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Peter Stone is a 30 year old missionary from Knoxville, TN. He moved to Bogota, Colombia in March 2004 to work for a Colombian national mission in church planting and missionary mobilization.

After various short term ministry experiences both locally and abroad, he came to study at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston in 2000. During his first semester in seminary his search for a church led him to the Hispanic congregation, Lion of Judah. In his own words Peter says, ¨I will never forget the first Sunday I attended Lion of Judah. There was some strange connection in my heart. Then an older lady put her hands on my shoulders and prayed for me during the service, and even though I couldn't understand what she was saying, it was as if the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through her and touching me through her saying, 'you have come home to your spiritual family in Boston.'¨

After that Sunday Peter became involved in the church and eventually moved downtown (and actually inside the church for a while) to be closer to the life of the body. During his three years in seminary he was discipled by the pastoral staff and continued to serve in the church. ¨The church took me in like a son and a brother,¨says Peter. ¨It was through this church that I fell in love with Latin America.¨

Peter decided to pour his love for missions into Colombia. He is working for a nationally founded and nationally led ministry called Colombian National Mission (Mision Nacional Colombiana-MNC). The vision is to plant and reproduce mission minded churches throughout Colombia whose aim is to reach the remaining 50 people groups in Colombia who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.


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