Sermon April 24, 2005 : Prophecy for Congregation Lion of Judah and Dr. Miranda

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I want to invite Reverend Paul Taylor to come forward, to bless us again this afternoon. I hope… anybody who needs the translation, by the way, do you have headphones, does anybody need. Guys relax, no need for headphones today. Paul Taylor has a regional vision, really has a kingdom mind and an anointing that carries him through different parts of the region, and of the states carrying this vision for prayer and for the prophetic anointing, and it’s just a wonderful ministry to the North East Prayer Center that brings churches together, and that promotes this vision of revival and of renewal among God’s people, he’s a personal friend, a man who has brought joy to my life with his friendship and his vision and his anointing as well which I know are going to be a part of today. Let’s just welcome Paul Taylor to our church today.

Praise the Lord. It is so wonderful to be here today. Someone asked me: do you understand anything that is being spoken? I know you by the spirit, I don’t to have understand the words. There is only one language in heaven and we will speak it. Praise God. No matter where I go, and I go to a lot of Brazilian churches, I understand and know by the spirit. And it’s such a wonderful thing to be here I your presence, but most importantly to be in His presence. I scent a wonderful anointing near this morning and we’ve already experience a wonderful service earlier.

I came today because I was invited but I also came today because I was sent, and being sent by God is so vitally important because I believe I have a message to release to you today. I believe that God is bringing you into a very special time. I believe that your vision is too small and that you need to get ready to make room for more: more people, more anointing, larger building, greater ministries. There are people sitting here today that are going to be released into ministry, some church ministry, but many in the market place. Jesus died for the world and He’s called us to reach the world. Can you say amen.

And so our vision must get much larger, it must go beyond going to church because you were not called to go to church, you were called to be the church. Amen. I again thank pastor Roberto for giving me this opportunity.

I have been here several times before, you opened your doors to us a year ago, when we had a prayer convocation here. How many of you were here during that time? Amen. Our heart in our ministry is to train up and equip people and to release them, many into their own churches, many into market place ministries, but our ministry is a North East Prayer Center, it’s prophetic in strategic intersession and a later time maybe I will come and teach on what a true intercessor is. Amen. I’ve got a different message this morning. I had invited your pastor to go with us to Peru in June, I am mentioning this to you now to ask you to pray for us. We have been to Peru, this will be our third time, this time going in June the nationals from the church have asked us to come and to teach and train their pastors and leaders in the area of intercession for the purpose of taking the land.

How many of you know we were called to take the land? We’re called to take territory. We are territory-taking people. We’re tired of the devil taking from us. It’s time for us to take back from the devil. So the Lord has opened the door, we thought it was just a little door, but is has become a very big door. We were thinking maybe a hundred pastors and leaders, but just recently I gave you pastor a brochure they sent us, an advertising that they sent out, we’re looking to minister to three to five hundred pastors and leaders, throughout denominations and they’ve actually rented a place to sit a thousand people. This is what I’m saying about expand your vision. We are believing to shake the country or nation of Peru. Do you believe that we can do that? I believe that we can, especially if we join together and pray together. We have been praying for your building plans and we know that you have the victory. Amen.

Do I have any Peruvians here today? We will be going to the city of Iquitos and it’s during the high holy day in Iquitos. We need your prayer cover. They have a three-day feast to the sun God and we’re going to have a three-day feast to the Son God and we’ll just believe for great and mighty things.

I also have a CD series here to help you to move from church to kingdom because God has called us all to be a part of the Kingdom of God. How many of you know that God has chosen you to build His church? And I mean, not just Lion of Juda, but the church of Jesus Christ. And it is so wonderful, as I said, to be a part here today for there’s an incredible anointing upon your pastor and upon this church and as we join together we impact this region for the Kingdom of God.

One of the messages in here will teach you that there’re some things that God can’t do, He’s given them to you to do. Amen. Just as king David could not build the temple, his son Solomon built the temple. God’s word says “because David was a man of blood”. How many of you know that Jesus was a man of blood? He shed his blood for you and me. And Jesus can’t build this church but He’s given it to you to build. Can you say Amen. And just as David overcame all his enemies, he subdued the enemy, he provided all the materials for Solomon, he gave Solomon everything he needed to build the temple. So as Jesus subdued all your enemies, He has provided everything you need, everything I need to build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against you. This will help you to understand.

Let’s just bow our heads for a moment and ask the Lord to come in and to bless this time. Because God is going to do something very special this morning. I have been sent with a message and I’m so thankful that God speaks to our hearts. Because it wasn’t this morning that the Lord opened my eyes to understand the bigger picture o why I am here. So Lord now we ask you, Holy Spirit come, prepare our hearts, open our ears to hear and see what you want to do this day, not only this day but until you come to us, until you finish the work you have begun. Father, I pray right now for the Holy Spirit to fall on every person in this place, just as we sang that song this morning “open the eyes of my heart Lord, open the eyes of my heart, Lord, so that I might see you, so we long to see you this morning, in Jesus name we pray. Amen.”

I want to take you to the first book of Revelations, the eleventh chapter, verse 15. God wants to release an anointing and gifting upon you today. Many of you may not even know that your pastor just recently has been set apart as one of the apostles of the city of Boston. How many of you knew that? And God has called me to come here today for such a time is this to release this message so that you will recognize the anointing on your pastor’s life, but that you will also recognize the anointing on your lives. This man can only go as far as you help him to go. He and his wife, I’m so glad she’s here this afternoon, and we’re going to lay hands of them at the end of the service and we’re going to ask for God’s anointing to come in a powerful way because God has separated you.

There’s a purpose behind the name Lion de Juda, that the tribe of Juda always went forth first. Juda is an apostolic tribe, with an apostolic anointing, it’s called the breaker anointing. An anointing that enables to break through the enemy’s lines and to set the captives free. You may not have even noticed, but that is what you’ve been called to. I want you to understand that today, that with this anointing there comes great responsibility, but you can do this. Say to the person next to you: we can do this. When you looked in the mirror this morning, what did you see? I want you to train yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning that you will say: you mighty man and woman of God. Come on, let’s practice. You mighty man and woman of God.

God’s word says as a man think it, so is he. Amen. So you have to continually say “I am a mighty man of God”. But I don’t feel like a mighty man. We don’t walk by feeling, we walk by faith. We walk by what God says. We don’t walk by what men say. We don’t walk by what mom and dad say. We don’t walk by what people have said in your life. Come on, we’re going to break some things up this morning. We walk by what God says. God says you’re a mighty man and woman of God. You’re not weak, you’re strong. You were called to be the head and not the tail. You were called to be above and not below. Do you understand me today? We’re going to break these minds ……… because this church is going forward, this man and woman of God are going forward and they need victorious people behind them. And so God is going to do that his morning.

Revelation, 11:15, and God’s word says: The seventh angel sounded and there were loud voices in heaven saying the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ and He shall reign for ever and ever, and He shall reign for ever and ever. I’m going to give you a prophetic picture this morning of where we are as the church of Jesus Christ, I’m telling you that the Kingdoms of God are beginning to align and the kingdoms of this world will bow their knees to the kingdom of our God and his Christ. Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess, that He is the Lord. That is what God is preparing his people for.

Ok, let’s go to second Samuel. The second chapter, the first verse. How many of you know the story of king David? I’ll give you some background real quick. You must understand what was taking place. Before this time the children of Israel they decided to be like all the other nations, so they said to the prophet Samuel: give us a king. Samuel mourned and wept over that. He said God is your king. They said: No, we want to be like all the other nations. I’m here to tell you today, we are not like all the other nations. We are not like all the other people. I’m not talking about America, I’m talking about Israel, spiritual Israel.

You are not mere men and women, you are full of the wholly ghosted power. You have been endued with authority and power and you are called to build the Kingdom of God. So Israel chose a man, his name was Saul. Saul actually in the Hebrew means “asked”. They asked and God gave them Saul. But if you study scripture Saul represents religion. Saul represents what men can do, and for a short period of time Saul served God, but religion was set up for man not for God. Saul, he desired to please men more than God and so they backslid and fell away from God and God spoke to Samuel and said: Go and choose another man, a man after my own heart, a man that will serve me with all his heart and so Samuel went and anointed David.

David is the only one in scripture that was said to have the heart of God. When David comes on the scene, Saul is jealous of David. Religious should always be jealous of ……. , the religious will persecute God’s church, God’s people. And so finally we come to this place in Scripture. Saul dies, Saul is killed by the enemy. I’m here to tell you today that religion is dieing, that religion is dead, that people don’t want religion, they want a relationship with Jesus. They want men and women who have a heart after God. Saul’s kingdom has a form of godliness but denies the power thereon. People in the world they don’t want church. They want something that will change their lives. I’m telling you today that God is reviving his church, He’s calling his men and women and they will not have a form of God but as the apostle Paul said: I do not come in word only, but I come in power. And God is raising a people like yourselves. I say like yourself, I say mighty men and women of God that will do great exploits. Do you believe that? You must believe it. Amen.

So Saul dies and when Saul dies, David goes to the Lord and he says: shall I go up? And God speaks to David’s heart and He tells him to go up. Read it in verse one: “God tells him to go up, and he says: “to what city shall I go?”, and God says: “go to Hebron”. I’m asking to do a little studying. When you go home I want you to ask God, why Hebron? I’m going to give you a little information but there’s a lot of information. How many of you know you’ve got to dig, you’ve got to dig in the word of God to find the true meaning of what God is saying. Why not Jerusalem? Why not Bethel? Why not Gabeon? There were many cities in Israel. Why Hebron?

I’m telling you why Hebron. Hebron in Hebrew it means the see of association, it is the place of fellowship. In Hebron Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were buried. Hebron was the city that was given to Caleb. Caleb was one of those spies that came back, with Joshua and said: “we can take the land”. Caleb was a man of a different spirit. I hope you understand what I’m getting at this morning. There’s a need for the church to go to Hebron. There’s a need for you to go to Hebron before we can go to Jerusalem, the city of peace, we must first go to Hebron. It is the place of synergistic faith. It is the place where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob received the promises. Do you understand that today? Every single promise of Abraham is mine. Every promise of Jacob is mine. The spirit of Caleb is my spirit. God is calling for a people that will rise up in this day and will say: we can take the land. I say: we can take the land, we can take the land. God is calling this church to be a church anointed of God with an anointed woman and woman of God, with a people that believes that the promises of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are mine, that as he promised Abraham a nation, so has he promised you the nations, as he promised Caleb the city, so has he promised you the city.

Listen, the devil can’t stop us. We will stand on the word of God today, that same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, it dwells in me, it dwells in you. Do you know where the Kingdom of God is? That’s right. Right here. It’s within you, it’s not out there, everybody is looking for the kingdom out there. I’m telling you the Kingdom of God is in you and God is waiting for you to release it, and we will release it by faith. We transfer heaven to earth through the currency of faith. Amen.

And so God is trying to help you this morning. I want to build your faith, I want to encourage your heart. I want you to know without a shadow of doubt that you are called, that you are separated and that there’s an anointing and an authority in your life to do everything, everything that He has placed in your heart.

Listen to me, there’s some of you who have been dreaming dreams, some of you have visions of things you want to do for God. Saul’s kingdom will always tell you that’s ambition, it will tell you need to be quiet, it will tell you can’t do that, but that’s not the Kingdom of God. The spirit of the living God is breathing on that dream and David is saying, the spirit of David is arising in the church and he’s saying everything I’ve spoken to you, you can do. Those dreams are from God. I say those dreams are from God. Don’t let the devil tell you they’re not from God. Some of you think they came from eating too much rice, in America we say pizza, but that’s not true.

How many of you know about the 7 years that David, or 9 years that David ran from Saul? He’d already been anointed king by Samuel. Study David’s life. His brothers came to him and said: “what’s the matter with you? You’re a bad person. You’re just a dreamer. You’re just a shepherd boy, where are those sheep of yours?”. Do you understand what I’m saying today? The enemy will always try to put you down. David knew, deep down within him that he was chosen to be king. Amen.

I want you to know you’re chosen, you’re royal priesthood, you’re mighty persons, a mighty man and woman of God and you’re called to do exploits. I said exploits. I said things beyond what you can accomplish. I’m going to challenge you this morning, we’re going to release anointing here in a few minutes. You have to stop doing what you can do. I said you got to stop doing what you can do and you have to start attempting only those things God can do. Amen. When you do what you can do God doesn’t get any glory, but when you step out and do what only God can do, now God gets all the glory. It’s time for the church to move into the God’s things, into the bigger things, into the faith things. Amen.

Verse one, chapter 3. I’m telling you that the kingdom of David is getting stronger and stronger and that scripture says the kingdom of Saul is getting weaker and weaker. I’m telling you the church that God is breathing now, the church with God’s heart, is the Davidic church, is a worshiping church, it’s the flame of fire church, it’s the Lion of Juda church, it’s the church that God is breathing on today. It is getting stronger and stronger. Saul’s kingdom is getting weaker and weaker. Now listen I say this to you: when Saul died David did not rejoice. David mourned over Saul’s death. I am not saying these things so that the charismatic, evangelistic, Pentecostal church that’s thriving can look at other churches and say: good enough for you. Every time we see a church close, we need to weep. We need to cry. David mourned over what Saul could have been, rather than rejoice over what he wasn’t. Are you hearing me today?

Listen to me, it’s a good example for you. Some of you are rejoicing over your enemies’ failures instead of weeping over what they should be. Do you understand that? There are people on the job, it would be easy to rejoice over their failures, maybe they persecuted you, maybe they mocked you. We can’t rejoice, we must weep, because when we weep God moves. Because mercy triumphs over judgment. And we must say: there go I but for the grace of God. So David goes up to Hebron, one tribe chooses David, 11 tribes choose to stay with Saul’s kingdom. That one tribe is…. What’s it? Judah. Amen. The lion of the tribe of Juda. Juda chooses David. I believe this prophetic symbolic thing here.

The leaders of this city have chosen your pastor to be apostle of this city. He pastors the Lion de Juda’s church. Judah must go first. Judah, you, you must go first. It’s time to arise Juda. It’s time you choose Juda. Whose kingdom will you live in? It’s easy to stay in Saul’s kingdom. You don’t get pressed in Saul’s kingdom, you can sit and be comfortable in Saul’s kingdom. But when you join David’s kingdom it’s a breaker-anointing kingdom, it’s a territory-taking kingdom, it’s a winning-team kingdom. I could tell you right now these guys aren’t going out to lose. No. They’re going to win. God is calling team Juda to rise up and separate yourself on to the Davidic leader, the apostolic leader in this region and for you to support him. Five things He’s going to release to the house this morning. We’re almost done.

First Chronicles, chapter 12, verse 23. Five things that we see, that God releases to David while he is in Hebron for seven and a half years, only one tribe totally recognizes David, but during that 7 and half year period 340.000 men come from the other 11 tribes, they recognize the anointing on David’s life. I’m telling you today they’re recognizing the anointing on that man’s life. I’m telling you today they’re coming, I said they’re coming, tell your neighbor they’re coming, they’ve been released from the kingdom of Saul. God is moving on their hearts right now, there are people right now waiting to be released so that they can move in to the kingdom of David, to the Davidic order, to the Davidic anointing, because it is that kingdom that is being restored today. Do you say amen.

You can read it in the book of Acts. There’s one tabernacle God is rebuilding, it is not the tabernacle of Moses, it is not the temple of Solomon, what is it? It’s the tabernacle of David. For such a time as this, stay with me for a few more moments. Five gifts, 5 things God wants to release into your life so this church can go forward, so you can go forward. How many of you believe you have a destiny on your life? You have a destiny, you have a purpose. You need this anointing to reach that destiny and that’s what I do. That’s what our whole ministry is, an impartation of an anointing to help you to reach your destiny, teaching in the word of God that equips you to reach your destiny.

Verse 23. Now these were the numbers of the divisions that were equipped for war and came to David in Hebron to turn over the kingdom of Saul to him according to the word of the Lord. I stay here in great confidence today, these are not my words, these words are according to the word of the Lord. Why did Saul’s kingdom end up coming into David’s kingdom? Because it was the word of the Lord. I’m giving you the word of the Lord today. It will happen. I said it will happen. Do you believe it will happen? Alleluia!

Five things beginning with verse 23. Number one: first thing He’s releasing into this house, warriors, warriors. God is releasing warriors into this house. Now listen to me, you must understand we are at war. I said we are at war. When will the church understand that we are at war? Satan is stealing our children, Satan is taking our land, Satan is over running our schools, and the church continues to lay back and not know what to do. I’m telling there’s a David arising. I said there’s a David arising, his name may be Roberto. But there’s a David arising and he’s saying we’re tired of sitting back. We’re tired of the philistines taking our land. We’re tired of Satan stealing our children. Are you with me today? It’s a time for the warrior spirit to arise, and that spirit is being released into your life today. Will you receive it? Will you receive the spirit of the living God? It’s a warrior spirit that says the gates of hell will not prevail, that God is returning for a victorious church without spot or wrinkle.

Number 2, verse 27. Jehoiada, the leader of the Aaronites and with him 3700. Verse 28: Sadoc, a young man, a valued warrior, and from his father’s house with 22 captains, Sadoc became the priest, the high priest for David’s kingdom. I’m telling you, you are a house of priests, you are a house of intercessors. Priests intercede, priests get on the wall and they walk. Priests stand in the gap and they say: you will not go any further. Priests were the worshipers that David set up in his tabernacle. So the second gifting is priest should worship worshipers. This church is a worshiping church, it is your worship that will win the war. It was the worshipers of Josaphat that defeated the enemy. You must understand the warfare of your worship, so become a worshiper. I said, become a worshiper. Love-sick worshipers of Christ, passionate for Jesus. Worship him with all your heart.

Number three, verse 32: Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do. The chiefs were 200 and all their brethren were at their command. God has released his wisdom into this house. How many of you need wisdom today?

Psalm 24:3. Says: wisdom builds the house and through understanding it is established. God is releasing wisdom upon you. Wisdom for strategy. Wisdom to know the season and the times. Wisdom to know when to move and when to hold. Are you understanding what I’m saying? God is never too late or too early. We must move in God’s time. That will only be known to the wisdom of God.

Gift number 4, verse 33: Of Zebulun there were 50.000 who went out to battle, expert in war with all weapons of war, stouthearted men who could keep range. God is releasing weapons into this house. How many of you say I’m the one? Come on, you young people, you don’t even know. God’s word says the children are as arrows as in the hands of a mighty man. You are the weapons. You are the weapons. God is releasing weapons into this house, He’s bringing people into this house. You’re going to be experts in what you do. Some of you are going to be computers’ analysis, graphic arts, carpenters and masons, lawyers, house wives. Come on, house wives. Some of my greater intercessors are house wives. Come on, husbands release your wives. Release your wives. Let them become weapons in the hands of a mighty man. Let them be released. There’s nothing like the prayers of a mother. They’re fervent and effectual and they strike the mark. God is releasing weapons into this house.

Last gift, verse 40, God’s word says: that He released abundance to the kingdom of David. They came from Zebulun and Naphtali and they brought all sorts of products in great abundance because there was joy in the house of God. I said there was joy in the house of God. God is releasing wealth into the house here. I see God is releasing wealth. How many of you want wealth? Stand on your feet. That wealth is going to come through you. Now what you must understand…. How many of you know the scripture? God’s word says that He is shifting or moving the wealth of the wicked into the houses of the righteous. How many believe that? Amen. How many believe that the wicked are just going to walk up to you and give you their money? It’s not going to quite happen like that. Study the word wealth, it’s the Hebrew word chaiel, it means influence.

I said God is going increase your influence. God is going to give you promotions. God is going to place you in strategic positions. God is raising up Josephs in this house that will be placed in the pharaoh’s house. Are you hearing me? for such a time as this, God is raising up Daniels, full of wisdom and there’s going to be a shift of influence. It not only means influence, it means the spoils of war. Amen. I’m ready for the spoils of war. I’m ready to take the enemy’s territory because everything in that territory it’s mine. Come on, tell me. Mine. The devil has stolen it from our hands, that shift is coming. He is moving warriors in this house. He’s moving worshipers into this house. He’s moving wisdom into this house. He’s moving weapons into this house. And He is moving wealth also into this house.

If you believe it, put your hands up. Come on, put your hands up. Right now I’m going to pray a prayer over you. I believe God has sent me here to release this word. This is only he beginning. I say the best is yet to come. There’s better things ahead. Don’t be satisfied with what you’ve got ‘cause God has great things for you. Father, right now I speak this prophetic word over this church, over these people, because these are great people. I said these are great people and they shall receive the territory. They shall receive everything they put their hands to. I release the gift of faith right now over this church and this body for them to begin to believe that there are greater things ahead, that eyes have not seen neither has ear heard, neither has it entered into their hearts, the things that God has prepared for them. And Father I ask you right now, release the things that are in your heart today, release the things that are in your heart today and begin to release them upon these people.

Father for every person that is down or discouraged, release hope right now. Release faith to believe, give them eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand. Let them know that they’re in a season that is shift is taking place, that they are recognizing the anointed. They have been brought to this place Lion of Juda, to this church because they have been drawn by you. There is not one mistake here this morning, not one mistake here, you are not here by mistake, you are here by divine …... You are here to hold this man’s hands up, you’re here to be a breaker-anointing. You are here to take the territory in the city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts, in the region of New England, in the United States of America and God is giving you the nations.

Right now, God says: ask and you shall receive. He’s waiting for you to ask. All you have to do is ask. I want to be a warrior. I want to be a worshiper. I want your wisdom. I want weapons to be released to me. Make me a weapon today, God. Release influence and wealth and I will use it for your kingdom. And He says: now, it’s yours. I said now it’s yours. Now it’s yours. Rejoice and receive the goodness of the Lord. Amen. Amen. Aleluya!

I’m going to ask your pastor and his wife to come down here. We are going to anoint them, we anointed them in the first service. It’s very, very important, just as Israel or Judah recognized David’s anointing. Can you hear me? It’s in recognition, it released the anointing for David to be king. Today the men, the leaders of this city have recognized your pastor as an apostle. It is important for you now to recognize your pastor and wife as leaders in this region. As you do, as we pray the anointing of recognition is going to be released in his life. He didn’t know I was coming to do this today, I didn’t know I was coming to do this today until this morning. But this is an important critical moment for this congregation because you know that God has called this congregation to some very important things. We don’t boast in ourselves, it’s all in him, it’s all in him.

President Bush said this: when he recognized the New England Patriots at the White House, you know the Patriots, they’re recognized for their team mind, no super stars, just everybody working together. Can you say amen. That’s the body of Christ. President Bush said this: when people choose to work together for something greater than themselves, everybody is a winner. Everybody is a winner.

This body, you have chosen to work together for something greater than yourselves. I’m telling you this day, this church will impact this city, will impact this state, will impact this region, it will be heard, the sound is going forth, David has been anointed and the people are coming. I said the people are coming.

Let us pray. Leaders, come, people, come. Stay focused right now, stay focused. You must join in this prayer, I invite you, men, women, come. It’s your prayer. I feel like Samuel this morning. Anointing a new king. Anointing a man and woman of God. Release, release the God that is in you. Let it come together in synergistic faith just like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and David joined together with that faith, so today your faith is coming together and it is being released and we could do more together than we can do individually. That’s the power of synergy. One …..could light a thousand, two to ten thousand, not two thousand, so let’s pray.

Father right now I anoint this man and woman of God. Aleluya! Lord as they’ve humbled themselves before you, Lord as they have been willing to pay the price, as they continue to stay humble before you I speak a release of greater anointing, not only priestly anointing but also kingdom anointing, authority to come against the enemy, for strategy to be released in this region and in your kingdom. Father, they war for you, they war in the name of the Lord, they war in your name, for your kingdom and just as David went forward and defeated all his enemies, so this day I say all his enemies, I say all the enemies of the Kingdom of God will fall before this great man and woman of God. I pray this anointing is released in this house, to take the territory and claim all that you have given to us, it is released this day. Come into an agreement this day. You say where 2 or 3…… anything in your name in faith believing, ……. it. We thank you for it. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

That’s to Roberto, it’s time to enlarge, it’s time to enlarge. I see rivers, great rivers that not only….. wells, but there’s a river of God being released. God said not only would there be wells that would be release, but He said out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. And this day a river has been released, not just a well, a river for you and your wife, Father I pray a prayer of protection round this couple. I pray for protection into this house, raise up prayer warriors, raise intercessors, to end up the war to make up a hedge of protection around the pastor and his wife and his family this day. And I say to you Satan, ….. tonight, …… tonight, you will not come in and you will not spoil the plan that God has for this man and woman in this house, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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