Test : Why do leaders fail?

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  1. A wrong conception of what is all about.
    1. People want to be , inspired and challenged, not just .
    2. People want to be what to do, not just .
    3. People want and from their leadership.
  2. A lack of personal
    1. “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”. Walt Disney
    2. ”Studying a particular subject one hour a day for five years will make you one of the foremost experts in that subject”. Earl Nightengale
    3. ”You will be the same person five years from now that yo are today except for the books you read and the people with whom you associate”. Charles ‘Tremendous’ Jones
  3. A severe lack of
    1. Discipline and disciple come from the same word!
    2. will get you started, will keep you going.
    3. Undisciplined leaders won’t keep their for long.
  4. A refusal to
    1. If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really alive.
    2. can be trerrifying, uncomfortable, and cause a temporary loss of , but without it we !
    3. Growth is a . It’s the decision that can make all the difference in a person’s life.
    4. A breach of
      1. ”Trust is the emotional glue that binds followers and leaders together”. Warren Bennis
      2. Do not if you do not intend!
      3. Broken trust is the most difficult ditch from which to extract oneself.
    5. A failure to look
      1. True leaders are always in the minority because they are thinking ahead of the crowd.
      2. When the majority moves, leaders have moved also, and in so doing remain leaders because of their position out in front.
    6. A failure to deflect .
      1. True leaders paa praise on.
      2. True leaders never assume the credit.


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