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REFLECTION: Amos chapter 7
I want to conclude our time today by taking you to the scriptures, so if you have a Bible turn in the Old Testament the Book of Amos, it’s a short, small book, if you can’t find it go to the table of contents. In my Bible it’s on page 389, maybe you can help your neighbor find it. Book of Amos chapter 7, if I was in a black church I would say when you find it say Amen. In the Book of Amos, chapter 7, Amos is a prophet and he’s having a fight with the priest. There’s a fight inside the church.

How many of you know that a lot of good fights take place in the church? Oh, if you haven’t seen a good church fight you haven’t seen a good fight, church folks can take your head off. Amaziah, the priest is in charge of the chapel of the king, the king’s name is Jeroboam. Amaziah is on Jeroboam’s payroll, the name of the chapel is Bethel. Amos comes in there and he prophesize, when he prophesizes, he is prophesying against the king and Amaziah does not appreciate that, in fact just look at that. Amos Chapter 7, verses 10 through 15.

So here is Amaziah, he comes to Amos and says: Amos, we don’t appreciate your work, get out of Boston, don’t ever come back here. Don’t ever prophesize over here and he is literally, physically chasing Amos out. As Amos is running out of Bethel he does what Jewish people did, he had this flowing gown, he picked up the hem of the gown, wrapped it around his waist and he’s running and as he is running for his life he looks over his shoulder and he is yelling at Amaziah, he’s saying you need to know something about me, I’m not a prophet, neither was a prophet’s son, my daddy was not a prophet, I don’t have a lot of people in my background, in fact I don’t even have a full time job, I’ve got 3 jobs, I’m a farmer, I’m a part time shepherd and I’m a part time prophet.

So as I’m running I need for you to know something, because I have no parents who are prophets, I’m not a prophet, I’m a farmer, I’m also a shepherd and in fact let me tell you that I’m not even a good shepherd. Look at verse 15, it says the Lord took me as I followed the flock, as I followed the flock. Now is the shepherd supposed to lead the flock or follow the flock. He’s saying I’m not even a good shepherd. The sheep take me wherever I need to go, I’m not in front of the sheep, I’m behind the sheep but one thing I do know that while I’m a part time shepherd, while I’m a part time farmer, I’m a part time prophet and I’m not even a good shepherd, one thing I do know, the Lord took me, the Lord came and picked me up, the Lord ceased me as I followed the flock.

Now the word took in the Hebrew language is a very interesting word. It has the picture of an eagle, that is flying high in the sky and miles down on the ground it sees something it wants and very carefully, very methodically it starts coming lower and lower and lower. It’s got its eyes on what it wants and very quickly it swoops down, pulls out its talons, picks up what it wants and flies back up into the sky. And that’s how our lives were one day, we weren’t good at anything, we were poor shepherds and poor farmers, we were born on the wrong side of the family but one day an eagle in the sky, the eagle in the sky he saw you, saw me and it started coming down our way….. down and it picked us up, and is carrying up to heaven to be an eagle again.

The good news is that God has got you in his hand, you’ve been a taken person, so when people come up around you and say we don’t want to hear your word, we don’t want to receive your message, you need to say to them: I am not a prophet, not a prophet’s son, I’m only a part time farmer and a bad shepherd, I was a sinner going to hell but one day Jesus himself, came down and picked me up, looked at me up and made me his own, made me his own.

And as you leave this place today what helps us to focus the entire day it has nothing to do with you as prophet, it has nothing to do with you as a minister. It all has to do with the eagle in the sky who has got us picked up and is holding us close to his bosom and there we can say to God be the glory, I was no good, I had nothing to offer, I had no talents of my own, I did not know the right people, I had no money, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but that eagle in the sky, the eagle in the sky saw me and came down there,…. Picked me up, picked me up, picked me up and helped to himself and carried me to higher heights.

Once you know that you can face all the devils in the world, once you know that you can face the discouragement in your life, once you know that you can hand the sets backs in your life, once you know that it’s not about you but it’s about the eagle in the sky who’s got you picked up and wants to take you to a higher height. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.

I’m done but I want to pray with you before I sit down. Will you just take your neighbor by the hand? Take the eagle next to you by the hand, stretch across the isles. Alleluia Alleluia. Glory, glory, glory, glory, Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Father remind us today it’s not about our background, it’s not about our credentials, it’s not about our degrees, it’s not about our money, it’s not about our jobs, it is all about the eagle in the sky. One day we were going to hell but you saw us deep down there and you swooped down and you picked us up and want us to make heaven our home. So Lord I pray for every brother, every sister, every leader in this room that we will always remember that we’ve been taken by the eagle, we’ve been taken by the eagle, we’ve been taken by the eagle, we’ve been taken by the eagle, Alleluia. Alleluia, and for that we are grateful and thankful in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name, Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.


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