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Sermon March 1, 2009 : Elements of faith

Children are experts at the illogical and the counteraction or the counterintuitive, they can enter into the magic of play and belief. That’s why it’s easier for them. It’s easier also for an artist to enter into the lane of faith and for a scientist because, you know, that’s the way it is. If faith is countercultural, counterintuitive and counter rational.  Read More »

Architect's presentation February 15, 2009: The symbolism of the new sanctuary

Glenn has been such a blessing to our congregation, God brought him literally to us he was like a frontal encounter and I had prayed to the Lord, years ago, if we're going to do this we need a good architect. And God provided one of the finest architects I think in the city of Boston, a young Christian, really gifted man and committed to the Kingdom of God and this beautiful friendship between him and the congregation and myself. And it's been a joy, I mean, part of the miracles that He has been doing. Glenn, please come forward. Glenn, welcome! It’s great to have you.  Read More »

DNA of CLJ : A Kingdom Mentality

There are those who do their duty because they’re part of a larger kingdom and … they’re part of a larger army and kingdom, and they’re fulfilling that purpose, their duty. I think the World War II generation had this… you know, they would live through the Depression, they lived through World War II. They knew what it was to get out of boats on the beaches of Normandy and risk their lives for a larger cause.  Read More »

Sermon January 25, 2009 : The DNA of Congregation Lion of Judah

Mark, chapter 10 starting in verse 17, it’s interesting you know because in an incident just before Jesus had encountered many little children, you know this time when the little kids were coming to Jesus, and the disciples said: “Don’t bother the Master,” and Jesus said, “let the children come to me, the kingdom of God belongs to such as this, a little bit of a lesson on what it is to be a childlike and how Jesus sees us.  Read More »

Sermon December 31, 2008 : Without love everything is in vain

This year, more than ever God has led me to think and meditate upon the concept of love. You know, it’s possible that sometimes when you get to a certain age in your life you begin to evaluate your life and to think about it and you start to think particularly on certain aspects of your life. It’s also this year that we came to 25 years of marriage, celebrate our 25th anniversary. It was also the year that one of our daughters married. And the first time that we are experimenting the feeling, the great joy of being grandparents.  Read More »

Prayer Meeting December 6, 2008 : Discerning the Times into Which We Are Entering

God is preparing to offer humanity the terms of reconciliation. The terms have already been established in his Word. He will speak with clarity, and then people’s hearts will either be hardened and inaccessible to His grace; or they will react to that movement, that motion of love. There will be no middle ground. Read More »

PowerHouse Youth Ministry : Meets every Friday

PowerHouse Youth Ministry meets every Friday, from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at Congregation Lion of Judah. Youth between the ages of 12 to 18 are welcome to come for a time of praise and worship, learning and praying. Meet new people and have fun while discovering more about our Lord Jesus Christ. Read More »

Miguel Prieto : Affiliate Youth Pastor

Miguel A. Prieto has been a youth pastor in the city of Boston since 1986, first at the 1st Hispanic Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain and now at Congregation Lion of Judah, the largest Hispanic Baptist church in New England. He is also Assistant Headmaster at Brighton High School in Boston and has been an educator since 1980. He is a graduate from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Education and has two masters degree, one from Lesley University and the other from Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts. Read More »

Introduction : Awana Clubs @ Lion of Judah

AWANA is a Children's Discipleship program that has become a department of our overall children's ministry on Sunday Mornings. So it "connects to the church" through the dual affiliation of Discipleship and Children's ministries. The AWANA board of directors is part of the overall Sunday School ministry. AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, and as stated by its founders we also aim to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve him, as Paul encouraged Timothy in 2 Tim.2:15. Read More »

Celebration : HERC is a true gem of our community

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This year, the Boston HERC is once again proud to be part of the Community Gems collaborative. The Community Gems collaborative includes Roxbury Multi-Service Corp, Youth Build Boston, Children’s Services of Boston, La Allianz Hispana, Roxbury Youth Works, and the Boston HERC. Together, we serve approximately 20,000 youth and families in Boston with services ranging from early childhood education, job training, juvenile justice re-entry services, and, of course, the mentoring, tutoring, and SAT preparation that the Boston HERC offers.  Read More »