Sermon March 4, 2007 : Rev. Eugene Santiago - A victorious life

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[Rev. Eugene Santiago with family]
  • Presenter: Eugene Santiago (translated by Dr. Roberto Miranda)
  • Length: 63:24
  • Date: March 4, 2007
  • Location: Congregation Lion of Judah, Boston MA

Bound and addicted for 15 years, the Lord led me to Teen Challenge Brockton. On Feb. 14 2000. I was lost and desperate, but I had chosen to continue following the Lord Jesus Christ in His perfect Will. The Lord has blessed me with a wife and a child Angela and Zoey Grace Santiago. He continues to bless me again because I have chosen to follow His perfect will. Today I can proudly say that through Teen Challenge Ministry and the Assemblies of God, I have received Pastoral credentials, and I will continue in God's perfect will. Matthew 6:33

Let us pray. Lord, we thank you and we bless your holy name. Lord, Father, we thank you for the Holy Spirit that has changed our lives. And Lord, we pray that you Holy Spirit will continue ministering our lives. We thank you and we’re going to depend on you because we need you. We give you all honor, all glory and all praise in the name of Jesus. We thank you.

Acts, chapter 7, verse 55. I do speak Spanish but is kind of broken and if I start speaking in Spanish, vamos a fluirle en el Espíritu Santo.

Acts, 7:55, “… but Stephen full of the Holy Spirit looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing in the right hand of God….”

I looked up the word full, full of the Holy Spirit, and it said our surface covered and every part of the so thoroughly permeated with, lacking nothing, perfect, being filled up. I started thinking about Stephen as he was brought out of the city to be stoned. And he sat there and he lifted his eyes up to heaven and full of the Holy Spirit Stephen was at a place that he was depending on God and God only. He looked up to the heaven y and he saw the glory of God and that’s what God wants us to be, that we be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, that when faced with a situation or problem in life, whether there is sickness, whether if monetarily, whatever it is that we’re facing, that we’d be filled with the Holy Spirit and we look to heaven and we depend on God to give the strength to get through this very thing.

In Zachariah, chapter 4, verse 6: “…. So he said to me, this is what the word of the Lord to Zerubabel, not by my force, not by power but by my Holy Spirit, says the Lord..”

See? The Holy Spirit is the only thing that’s going to help us in this walk. We’re going to be faced with many trials, there’s going to be many temptations, there’s going to be many obstacles in our lives, but I say something, God said and he gave his only Son to empower us, to guide us, to be us direction in our lives, and we’re going to have the victory once we be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Acts, chapter 10, verse 44: “…while Peter was still speaking these words the Holy Spirit came on all who heard the message…”

You see?, when we are open to the word of God the Holy Spirit is going to minister to us and the Holy Spirit is going to give us strength, and the Holy Spirit is going to guide us, and the Holy Spirit is going to do a change in our heart that no man can do. That’s why depending on the Holy Spirit is the only thing that’s going to help us in this walk of faith.

The word of God in our lives will never come back void. But you see, but we have to depend on the word of God.

In Acts 13:8, you have Simon, the sorcerer, and he wanted to buy the Holy Spirit. I have 10 dollars and 44 cents, and I would like to purchase the Holy Spirit. It amazes me that and it does in our times, that sometimes people try to solve the problems in their lives by their own strength. But I’m here to tell you that you can’t buy the Holy Spirit. We can’t depend on ourselves to solve our problems. The only person that will be able to help you and guide you is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior by his shed blood at Calvary that has set us free from every sin and every bondage in our lives.

Romans 15:13 “…..may the hope of God fill you with all joy and peace as you trust him, that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit….”

You know, the enemy wants to destroy our lives, day to day he wants to destroy our kids, he wants to destroy marriages, he wants to destroy our lives. He doesn’t like us, but I say this today, that the power of the Holy Spirit is going to give us the strength, is going to give us the power to defeat the works of the enemy. The reason the Son of man appeared was to destroy the enemy’s work and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives is going to destroy the enemy’s work.

John 10:10 “…..I have come to give you life and give you life in all abundance, but the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy…”

Dependent on the Holy Spirit will give us the victory in Jesus Christ.

Hebrews 3:7,11 “…. For as the Holy Spirit says, today when you hear my voice do not harden you hearts as you did in your rebellion during the time of testing in the desert where your fathers tested and tried me and for 40 years saw what I did. That is why I was angry with that generation and I said, ‘their hearts are always going astray and they have not known my ways. So I declared an oath to my anger, they shall never enter my rest…”

See? The enemies want us to have unbelief. See, but we’re born again, we have the spirit of God in our lives. We’re not going to wander in the desert for 40 years, but as of this day forward I’m going to walk victorious in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because I have the power of the Holy Spirit to guide me, to direct me, lo lead me, for he is the good shepherd of the sheep, the everlasting Father for our lives.

You’ve heard the scripture Second Corinthians 5:7 …. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he’s a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come. I heard Dr Ramirez at the beginning of the message and he wanted to pray for some of the people that just got saved and started to learn in the ways of the Lord, and the Lord put in my heart to tell you, ‘you don’t have to go back again because the power of the Holy Spirit is in your life. You are victorious in Christ Jesus. There is no weapon that is formed against that’s going to prosper because God is with you. And if God is with you, who could be against you? The power of the cross is foolishness for those of the world but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God onto salvation, first for the Jews, then for the gentiles.

I thank God that today I am baptized by the power of the Holy Spirit that guides me, that strengthens me, that empowers me, that delivered me, that set me free from bondage.

I remember the day I was on a drug run and I sat in my house alone and I ended up doing some drugs and I fell out to the ground. I could hear everything, I could barely see and slowly but surely my sight was gone. And I tell you, as I lay on the ground I prayed out to God and I tell you, I wasn’t able to get up. I tried standing up, I would say, you know I’m going to die here. I am going to die here, but God I need your help.

And I tell you, that slowly but surely, an hour, two hours, three hours, six hours went by and then I was finally able to get up. I thank God because even at that very moment, I wasn’t even able to walk straight, I could barely see, my arms…. I couldn’t put up my hand and write my name, I couldn’t do anything. But I tell you something, the power of the Holy Spirit came on my life and healed me and delivered from my drug addiction.

And I know for a fact, without any doubt in my heart that the power of the Holy Spirit is the thing that guides me, is the thing that strengthens me, is the thing that teaches me. And I thank God for his holy Son Jesus Christ.

I’ll end up with Philippians 4:13 “….I can do all things in Christ who gives me the strength…”

And today I say this that we’re all children of God in this place and the devil is a liar, we’ve been delivered, we’ve been set free, we’re going to trust God because the Holy Spirit is going to guide us into truth and righteousness, because the shed blood al Calvary was not in vain. It was to set us free and give us a new life in Christ Jesus.

Thank you very much for having us. It was a blessing being here. Y le damos gracias al Señor.....

I encourage you, we don’t ever have to live like this, the way we used to live. And the people who are just starting to walk this walk of faith, trust in God, he will guide you and will instruct you and you’ll be giving him the glory forever and ever. Thank you for having us. Thank you, Lord.

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Verdaderamente Dios hace el cambio, soy producto de Teen Chalenge, hacen 8 años me gradue del mismi, regrese a Puerto Rico y hoy dia despues de 26 años atado en la adiccion y carceles he sido libre. Soy ministro ordenado y capellan internacional y todo para la gloria de Dios. Dios le bendiga varon y a su familia


Hola!!, simplemente, maravilloso. Bendiciones para todos ustedes que hace posible este espacio.

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