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Solemn Assembly October 4, 2008: When the salt is gone - what?

Is it good to gather together? The Bible does tell us in Psalm 33:12 that blessed is the nation whose God has the Lord. And the people he has chosen for his own inheritance.  Read More »

Sermon July 13, 2008 (morning) : Obedience, Intercession, and Confidence in God

It’s a joy for me to be with you again today and it’s a wonderful opportunity that God gives us to worship him. Today I feel led to speak to you about spiritual arms or weapons that every believer has in his reach in order to do battle in the spirit.  Read More »

Lou Engle : A summons to TheCall DC

Lou Engle gathers with New England pastors and leaders to share what God has placed on his heart for America, TheCall DC and future plans for TheCall New England. "America is truly in an hour of crisis. When there is no remedy, when there is no hope for a nation, God still has a holy prescription: 'Blow the trumpet in Zion, gather the people, call a fast.(Joel 2:12-18) '  Read More »

Sermon June 29, 2008 : The persevering spirit of Nehemias

We’re going to continue with a brief word from our brother Eugene, he’s going to bring a meditation for us and wrap everything up, all that we have heard and experienced. Welcome Eugene.  Read More »

Sermon June 15, 2008 : The task of being a father

Let’s give a hand to Claudio Yeme, a good friend of mine. You know, we’re going to have a little bilingual dynamic here, and I don’t know who’s translating this morning and I praise the Lord for you, and I thank you but you know what, just because I’m doing an experiment here, I’m going to be translating my brother from up here. So, you know, I want to introduce more of an English dynamic just to see what the Lord does as we’re revamping our English ministry and so on and so forth, so this morning I would like to translate as an experiment here and we’re having kind of this bilingual dynamic today, so thank you whoever you are there translating this morning.  Read More »

Sermon May 4, 2008 : Freedom to do what?

It’s a joy being back here again. I was here for a year in the Navy in 1963, it was the worst year of my life. But this is then a good visit. I could just sense the love and the good spirit in this church, I think it has something to do with this man and his wife.  Read More »

Dr. Neil T. Anderson Boston Conference May 2-3, 2008 : Discipleship Counseling (9 Videos)

From Dr. Neil Anderson's invitation to the conference: "Many pastors are overwhelmed by the problems besetting their people, and some feel they are not adequately equipped to deal with them. In addition, most pastors don't want or can't handle one more activity on their plate. Freedom in Christ Ministries is fully aware of the problems that pastors are facing. In addition, there aren’t enough pastors and counselors in this country to help more than five percent of the population if that is all they did. We have to equip the lay person to do the work of ministry or it is not going to get done. Discipleship Counseling is a ministry that can be accomplished by well trained lay people. Several exploratory studies and research dissertations are clearly showing the positive results of Discipleship Counseling and the encouragers in the studies were all lay people. Read More »

Sermon April 20, 2008 : Are you a warrior in God's army?

Paul, come forward. Welcome this morning. God bless you. What a blessing it is to be here today. I want you to turn to the person next to you and say ‘I’m a part of a great church’. Do you believe that this morning? Now, I want you to say that ‘I am a great church’. And I’m hoping to be able to trace for that thinking, that mindset this morning, because there are way too many Christians that go to a great church and so Sunday is the greatest day of the week.  Read More »

Sermon March 29, 2008 : An invitation to discipleship (Luke 5)

I’m excited to see all of you here tonight, specially if you’re just here because in a way, as you’re going to hear, even if you’ve been coming here for a while, everyone who’s here tonight is part of what we’re considering is a new and exciting era in this fellowship. It's a beautiful thing that God has ahead and tonight’s talk is addressing some of those things.  Read More »

Award Presented in the Battle for Marriage : Massachusetts Family Institute honored Juan Carlos Huerta with a Citizenship Award.

MFI honored Juan Carlos Huerta with a Citizenship Award, presented by Kris Mineau and Board Chairman Wally Weld (r), at its 2007 annual banquet. Born, raised and educated in Colombia as a physician, Huerta came to this country 10 years ago. He settled in Boston and, as an active member of the Lion of Judah Congregation, he has taken a very active part in today’s culture war. Read More »