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[Samuel and Marina Acevedo]

Samuel Acevedo is an Associate Pastor at Congregación León de Judá, where he leads several social justice efforts aimed at influencing Latino society in New England for the Kingdom of God. To that end, Pastor Sam serves as the founding Executive Director of the church-based Boston Higher Education Resource Center (HERC), dedicated to the ministry of helping inner-city young people go to college.

Through its one-on-one City Passage Mentor Program, an SAT program, adult computer-literacy and ESOL programs, and an intensive two-year college prep program known as Passport, the Boston HERC has helped over 1,000 at-risk kids go to college since its inception in 1999. Since December of 2007, Pastor Sam has also served as Director of COPAHNI, the Fellowship of Hispanic Pastors of New England, an organization representing over 70 Latino churches throughout New England. COPAHNI ministries include Vale Esperar, an effort to reach over 2,000 at-risk Latino youth in communities such as Boston, MA, Providence, RI, and Hartford, CT, over the next five years, with a vision of promoting sexual abstinence as part of preparing a generation of Latino leaders.

Pastor Sam attended Stetson University in DeLand, Florida and graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Sam then attended law school in Boston, Massachusetts, graduating cum laude from Boston College Law School in 1993. After law school, Sam joined the New York City Law Department where he prosecuted juvenile delinquency cases in New York City’s Family Court. Sam returned to Boston in November 1999 to join the staff of Congregación León de Judá where both COPAHNI and the Boston HERC are based. Pastor Sam also serves on the board of the Ten Point Coalition, Boston Trinity Academy, and the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Center for Urban Ministry and Education (CUME). He and his wife, Marina, were married in July of 2001.



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Gracias al Pastor Samuel por su guia durante el tercer nivel del discipulado "Entrega Total" primer semestre 2011. Fue una experiencia incomparable para mi vida, ya que con su claridad y fiel exposicion de los principios Biblicos, me llevo a conocer mas profundamente el desarrollo de mi vida cristina, a su vez por y para quien vivimos, Cristo Jesus, y aplicarla fervientemente en todos los aspectos de mi vida. Dios lo bendiga y le permita continuar ayudando a otros a reforzar y encontrar, el camino que conduce a Cristo.


Sami, que el Sr. te bendiga. Te quiero mucho, yo y mi familia. Anabella


I give thanks to God for Pastor Sam and all of Lion of Judah. If you're reading this and you have an opportunity to be involved at Lion of Judah, why not go and get to know them? You can expect to find God's wonderful love for you there. God bless you all at Lion of Judah!


I moved from Boston to Georgia and I miss going to your church so much.I would love to see it on my computer.The total service.Is their any sister churches in Ga.???God bless you all!Caroline Smith


Hermano, soy chileno y su mensaje, aunque han pasado ya siete meses desde su mensaje, a nosotros nos llega, porque los chilenos creemos que Chile será fuente del pronto avivamiento en toda America; asi que el Señor lo bendiga ricamente.


Your message tonight filled me; I really needed to hear those words. Thank you for not resisting our heavenly father’s desire; I really needed it. I learned some new things. God also answered a question I had been asking him about what my attitude should be like in various circumstances. God works so wonderfully when I surrender everything to him, I just can’t forget that. I didn’t know god called for us to loose anxiety! That will change a great deal about me going forward. Thanks for your advice last Saturday on how to handle my daughter during service, it really worked. Thank you very much… Respectfully, Isaura N Brito

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