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Mark Mueller : Update April 2005

I want to introduce Alison, a 15 month old girl with Down's Syndrome. A child with Down's has hypotonia, a condition where the muscles are weak and loose, which hinders their motor development. Early physical therapy treatment is important for children with Down's. Betty, Alison's mother is happy to have her daughter in physical therapy. Previously she traveled once a month so that Alison could receive therapy. Betty says that Alison is progressing faster than she thought was possible. Praise God that Alison is improving her motor skills. Read More »

Sermon April 24, 2005 : Prophecy for Congregation Lion of Judah and Dr. Miranda

I want to invite Reverend Paul Taylor to come forward, to bless us again this afternoon. I hope… anybody who needs the translation, by the way, do you have headphones, does anybody need. Guys relax, no need for headphones today. Paul Taylor has a regional vision, really has a kingdom mind and an anointing that carries him through different parts of the region, and of the states carrying this vision for prayer and for the prophetic anointing, and it’s just a wonderful ministry to the North East Prayer Center that brings churches together, and that promotes this vision of revival and of renewal among God’s people, he’s a personal friend, a man who has brought joy to my life with his friendship and his vision and his anointing as well which I know are going to be a part of today. Let’s just welcome Paul Taylor to our church today.  Read More »

HERC March 2005 : The Boston HERC Addresses the Director of the President’s Faith-Based Office

The Boston Higher Education Resource Center (HERC) was one of two organizations chosen to address Jim Towey, Director of President Bush’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives on March 18. Read More »

Master Plan : Purpose - A Strategic Plan for the Church in Massachusetts

What follows is a broad outline of what could some day become a Master Plan to reclaim the state of Massachusetts for Jesus Christ. Dr. Miranda hopes that the strategic plan will serve to stimulate collective reflection, to stir the imagination and to provide some concrete thoughts that might serve as a point of departure for sustained discussion in the near future. Feel free to leave your comments on this page. Read More »

Sermon March 20, 2005 : II Corinthians 9:6

In the 30 minutes or so that we have left we’re going to be reading out the Second Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 9. There in verse 6, the Apostle Paul reads: “…. Remember this, whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is also able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”  Read More »

Sermon March 13, 2005 : Luke 5

Let’s go to Luke Chapter 5, the well known passage of the miraculous catch. If you have the bibles with you in English, please follow along and I’ll also try to integrate some of the text as I preach.  Read More »

Mark Mueller : March 2005 - Hands of Mercy Physical Therapy in Honduras

After being sick in November and December, and a lot of rain the past few months, I have begun to work again with the children in January and February. We now have a small clinic open at the church. There are 12 children who come for therapy. I also see a few adults in the clinic or at their homes. During this time I have been revising and improving my training course. Read More »

Sermon February 20, 2005 : Genesis 22 (part 2)

Genesis, chapter 22 and we’re going to go from verse 1 on. Father we commit this word to you. It comes from you. We need your instruction, your enlightment in order to discharge it properly. The message that you want to give to us this morning, allow us to receive it in the depths of our heart. Holy spirit, lead us as we meditate upon your word in Jesus’ name.  Read More »

Sermon January 30, 2005 : Luke 16:1

Let’s go to the Gospel according to Luke chapter 16, beginning with that first verse. I will read it only in Spanish and I hope that the most of you guys have a Bible available. If you can share with somebody just in the interest of economizing time. I hope you have a Bible in English and if you don’t just raise your hand and we’ll make one available to you.  Read More »

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