From the time I walked into this building I felt the spirit of prophesy, this bilingual service is a service that you need to invite other believers, English speaking believers.

Are you a denominational church? We are but we are not denominational of here. Good. Good.

The Lord said to me to tell you that you need to invite other believers from your denomination. There is a frequency in the spirit that you’re tapping to, the frequency of heaven. Let me help you understand it. There are many, many radio stations in Boston but if you want to hear what I am saying on the air waves, you have got to tap into the right tune into the right frequency 590 on the AM dial. That’s where you’ll hear what Basil Yarde is saying. There are many spiritual voices but if you want to hear what God is saying you have to tune into the frequency of heaven. You have learned to how to tune into the frequency of heaven, so you’re able to hear what God is saying and what He is desirous of doing in Boston.

But there are many others of your denominations and other English speaking saints in Boston who have not yet learned how to tune into that frequency so they are still going by what the denomination has taught them for so many years. So every Sunday they come and sing two songs, they make the announcements, they preach for 15 minutes, they pray and they do all the denominational things and they go home and they have not heard what God is saying. It is important that you invite them into this bilingual service so that they learn how to tap into the frequency of heaven. When they come and they experience God the way that you are experiencing Him, they will want it. They will not go back into any of those old frequencies. They will want to tap into the frequency of heaven all the time and they will become a part of what God is saying and doing in Boston. Amen.

We receive that as a prophetic word from the Lord, thank you. Thank you, pastor. Good word.

I was pasturing a church in Barbados, it was about 6 times the size of this, it was a very large church. I was very happy. I was being paid a large salary and the Lord said to me: Leave it. Go to the United States and prepare for a new season of ministry and I did not want to hear that. As a matter of fact my wife was hearing and I was not. I was not tapped into that frequency. I didn’t want to hear that. I was enjoying the prestige and all that the position offered, and then the Lord started to stir up my nest and I started to become uncomfortable.

The Lord said: “Sell your two cars”, I had a beautiful car and I was in love with my car, so I said “No”. I said “I will resign but I’m not selling my car”. We would sell the car and use the money to come here and prepare for a new season of ministry. When I resigned the church committee decided that they will continue to pay my salary and all my living expenses for 18 months, so I settled back down, I thought I had made a mistake, so for five and a half months I did nothing about what God had said.

On the 19 of January 2002 my said to me: “Basil, we have to do what God is saying.” She was my conscience, but I didn’t want to hear her. So I said to her: “I am not selling my car. We’ll sell yours.” So I sat down and made arrangements to advertise hers for sale and they I got up, got into my car and left the house to go to play squash. On my way to play squash someone ran into the side of my car and totaled it, two of the wheels broke off and I broke my neck. My neck just bumped. I was in hospital for four weeks, the doctors said that I should have been paralyzed from my arms down, that they had to take bone from my hip, go through my throat and fuse it with the bone of my neck and fund it together with two steel plates and put in some screws of bolds, so right now I still have steel and screws in my neck. I’m all screwed up.

Two and a half weeks after my accident, my wife came into the hospital and said to me: “Basil, my car burnt today. It just caught a fire and burnt”. I knew exactly what was happening. When she was gone that night I looked up and I said: “ Lord you don’t have to do anything else, you don’t have to say anything else. I’m coming”.

So as soon as I came out of the hospital I got her to get in line and send an application to the Wagner Leadership Institute. Three months later we left Barbados. I was still walking like a zombie. If I wanted to look in any direction I had to move my whole body, the slightest movement of my neck would send a terrible sensation down through my body. I would hear a loud noise going down through my body. My palms were null. I had tingling in my arms and my legs, but the first day at the Wagner Leadership Institute, doctor Peter Wagner prayed for me. He looked at me and he said “In the name of Jesus I command your skeleton system to come into a line and I speak healing into your body from the head to the sole of your feet”, and my body shook and settled down and I was completely healed. I took off the brace, life came back to my palms, the tingling in my arms and legs left. I was able to swing my head. There was no sensation. I was completely healed by the power of God.

We spent one year there and then we were getting ready to go back to Barbados, so we thought that was what we had to do. And the Lord said: “Go to Boston and help prepare the way of the Lord for a coming revival”. I have learned obedience, so I said “Ok, Lord. It’s cold up there, I’d rather that you sent me to Florida. Can’t you do a revival in Florida? But I obeyed and came.

Brothers and sisters there is a revival coming to Boston. As a matter of fact it has already started here. All over ?¿ Boston there are places of this revival. They’re like little candles burning. Here and there and everywhere and very soon they’re going converge and it’s going to become one flaming fire of revival that will speak across to England across this country. Don’t you listen to the lies of the devil. The devil will want you to believe that he has control of this country, but I’m here to tell you that there are praying people all over this country and God said that people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, He said, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and I will heal their land. There is healing coming to this land and I am glad to be part of what God is doing, and I’m glad that you are part of that too.

God brought you from different countries to be part of what He’s doing. WECE, God connected me to that station and I shared my vision with that station and they have given me the time to find all the pockets of revivals to record what God is doing and to hear it on two of their radio stations. That’s the reason I am here. This is, I believe, the 40th or 41st church that we are visiting and encouraging in what God is doing. Three Sundays from now we’re going to airing this service and airing an interview with Dr Miranda and his wife. So all of Boston can hear what God is doing. People everywhere are hearing what the devil is doing in Boston, but they need to know what God is doing, because what God is doing is greater than what the devil is doing. What the devil is doing is just a camouflage to get people to look away from what God is doing. So they’re going to hear what God is doing.

I bring you greeting today from the general manager of WEZE. He wants you to know that he has heard what God is doing here too and he prays for congregation Lion of Judah. ¡Alleluia!

I have my wife and my son and my other son, everyone thinks that the tall one is my son also so I have adopted him as my son, and then I have my partner in the ministry and his wife, Ed Jones is somewhere upstairs and…. yes, they’re with me.

I want to bless you today, I want to declare over your lives. The blessings of ….. the Lord is saying to me to do something, could you please…….. I want to read a blessing over you. I feel a freedom here that I don’t feel in many other churches, it is a flow in the spirit.

May the Lord answer you when you’re in distress. May the name of the God of Jacob protect you. May He send you help from His sanctuary y grant you support from Zion. May He remember all your sacrifices and accepts all your offerings. May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant you all your requests. Amen. Praise the Lord.

Thank you pastor. Praise God.

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