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Sermon December 26, 2010: True worship

God put something on my heart for this morning, and it just works in perfectly with what the kids did today. It has to do with some of our fundamental calling as church, our core of who we are, our identity.  Read More »

Sermon November 7, 2010: Doing God's will and (still) suffering

I have something to say in all of this, with so much conviction in my heart, I believe that the things that God has in store for this church, we have not begun to see the fulfillment of those promises. I believe we are on the edge of a tremendous explosion, numerically but more than anything in terms of spiritual significance. And I believe that God has spoken to me prophetically about a visitation of the Lord, not just for this congregation but a general move of the Kingdom of God throughout the earth that we are one small part of.  Read More »

Sermon August 29, 2010: Phillip - a bridge builder for the Kingdom of God

Bob and Susy Baker have been pastors for many years and are no strangers to the Latino community, actually because they met many years ago in Chicago, in the ministry of…. Who’s very well known at the Latino community named Many Ortiz and they pastured the South Chattam community church in the Cape for many years as well. And the Lord has them in a time of transition and seeking the next stage of their ministry in life.  Read More »

Sermon June 27, 2010: The church and the people of Israel

To introduce our speaker: Fumio Taku is from Japan. He was born in Japan and came to the United States when he was 13 years old, lived in Brooklyn. He’s a man after my own heart because I lived in Brooklyn also, when I was a little boy. He is a lover of Israel. He heads an organization called Christians and Jews united for Israel, as are so many of us, by the way, this church loves Israel, so you arrived in a very organic land, we love Jews, we love Israel as a whole and we’re very happy to have you here.  Read More »

HERC Passport Graduation 2010

Sermon June 6, 2010: Lay aside your vase and serve God

I want to invite Doctor Olga Martínez, she is from Guatemala, those of you who don’t know her and she is a member of very beautiful congregation in the capital in Guatemala and she’s going to be blessing us with the word she has been actually preaching for the women’s ministry this Saturday, yesterday, and God used her in a very mighty way. I’ll be translating for her and we will just let the Lord speak to us. Close your eyes for a moment please.  Read More »

Dr. Roberto Miranda: Transcript of Gordon-Conwell Commencement Speech delivered May 11, 2013

I want to thank president Hollinger and the faculty and trustees for allowing me this precious opportunity to address you this morning. Especially, I bless our graduates on this very special day of your graduation. Today you set out on a journey that is glorious, but also daunting. This graduating class will have to minister in large degree to a culture that, perhaps like never before in American history, is alienated and skeptical with respect to the values and claims of Christianity and Christian institutions. Read More »

Sermon April 25, 2010: Do not reject God's gift

Second Timothy Chapter 1. The Lord brought this verse up for us during the prophetic time we had together and I really believe that everything that God gave us in prophetic words in our prayer time is directly related to the word I have to share with you today. Second Timothy Chapter 1 Verses 6 and 7, famous, well-known verses. “For this reason I remind you to flare into flame the gift of God which is on you through the lag on of my hands. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or fear but spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline”.  Read More »

Sermon April 25, 2010: A call to grasp the mind of the spirit

This morning the Holy Spirit prompts my human spirit to share a specific message entitled ‘A call to grasp the mind of the spirit’. Brothers and sisters, the Bible teaches us that the mind of the spirit is transcendent and no one can grasp the mind of the spirit unless he knows how to be very sensitive to the spirit. And there are degrees of spiritual sensitivity and I believe the Holy Spirit is restoring back the glory of the first early apostolic church and how those spiritual giants through such sensitivity of spirit could conquer the whole world.  Read More »

Sermon March 28, 2010: Holiness and community transformation

Let’s go to the Word of the Lord Isaiah Chapter 58. Why does the Congregation Leon of Judah invest so much time, so much money, so much energy in the work of transforming the society? And I want to establish some biblical and sociological reasons or platforms for the community work, the social work the Congregation labor.  Read More »